25th of October, 2005

This past week has been rather eventful when first of all my e-mail system switch over is now complete. The old e-mail addresses now have responder messages where needed, where these old addresses will be fully removed in December, but for now any mail sent to them will be automatically deleted.

The main event this past week was that my Cable Modem Internet connection went down on Wednesday, at around 2pm, where this service only came back on-line yesterday. I had been wondering what was going on, but I soon found out that answer. The reason was that my 3 mbit connection had just been upgraded to a 10 mbit connection with no change to the price. Nice, but taking out my Net connection for five days without a prior warning letter was not exactly helpful.

The other thing I did discover was that my bank had indeed locked up my Business Bank Account with an invalid large debit from my available balance. I did think following a recent test that this large difference between my real balance and available balance was not affecting my spending. However, in this test I forgot to include my available overdraft. So on the very next attempted debit this transfer was denied. As a result, also on Wednesday, I sent my bank a letter in order to explain to them that they have locked up the money in my account for over 3 weeks now. And on Friday I got a phone call from them to say that they have now fixed their mistake.

And so thankfully I can now do all those overdue matters like pay my bills and to provide the two requested refund payments.

I am also overjoyed to say that after three long years of recovery, then the first stage of my business recovery process is now only a few weeks away from completion. This is due to the stock control aspect getting close to being functional once more, where one by one these buy and sell values have to be matched to be made valid. And just yesterday I tracked down two more missing invoice, where the fields for the 110-230V and SPLOCK3 were indicating that I had sold more of this item than what I had purchased, which is a big clue that a purchase invoice is missing.

There are likely to be many fields where the sums won't match up. These would fall under my last resort option of using the one special line of fields to highlight that they have been lost. This is not an acceptable accounts solution, but I just have to face the fact that some transfers are now untraceable.

This first recovery stage has taken far longer than what I would have hoped, when I did originally plan to have this all completed by January of 2002. And despite throwing huge business resources into this recovery at this point, then it was simply impossible to complete it then. This is due to a combination of a down-turn in the market, the damage that they false legal attack caused to my service and reputation, employees issues, and lets not forget H.M Customs & Excise and the Inland Revenue.

My solicitor once wondered why when FACT had a image copy made of my computer's hard drives that they never provided me with a copy. That answer is obvious enough, when I have seen in many ways that FACT has no interest in upholding the law, when it is only there to protect it's members interests. So for reasons mentioned on my In the News page ITV Digital told FACT to launch an attack against my service, where that is what they did.

FACT's problem in all this was that despite searching my myself, my business, and my computer systems in careful detail, then they had no evidence to launch a further legal attack on me. And so in order to protect the interests of ITV Digital they did the only thing in their power to maximise the damage caused to my business. Considering all the times that FACT was asked to supply me with a copy of my own accounts, then there is no mistake with them holding on to all copies for 7 months.

On the 19th of November 2001 Alan Dickson of FACT told my solicitor that the computer analysis was virtually complete and they should be ready for return within the next few weeks. The only problem was that they did not find what they were looking for. And so they searched again and again these computer systems before dropping their case.

One interesting aspect in all this was that ITV Digital was paying FACT's legal costs. And so when ITV Digital went bankrupt, then FACT wanted to avoid all further legal conflict. So when in 2007 I sue FACT for this false raid, when their "ITV Digital fraud" claim was nothing more than laughable, then it is FACT who will have to pay for the bite that their master ordered. More likely it is the case that all their other members will have to cover them.

You can began to see why these days I have a few more enemies than usual, when certain organizations do not want me to order my own legal team to begin the initial negotiation stage in my counter legal action against them. This could no doubt explain why I have heard public complaints from people over the past few years in an attempt to discredit my service. Like one person on the Usenet who claimed that I charging people's credit cards without supplying the goods. This was quickly shown to be invalid, when I have never directly charged a debit or credit card in my life. And even this person went on to say that he had made it up when challenged.

