25th of November, 2005

My stock counting will end later today where I now can say that over 10,000 items had to be carefully counted. I think that the next time I do this I would close my business for a few days, but this time at least any order received during this time certainly departed just as fast as was possible.

The count of the Gold cards did have me worried for a short time, when cards going missing by the thousands is very unhelpful in my quest to get my accounts estimate to match the real stock value. However, I believe that I already see the problem, when it should just be a case of one purchase being entered for both the GOLD and GOLD2.

If I confirm this to be correct, then so will be Gold card sales be down to a more friendly error rate of just below 1.3%. And since I am certainly not going to check every Gold card sale and purchase, then I suspect that a 1.3% error rate will have to be fixed in my accounts for all time, in order to bring them into working order.

At least now having this information now allows me to see exactly what has been going on in my business. And after running some numbers, then it is very obvious that I would now not have had a large collection of PICs and EEPROMs had FACT not borrowed them for 7 months. My stock before this time was kept in alignment with my sales, where having to replace these seized items, combined with one stock control error, and not being able to estimate future sales, meant that I now have vastly more of these items then what I should have.

I had a quick look around to see what is the market price of these ICs now, where I would have to confirm my purchase prices to be sure, but it looks like a noticeable financial loss to me. And that is without the desire to dispose of them within a space of time that should not be more than a few months.

In any case, sometime early next year, I will see about disposing of these ICs that still have quite some value.

So what will happen in the next couple of weeks is to sort out all the red and orange stock estimation errors, where any that cannot be corrected will have to be marked off as a fixed error, then during this same time I will adjust most of my item prices now that my accounts is actually showing me my latest purchase prices.

And after all that it is just a question of getting my sites into order, and no doubt sorting out the odd loose end, before finally achieving the goal to resume what is my normal business operation by the 1st of January. That will be the first time since the 6th of November 2001 and for myself is a much welcomed event.

24th of November, 2005

I see that my cardman.co.uk domain was down for about 9 hours today. Fortunately this happened between about midnight and 9am from what I saw. This meant that this site was back in action before the main bulk of the daily visitors.

I noticed this problem last night just before I went to sleep. I decided at this point to just go to sleep when my hosting provider would no doubt have it working again by the time I got up anyway. Except of course that when I got up then this web site was still down resulting in my need to moan at my hosting provider.

The only problem with this idea was that my hosting provider's web site, including on-line live technical support, was also out of action. This indicated that the problem was not a fault of my own site, but a large section of my hosting provider's fleet of servers was no longer part of the Internet.

In any case, before I could take any other action, then just after 9am my domain appeared back on-line. What happened here I cannot say, but obviously when their technical experts arrived for work at 9am, then they soon had it fixed.

The past couple of weeks have been quite busy for me in other ways beyond my still on-going stock control restoration. To begin with I have had two family birthdays in order to deal with. Not to mention that up next comes Xmas. This Xmas holiday also means that late November is the key time to ensure that my stock has suitable volume to last this holiday period.

I doubt that I will get much of a holiday this year. What I mean is that if I want to have all my remaining business functions restored by the 1st of January, then it is going to take lots of work to ensure that this happens. In other words I should still be able to dispatch orders over Xmas, but due to this holiday I cannot promise exactly when.

The other main thing I have been doing is to convert yet more site pages to using the CSS stylesheet. Unfortunately, when testing these pages in Opera, then I have spotted a serious image placement problem. Why Opera cannot correctly handle a simple HTML image command to align left I cannot say. What is also strange is that although image placement seriously malfunctions at the top of the page, but the same code lower down the page works fine.

Since my conclusion is that I am not handling images in the correct CSS way, then I will very soon have to figure out how CSS code can replicate this left alignment word wrap. From what I have seen then MIE gives HTML priority over CSS, but this image placement problem is in Opera putting CSS over HTML. In other words Opera wants CSS to define image placement, where since it does not, then that is why it malfunctions in trying to guess the placement.

As the person who showed me how to use CSS in the first place, did not highlight how to also handle these item photos, then that is why I now have to figure out how this should be done. I have already had a look at the CSS specification, but as it does not include much mention concerning image handling, then this problem is going to need either lots of research and testing, or the better option of just asking a CSS expert.

I have found one solution to getting these images to appear in the right place, but I am quite sure that trapping them within a table is not the correct way either. In any case I hope to soon have this problem solved.

The second thing I have done to these new pages is to include VAT inclusive prices. I decided to give this a shot, when some customers would prefer to see the VAT inclusive price. So these new pages now display both with and without VAT prices, but of course this new price display results in a few problem.

