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29th of November 2001

Since obtaining more GOLD2 cards has been a pain for over a month now, then today I am taking extra action to solve this problem, which I can say will be at additional expense to myself.

As it seems that some customers like to ignore things like my now old statement on my cards page that GOLD2 cards should not currently be ordered. Sure what with free will and all some people will desire to order anyway, but in such a case they should then patiently wait for however long at takes for new stock to arrive.

Naturally there is a rare breed of customer who for some unknown reason avoids reading all my wise advise, which is then made worse when they want to receive their order in the fastest possible time. And naturally restocking delays and such warning are unimportant to them.

Anyway while I have yet to find a solution to that problem, then I can at least now say that by Tuesday GOLD2 cards will no longer be a problem. For it is the case that I have agreed a wafer card purchase with a second card manufacturer, which means that these confirmed in stock and ready for dispatch cards will be here soon enough.

Tomorrow I will be able to confirm if these cards will be with me on Monday or Tuesday, when that depends on how quickly things move today and maybe tomorrow.

These new cards seem to be of a good quality, when I have already seen one. As the wafer quality seems higher then usual, which is good news when the usual GOLD2 can have minor thermal problems, but they do use the PIC16F84A instead of the PIC16F84, but this should not result in any problems.

Naturally the average card failure rate has yet to be discovered, along with if all these cards look as good as the sample card. However considering that my current GOLD2 manufacturer has been making excuses over the last month, then maybe this is a good test if I should change manufacturer.

The GOLD card has been giving me some concerns at late, when this emergency stock I got in seem to not be as good as what I would expect. Sure the wafer quality is fine, when it is only slightly down on what I would most hope, but the good colouring and looks have now gone.

This I blame my supplier for, when each time I order more the next batch is a different card of a slightly lower quality, even if keep asking for the one I want. As this also comes with a lower price, then obviously he is slowly falling into the lower priced and lower quality card trap.

In then end this means that when this current GOLD stock comes to an end, then I will have the task of seeing if someone still makes a higher quality Gold card, when I not then I will then only supply the best value type.

What I mean is that with the latest increase in GOLD2 card quality, then if the GOLD card slips further from the great card that it once was not that long ago, then there won't be much difference between the two.

I feel that it could be best to take this problem direct to the factories and demand that they make a high quality card to my specification. Naturally such a card would cost more, but that is the point of all of this in the first place.

As if you follow the lowest cost card route for long enough, then you will eventually end up with crap. By crap I mean Gold cards sold before last May with an average 7% failure rating, when to prevent such a crap card situation again, then I demand that all my wafer card types have a failure rating of below 1%.

I am currently thinking if I do go down this route, then it could be an idea to bring back the high quality Galaxy II card out of history. As this PIC16F84 + 24LC16B Gold compatible card I once sold at a faster rate than Gold cards despite having a higher price.

And for the sake of card history then modern Gold cards have a lot to thank the Galaxy II card for, when modern Gold cards now use the Galaxy II internal structure. As I know a time long ago when they did not, when I used to sell such a Gold type.

So instead of Gold cards borrowing from the Galaxy II design, then maybe it is a good time to bring back the original. As unlike when they were discontinued in March 1999 then these days I can control how cards are made and what they look like.

Maybe I will update the design a bit and call it say a Galaxy III card, but that card was certainly top in card quality and looks. This means that if I wish to shoot for direct high quality card production, then the Galaxy II card design is a good symbol to attach to such a project.

Naturally these cards got the name "galaxy" when they had a photo of a galaxy on their front, which along with card usage instructions on the reverse certainly made a better design then the boring old Gold coloured type.

All it takes to bring this card back is to pass these factories the design, and then insist that they put it on a higher quality Gold (really Galaxy II) card type. So I believe that would be a good choice in order to merge my higher quality GOLD card option into.

I see that my SILVER cards are currently selling well. Or they are for a new card type at least, when these new wafer cards went on-line just yesterday. No doubt along with my low cost postage options I already have the lowest price around, but if not then as I do not need profit then I will only make it cheaper.

My PURPLE cards will be here early next week. And you will be pleased to know that I got both diagrams for these new types, where you can see the SILVER card one on-line already.

I believe this now demonstrates to FACT as to what happens when they attack me with false claims, when the start of this month I had just one wafer card type. Early next week this will be pushed up to three types, and I am already considering numbers four and five.

Five happens to be a PIC16F628 + 24LC64 wafer card, which should now be possible. Although the market should be flooded enough with new card types I already have ideas for a possible number six.