Anyway, FACT's attempt at damaging my service certainly did that, when over these 7 months that they had my stuff then 88.64% of my company was destroyed. Never before in the entire history of my company had my service gone into a longer term decline, but in 2002 that certainly happened.

Back just before this raid came about I was the number one wafer card supplier on the market. I had the lowest prices around and was selling huge volumes of cards and more. And since this raid I have been limping along since. As it is certainly true to say that even now that my business is not what it should be, but this I can say is very soon to change.

The one thing that I was not expecting was that once the legal attack by FACT, FAST and the Fraud Squad had ended, then there would follow a second wave of attack by HM Customs & Excise and the Inland Revenue. They want their tax return forms back and nothing that you can say or do will allow them to show some patience and understanding. Hell, they don't even listen to a thing that you say.

For example HM Customs & Excise once wanted me to pay over 18000 more in VAT than what was really due. Just by adding up the sales and purchases I could tell that such demands were invalid, which is why I only paid my own estimated sums.

This however did not stop them having my case in their debt management center for months, with a whole host of legal demands for payment following. And in April of 2002, when I got my first on-time VAT return with them, then it was proved that at no point during this whole process was a debt due at any point. So my case spent months in their debt center, with enough letters to give you brain damage, where the real case was that they had always owed me money.

This explains why they themselves recommended me to contact their complaints department, when I had told them what was going on and they had ignored me. Their whole problem was that based on my history than 18000 of VAT at this point would have been due, but what they did not include in their estimates was the massive damage caused to my business by FACT.

And even then HM C&E is like a cute little puppy compared to the Inland Revenue. For example in their reasons for what is and is not a valid reason for not getting your tax return in on time, then not having the ownership of your own accounts is indeed a valid reason. And so that begs the question of why in about March or April of 2001 they charged me a 100 fine for a late return? Both HM C&E and the Inland Revenue was informed in January of 2001 that my account were currently not within my ownership, where the HM C&E gave me time to recover by imposing no fines while the Inland Revenue did not. And again in later 2001 they imposed a second 100, where they imposed two more in early 2002, when I was spending all my time, not to mention vast business reserves, on ensuring that HM C&E got their VAT returns as fast as humanly possible.

Clearly these fines are all invalid, but the extremely stupid Inland Revenue has never once came to understand that concept. During my few letters to them I clearly point this out, but back then I simply did not have the time to mount a full scale challenge. So since it was less costly to me to just pay the fines, and get them back in Stage Two of my recovery process, then that is what I planned to do.

Except of course that the Inland Revenue, under the odd assumption that any of their previous fines were in fact valid, then within mere days of my being able to get my first VAT return in asked for authorization to up my fines somewhat. And that is why in later 2002, where my accounts recovery was now known to be around 70% complete at this stage, then so the Inland Revenue started charging me fines at the rate of 60 per day.

This goes to explain why a company that normally needs two and a half people to operate has been reduced to one and a half people. My No2 worker was lost in the middle of 2002, due to simply taking up a better and well paid job. And then my No3 worker, who took too many days off, did not work too well, then broke both a 12 month employment contract and employment law, by just walking out on her job. Due to the large costs involved in just employing and training her, then I had to work up the courage in order to try that a second time. Unfortunately the Inland Revenue launching this attack on my service prevented this happening, where this is exactly why this recovery has taken 18 to 24 months longer than what it should have.

Even now I do not have my accounts in any sense of the purpose for what they were created, when in terms of the once living and flowing data is currently stone dead data. Only when all the data is complete and accurate do you have stock control, instant information on an order's progress, graphical sales reports, future forecast analysis and much more.

The good news here is that 2005 is the first year since this raid happened of where there is business growth instead of decline. And this fact has allowed the recovery of my business to increase this year.

This is why I now clearly know that sometime between late November and early January that the miles overdue restoration will at last be complete. Already the functionality of my accounts is starting to come together and to be useful.

This is why I have decided that on the 1st of January I will aim to switch my accounts back to the live processing system that was last seen in action on the morning of the 6th of November 2001, where at long last this extremely painful recovery process will be over.