First is that all VAT inclusive prices can only be considered as estimates, when some of the prices will be correct, while others will be 0.5p out. As a general guide then any without VAT price that can be divided by 2 GBP into a whole number results in a true VAT price, while any sum that results in a fraction would be 0.5p too low.

This imperfect solution is the best option compared to the other choices.

The second problem crops up when most of my site pages state that all prices quoted on this site do not include VAT, where this is now not exactly true. I was thinking to convert all these problem statement pages to a more valid statement during the conversion of each page to CSS. However, due to this mentioned image problem, then I will soon have to quickly patch and upload the older pages.

In any case, with fingers crossed, and lots of hard work, then I hope to have everything perfect in just 5 weeks from now.

In terms of my on-going stock control, then today I should complete my final counting, when Microcontrollers, EEPROMs and Sockets will be counted. This task could well take up the whole day, when these items number in the thousands.

Once complete I will also know how much this box is worth. No small sum I am sure, but I am currently wondering if this box or a box of wafer cards is worth more in terms of volume. I suspect the wafer cards, when they are more compact.

This box of ICs has also suffered about the greatest damage due to this raid in November 2001. What I mean is that on the day of this raid this entire box was taken, where I only got it back 7 months later. The problem here is that although my PCB cards were very popular in 2000, but in 2001 the wafer cards started to take over following the resumption of this production and the lowering of this price.

And so my stock in November 2001 was carefully aimed to meet the demand. The issue here is that due to the removal of every single IC I had I then had to go out and buy more. Due to the loss of my supplier information, and buying in a smaller volume, then this first replacement batch cost me a lot more than usual.

Also in about March of 2002 I had to obtain more ICs due to still not getting this large box back and coming to the conclusion that it could be a long time until I did. And so when I did get this large box back, a couple of months later, then so did I have very many ICs here that have gone nowhere much since.

The main factor for this was that now my sales in general were only about 11% the pre-raid volume. In fact my entire business had been set back 2 years during these 7 months, when it was then even worse than when this new web site opened in September of 2000.

In other words 7 months at 100% now becomes 64 months at 11%. And obviously when stock now requires over 5 years to sell, then in that time it just about becomes obsolete.

The same thing has happened to several other stock items, like with my Gold and Silver wafer cards. What happened here was that the final large purchases of wafer cards by the thousands happened in early 2002. At the time they were selling well enough, but without my accounts I could not correctly estimate and plan keeping the correct stock volume to cover sales. Like it was only in early 2003 that I became fully aware of the 88.64% damage that FACT did cause.

So I have come to the conclusion that early next year I will dispose of the majority of this stock to whoever wants them at whatever price, when they simply cannot be sold at the current rate. Then the little matter concerning stock dilapidation will be one of the many aspects that will form FACT's damages bill.

In any case it is pleasing to see that everything is starting to come together at last. Before this raid my self-created accounts was the very core of my company, where these ever evolving accounts told me exactly what I needed to know to operate my company. This is why I was very insistent on being provided with a copy when they seized every copy that I had.

Obviously FACT having no chance of winning their case against me, held on to my accounts on purpose, just to damage my company and to maximise the damage caused.

I would love to show you the direct conversation between my own solicitor, Mark Jackson, and the Federation Against Copyright Theft, but unfortunately that I cannot yet do due to this being part of my legal evidence when I come to sue FACT. So to minimise their defense, when such damning evidence is finally revealed, then my usually vocal self has to shut up for once.

Well I will provide one direct example quote. This quote is from a letter from my solicitor and is dated the 27th of February 2002...

I note from having reviewed my telephone notes that it was early in January [2002] that I was told that the imaging of the computers [the hard drives] was being done, and from that point the copies of the same could have been submitted to you.

Obviously the Federation Against Copyright Theft appear to think that they are a law unto themselves, in that they can retain property without any excuse and/or explanation, whenever they feel fit.

This I should mention is spoken by the same solicitor who, back in about late November or early December 2001, told me to save FACT from my verbal criticism, when they were only people doing a job! I guess at the time he overlooked that this job was to achieve the goal of the complete destruction of my company. So since I assigned my solicitor the one main task of having them provide me with a copy of my own accounts, then so can you see that by late February he had become quite frustrated by the fact that there was nothing he could say or do that would allow him to achieve this one true goal.

All I can say is that FACT certainly knew what they were doing when they held on to my accounts, and other business documentation, when this was an attempt to destroy my company. There is certainly no excuse for this 7 month delay, when they were asked often enough. Promises were broken. Stated events did not happen. And all because they quickly became aware that; neither did they have a case against me, nor could they take me out through their attempt to find some other illegal act in my life.

