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24th of September 2001

First of all I hope that you realise that there is now only 6 days left before my banner competition closes. So anyone wishing to add their own banner should send their entry to me (Cardman) before midnight GMT on the 30th of September 2001.

All entry e-mails will be replied to. This means that if you have sent me your banner and you have not yet received a reply, then make sure that you are using the correct e-mail address and then try again.

Anyway, as there has certainly been some good banners already received, then I will look forwards to showing you the best ones and sending out prize cheques within the first week next month.

Also good news today is that my third batch of GOLD2 cards have now arrived. This huge batch is now 33% larger then the last record sized batch. However even this batch won't last that long when the last batch only lasted 2 weeks. And no doubt trade interest would be even higher this time.

Well my best time ever continues with a 68% increase in customer orders this month, which is no doubt due to my Usenet adverts, GOLD2 cards, and the usual customer recommendations. However my best day ever could well be on the 5th of next month, but I will have to wait and see.

And by the end of today all orders should have hopefully have departed again, but it will be one or two more days before I can be totally sure that each day's orders depart on that same day.

19th of September 2001

Between Friday and Tuesday all orders received have left the same day unless there was an ordering error, which is an improvement over the 80% same day dispatch before this.

Unfortunately today was an exception when only about 25% of orders received today left today. This was because I had some important banking to do today, and that tomorrow is my brother's birthday. (I am always a last day shopper)

Anyway, I am sure that the rest of today's orders will depart tomorrow without exception, which should hopefully include tomorrow's orders as well.

I say "hopefully" when the largest batch of GOLD2 I have ever purchased is now quite low on stock. And as these arrived just two weeks and one day ago, then demand has been quite extreme, mostly due to high trade interest.

The good news is that more GOLD2 cards are already on order and should be here on Friday if all goes to plan. However as restocking hardly ever does then the start of next week seems more likely. This then means that if more GOLD2 cards do not arrive as hoped then I could be out of stock for one or two (working) days.

Not really a problem, but as it could screw with my 100% same day dispatch rate then I thought that I would mention it.

Also I have to mention is that if anyone does not yet have their order, when it is more then a week old, then you will have to contact us when your order would have a problem.

An example of this is one order received on the 4th of this month where the owner sent me exactly £99.28 in cash, but unfortunately as they did not include their name, delivery address, or any contact information, then it is naturally impossible to complete this order. So hopefully this owner can provide the missing information as well as restricted order details to comfirm that it is really them.

As at the end of tomorrow my outstanding and possible to dispatch order total will stand at zero, then anyone who has not received their order now knows why. And as some "problem" orders have been outstanding for months, then hopefully some of these not too fast owners can help get my outstanding without exception order total down to zero as well.

I may have to name some names to wake them up, when even NO2's "still outstanding" reminders does not seem to help.

Following last week's New York and Washington terrorist attack a lot of people have been expressing extreme and questionable views. So my advise on good and evil will hopefully help better express some thoughts.

As good I believe is when you help someone, and evil is causing them any harm.

To explain this further then it is valid to harm someone to help defend others from the harm they would otherwise cause. This is the view of the US and other countries in this terrorist attack when other attacks would follow. Naturally evil would be involved in this revenge, but more good would result in removing this threat.

However it should not be overlooked that less evil would result by finding more peaceful means, but delaying could result in more deaths and greater group evil. That is even if no personal evil is gained by not stopping evil of others, when you are not responsible for other people's actions.

So just remember my wise view on good and evil, when a lot of people do not seem to consider the help and harm aspect. When quoting religion, race, or colour are just trying to find excuses. For example people may live on land, but they will never own it, when is not who lives on what land God's choice?

12th of September 2001

Well it has certainly been a different few days when the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon could well be the most shocking thing that I have seen since inhuman acts from WW2.

I started viewing this event about half an hour after it first started, which like many people at that time I put this down to a very bad situation without knowing that it was soon to get much worse. As I was quite shocked when the first and then second 110 story building collapsed, when the World Trade Centre was designed to handle aircraft impact.

Naturally as it turned out large jet aircraft packed full of fuel proved a different case. This I believe was part of the problem when people would not have expected it to collapse, but as hindsight shows that heated steel was a serious problem. And now when thinking about it then when floors start to collapse then whole buildings can often be destroyed. As was shown in this case.

My only hope is that after the first passenger aircraft hit that this high up impact allowed most people to wisely flee from both towers. As when the second aircraft hit, then you would have half a building worth of people with nowhere to go.

Also after the collapse of the first tower then I hope that it then clicked with rescue people that large towers when hit by large aircraft can often collapse. As hopefully they used this extra half an hour to pull out most people, but as I expect that they thought that this second tower could be saved then a lot more people died.

Anyway it remains to be seen what the death toll ends at, but at least for most people their death would have been very quick. And as the UK's own Prime Minister said many of those who died in the WTC would have been British, with another 15 odd countries also directly involved.

At the moment I would give it very high odds that the Americans are going to bomb the hell out of some piece of land populated by some inhuman creatures ranking lower then animals. And I would also give it fair odds that the Americans will be dropping an extra surprise on them just to be sure, even if these exact people may not have been directly responsible.

It was at least good to see almost universal condemnation for this truly evil act, when even enemies of western countries condemned this attack and the people behind it.

Also it was interesting to see that this attack was certainly not in the interest of those that did it, when now almost every country in the world (maybe including their own) now wishes to bring them to justice like never before. And it seems that there is interesting happenings in Afghanistan when the local leadership could now turn over their local terrorist leader to the US with a most worried look on their face.

