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7th of November 2003

I see from checking today's post that the Royal Mail are not only delivering recent mail, but also those from the 28th and 29th of October. Taking 10 and 11 days is kind of slow for first class mail, but then they have a lot of catching up to do after their week off.

Those orders also leave today, where I am sure that delivery will be a whole lot faster.

I have also noticed that they have not been delivering any large packages yet, when some that I have been expecting have not yet arrived a week after posting. Hopefully this will not delay recently dispatched larger items as well, when they are a lot more important.

Today I got in some more of the MPACK3 power supplies and FLEAD cables, where these will top up these low stocks.

I will now have to see about getting some more MAGIC CAMs and maybe some Matrix Reloaded CAMs as well.

6th of November 2003

Well the first group of orders left yesterday following my local week long postal strike,but just about all remaining outstanding orders will depart today.

Hopefully my customers can be a bit more careful when sending me orders through the post, mostly following my wise advice on this site, when due to customer mistake and payment shortfalls, then already two orders are going nowhere fast until these problems are corrected.

Also during this week of no post I was restocking on the FUN2, FUN4 and FUN5 cards, where these are of course now here and ready to ship. Technically the FUN5 cards were still in stock, but the quantity of just two cards could well have already been sold just today. The reason that I mention this restocking is that I see that the FUN5 card has also gone the way of the design change.

What I mean is that the latest cards of this Open Platform[tm] design now use different colours, where the FUN5 card now includes a hologram as well. This is exactly like the FUN6 card that I mentioned before, where both types also come in an anti-static wrap.

The FUN2 and FUN4 cards having a lower production cost have no hologram, where these anti-static covers are the DIY kind. Those covers I do not bother with, when the are little help anyway and can cause their own problems.

That main problem is that customers of my FUN5 and FUN6 cards should remember to remove them from their anti-static covers before using them, where this seemingly obvious step has been overlooked in the past.

Anyway, all these cards look real nice, where one day soon I will have to display the new colour scheme on this site.

Well, since I have lots of things to do, like sending my VAT return off, then I had better go do it.

4th of November 2003

Some good news is that I have received my first mail delivery today, after my local Royal Mail workers took the previous week off. This after a check are only orders that were posted between Friday and Monday (yesterday), which means that all orders dispatched between Monday and Thursday last week have yet to arrive.

Seems that they have some catching up to do...

Anyway, since I have first to see that they are collecting again, then no orders will be leaving today. So if they try to collect today, then the first orders will leave tomorrow. And of course if they take longer than that, then we will have to see when collection starts.

Well all those delayed orders should be complete before this weekend I would expect.