Since I am legally compatible then the only way that they could attack me was by simply holding on to all my business information. This they certainly did, and what goes to explain the 88.64% destruction of my company, and the pain and suffer that they set me up for ever since.

Well since January the 1st also marks my (long overdue) switch between stage one and two of my business recovery, then soon enough it will begin my era when I start to legally attack them instead. I am already aware that they stand no chance. I suspect that they know it as well. So we will soon see just how far they want to take matters before they admit that their initial "ITV Digital Fraud" claim was nothing but laughable, and they face up to the damage that they caused to my company.

Anyway, since I am going to bitch a great deal during the next couple of years, then for now I will shut up and go and do some real work counting all these obsolete ICs. Then by the 1st of January I can switch my business back to the fully operational mode, where I am certain to see large scale business growth during this first year.

10th of November, 2005

Today I took a break from my on-going stock take to sort out some other things.

The first thing that turned up was that I had to contact my site hosting company for the cardman.com and cardman.org sites due to the automatic order form e-mail creation has not been working since the 5th of this month. What they did to break it I do not know, but after a couple of hours they fixed it and all the missing order form e-mail turned up.

The main thing that I have been working on today is to add the PPPay on-line payment service to my three sites which you can now see on all my order forms. This is a good service that comes close to PayPal, but I see that it has a few minor weak issues.

The main one of me is that like many services it does not support multiple e-mail addresses. Why this is important for me is that I like to keep my three sites fully separate. For example my new PPPay account is linked to the cardman.com domain. And should this site go down, then for example my customers can easily change to my cardman.co.uk site, where placing a PPPay paid for order here gets me the created order form, but the payment received e-mail to the cardman.com domain would get lost.

This problem explains why I own three NoChex accounts. Long ago I could send money between these three NoChex accounts with no charge in sending and receiving money, where I could then debit it out to the single bank account that I wanted it in. Three inputs, three outputs, perfection. Unfortunate NoChex then began to charge for receiving payments. I had a good bitch at NoChex to say that they were charging me for sending money to myself, but currently the system is stuck on a single in, single out system, now split three ways.

If only they could follow PayPal's example and have the one account with multiple e-mail addresses and cards and bank accounts then this system would once again be perfect. Not that PayPal does not have issues in other areas mind you. Still, at this time even with the loss of the separate e-mail system, then it does seem like a better idea to reduce my three NoChex accounts to one. This keeping the money in one place explains why I won't do that again with other services.

The other minor problem that I noticed with PPPay is that they seem to add a minor 49p charge to customers using their card to make payments. The problem with this idea, even if I would pay a lot more in the 2.9% receive fee, is that most people would not pay even 1p more than what is needed if they can avoid it.

This explains why PayPal has been so successful when they are very buyer friendly. Just a shame that their service for sellers is a lot more lacking, when these sellers are *forced* to take on all the customer's costs and failings. Anyway, the earlier that PPPay drop this 49p charge, and like all services now have the supplier pay it, then so will this service become a hundred times more popular.

The best and possibly worst feature of PPPay is that they support payments in GBP, EUR and USD. The problem here is that each of these three currencies are limited in their spend total until a person can verify a bank account in this currency. In my case GBP is not a problem, but USD and EUR are.

Well I can certainly obtain a real USD bank account in the USA for one higher cost followed by regular smaller costs, but obtaining a EUR account is a lot more of a problem. The banking system in Europe is very much divided into country limits, where they very much dislike any cross border trade. For example the EU gave the European banking system as few years to sort out their own system for fair cross border handling of the Euro. And since they completely failed to come up with anything acceptable, then so did the EU have to force regulations concerning costs and speed of transfers on them. That was the point when my former EUR account at Citibank gave up issuing EUR cheques in order to save the cost.

You may recall that I closed my EUR account at Citibank to both save the cost and to eventually switch to a real EUR account in a EUR county. Although there is technically nothing wrong with this old UK based EUR account, but there is a problem with having services link to it. Like in the case of PayPal they see the UK as a GBP country, which means that through their own free choice they allow me to add an EUR account from any country that has the EUR as an official currency. So despite the fact that the Euro is a secondary currency in the UK, and accepted by most businesses and high street stores, then as far as any financial service outside the UK is concerned, then the Euro does not exist here.

I believe that my best option in obtaining a real EUR account is to get on to Citibank in the UK, where I still have my GBP account, and to ask them to open me a EUR account with Citibank in Germany. I would need to pay in about 2000 or 3000 Euros to open this account, but unlike Citibank in the UK then there should be no charge if I later spend this funding on other things.

I guess that I could do that with a USD account in the US as well, when Citibank tends to get around. So I guess that I will do all this sometime next year and fully restore and improve my EUR and USD handling.