Maybe I should just vent my annoyance in one go and have a card made with F**K FACT on one side and a upwards pointing finger on the other. As I mean I could have shown their claim to be false in just five minutes while they were here, but in approaching four weeks now they have not seen that themselves.

Or technically they have, but as they wish to attack me then now they simply ignore it.

Anyway I am going to make them regret their actions in every way possible, where all these new wafer card types is just a start. I was planning on supporting new satellite equipment this month, but that plan has gone on hold, when if they don't like my blank wafer cards then that is a good reason to strongly invest in them.

All fully legal items naturally, which are only offered to people with legal uses in mind. Always has been that case and always will be, which means that ITV Digital has nothing to do with it.

28th of November 2001

Since my new SILVER wafer cards arrived Monday as expected, then yesterday I added them to my automatic Order Form.

As that is not a very good sales method, then today I finally added the SILVER card to my cards page, and then updated some of the other card information at the same time. As Microchip keeps changing their site around, then so do I keep having to update the link of where to find the complete technical specification.

I have yet to do the diagram for this new type, when currently I have no idea how they are wired apart from some basic information, but I am sure that my manufacturer can answer that one for me. As after all they build these things, or well almost do when they may have to contact the supplier of the chips and pads.

Anyway, as soon as someone tells me what pins connect where, then I can add that diagram, even if fitting on such a large microcontroller in that area could be a problem.

Also I have added a photo of these new wafer cards using my cheating method.

What I mean is that years ago I discovered the fact that no matter how hard you tried the colour on a photographed and scanned card image looked little like I should do. So in the end I gave up and took the WHITE card image, as still displayed on my cards page, and coloured it in Gold in a paint package.

That I can say produced a much more accurate image using what I now call photo enhancement, even if it technically is not a photo of the item in the first place. As in my view it is better to have a photo that actually shows a close match to what the true colour of the card is.

Only problem was that years ago shortly after I did that photo the Gold cards I then began to stock where then made in a cheaper brown colour. Fortunately these days all Gold cards are Golden coloured once again, which mean that my enhanced photo is still a close colour match.

So in order to make my new SILVER card photo, this time I just ripped off the silver colour from a suitable item found elsewhere, and then colour changed my Gold photo again. And while it misses off the card text I am sure that card photo will be fine for general use for the next few years.

The other problem with Gold cards is that they change appearance frequently each time I have to change between manufacturer, which means that any real photo would quickly become outdated. So it is more a card symbol, which people can easily recognise.

While I was about it I created a photo for my PURPLE card at the same time, even if the first time I will see this card's true colour will be early next week when my first order arrives. As my supplier has confirmed that they are indeed coloured purple, then I am sure this photo will be a close match.

Well I hope so, or I will have to do that one again. And as I can already foresee needing another new card diagram next week, then I am already sorting out that one now.

I did change these card photo images between GIF and JPG format, when the GIF format does not contain enough colour information to correctly show these new types. As a result the resolution has dropped a little, but the colouring will be a lot better.

As to the mentioned return of my computers last week, then yesterday these people from FACT met some computer experts for some reason or other. And since now they say my computer search will be complete next week, then even my solicitor is saying that they are dragging their heels.

Well I could have scanned my computers in like 30 minutes seeking what they were looking for, or I could have done it in two days had I wished a very detailed search. As yesterday made having them for three weeks, then clearly this is much more time then what they need.

Anyway current signs indicate that they have not found what they were hoping for, which is not at all unexpected to me, when their claim was always false to begin with. As to legal action then these people are famed for it, even if it is against the advice of their own legal advisers.

So maybe next week I can see what their conclusion is, even if further delays is very likely. Still I will keep on at them until they run out of excuses.

Currently due to this loss of vital business information I seem to be running on a 7% chaos factor, which is just not good. Also it is not a good idea for customers to try changing order details or to seek a refund, when these changes are now extremely difficult to process.

I mean that it takes ages to even discover if I have your order, when these days I don't even know who is my customer and who is not. So while such changes are possible to process the hard way, this would take a damned lot longer and I don't often have such spare time.

Refunds are the worst when I now have to know where your money is. As even after a search I may still not have a clue, when it will even be a few more days before I can regain control of my on-line bank account.

And No2 has yet to learn that I need such information as to how the customer wants the refund, and if they have been made aware of possible transaction charges doing so.