Currently I am in the transition point between Stage One and Stage Two, where I am already making great effort in preparing my counter legal attack. Any service or person who has caused harm to my service during this time will either receive a strongly worded complaint or a simple court summons.

It is without question that 2006 will be the year that I return and strike my revenge on both my virtual enemies and the market place in general. There has been far too much pain and suffering over the past four years for my service to fully operate and to grow, but as mentioned by the 1st of January no service will be attacking me, where the tables will then be turned.

So in all 2006 will be the first year of large regrowth as my business is once again fully operational. There will be a few lose ends to tie up, the handful of customers that my business may have harmed during this time will be compensated, where it will then be time for Cardman to go kick some arse. I would expect a full recovery to 2001 levels in about 2009, but both FACT and the Inland Revenue owe me a shit load of money that they will be forced to pay up.

Since the Inland Revenue has failed to deal in any acceptable with this recovery process, then following their 10 month delay in responding to my last letter, then a few weeks ago I sent them a 27 page letter fully expressing my disgust with their service and clearly highlighting that they are in violation of their own rules, regulations and the law. So if by the 5th of November they have not taken the steps I described, then my solicitor will be set on them.

As their fines can easy be proved to be invalid, where they owe me a large tax refund anyway, then they will soon be paying up. Also since their incompetence has been so gross, then I have also promised them that their large list of failings will be exposed to the media. They do not provide requested help. They do not provide requested information. They have failed to return the outstanding sum on my account after two years worth of requests. And in all they have ignored completely everything that I have ever told them. The still outstanding 100 fine, that they imposed when I did not even have my accounts, clearly highlights that they have only violated their own rules during this whole era.

And anyone who has read my old news from 2001 and 2002 will know that it means something when I say that the Inland Revenue are even worse than FACT. And I can thank FACT failing to complete their promise to provide me with a copy of my own accounts in December of 2001 as reason why I came under attack by both HM C&E and the Inland Revenue during this first recovery stage.

Anyway, to begin my preparation of the full resumption of my business, and the peaceful days of only my own suppliers causing me headaches, then some of you may have noticed that this News page looks a little different to what has been here for the past five years.

This improvement in the display quality of this web site would be due to my work in finally moving my pages to using the CSS stylesheet. Both the welcome and foreign currency pages have been using CSS for a long time, following one person once showing me how. However, for understandable reasons then I have not had the time to covert the rest of the site over.

Since my cable modem connection has been down for the past 5 days, meaning no larger volume of work to do, then I decided to spend this time reformating many site pages. As this task is now half done, then so can you see both the old and new style on different pages.

A second reason why I wanted to do this now was to update the site information and to improve some weak sections. My site has not been too well maintained for the past couple of years, where this is soon to change. Like this text today is more what should be normal for my business.

Back in 2001 I made a lot of plans for thing that should have came about over the next couple of years, but simply due to this raid did not. I was saving about 1000 per week aside in order to eventually relocate to a better building to operate my business in, where this sum was a small part of my profit at the time. That money was instead spent replacing seized hardware first, then the rest was used to speed up the recovery process.

Again I should have moved into supplying larger and more expensive items, but I instead ended up stocking cheap cables. I was considering establishing a company dispatch point in North America. My accounts were to enter a new phaze of an order tracking update using multiple local computers. This was so that anyone entering their order number on my sites could see for themselves exactly where their order is.

There was a lot more than that mentioned here, but you can see from my business history from before this raid that my service was one of constant growth and expansion. And after this four year gap of being constantly attacked by one service or another, then the 1st of January I aim to make the point where my service switch back to the old constant expansion system. It certainly won't happen all at once, but I would expect at least a 300% increase in business within the first 6 months.

I can also say that the currency rates have been updated once more. This is a common event for the USD and EUR, but this time I also updated all the rates on my Foreign Currency page. I have also seen that Turkey now has a new currency with their New Lira. The 1 New Lira is fairly close to other currencies like the USD, which is about 1 million times less in the numerical sense than with the old Lira.