Anyway, since I stopped using PayHound some time ago when they broke my account, and Natwest's FastPay service decided to close on it's own, then so did I decide to add the PPPay service as a new on -line payment option. Currently my PPPay account is on the Bronze option and in the progress of being updated to Silver. That would be done by now had my business bank account used live updates instead of daily updates, when I can currently only see changes in my available balance.

Since PPPay say that they will deduct between 1 to 2 GBP as their confirm figure, and where my available balance reads with a difference of 2.10, then I will have to wait until tomorrow until the exact confirm figure is known. In any case this new PPPay option is all ready for my customers to enter their details and send me instant payment.

In case you wish to know about my stock take progress; then 43 stock items are now green and correct, while 67 other stock items are red and incorrect. Although 18 of those 67 red ones are now in orange to indicate that my estimated stock level is lower than that it should be, unrecorded purchases, unrecorded returns, and the like, while the remaining 49 true red one now means that my estimated stock was higher than what it should be.

Anyway, things are now starting to fall into place, where due to the addition of a new temporary column, then my estimate stock is now showing the correct totals, while I search around for items that have wondered off. Well that is except for the few items coloured in pink, like my microcontrollers and EEPROMs, which I am leaving until last when like the quantity of each type numbers between 500 and 2500.

Some items I can work out the reason they are wrong just be checking the available sales, but I certainly won't do that with the wafer cards when they have made up very close to 80% of my total sales. Well since there is still a lot to do here, then it will be next week before this stock take is complete. That will be followed by rebuilding my manufacturers and suppliers list, when then I know who best to buy from. And then it is on to the large job of adjusting all my prices.

One example here is that the price of the SPSAG will soon have to rise, when back in 2002 when I first stocked these I could buy them for 1.37 each. Since this wholesaler has since ended their special offers on this item, or whatever, then these now cost me 1.64 each to buy. So since I sell them for 2 each then that provides a gross profit of 21.95%, or all of 36p. And what with your common PayPal charge on such an order, then this would take exactly 36p out of this 36p leaving me with nothing or 0% profit.

You can begin to see just why many of my items need their prices adjusted, when some will go up, others down, where most will match the better general market prices. So if you fancy an SPSAG, or two, then there is no better time than now, when sometime over the next two weeks I will adjust this price to make some profit here.

It is good to see stock control starting to work again after FACT destroyed it in 2001, HM C&E helped to take out the half repaired stock control in early 2002, where the Inland Revenue has been doing their best to attack my repair process ever since. Anyway, by the 1st of January I intend to have every business core function working again. There will always be a few bits here and there to later clean up, but there is no demanding rush there.

The last thing to mention was that today's orders did not almost get dispatched when my franking machine kept saying "Warning Inspection Required" and refusing to print the franking postage labels. Since pulling the plug on it did not help at all, then I did fear that this would need a few days to fix and a manual inspection from whatever company handles it. However, after reading what this error code meant in the manual, then all it meant was that it had been too long since it had phoned home.

Apparently my idea last time to double the stored franking credits meant that for the first time ever this time-out warning had appeared. In any case I had it fixed, and my franking credits boosted, just in time to meet the daily postal collection. I will keep that in mind if it ever happens again.

9th of November, 2005

In my battle to regain stock control then 38 items are now in the green of a correct match, while 69 other items have the red of a mismatch between the account's estimate and the real counted stock quantity.

Also as I have seen a few estimated values that should not be, then these are going to take some additional time to sort out. One example of this is that in terms of my LPT printer cables, then my counted stock indicates that the Blue ones have sold more than the Red and Green. However, according to my account's stock control, then more people purchased the Green one. The Red type though is at the correct level and so one of the 38 now marked in green.

So what I will have to do here is to pull out all these original order forms and to see what type they really ordered. As the only possible answers here is that either my No1 worker sent out the wrong colour, although I would not know why when I have heard no complaints, or these cables were incorrectly marked off on my accounts by one of my two other short lived workers. In any case I will soon have that answer, but there is another 11 items that have incorrect quantities in a more rounded number. This I suspect is either due to a few missing invoices, some purchases were marked off on the wrong line of my accounts, or something else happened that I could not currently guess.

In any case each of these estimated stock problems will need to be investigated, where any that cannot be resolved through investigation, will have to use that lost items field in order to bring this estimate and real quantity into balance.

There are two other things to mention today. The first of these is that I am soon to get in a device that I will call the GEN60+. This as you may guess is exactly like the GEN22+ but the tone output is now at 60Hz instead of the common 22Hz.

