23rd of October, 2007

I just have to add that I found the minor collision at Heathrow airport on the 15th between a Boeing 747 and an Airbus A340 amusing resulting in some wing tip damage. You may recall from my visit to the United States between June and July, as mentioned in my July news, that I took my flights on both of these aircraft types.

More importantly I mentioned as one of my reasons for preferring the Airbus A340 was its more ridged wings when on the Boeing 747 they tend to bend greatly under the load. So it is of little surprise to me that when these two wings go head to head that the Airbus A340 wing would, and certainly did, slice cleanly through the Boeing 747 wing without any real damage to the Airbus A340 wing.

So there is another good reason to fly the Airbus A340 when you have a choice between these two.

More local web site news is that Halloween is now only 8 days away due on the 31st. I can say that I have been looking forwards to this event since Xmas when on the 26th will appear my Halloween web site decorations. This will be making use of my automatic event decoration JavaScript and PHP code that I wrote back in Xmas to both help me avoid forgetting such events and to save a whole lot of work turning them on and off manually.

As in my view this Halloween theme is the most entertaining of my various fun themes then I would certainly recommend browsing my very site pages between the 26th and 31st in order to see this for yourself. And if you read this very news page between these days then I can only say to enjoy the above animation including the dripping blood.

I can also say that it is pleasing to see that my company sales has increased following the end of these postal strikes mentioned in my previous news section. There is still a little way to go before the sales reach the level I would expect for this time of year but that certainly is not a problem.

The only current stock issue involves my SPS1 device (Smart Priority Switch) where I am currently restocking on this item and where a recent dispatch confirmation means that they should turn up here very soon. Beyond that minor delay then if I got it then you can certainly have it with you quickly and where if you desire something I do not currently stock then just ask when I have access to thousands of items at trade prices that can be here in only a day or two.

Well as things are doing well at this time then I can only say to enjoy my Halloween site decorations that will be here soon enough.

14th of October, 2007

It is good to see that these Royal Mail postal strikes seem to be coming to end. Although the Royal Mail did soon confirm that I would be getting postal collection for four of those five days, with a slight delivery delay, then it was only their high court action that banned this follow week's postal strike anyway. The union could not tell them the exact number of people striking in violation of the law.

Better yet it seems like they are soon to reach an agreement thereby preventing further postal strikes. This would certainly be good news to my business that has suffered a sales drop due to these recent postal problems. No doubt it will still take them a few days to sort everything out but the two day delivery of my new web cam shows that 1st class post is still doing well.

So I can only say to roll on the good times of a slow sales increase into December with a peak in January. Hopefully this Xmas there will be no more major supply problems when my old news section will highlight how I had to cut my Xmas short due to having to await a delivery that never turned up.

Beyond having to say "Hi Lyn" then more news when something worthy happens.

11th of October, 2007

One thing I can say is that these latest Royal Ma?il postal strikes are not helping my company any when sales have fallen below what would be expected for this time of year due to customers not buying goods if they are going to arrive late. This will be true for most UK businesses during these recent times, even affecting those companies not using the Royal Mail, when a secondary factor is that when sales are reduced one place this stops them buying from other places. The net result here being that sales are currently down over the entire UK market without any special need to be this way.

I am at least pleased to say that all my company orders, delayed by the recent week long postal strike, departed yesterday on the Royal Mail worker's first day back at work. Considering the current mail situation they should be delivered between today and Saturday.

More interesting is next week's postal strike starting on the 15th when unlike the recent postal strike only one department is striking each day meaning that each worker will only miss one day. I doubt this will help the Royal Mail any but in theory at least my business mail should be collected four days next week leading to deliveries a couple of days late. Time will tell on that one by at least it should be better than the zero business collections found over the past week.

Since my dispatches are not exactly the perishable type then hopefully this slightly delayed delivery will be acceptable to my customers during the following week long strike and no doubt more in the future. This is not to forget that my dispatches are normally always sent recorded and insured should the Royal Mail mess up which as my statistics prove is quite unlikely.

In the end I currently have zero orders outstanding and as I am rather lacking real work then hopefully my customers can soon give me some.

Due to the recent decline in sales there is not much else to report following my restocking of my Nagravision and Dual CA CAMs. My biggest thought at this time is to get my latest VAT return dispatched early this month when HMR&C are not exactly the forgiving sort.

What I have been doing recently due to the decline in work, even if this was more by accident, was to finally resolve my computer problems. The story here is that shortly before my United States holiday I upgraded my computer systems using the cheaper option in order to maintain use of current expensive hardware while still giving a real boost in the computer power. My server needed extra processing power due to my desire to hard encrypt just about all HDD data and this computer needed more simply to be able to handle h.264 HDTV broadcasts. A nice plan but things have just not been right ever since.

I am pleased to say that this computer is now fully stable when its instability problem turned out to be this Asus motherboard's on-board Gigabit LAN NIC that has recently completely failed. Buying a new Gigabit LAN PCI card now gives me a stable computer and a fast network link to my server.

The only remaining problem to resolve on this computer is to get my RAID1 HDD system working again. The problem with this PCI RAID card is that data wrote to these mirrored HDDs gets corrupted meaning that I am currently not using them. Trying to find the cause of this problem has lead to a great deal of testing with new drivers, HDD cables, all possible settings and different PCI slots. My end conclusion is that this PCI RAID card is faulty resulting in my desire to soon return it. Instead of risking a replacement I will just go and buy a better model anyway which should get these HDDs working again within the next couple of weeks.

My server is still pending its final upgrade when problems here have put this server through four motherboards so far. The current motherboard is the old motherboard from this computer which was working fine until the CPU fan failed. That fan had years of previous successful use but died in this server in under a week. No CPU overclocking in other words but the giant copper heatsink in my server still keeps this old 2.4 Ghz P4 HT CPU cool enough without the fan. Since the server's real new 3.6 Ghz P4 HT CPU is currently unused then so can you see that a fifth motherboard is required to get this server to be where I want it.

Should sales continue to be below the expected then sometime within the next few weeks will make a good time to swap motherboards and CPUs. The whole process should only take a few hours including resolving any problems that have so far plagued these system upgrades to date. Then at last my server could transfer and encrypt data at Gigabit speed.

More news when some worthy news turns up.