So these days it is mostly a question of finding out who you are, if I have your order, where it is, and then what to do about it. This is why I say that when it arrives then to leave it alone until it has been naturally dispatched, when without my computer order tracking information it will always start with it may or may not be here someplace.

And that is why I say that I have 7% chaos factor at the moment, when at least one order has been incorrectly processed and the wrong items dispatched.

On the good news side, then at least most orders are still leaving on the day of dispatch. As not recording the order arrival sure speeds up the dispatch, even if it will be a nightmare rebuilding ordering information when I get my databases back.

Most problems these days are due to customers ordering items clearly marked Out of Stock, when if they wish to later change or cancel that order before new stock has arrives, then that creates the problem mentioned above.

So when it comes to ordering out of stock items, then my advise is JUST DON'T DO IT.

As to GOLD2 cards, which is the common cause of such orders, then once again they did not arrive as expected. After contacting this manufacturer, then they now expect to dispatch them in the next couple of days.

Since this has now got out of hand, when that card order was received with this manufacturer on 19th of October, then it is time to take some emergency action. So such orders will very soon be completed by one method or another, and I may soon move that large order to another manufacturer.

Well I will give them one last chance after which they will owe me a very large payment refund.

I am not sure why I am taking action that will only cost me more, when every outstanding GOLD2 order did so when this item was clearly marked Out of Stock, but at least it would reduce the number of people wishing to change their order.

Anyway I sure hope to get my computers back next week, when I can then see just what is going on with my own business. Well I will certainly make them pay for this, when I am sure they caused this chaos on purpose.

23rd of November 2001

The next two weeks will be good for receiving new card stocks. What I mean is that GOLD2 cards will be here either today or Monday, which I have been expecting for some time.

Also as I dispatched my first order to a manufacturer of SILVER and PURPLE cards yesterday, then SILVER cards will be here early next week, which will be followed the start of the following week by the PURPLE cards.

As I have been doing some testing of sample cards of these two new types recently, then I will explain what they are.

First the SILVER card is a PIC16F877 + 24LC64 based wafer card, which has a huge Flash program storage area of 8 times that of the common Gold type (GOLD and GOLD2), 5.4 times the Data Ram size, and finally 4 times the external EEPROM type.

This means that the memory capacity of this new wafer card is huge, when even my PIC16F628 based P62865 PCB card has only twice the Flash program storage area of a Gold card. So with those 8192x14 words of program storage you won't run out of program area in a hurry.

The only down side to the PIC16F877 is that this monster capacity Microcontroller will never be cheap any time soon, which means that the end card price won't be cheap either. However as the cost of this card has fallen quite a lot already, then I will soon help to make it even cheaper.

That is one reason why I wished to turn my P62865 card into a wafer, when those Microcontrollers at least are usually cheaper then the standard PIC16F84.

Programming this SILVER card type is easy enough, when ELVIS can do just that using the DOSPROG software. Hopefully it will soon be able to do it though the MP windows based software, when that and many other options are long overdue.

Moving on to the PURPLE card, then I did not think that I would supply one of the Atmel type anytime soon, when I usually consider PIC based cards the better option. However if "you know who" does not like my blank cards, then that is a good enough reason to stock every new blank card type I can find.

Well they are not clever people, when if I did supply illegal ITV Digital cards as they claimed, then you would have heard about that from one side of the Internet to the other. Proof enough that I have not, when all cards sold in my new business have been legal and blank like these two new types.

As yesterday was my first ever attempt at trying to program an Atmel based card, then you will be pleased to know that ELVIS's ATMELPRG program did it on the first attempt. However I have seen that programming the Flash area sure is slow compared to the PIC based cards.

Since this AT90S8515A + 24LC64 based card has been around in a PCB type for some time, then more people are currently making use of this type. The PCB version is more commonly called the FunCard, which places an alternate name for this PURPLE card as the FunCard wafer.

As to the technical specification, then this card has 4096x16 words of Flash firmware space, 512 bytes of internal EEPROM space, and 512 bytes of SRAM. As this card also comes with an external 24LC64 EEPROM, then you will have plenty of space available.

For those common PIC card users, then you will interested to know that firmware for this Atmel based card normally comes in three files, when I can assure you that one of them is not a loader file.

The reason for this is that on this Atmel Microcontroller the Flash and SRAM are programmed in one go using the first file, which is then followed by the internal EEPROM programming stage using a second file. As naturally on the PIC card types these two stages are done in one go.