One other reason why I decided to update all the site pages to the CSS stylesheet was so that I can update the information on all pages as well. As other time the information changes, where for a highly detailed site like this one, then that is a lot to change.

This also reminds me that since my cardman.com site went down, and was later restored under a new hosting provider, then my In the News page did not have the Sunday Mercury scanned pages on-line, when they was not stored on the other sites. And the problem here was that my local main copy did not have these files either. Neither did any of my recent back-ups. I did begin to wonder if I would have to scan this paperwork again, but fortunately a search of my older copies going back about two years soon discovered these three files.

The reason that these files were only on the cardman.com domain was because this hosting had twice the available monthly bandwidth to the cardman.co.uk hosting. Since things have changed since then, then my latest upload has these files now on all three sites. So should one site go down, then the other two copies will still work fine. That I believe is the last resource sharing between domains, where in case of failure all three sites are now independent.

Next week I have a lot of work to do to get the last of these stock control values to finally match. The week following that I aim to do a price review of all my items, when many of them have not been reviewed since 2002. So my suppliers have often increased costs, while my prices have usually remained consistent. And with stock control now getting back into action, then so is the data now available to soon review all my prices.

The next few days though I aim to sort out some item details on this site. The DSEND is now done, although I cannot yet find where that big photo version has got to. In any case I will soon get this sorted out.

Well since there is a vast, and I mean VAST, amount of work to do between now and the 1st of January, then I have best go do it. I am certainly looking forwards to this switch over, when this will mark the point when my service once again works in the way that it should do. That is the way that it used to work back before the 6th of November 2001. I once became the most popular smartcard supplier within this market, which is another reason to explain FACT's invalid attack, where I can certainly regain my rightful place.

So for the first time within the past 4 years Cardman is now happy.

14th of October, 2005

It looks like this could be a month with a lot of news updates. This would be due to my web sites currently undergoing a rather large update, where most of what you will see can now been seen.

The most important change is that my new www.cardman.org domain is now on-line and working fine. I have yet to remove some additional files, and swap it to stop using the cardman.com on-line order processing system, but beyond a couple of small issues in need of a fix, then this new third site works just fine.

This site I started to upload late last night, when my new domain ownership came on-line. And as it needed some special files to say "cardman.org", then that is why I soon had them made. More importantly I created this site a new E-Mail page, where I then got the E-Mail pages for the cardman.com and cardman.co.uk domains ready for later upload as well.

And then on this web hosting I created these new e-mail addresses for this site, where later on I created these e-mail addresses for my other two sites as well. It was at this time that I deleted some now obsolete e-mail accounts and set an autoresponder on the old main addresses so that anyone trying to e-mail them will get a reply to say that these addresses are closed.

Then came the hardest aspect of internal routing, where simply collecting this mail was the easy part. To highlight how much of a problem this internal mail routing can be I sent a test e-mail to every new e-mail address, on my three domains, and collected these test mail to see that all is fine. And if you want to know how many of these 21 new core e-mail address actually arrived where I expected them to turn up, then that answer would be zero.

At this point I almost pulled apart my local mail server software and started the complete system again, but fortunately further testing highlighted what the problem was. What happened here is that my local mail server likes to pretend that it is my cardman domain names, for some reason that only my brother knows about, where the exact problem is that it does not like unknown e-mail addresses under this domain name.

The second half of this problem is that for each site hosting I keep one primary e-mail address, where this mail is collected from this hosting directly, instead of passing through my local mail server that collects new e-mail from my three domains each 120 seconds roughly. So since my local mail server could not identify the From address used to send this mail off, then so did it mark this mail with an error and filtered it out to a special admin e-mail account.

And since my brother used to maintain my mail server, then that is why I did not notice what happened to start with. Anyway, at this point in time, my new public e-mail addresses are working and this mail is now being forwarded to the correct mail boxes.

Following getting this first half of this new e-mail system working, then I opened the cardman.org domain and uploaded the new E-Mail page to the other two web sites as well. So when the Sun started to rise in the early hours of the morning, then was this first half completed, and I took a long overdue break to get some sleep.

