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25th September 2000

I have now uploaded images of the SEASON, MPACK, and ELVIS, which I photographed (as this morning was sunny), had developed, scanned, scaled, and finally uploaded once I had wrote this.

From No2's email today I see that there was several requests for a photo of ELVIS, but even I can go no faster than what God decides should be a sunny day. Not to mention that the required shop is not open on a Sunday.

One other email that No2 received I will mention here. As someone was considering buying my ELVIS or the popular Millenium. And when they asked in a public place which people thought best most people said the Millenium.

Now as I have used both then I cannot agree with that public view; as quite simply they have not used both and they only said Millenium because that is a good model and has been around since January 1998.

I know this date as I brought about the first Millenium ever made, which when I found out that it was a disputed clone of the Keymaster VI+ I bought that one as well.

And as the Keymaster VI+ was around for at least a year before that then quite simply the Millenium is based on technology from 1996. And if you think about how much technology has advanced in all those years then the life of ELVIS being measured in months means that ELVIS already has an advantage.

Now although I do not wish to lower the value of the Millenium/Keymaster, as I know that one is better than dozens of others, I will now mention the many advantages of ELVIS over the Millenium to show you why that public view was wrong.

To begin with since Keymaster went out of business in 1998 then software for that programmer has not advanced beyond version 1.31, but the owners of the Millenium did patch their provided software clone to a new unimproved version.

ELVIS on the other hand having yet another software version in work at this moment, and having several new versions already made this year, is fully up-to-date with all the latest advances such as many new PICs from Microchip.

Speaking of PICs then the Millenium can only program the PIC16C84 and the PIC16F84, while ELVIS can program both those and at least another 36 PIC types.

For the Millenium it would take at least three mouse clicks to program a Gold wafer while ELVIS can program the whole card in just one click.

Each time you start the software for the Millenium then you have to specify your *.hex files. And changing your card type means more files to load.

With the software for ELVIS on the other hand you only have to specify your .hex files just once the first time you run it; as when you wish to program a card it only takes one mouse click to select which of those already specified software groups it is that you wish to use.

The Millenium can auto-detect what PIC chips are on a card, while ELVIS can do that for many other PIC types as well as for EEPROMs.

Now the biggest failing of the Millenium is due to it's old age, as this programmer cannot handle modern cards like the Funcard. And while ELVIS can even handle my Offical Irdeto Cards (and many others) the Millenium does not even come close.

Also as ELVIS can emulate a Smartmouse or Phoenix programmer then this allows it to use hundreds of public programs, while the Millenium can only use the program which came with it.

And the final point where ELVIS kicks butt is how fast it can program the average Gold wafer card, which in testing is between 25 and 27 seconds. The Millenium even with reducing the time to do the 3 mouse clicks to the lowest possible will do the same in 54 seconds. And so ELVIS could program two Gold cards in the time it takes the Millenium to do just one.

I believe this shows that ELVIS can do everything that the Keymaster / Millenium became popular for, but this model has improved on every one of those features and has implemented many more modern features.

So all those people who said the Millenium due to their lack of knowledge were wrong in their recommendation. Also when those people wish to move on from their "training programmer" then ELVIS awaits. :-]

Also as I am sure many of you would prefer a more independant view, then I would be happy to include on this page the view of anyone who has used both programmers, or anyone who wishes to confirm (or even deny) my comments about ELVIS.

In the future whenever anyone recommends the Millenium then I would recommend pointing them to the 25th of September 2000 on this news page.

24th September 2000

I have now updated my currency converter once again with the very latest exchange rates. In fact I had to do this twice; as between doing it the first time and uploading the page, countries like the US, Japan, and the UK bought billions of dollars worth of the Euro in order to support this weak currency.

This having pushed up the value of the Euro then affected all the linked currencies, which means that I had to update all the rates again to avoid many inaccuracies.

Apart from this I see that the pound is currently at one of the worst exchange rates against the US$ for a long time. This is good news for those wishing to pay for their orders in US$, but due to losing about 15 cents to the pound means that I will be avoiding paying my own suppliers in US$ where possible.

Other news is that the missing component for my P8416 cards arrived on Friday, which allowed me to build enough to complete outstanding orders.

I have to very soon obtain more serial cables and floppy disks, as I am now out of both of these. I will also have to obtain more chips soon, but all of these items should take no longer than 3 days to obtain.

Not very good new for the BABY; as the manufacturer of the PCBs for these has gone bust. This means that there will be a delay obtaining more of these while PCB production is moved to another manufacturer.