While I have a feeling that I will soon provide exact step by step details in my ELVIS instructions, this you should not have a problem with if you remember which file is which. And if you make your own firmware, then I am sure that will be the easy part.

Anyway with the right programming software the actual card programming is very easy. Still as I don't have the name Cardman for my collection of Christmas cards, then soon I will figure out how the newbies can avoid doing what newbies do best.

And as I am sure you will find out, this higher price at least deserves high quality cards, which these certainly are. Also after seeing these new sample cards in action, then my old Gold cards (mostly left over junk from testing) for my own applications have just been retired.

Well not all of them, when the Gold card has not been king of the wafer cards for all these years without a very good reason. So while I think I will label my home use cards in the future so that the dimwits can tell more clearly that their not for business (as I mean who wants a scratched up heat damaged card anyway?), then at least my home collection is now more interesting.

As I often keep samples and some failed cards, then is it not interesting how the colour on these SILVER cards is exactly the same as that on the old Platinum cards (if you remember that now discontinued Gold compatible type). :-]

Anyway in the future your choice will be more difficult, when my wafer types will soon triple. Maybe I will get my P62865 card made as a wafer, but that I will need to now think about.

Time I guess to see about sorting out that DiSEqC Mini-Positioner, where I will put details on-line when I have wrote them

22nd of November 2001

As you can see from the menu on the left I have a new Cables page, which is most of the cables from the Video / Audio page including some computer cables. I decided to split the Video / Audio page in half when it was getting large. And that this split allowed me to actually add my new cables.

And as no one has yet ordered items based upon my quick News page description, then maybe now I can start to sell them.

Unfortunately at this time I would have had four new pages to put on-line, which would have included my new LNB page. However as since they are on my seized computers, then I am not going to spend a couple of days per page building them again with photos.

While I have some photos of serveral new items to take, my other computers already had photos ready to upload of the BUILD5 and SLRV2. I guess that unless my computers are returned as mentioned, then I will just have to take new photos.

And in case you are wondering about the actual photographs, then I am sure that "you know who" took them for some odd reason.

Anyway, while today my BUILD5 programmer would have been on my Programmers page, when that new page was already to be uploaded, then at least we do have many new items here. And as that is six in total, then we are half way through the new items minus the photos of course.

Also as my scanner may not work with my new computer's operating system, then I currently have no idea when the scanned photos will be ready.

The only device that I can add soon, but have not done so far, will be my new DiSEqC Mini-Positioner, which will naturally appear under a yet unknown ordering code on my DiSEqC page. As that page is one of a few that has not seen a new item for a long time, then this page will be pleased to know that a second DiSEqC item could appear soon after.

Then again as I have SILVER and PURPLE cards to soon support, which I will no doubt sell thousands of, then maybe supporting these other items could be put back until next year.

Due to loss of my computers I have totally no idea what my business account balance currently is. And as I cannot track my credits and debits, then at this time I simply cannot do any large puchases on this account.

This is one of the most annoying aspects from this raid, when beforehand to ensure sucessful payment of large orders (worth more then some people earn in a year), then I used to monitor this account and record expected credits and debits on a daily basis.

Along with total loss of my forms and accounts, then it seems that these people wish to close my business, when it can hardly operate without them. What I mean is that this collection of business tools were assembled over several years, which means that it would take many months to restore them.

Examples of this is that I cannot pay any received cheques into my business account, when these days due to the number of cheques I receive this was all done by computer. Sure it is possible to do it by hand, but doing it that way would take a couple of days.

Another aspect is that I cannot pay any taxes until I get my accounts back. And since January is a big month for taxes, then I certainly need to be dealing with this and planning payment now.

Maybe it would have been better to have just shut my business, and then charge these people like £20000 a month in lost profit damages. Anyway I will hop on for now, and if all goes as planned then maybe I could resume control of my bank account in a few days time.

On to better news. As I have heard from my GOLD2 card manufacturer, then as they have now got the missing part, then I will receive my other 80% of this order either tomorrow or on Monday.

About time if you ask me, when I ordered these cards long ago. And as I am missing my computers, then not even I can say when that was. Ok, so it is bound to be mentioned in the Old News section someplace.

One other thing I was thinking recently now that my files are hard encrypted (what few their are), was that with a 256 bit encryption key, then even my very long time did not come close. As it seems that even with a billion computers doing a billion checks a second each, then it would take more time then what has already passed in this Universe (12 billion years) to be able to gain unauthorised access.