I have now just started swapping over the on-line payment services. Both the created order forms and paypal payments now make use of the new e-mail addresses, where the former paypal addresses are now also closed. I have go through every other on-line payment service, but eventually they will all be swapped over, where this will result in a large reduction of the e-mail addresses handled locally.

To highlight my desire for this change then there were about 32 e-mail address between my former two domains. So this mains that around 30 lots of e-mail needed to be collected by the local mail server and then put into the correct mail box. And combined with filtering by my end mail client, then there must have been around 120 steps to just get the right e-mail into the right end mail box.

You can begin to see how I have made the odd rare mistake before in having some link in this system not moving the mail on to where it should be. So now adding a third domain into this, and increasing these steps to around 180, would have been far too much. This also made a good time to solve the increasing spam problem.

Since I do not really need all these e-mail addresses, when local filtering sorts them out anyway, then that is why I aim to reduce the former 16 e-mail addresses down to a core of 7 e-mail addresses. So 7 x 3 domains is still less than 16 x 2 domains.

I have also got my local mail server to dump related e-mail into the same mail box, like all mail to the three new general@cardman.* addresses now gets put in a local general mail box. This step now halves the mail boxes that it passes on, but there is now an issue with with my reply-to address. Since you can only have one, where I now deal in three domains, then that means that I can only pick one domain as the primary replay address. I decided to go with cardman.co.uk, when that is the domain that is closest to the majority of my customers.

So in the end I will have 21 main addresses on my three sites, where this is collected and stored in just 7 local mail boxes, where it will then take about 38 filter rules in my mail client to work all this into 11 end mail boxes.

Anyway, since to complete the second half of this e-mail switch I have to get all my on-line payment services to switch addresses, then I will now go and do it. You can enjoy my cardman.org domain in the mean time. The *.org domains are supposed to be used for non-profit organizations, but then they never usually are. This was the most important available domain name though, when there are three other www.cardman.* domains out there you know.

13th of October, 2005

Well as you can see my www.cardman.com domain is now back on- line. I can also say that this hosting has now moved to the hosting provider Global Internet Solutions, where their server hosting this web site is now located in Los Angeles.

Since this domain hosting has now gone from Texas, through New York, and now on to Los Angeles, then so can you see my clear desire to keep this hosting within the U.S.A. And at least this time around customers in the North/South America and Australia region can now get a faster access time to this web site.

For the rest of us, half a planet away, then it can seem a touch sluggish. Well that is why my welcome page has always made clear that customers in Europe and the Middle East should come to my www.cardman.co.uk site instead.

I can also confirm that this web site is now working fine, beyond the one item that is morphing into another item that is. Well I had to upload my local version which came a little work in progress. So one of the things that I will be doing during the next few days is to complete this switch from the STEALTH to the DSEND.

All the usual e-mail address boxes have now been restored. This took a few hours, and a long discussion with their live technical support, to complete and to get working. So if you happened to send an e-mail to this domain during the past 9 days, then you will now have to send it again.

I am also going to add a third domain name very soon. Well this hosting allows me to host three domains at once and they even include a free domain name. Alas, this does not include my most desired domain name, but what my third site will be called has already been worked out.

Hosting multiple domain names on the one server is not the best idea, when multiple domains will be lost when the server goes down, but this will provide a bridge to when I host this domain elsewhere. Also I have for many years desired to add a small site to cover one of my hobbies. Due to the past four years being spent sorting out the mess FACT caused, along with the mistakes of Customs & Excise and the Inland Revenue, then I have not had much time to build new web sites.

So now that the first stage of my recovery is starting to reach it's end, then maybe I will take a month off, or something like that, and go putting my site building skills into another web site.

The first thing I am going to do next though is to do a complete reordering of my e-mail system. My battle plan is to deal with the internal addresses first, before moving on to all the external ones. I am going to have to take each on-line payment service one by one, where changing their primary payment address is easier said than done.