I have been planning to stock this one ever since I got in the GEN22+, which explains why the GEN22+ currently has a page to itself. However, due to one reason or another, I only decided to stock this type when someone asked for it. Since that has now happened, although it took a few years, then that is why they should be here before this weekend.

As you may guess, since these won't exactly be a hot seller, then I have only ordered a small quantity just to keep a few available. And at least now that I advertise this item, then maybe a few more people would be interested in buying it. Still, to make the ideal use of this device, then I should really get in the 60Hz LNB switch as well. That will also follow when someone actually wants it, but this all goes to highlight that I can stock most items that people need.

The second mentioned topic is that I have recently been playing around with my prices display under the notion of displaying some VAT inclusive prices. And the reason why I have not done this yet is that dealing in both VAT inclusive and exclusive prices creates too many problems. For example the correct way to display this 17.5% VAT on prices is to round to three decimal digits. This is unacceptable though when people no longer deal in half of 1p. And since these prices need to be rounded, to be displayed as the locals would expect, then this causes an order total mismatch. What I mean is that I only add VAT to the order sub total in order to create a true 17.5% VAT figure on this order. And if you go and add up all these now rounded item VAT inclusive sums then they will no longer produce the same order total.

And so my end solution once again is that my business can only display either VAT inclusive or exclusive prices, where since I have customers all over this planet, then it would be unhelpful to show these non-EU customers a price beyond what they need to pay.

In all I can only welcome the day when the UK's VAT rate changes to like 17% or 18%, when with no 0.5 gap I can then display both true VAT inclusive and exclusive prices. Still, each year I watch the budget, where this 17.5% has been fixed ever since my business has been dealing with it.

Anyway, beyond resolving these now known stock problems, then I really have other items to count that would number in the thousands or even tens of thousands. So while most items have now been counted, then I have left the items with the largest stock quantities to last. There has been no more PV5-like surprises yet, but I do still have one known item to add. Or you can make that two known items now that the GEN60+ will soon be here.

8th of November, 2005

Well I am now into my second day for my first stock take since 2001, where 1/3rd of the main stock has now been counted. I hope to do the other 2/3rds before this weekend, where it is then on to searching for any item that has wondered off.

Since I now have some figures to compare to my account estimated stock levels, then I can now mark off what ones match and do not match. Out of the 48 items counted so far, then 15 have the correct stock figures while 33 items do not.

My task following all this counting and hunting is to then figure out just why the estimated and actual figures do not match. Some of those I will be able to figure out, while other items will just have to be marked down as lost.

One surprise that I came across during this counting was that I have a PV5 cable, where the problem here is that I have not been selling it. This goes to explain a previously unknown purchase, where it is indeed very unusual to buy stock that my accounts do not know about.

Anyway, what happened here was that back in May of 2003 one customer wanted to buy two 5 meter versions of my PV and SJPPP cables. And during this ex-stock purchase I obtained more of this cable that I now call the PV5.

And since May of 2003 was quite a busy time, due to the Magic CAM reprogramming era, and no doubt many other things, then I did not have the time to add this cable then. So for the past two and a half years it has been sitting in the container with me thinking that it was being sold like all the other cable types.

Even after adding the PV5 to my account's stock control, then to begin with it was marked down with the red colour of a bad match. And only following a quick check of the sales of May 2003 did I notice these two cable sales marked down under their ex-stock code.

And so once these two items had been marked off as PV5 instead, then so did the stock levels match and I changed it to green. Since I now known that this cable was not being sold, as I had assumed, then now I have added it for sale on my web sites.

This situation starts to highlight just why stock control is very important, when once this task is complete I will for the first time since 2001 be able to correctly control my stock. As beyond spotting missing items, then I can also now start to see buy and sell prices, profit figures and percentages, and then the all important stock level.

That final stock level is important to know when to restock shortly before I run out, when each item is displayed in how long stock is estimated to last in both weeks and months. This function makes use of other data to add up how many of each item is sold each month. The past four months are then used to estimate how long stock should last.

One thing that I am now aware of is that it would have been a much better idea to have just closed my business on the day of this raid and only resumed once I had my accounts back. This would have also resulted in a large loss of both profit and customers, but this would have also saved having over 7 months of work to catch up on now that my business is operating at only 11.39% pre-raid capacity.

Switch off, switch on, with everything continuing as it should be.

Naturally the problem with this nice idea is that when I sue FACT for the damage that they caused, then the voluntary suspension of my business could be considered questionable. And so instead life went on without my accounts, to situations like "ask me where your order is when I have my accounts back, when I am not going through a pile of paperwork as big as I am each time someone asks this question. And I would say if you have your order then it has been dispatched, and if you don't then it is most likely still pending dispatch". Even that went on in part up until April of 2003 until all the sales data had been entered. Although the second confirmation check of this data had not happened by then.