If this problem is not corrected soon then of the 1st of next month I will mark these "Out of Stock", stopping further sale of these programmers, and completing outstanding orders with the BABY to follow.

The situation for my new ELVIS programmer is the reverse. As I predicted these would prove popular, but in fact they are so popular that I am now hoping that my first stock does not expire before more of them arrive.

Anyway there is no problems currently supplying these; as all orders so far have been going out either the same day that they are received, or the next postal day at the latest.

Some of my other items have been selling slowly, which is not unexpected when I move into a new area and have to attract a new type of customer.

However do not overlook that for all my new items that I have confirmed that I have just about the lowest price around.

For example one of the most popular and largest suppliers around currently sells my ZONE6 remote control for £28.09. And what with their £5 for UK shipping then with VAT added then you have an order total of £38.88.

Now as I charge just £20 for this same remote control, and have £3 for UK shipping, then ordering through myself would make an order total of just £27.02. This therefore would save you £11.86 on just this one item.

And so when looking for any of these items then I recommend that you compare my prices, as I already know which of us has the better end total.

That is just to show you that although I have been selling cards and programmers for a long time that you should not overlook these new areas that I have expanded into.

As it says on every page not bookmarking this site would be a mistake, as I only provide the best items around at the best prices.

22nd September 2000

I am pleased to say that the SEASON finally arrived late yesterday, which means that all orders waiting for these will be completed in my normal dispatch time.

Ordering these items back in April turned out to be very disappointing, when what normally takes less than 14 days to arrive this time took 163 days.

As that was very annoying then these will be the last of the SEASON that I choose to supply, which means that while I find a replacement then if you want the SEASON then this is the last batch of them.

21st September 2000

My new programmer (ELVIS) has now arrived.

Now although this new programmer is more expensive than my other models this is still well worth the extra price due to its unmatched features, excellent build quality, and ease of use.

In fact like most of my items had you purchased this from the usual commercial suppliers then you would have had to pay a lot more for a similar model when they sell programmers like my lower value ones for the price of this new one.

Anyway you can see my programmers page for the model that everyone will soon be using.

Apart from that historic event then also recently more SEASON2 arrived, which is just to top up my current stock level and complete one larger trade order.

And finally I have one other new item, which is a very low cost multi-voltage AC-DC Voltage adapter for UK use. As I thought that it was about time that I provided this item, which people would need to power my items like MODIFIED, ELVIS, and SMART2 (when used with digital cards).

Maybe one day I will also support a European version, but being in the UK means that they are very hard to find at trade prices.

9th September 2000

I have now added the Logger / Emulator page to this site, as I now have all the new photos except for the still out of stock SEASON.

Anyone still awaiting the SEASON can change their order to one of the other models at anytime, but the SEASON should arrive sometime "soon".

Two new items out of stock is the P8416 and the BABY. The PS416 will be back in stock in only a couple of days, while I hope that the BABY won't take much longer.

Apart from that new orders are being dispatched very fast, as after all almost all delays is due to waiting for items from my suppliers.

Almost all orders received between June and August have now been dealt with, which includes 14 rejected orders, 5 accepted orders, and several items which required testing, repair, or replacement.

Another 3 orders are in flux and require their owners to be contacted before they can be processed. And the final group is 3 orders requiring refunds, which should all be completed within a week.

New orders are still a little slow at this time, which is to be expected after just one week following three months of being closed. And so as many people are not aware that I am now back then they will need to be told.

5th September 2000

Most photographs for my items are now on this site, which were developed and scanned earlier today.

The focus in these photographs is now a lot better than photos on my previous site, as this is now perfect or near perfect.

In the future I will try to improve them further by better lighting to highlight detail and I will try to get that focus spot on.

Take a look at my photos yourself, and clicking on them would get the large version.

Also today I have added yet another new item to my Other Items page, which is one I find very useful.

Elvis has not yet entered the building, but this awesome new programmer should do soon.

Next up I will be working on the Logger/Emulator page, which will be followed by sorting out all those packages which were received while I was closed to new orders.

And it is good to see new orders arriving. As three months with all money going outwards is not something I would wish to do again.

Still a lot of work to do, but it is getting less as each day passes.

3rd September 2000

My currency converter has now been updated with the latest currency rates. I have noticed that the value of the Pound (UKP) has fallen against all currencies except the Turkish Lira, which means that my items are now even better value.

1st September 2000

The final rush to have this site ready and uploaded, but maybe tomorrow the first stage will be completed.

31st August 2000

More SMART2 programmers and Serial cables arrived today, but only on the second delivery attempt.