In other words all customer information and contact e-mail cannot be safer, when never again will I willingly help these people cause such disruption. And my counter steps to ensure that they cannot do this again are already falling into place.

As I had nothing to hide, then this time I give them what they asked for, but it seems that even given two and a half weeks they have not found what they are looking for yet. Then as I doubt that they ever will, then despite their "this week" claim I doubt that I will see my computers any time soon.

I believe you can tell how annoyed I am, when I start off saying about my new items only to move into moaning again. As I mean the question of ITV Digital piracy yes / no could have been answered in like one or two days at most.

Instead they are no doubt playing with my "stuff" and wondering what it is. Considering their lack of knowledge in this raid, then I expect that I will have to eventually explain it to them.

Anyway to sum up today's news, then new stuff is on-line (take a look), another item to add later today, and GOLD2, SILVER and PURPLE cards should be here within days.

Maybe I should retitle this News page into "A day in the life of a satellite reception equipment supplier", except that the workings of my mind go back to September last year. Still I guess you can always do a Google Usenet search if you really want older.

Well I think that I will go watch some fourth season Charmed episodes, which will take my mind off things for a while.

It a great shame that there was no new Charmed episode this week, when of course today in the US is thanksgiving, and a good reason it seems to put back Charmed until next week. So only as of next Friday our time can I see episode 4x09 "Muse To My Ears".

21st of November 2001

I have finally figured out just why this raid on the 6th came about, when despite my many requests they would not tell me. And as usual my understanding of this plus life, the universe, and everything, came about when I was dozing.

Unfortunately after such inspiration it was impossible to finish sleeping before I sent my solicitor an explanation, and told you as well for that matter.

As the one thing that has always puzzled me was why this search warrant and following questions was concerning ITV Digital piracy / fraud. When if anyone really did wish to come after Cardman, then just about the great reason to avoid would be that very same subject, when doing such a thing would be equal to losing big time.

So the very question as to why this subject has been puzzling me since the beginning, when from my site details that information should be clear. And anyone actually doing some research on the matter would find years worth of information strongly pointing out my view.

The answer to this is that they simply did not look, when someone said "go raid Cardman" and that is what they did. And that someone was no one less than ITV Digital, when the truth of this is clear enough from the subject and then the ultimate proof of their "raids" letter.

And so from this action I get accused of being God Father to some ITV Digital piracy network.

The question then arises of how did ITV Digital then get this strange idea, when equally a little research on the matter would soon show that my view on this subject is that such people will one day burn in hell. As after all I am more then a little vocal on what annoys me, when like on my In the News page I was quite annoyed on that day.

And there I believe is that answer for how ITV Digital could get this strange idea, when one dumb reporter looking to make front page news gave them that idea. As despite that fact that not one site mentioned in this article mentioned doing this illegal thing, this reporter only went and told them where he got these legal items. Which was no doubt to hide the only person doing an illegal thing (himself).

So since that day ITV Digital has had my name on their books. And then what with zero research into the matter, when they wanted raids (for some future reason yet to be explained) then guess who's name came up.

The perfect answer of how to turn nothing into a major crime in under two months, which I guess proves the zero valid suspicion that a search warrant needs in the first place. And as all the pieces fit together perfectly, then it can be no less than true.

And so today my annoyance is focused a little better, when as I have seen no letter of apology from any of the three companies mentioned above, then I am now in the mood for some arse kicking. Or more correctly any legal action against any or all of these people that my solicitor sees fit.

Also when I mentioned the false claims that this FACT guy did, then I missed out one. As upon seeing my cable modem bill from Telewest he asked where my cable tv box was. As naturally he was thinking about illegal cable tv piracy, which took some explaining that I don't have cable tv, when this bill incorrectly states "your cable tv bill".

As Telewest fixed that bill heading this month, then it makes you wonder. Anyway that was the fourth claim of his that I had done something illegal with zero proof, which naturally follows his other false claims of selling pirate ITV Digital cards, VAT Fraud, and then Illegal Porn.

In all this makes you wonder who the nice people are around here, when today I now realise that this major disruption to my business is based on "nothing".

So while they go through my "stuff" I will remind them that the sooner they return my stolen items the less they will have to pay in damages in the future. As I am sure that their finding on this subject will be as empty and the facts behind the reason of why I was raided in the first place.

Myself being raided for that reason was always dumb, which could well indicate the intelligence of the other parties involved in this matter. Well I will give them a chance to wise up, but if not then my meteorite strikes and worse will soon follow.