Instead this long rebuilding process then set me up for being attacked in different ways by both HM C&E and the Inland Revenue. Both want there forms back. They attack you because you cannot yet provide them. They try to take money far beyond what is due. And most of all they fully ignore anything that you tell them.

So simply thanks to FACT holding on to my accounts for 7 months, which I can now clearly see is an act that can destroy most businesses, then that is why my life has been one long nightmare for the past four years.

Still, as I have mentioned before I am now a lot more happy, when these final few stages means that all this hard work will soon be at an end. And with my fingers crossed I can hopefully have my accounts reading right by the 1st of January. This is very important when now I can correctly control my business without having to use lots of guessing to fill in the blanks.

Then it is on to stage two, where everyone (except for FACT who is the main subject of Stage Three) then gets a very serious counter attack. My list of stated grudges has been minor and carefully placed during this first stage, but stage two will be the time for me to fully vent my anger over these incompetent morons who either took my business down or repeatedly kicked it while it was down.

My annoyance of organizations can be classed as such...

A. The Federation of Copyright Theft. (Full counter legal attack)
B. The Inland Revenue. (Serious counter legal account)
C. HM Customs & Excise. (Serious complaint)
Although the subjects of B and C seem to have merged into the new HM Revenue & Customs.

D. The Maidstone Fraud Squad. (Serious complaint concerning their faulty investigation)
E. The Judge. (Just to point out the effects of signing this search warrant)
F. Certain customers who seem to like to place orders with attacked businesses and then to not pay for those delivered goods. As between November of 2001 and January of 2002 highlighted the largest number of non-paid for orders ever seen. Some of those debts have since been recovered, while the remaining few will during the early few months of 2006 will be subject to court action.

And then not to forget the one case of four stolen cheques and around 450 worth of goods now considered stolen from me. I suspect that I will report this to the police, when other options like debt collection services have failed to produce results. Still, I may even pay to have this matter fully investigated, even if it costs me more than the debt is worth.

The goal of stage two will be to make all these 6 groups feel sorry for their attack on my service, when these attacks combined certainly harmed my service.

Well since this planned quick progress update has gone on for longer than what I had planned, then I really have many thing to now go and do.

6th of November, 2005

I can now say that I am now ready for my first business stock take since what must be the last stock take back in 2001. The following stock take you could say has been delayed slightly due to the reasons mentioned on this very News page over these following four years.

It is also good to see that many account functions are starting to work again. Beyond the basic taxes that is. And where even those tax totals, until very recently, has always changed from month to month as new information is discovered.

Those mentioned account functions; like stock sales analysis, graphs and future forecasting, has often needed a total reworking due to the larger volume of data that they now have to handle. After all my new business had only been open 14 months before this unfounded attack.

Anyway, I can say that all the huge errors have now been discovered, where only the SEASON2 and SPLOCK3 remain to find out why I seem to be missing one purchase invoice for each. And so at this point I now have to sort out all the smaller stock errors.

For example since the OPOS v1.03 stock is coming to an end, where it will soon be replaced with the v1.05 version, then my accounts say that I should have 4 of these cards left. My quick count indicates not 4 cards but 2 cards, where there could also be a third card around. And so I now have an interesting time finding out if I have 2, 3 or 4 of these cards here.

This stock take I can say is no small task. As try to imagine four year's worth of items wondering all over the place, for one reason or another, like with having their photo scan done. And despite my usual desire to put stock back where it belongs, but there are still items that can end up in places that only God knows about.

So this basically means that this whole building will need to be turned up-side-down and totally every item, no matter what it is involved in, noted down.

This brings me on to the Big Green Ruled Book. I have no idea why I got this book in the first place, where maybe some old employee or postage reason is to blame. However, since I lack the desire for an error in this stock take, then this 192 page book is bound to be big enough to record everything.

The following week or two is going to be interesting in terms of order dispatches. What I mean is that until the stock levels and estimated stock levels have matching values, then no future change in either current fixed volume can be allowed.

Since closing my business for however long this takes is undesirable, where this is the last big event to occur before my accounts can start to work live, then the unusual event will have to happen in that for this time alone my whole business will have to switch to manual accountancy.

In other words, during this time, the mentioned Big Green Book will establish a pseudo company that only deal in stock that is sold. So this book by the end will contain a whole mini business that can be merged into my computer accounts at the end.

Seems that my former qualification dealing with Manual and Computerised Accountancy is going to have that Manual side pay off after all. In any case this large stock take should not cause any new order dispatches to be delayed.