Before all this though I am going to normalize these e-mail addresses by seeing how many e-mail addresses I really need. The key aspect here is to no longer have the one address for each service.

So in all there will be one new domain, all new e-mail addresses, and to complete that DSEND switch. And somewhere during this I will do two refund payments, when those SMART2 seem to be going nowhere.

This new domain hosting does seem both better and cheaper than the last one. Live on-line help is something that my cardman.co.uk domain has found useful for a long time, but my old cardman.com host, as I have recently seen, takes over a week to get a reply. This new hosting I would say is even better than my cardman.co.uk hosting.

I guess you could say that it is a good idea to switch between hosting providers now and again, when like my old cardman.com hosting provider had not changed their system much in the three years that I was with them. So this new hosting brings many new feature, where I will have to see what I will eventually use.

Also I did finally hear back from my old hosting provider after having that priority 1 ticket outstanding for nearly 4 days, where apparently after two years of hosting it was time to renew. And the reason why I never heard a thing about this renewal request was because they were sending me e-mail on my old cardman@cardman.co.uk address.

The thing here is that back in October 2003 I got in touch with all my hosting providers, and TAG holders, and made very clear to them that these old addresses were being closed due to spam overload. I also made clear to them that they were to now use a private e-mail address to contact me on. It seems that my old hosting provider, escape, was the only one to not fully implement this change.

Well I also contacted them three times during this past week, where it is their fault if they exceed my 7 allowed days to sort this out.

This is the story of my life. Other people not doing what they should be doing. And this reminds me that I will have to get in contact with my bank soon concerning my on-line available balance being displayed incorrectly as zero. Now this mistake, of placing my available balance far below my real balance, is not uncommon for my bank, but having my available balance wiped out for about 16 days in a row makes for a first.

I think that this display is just plain wrong, when a recent test highlights that I can still spend money that they say is not there, which would make this an internal display glitch. This situation though has been worse than the time when they wiped many thousands of pounds from my account, when that at least was restored a day or two later.

Anyway, since I have sites to build, then I will get started tomorrow morning.

12th of October, 2005

You may have noticed that my www.cardman.com site has not been working for the past week, where it is currently displaying a notice concerning site suspension and to contact them. What is going on here I can only guess at, when I have been trying to contact this hosting provider (Escape) for the past week without a single response.

I suspected that something could be wrong with them many months ago, when I sent them a minor question by e-mail and where again I received no response. In fact the last time I got any human contact from them was back in December of 2003.

To highlight this lack of action, then just see the progress of an outstanding ticket from their very own internal support system...

Call ID: 143
Status: OPEN
Logged: 9-10-2005-04:22
Priority: 1

Elapsed Time: 3 days 1 hour 28 mins 15 secs
Since Last Action: 3 days 1 hour 28 mins 15 secs

So as you can see a contact message, simply asking to state what is going on, and given the highest priority level, has received no response in over three days now. This for a fairly expensive hosting of a commercial web site is just not at all good, when having any of my sites down results in lost business.

And this is why many years ago I made the policy that if a hosting provider suspends one of my sites for more than 7 days, without a solution being found, then I will move my web site to another hosting provider. This explains what I am doing at this time, when no response from Escape over the past week, means that new hosting is now in the works.

So this web site should certainly be back in action over the next day or two. I may even look into having a third domain soon, when domain names and hosting is cheaper these days then what it used to be.

This also makes a good time to totally reorder my e-mail system. This will kill all the vast volume of spam mail in one foul swoop, when I currently receive far more spam than real mail. I am also in the mood to reduce the number of supported e-mail addresses, when there is no need for one for each service, when a large volume of e-mail addresses only makes things complex.

Moving on to other matters; then my last news section of three months ago I discovered about a week later was incorrect, when I asked one of my German friends to confirm my conclusion. I have also had a couple of customers say the same thing since.

My German friend did confirm my translation to be valid, but my conclusion was not. As apparently the "distance" part of this letter was the rejection section. And to top it off they did not even return my stuff!