No doubt as the US knows removing this single person won't go a very long way to stopping an event like this happening tomorrow. So in my view the best thing that the local leadership could do would be to denounce terrorism and cooperate with the UN to remove terrorists from this country for good.

However as I expect that this leadership still supports these terrorists, then I expect that the US won't be too careful where their bombs land. Anyway hopefully this event can bring some of these rival countries closer together.

Anyway the thought for today is that no matter what the US has directly or indirectly done then as mostly everyone will agree this event was very much unjustifiable. It is quite clear that this multiple terrorist event was a declaration of War on the whole western world, and I have little doubt that the Americans and maybe the whole of NATO will soon make a very good job a wiping them out.

From this event the whole western policy on terrorism could change, when any future international terrorist group could well now be bombed to bits even before they have hardly started. If such a policy is a good or bad idea I will certainly leave with our leaders who would have to live with the results.

Moving to the affects of this on my business then not unexpectedly the number of orders received today have almost halved, when I am sure most people spent most of yesterday watching the news. I would expect about the same order reduction tomorrow, but after that based on current information it should then return to normal.

Order dispatches are currently about 75% same day with the other 25% next day, but it won't take many days before my 100% same day dispatch is resumed, but well 75% same day dispatch when the world is in shock is not bad.

Well I have little doubt that the US, UK and other western countries is now at War with some group or country, but hopefully these bombs will be well aimed when it is a bad idea to upset the Arabs.

5th of September 2001

As stated yesterday the last of the delayed orders due to restocking were dispatched today. The only exception was six of the orders received just today, when I ran out of time, franking credit, and most importantly free pages in my now completely used dispatch book.

Hopefully my new dispatch books ordered yesterday will arrive tomorrow, or these items will have to depart through my local post office. New dispatch books would have been ordered slightly earlier, but both my phone lines have not been working correctly, which occouring to BT was because lightning has taken out four of their control centres.

Well all I know is that just pressing "0" and hearing an engaged tone just is not very healthy.

This morning I had quite a shock when my favourite band in the whole world appeared live on TV. And why this was such a shock was that my favourite band in the whole world previously split up all of 12 years ago in 1989, without myself having any idea that they were getting back together before today.

The extra reason why it was a shock was because I only became a true fan of this yet to be revealed band in 1990, which as you should know from above was the year after they split up. This until now was extra annoying when before today I had zero chance of seeing them live, which meant that I had to do with posters, records, signed records, and a crap load of other stuff.

Apart from the four (large) posters on my bedroom wall and the one that used to be on the ceiling until gravity said "no" the most noticeable item in my collection is one of only 100 singles that was the first they ever made and which they hand packed.

Anyway at risk to the rare chance of giving some other die hard fan an equal shock, then the name of my favourite band in the whole world is none other then the Bangles. (I am a sucker for female vocal).

And those people who cannot remember this band including Susanna Hoffs, Debbi & Vicki Peterson, and of course Michael Steele, then maybe you remember their most popular songs of "Manic Monday", "Walk Like an Egyptian", and "Eternal Flame" to name but a few.

I expect most of you now remember Eternal Flame from Atomic Kitten's recent No1 remake of this song, but during all this time I at least was thinking "I know someone who can sing that song better than you can".

Naturally they are now 12 years older and often married (eg Susanna Roach with two boys), but from what I heard today they were note perfect. To bad I was in too much of a shock to record that broadcast, but as they are releasing a new album next year (their fourth) then I guess I will have plenty of other chances.

This news was extra pleasing to me when I have been following Susanna's solo work ever since, when it is a fact that her band during this time much lacked the energy of the other members in the Bangles. So while her songs were certainly very good they also lacked what it was to make them popular.

And so in my view the band who made the very first ever transatlantic No1 by an all female band are now complete again. And I have little doubt that sometime next year the Bangles will be topping the charts again, even if they have the desire to produce a different kind of songs.

Well I cannot be more pleased from this news, when it sure beats the time before 1990 when I was watching the Bangles doing what they were best at and not then making more of this opportunity. Such as I did see Debbi's wedding on an MTV broadcast in early 1989 including the "No this won't cause the band to split up" words, which I have never seen since even if I have many hours worth of their old broadcasts on purchased pre-recorded tape.

Anyway while I can simply go on for weeks with all I know about this band I had better stop now, but if you really want to understand what I mean then go and buy the Bangles Greatest Hits CD. As I did that very thing back in 1990 and you can say that this music so impressed me that I have picked up a couple of hundred extra items on them since.

Now some of you may recall that my months often run in good and bad phases, when such as with bad months like January nothing seems to go right. In fact I am totally sure that my whole life has been pre-planned, when I can often talk about something (such as a wheel falling off a car) that will then happen within seconds. Another example of this is how my two servers ignored the million to one odds and have now had different functional problems at the very same time twice in a row.

So from the above example the phase that I am currently in I would rate as the best ever, which I would even name as moving into a whole new and better world, when the restoration of my most favourite band is but one of many advantages these weeks.

Due to this best ever phase I have no doubt at all that I would win something worth mentioning on the National Lottery had I tried, when such winning odds have been ignored by most of my life. However as I would put taking advantage of such a no chance of losing phase as immoral, then I will have to decide if I will.

Well anyway it would give me a good laugh to prove such odds unimportant, but for now I am happy enough that my most favourite band in the whole world came back together due to my best ever phase.

4th of September 2001

Good news today when both my next batches of ELVIS programmers and GOLD2 have now arrived. This is fortunate for both suppliers when I would have gave them a good moan later today if not, when both took longer then they should have to arrive.

Anyway, every delayed order should depart today or tomorrow at the very latest, so I have better now get to it.