The only other thing that is new is that I removed the KNOT cards from sale. And the reason to explain this action, put in a rather crude way, is that this card type is as popular as a condom vending machine in a nunnery. In other words the card type that hardly anyone wants.

Anyway, following some sleep, then I will start on my quest to count everything.

5th of November, 2005

Well I am pleased to say that my on-going switch between stage one and stage two of my business recovery progress is going well so far. The best news is that I am now receiving additional funding that now allows me to move business overheads to this new funding. This means that as the weeks go by then this new funding will increase the liquid finances within my business. And this over the longer term will result in restoration of the functions of my company that have been lost over the past four years. Like with sorting out some longer term stock issues, advertising, and hopefully within the second half of next year the one missing worker in my business can be replaced.

This sure beats spending the past four years living on negative income. And since this is a long story, then I may as well fill in some more of it.

One main aspect here is that back before this invalid raid came about then just about all the profit that my business made was reinvested into my company to support new items and services. And each year I only allowed myself one large expenditure that often ended up sharing company use as well.

This in all means that before this invalid raid on my business then just about all of my company's value was maintained within the every increasing stock levels. And in terms of things it was fortunate that in the later half of 2001 I was happy to tap into my company profit to the sum of about 1000 per week, without a disruption to my service, when this stored funding was later reallocated to pay for the first half of my company repair.

The first financial damage that occurred, due to this invalid raid, was that all the items that were seized had to be replaced. This explains why in December of 2001 my company, in this one month alone, spent enough funding to buy either, a small cheap house, or an expensive car.

The second financial damage occurred due to my income following this raid dropping by 88.64% in the before and after of this legal attack start and end. And the main problem here is that when you normally buy stock to last two or three months, then this same stock now lasts twenty to thirty months, where naturally items can become obsolete and unpopular in that time.

And so with business reserves now sucked up to replace what once was, along with much of this stock selling at like 10% the normal speed, or not at all, then this can give you a good idea of just why I have spent the past four years living on negative income while some services are closed to avoid the expense of this overhead.

The following problems came about due to HM C&E and the Inland Revenue simply not waiting the natural time required for my company to repair these 7 plus months of damage. And so due to HM C&E sending me many letters concerning demands for me to pay around 18000 in VAT more than what was due, then you can begin to see why the massive (and I mean MASSIVE) attempt to get all this sorted out by January 2002 caused a collapse of some of my business functions in 2002. Like that my stock control was one of the first things restored in 2001, but this collapsed a second time in exactly January of 2002 due to the pending demands to get the sales information up-to-date in order to get my VAT returns returned.

So thanks to HM C&E trying to force me to pay around 18000 more in VAT than was due, ignoring my advice that it was not due, spending a few months getting harassed by their debt management unit, despite no debt being due at any point, then this directly lead to a collapse of some of my business functions, like with stock control, when they created a situation that meant that I had no time to maintain these functions.

And so the earlier half of 2002 was spent by sorting out the last of these VAT threads, followed by trying to sort out the mess that this high demand resulted in. And naturally just as soon as the invalid 18000 attack HM C&E was shown to be invalid, then so did the Inland Revenue move from being a minor annoyance to a serious threat. What I mean is that being subject to invalid fines at up to 60 per day, for someone who had been spending what little liquid funding was available on supporting business functions and repair, then the result is not at all nice to look at.

So while FACT destroyed my income and stock value, and the HM C&E destroyed stock control and other functions, then the Inland Revenue destroyed my additional worker, advertising, bank accounts, my ability to quickly restock, and ability to expand my service further.

You can begin to see how FACT's illegal desire to hold on to all copies of my accounts, and every other business details, for 7 long months, was a direct attempt to bankrupt my company. And the only one reason I am still here now was to minimise or terminate every overhead. Had my overheads been larger then I would not have been here now. And indeed this time last year was the worst point of all of this, but termination of expensive overheads in 2004 allowed for the first year of business increase, as opposed to decline, in this year of 2005.

I can also say that while FACT is a bunch of anti-criminals, HM C&E is helpful and hostile, but if you wish to know where all the stupid kids you knew in school ended up, then I can be certain to say that they ended up working for the Inland Revenue.

For example a couple of months ago I had a quick count up of all the times that the Inland Revenue should have done something and yet did not. That estimated total count comes in at 74. Seeing that these are serious violations of their own rules and regulations, then so can you see why the second and third stages of my recovery process will be to launch a full legal attack on the Inland Revenue.