This I do not see as good, when only a German person could correctly understand this letter. So it is not helpful sending their Business German Text around this planet, where people like me can draw the wrong conclusion from reading it.

Well to begin with I did not assume that obtaining a German based bank account would be easy, when even non-nationals living in Germany find it hard enough. And while the EU directive concerning anyone can get a bank account anywhere in the EU is nice enough, but the old banking system restricted by country borders is not.

Anyway, since my German friend said like "Oh God. PostBank is crap!" when asked what service I applied for, then maybe this is just as well. Still, this is a problem that is yet to be solved, when my life is all one long queue.

The other main thing that has been taking up a lot of my time recently is to get my stock control system working again. And it is pleasing to see that I have been getting the first use out of it since 2002. This is naturally following that event back in November of 2001, which I have now almost recovered from 4 years later.

This stock control was actually one of the first thing that was being repaired, following this 7 month absence of all of my accounts, back in the later months of 2002. However, this system was not fully restored then and later collapsed a second time, due to the then great need to sort out the VAT section of my accounts.

So now that I come to the penultimate step in the first stage of my recovery of the 88.64% damage caused by FACT during 2001 and 2002, then now this stock control is being sorted out once and for all. And I can say that it is not exactly easy work trying to get all these totals to add up, when you have three years of items going all over the place.

Well as soon as I locate where the roughly 2000 "missing" items have got to, then this stock control will be back in action and all of my other account information would have been validated.

So with fingers crossed I may be able to switch my accounts back to the former live processing system in about January. As currently things needs to be bulk batch processed, and where like every order form since the 6th of November 2001 has carried a yellow "Z" pattern to highlight that this form needs to be post processed.

And so I hope by January that these order forms will no longer have the yellow "Z".

At the current time I am taking a break from this repair work, and giving my web sites a large update, which is something that I have to do each three months at minimum. These are some fairly large changes, even if you are unlikely to notice.

Apart from that then this restoration causes no real delays in order dispatches, where apart from a couple of small problem areas just about every order departs very quickly.

The main problem I have is with the "Out of Stock" SMART2 programmers, when a small batch of these has been pending from one supplier for more than a few months now. My problem here is that once all these SMART2 models are gone, then I wish to move on to a new USB based SMART3 model.

And since this supplier does not seem too bothered to sort this order out, then so am I stuck between the two models. This situation is also about the most complex legal case that I have ever came across, which is why I am now seeking legal classification. Well since some of these SMART2 models were received non-functional, then I believe this supplier has a legal obligation to sort it out, even if the manufacturer has since ceased trading.

There are only two orders outstanding for these programmers, following previous cancellations, where I have a strong feeling that these two orders will very soon be refunded as well.

The only other issue is that the MACROX stock is either very low or completely gone (that is why I need stock control), which means that I will very soon have to get more of these in.

Everything else beyond these two is all ready to go. No other problems there at all. This is why working web sites would be helpful, where cardman.com will be back on-line very soon.

The final thing is that once I have some time spare then certain non-paying customers of goods received will receive a court summons. Requests and warning have not worked, debt collection agencies are useless, where following one final warning then these debt matters will go to court. I am already waiting for information in the post.

Since debts are valid for up to 10 years, then customers thinking that they could take advantage of my service will soon find out how wrong they were. Apart from court action, then one 450 GBP debt could well be reported to the police, due to the cheque fraud. And right at this time I have been helping NoChex with an investigation with one low-life who has been misusing their service.

This you could say begins stage two of my business recovery, when anyone attacking or taking advantage of my business during this problem time, will be subject to my counter legal action. I expect to spend a lot of time in and out of court over the next two or three years, where the big case against FACT is on course to happen in 2007.

And by about 2009 my company will be back to where it was in October of 2001. A long and painful 7 to 8 years, but I am going nowhere, and where by 2009 I would have left a legal bloodbath behind me. The news then should be quite interesting.

I may do another news update soon, but due to work, work and more work, then at worst my next news update would be in December.