20th of September, 2007

I am adding an extra quick news update to say that today I have done well in resolving some CAM supply issues.

My main problem CAM type is the Nagravision one when these CAMs I have been selling at a slightly faster rate than what I have been able to obtain them at where obtaining them is certainly the hard part. One reason for this is that the TV Cabo type I have been supplying is no longer actually used for the TV Cabo service when they since moved to the Octal PowerBox making all their CI CAMs no more. And so to get my CAMs I have had to look out for people selling their ex-TV Cabo CAMs which is certainly a rare sight. This is making sure of course that these second hand CAMs are in like new condition.

Trying to buy a brand new official Nagravision CAM is impossible or more correctly impossible at below the price I sell them for when sure enough they often cost a whole lot more. So even buying from other suppliers is out when I certainly have the lowest price around.

Today I got lucky and my usual check into availability turned up one previously unknown supplier doing some stock disposal of some Nagravision CAMs of a related non-service specific type. It did not take me long to realise that it was in my business interest to buy up his entire stock meaning that these CAMs will be here within the next few days giving me the job of uploading a new photo and modified description.

I will have to consider reviewing my price due to a higher profit mark-up but I am doubting that I will change it already having the lowest price around and I really don't want this stock to sell too quickly when it is murder getting in more. Well at least I will very soon have many Nagravision CAMs in stock allowing me to complete two delayed orders where those customers certainly are aware of the deal here.

The other CAM that is a new addition to my pain list is the Dual CA CAM. It seems like my fate at this time to discover that my planned restocking source for this CAM, the Matrix Reborn CAM, and other items like my Silver cards has dried up shortly before I needed to restock. Both the former items have been resolved of course but this Dual CA CAM is again impossible to find at a price below my one.

Some good news here at least is that while Dual CA CAM supply issues is likely to continue for a while yet I am currently in the process of obtaining enough stock to at least cover this current supply shortage.

In the end I can only wonder what a certain local wholesaler is up to? Large price increases making me need to shop elsewhere, stock going out of stock too quickly without a quick replacement, and then some popular items even being discontinued. This I doubt is a good sign but then these things can happen in the satellite reception hardware market.

My company by contrast has done well in expanding this year. Beyond my CAMs page getting more packed then some older obsolete items have been disposed of and some great new popular items are now in stock. My commercial advertising has resumed in the What Satellite magazine bringing my service to the attention of new customers and my company profit is up as a result.

Also I think I see signs of my company moving from medium to high gear. Take for example my Silver card prices where already I had matched the best of the market prices but then I greatly cut my prices. Profit is a nice thing but a company only becomes a market leader by staying a clear distance ahead of the rest of the pack.

There are other examples I could provide but this is all a sign that my company is on track to resume a prime market place by 2009. It used to be like that back in 2001 but then a certain service I view with extreme contempt decided to throw a large spanner in those works thus causing me 8 additional years of work just to restore my company to where it was in 2001. I have been predicting a 2009 return since about 2002 where this is certainly on track.

The last thing to add is that I see the school break is now over when my sales over the past couple of days have exceeded the sales over the previous two weeks. No surprise there but roll on January 2008 if not my full restoration in 2009.

18th of September, 2007

I have decided to do a new News update due to currently being quite bored. The reason I am bored is that due to a recent long school holiday here in the UK and elsewhere, not to forget parents getting their kids back to school at this time, then this results in a large slowdown in my sales and customer contact.

Nothing unusual here when this happens most years but it does leave me eager for this time to pass as it will do very soon. Then of course sales increase up to Xmas before the traditional sales peak in January. January being the month when people either go out and buy the items they wanted for Xmas but never got or simply to spend to make themselves happy.

In any case I may as well now cover stock issue. My long awaited Matrix Reborn CAM restocking order from Germany arrived here on the 3rd of this month allowing the few delayed orders to be dispatched. And despite this latest batch containing two faulty CAMs, pending to be returned to Germany to be replaced, then these are indeed good CAMs at good prices.

The other important restocking matter I have had to deal with recently involved my SILVER cards. What I mean is that I have sold many hundreds of these cards during August putting my stock low for the first time in years. My first serious look into restocking was not very positive when the local wholesaler I planned to use now has a much higher trade price than my current sale price. Also looking around at other suppliers soon highlighted that the general market price had increased.

So as is common in business this indicated to me that my restocking price would be high causing me to increase my own prices up to the best of the current UK market prices to compensate. The actual restocking proved a lot more productive though when to find the most efficient price I contacted a good source in Singapore who does not live too far away from the actual factories. His quoted price combined with the current poor USD buy rate told me I could restock at a kick-butt market price.

And so after paying this supplier a large USD sum this Silver card restocking order arrived here on the 7th. Following finding out the import charges more recently, and being able to work out my end buy price per card, then very recently I decided to restore my original prices which means that my current Silver card prices are currently far below the common market prices from other card suppliers.

As I was back in this same situation in August then it does puzzle me why other card suppliers do not buy Silver cards from me when after all my trade prices of a 250 Silver card box seems far below that provided by common wholesalers. Well they are free to waste their money if they want when that just means more customers for me. All I know is that the few card suppliers who have been buying from me have been selling a lot more Silver cards recently when they keep coming back asking for higher volumes.

Some other related news is that I have been giving some serious thought recently to stocking for the first time ever the Silver card's big brother of the Green2 card. Both these cards make use of the PIC16F877 microcontroller where the Silver card has the 24LC64 EEPROM while the Green2 card makes use of the larger 24LC256 EEPROM.

Although I can only wish that history had called these two cards the SILVER2 and the SILVER4 cards (like the Funcards) then the reason why I should be stocking this new type in a few weeks time is because I can again stock these at a kick-butt market price and where there is also currently large market interest in this card type.

More news on that one as they turn up.

The next thing I have to mention are these import charges on this latest batch of SILVER cards. What I mean is that on this latest import I got hit with the undesirable Customs Duty again. This means that these SILVER cards cost me 6.5% more than I had expected when for some reason UK customs decided to apply this unrecoverable import charge.

What is most annoying about this Customs Duty charge, beyond the fact that I cannot claim it back, is that this possible extra charge only ever hits one out of every three Asian business imports in a totally random way. This means that when hunting around for the lowest trade price I can never tell if taking up the lowest Asian price, plus this possible Customs Duty rate, will or will not cost me more over buying more locally. I usually decide to take the risk.

In this case I am paying this extra charge when even with this 6.5% cost increase I am still getting a good price. Back in January though the only one of three packages to suffer this charge I returned to this supplier, not just because the wrong cards were shipped, but because you can get back the Customs Duty charge if the import is rejected. The Customs Duty charge was less than the courier return cost...

To sum up these charges then the 6.5% Customs Duty charge is lost forever but I can claim back the 17.5% VAT rate next month provided customs send me one of their blue forms in time. My accounts need all of four lines to process this SILVER card purchase including the SILVER card cost to this supplier, this 6.5% Customs Duty rate, this 17.5% VAT rate, then the fourth line is for the DHL Administration fee.

Well as I got in DHL's bill yesterday, when they have previously paid customs on my behalf, then today I issued the on-line payment to them which will depart my bank account tomorrow. This SILVER card restocking will then be complete even if these cards arrived here 11 days ago.

More news when something interesting happens.