Had these government services showed some patience and understanding, where even help would have been nice, then I am now quite sure that my business would have achieved stage two of this recovery process in January of 2004. Instead since my company has been under constant attack for the past four years, where this has been split between six organizations, not to mention the odd customer, then this explains why this first basic recovery stage has taken two years longer than it should have. Clearly them launching attacks on a company's repair process is the one certain way to greatly slow down this very repair process. And naturally they fail to comprehend that every attack by each of these six organizations was without question invalid. This is why I will have a lot of fun during stages two and three when I come to kick their arses instead.

Anyway, since stage one is just a few weeks away from completion, where I have already mentioned that I aim to do the first ever full resumption of my service on the 1st of January, then stage two will also mean that the four years of attack on my company will be at an end.

One thing that I just have to mention is that tomorrow, the 6th of November, marks the 4th anniversary of FACT's raid on my company. I would certainly not have believed back then that I would still be sorting out this mess even now. Since this raid could not have been any more invalid, then I decided to give them my full help. I did believe that they would soon see how invalid it was, and to quickly return my stuff, with only minimal disruption. Naturally, making FACT understand that their desired raid was invalid explains why my business had to spend 7 months not being able to correctly control my business, nor to fully understand what was going on.

My anniversary gift to FACT would have to be nothing other than a slow and painful death, but since that is not very constructive, then instead I will soon give them the little word called "justice". I already well know that FACT does not know or like this word. And so that is why in 2007 I will certainly sue them in court if they want to go that far. Naturally, 2006 will be the year that I spend all my spare time carefully preparing a "damages bill" for them to pay. And I already know that this certainly won't be any small sum.

It is without question that FACT made use of every legal means to attack my service, which did result in massive damage. Since there is no why in hell that they could show that their "ITV Digital fraud" claim was valid, when during this time I was more than vocal against this use, then so will they have no real defense against my counter attack. And since I have well seen that FACT likes to play "hard ball" then lets just say that two can play that game.

Back in April of 2001 I offered them a kind of "get out of jail free" card. Naturally, at this point, I had no real idea of what had just happened. So had I known then what I know now then I would not have made that offer. Still, since they turned down my very generous "don't do that again" offer, then it is now without question that they will be sued. And I can only laugh to think that ITV Digital is no longer around to cover their bill.

The only other thing to say is that since I have been rather busy this past week, then my getting the last of my stock control back in action should now happen next week. Or more correctly I feel that this will be completed the following week. From what I have seen so far then I can only conclude that my hard work in trying record transactions during these 7 months and beyond was far from perfect, my attempted recovery of missing data did not always succeed, which in the end means that this row of boxes to make sales and purchases match will need to be used quite a lot. Since I am a perfectionist then I am not at all happy about blanking out financial errors. Still, my business was damaged in many ways, where my usually valid accounts is one of them.

A VAT inspection is due soon. Last time it was mentioned how I have a legal obligation to keep valid account details, which back before 2001 was true enough. This time it can only promise accounts that are 99.99% valid, when I lack a magical ability to restore the other like 0.01%. I guess that they can be understanding in that respect, when they helped to play their own part in delaying switching my accounts back to the live data processing mode.

Anyway, I am pleased to say that the additional regular financial input that I confirmed today is yet another step that will make next year the one of Cardman's year of huge initial recovery. Like from 2001 and before it will be the start of my second era of sustained regrowth. I have no idea what my business will look like in 2007, but I have a strong feeling that this is not it. From the 1st of January my accounts will once again tell me where I should be going, instead of the guessing that I have had to do for the past four years, which in time will once again make me the main supplier that many customers in this market turn to.

So all I can say at this time is that my business strength increases by the day. Back in past years I certainly showed how my entire business value could double within a single month, where I will have to see what I can do in 2006. This will be first year since 2001 when I am no longer held back, attacked, and will be directly responsible for any failure of my service.

To be honest I have been wondering these past few months if my former business methodology is the best idea, along with the temptation to take up some commercial money making values. After some thought though I decided that my old method is still good, where it just has not had the opportunity to function as it should these past 4 years. The proof that it is valid is that just between 1998 and 2001 I turned my 100 investment into a business that was worth very many thousands. Indeed just before this raid I could start to foresee my first year with a 1 million gross income. Simply based on my near unending business growth. This is another reason why FACT chopped top off my mountain and forced me into the rapid ski slope down the other side.

Anyway, as time goes on I get more happy. Happy is always good, when I function a lot better when I am happy. Happiness in many ways equals growth. And these past four years I have just been too angry or upset to happy. And I am happy because the second coming of Cardman (or that is technically the third coming) will soon be at hand.

Time to pick up my sword and to slay my enemies. So you just wait and see, when there will be one long bloodbath between now and 2008. And by 2009 I will be laughing so hard that not many people won't hear me.