Anyway today I got in my new DiSEqC Mini-Positioners, which will soon make the 12th item being sold, but which I lack my computer systems to be able to upload the new item pages.

Also as this legal issue has focused my ideas, then within days I will be offering both SILVER (PIC16F877+24LC64) and PURPLE (AT90S8515A+24LC64) wafer cards. I was going to stock other item types like those already here, but this whole matter has changed my mind.

And if I get even more annoyed, then I will sell all wafer card types at zero profit. Not to mention advertising this fact everywhere I can find, which would certainly beat my usual lowest price around.

Well I won't do that unless I get really annoyed (profit is a good thing for expansion), but how long it takes to get my computers back will be a good basis for this. Somehow I think that they will break their third mentioned return date (this week), which could just push me into offering zero profit cards.

Maybe not right away, but a new month is always a good time for price changes.

19th of November 2001

As mentioned I talked to my solicitor today in order to find out where my computers are, which has shown that they are still being looked at. This is not good when it was mentioned that they would be returned last week. As it seems now that only at the end of this week do I stand a chance of getting them back, but no doubt it will be next week before that happens.

Also I have decided to hold back from strongly moaning at these people, when maybe they are just doing their job (even if not too well in my view). So my wraith of god style meteorite strike wiping out them and several miles of local area will for now be put on hold.

Lucky for them I guess when I was just starting to enter my extremely annoyed level, but I will give them a second chance to discuss points without making further unfounded attacks.

As I have been hearing about other people's problems, then I am not sure if return of my other seized items will be as quick. When one person mentioned that his friend only got his items back 15 months later, which was 6 whole months after the case was dropped.

I am sure that other aspects will annoy me in the future, but this case being based on something I have battled against is annoying. And what is more annoying is that the large amount of public proof of this was not taken into account before this raid.

Anyway I just hope that this search of my computer systems does not ignore (or worse delete) the countless number of times that I have told people looking for say ITV Digital keys or firmware to "get lost", but in a more detailed way of course.

As I was browsing into Gold card usage recently, then I have came upon a new use for these cards, which this time is in the mobile phone area. And as my initial research indicates a less desirable use, then like with ITV Digital this is something that could bite me in the behind later.

Since this offers some insight into the ITV Digital case, then I will discuss it this one time only. However I should say now that asking for further information just won't happen.

I am sure many of you knows that my card programmers like ELVIS has a legal use with GSM Sim cards, which is just to edit the phone book stored on the card.

However there is the secondary aspect concerning Sim cards called "cloning". And while my programmers certainly do not include such software, there is a perfectly morally valid reason behind this.

For those that do not know of Sim cards, then one key point of these cards is that just by moving the Sim card between mobile phones allows you to keep the same phone number. This as designed is useful when you wish to upgrade your phone to the latest technology.

However if you give people such flexible technology, then they will only go and find other uses for it.

As business people would desire to keep the same phone number wherever they are, then a problem occurs when the person has a car phone. This is a problem when the phone is fixed, when the actual problem is that keep swapping the Sim card between phones and it will soon fail.

So there exists a valid reason why someone would wish to clone a Sim card. And what is more is that the phone system is set up to prevent abuse of this. As it is true that if you then tried using both phones (operating on the same number at the same time), then the phone system would soon detect this and terminate both Sim card access.

And so it is a perfectly valid idea as long as you only use one phone at a time, which is natural when you are in your car and then out of it. However as this "cloning" then creates a copyright problem, then that is why doing this in the first place is less desirable.

The wise phone companies (or at least one of them) did the right thing by then offering a two card solution for corporate customers. As then each of your phones is allocated a primary and secondary card on the same phone number, which means that any received call would first go to the primary phone, and if that was not available then the call would then go to the second phone.

However, as not all phone companies do this, then so will people do it themselves by cloning one Sim card on to another. This is possible when the Sim card encryption system was created behind closed doors, which when made mass public then allowed the encryption experts to show that it was flawed.

The wise phone companies have acted again to solve this flaw, when their next cards will use a new encryption algorithm, which this time has been released for the encryption experts to check over and give their thumbs up to.

So it seems that the current Sim cards will have a limited life, when they will eventually be replaced with secure new cards. This in all is something that ITV Digital and other providers can learn from, when for example it is always a good idea to provide what the consumer wants / needs, when not doing so creates a morally public supported reason for finding an alternate method.

However I have not yet addressed how Gold cards come into this, when it is a technical fact that amongst the thousand uses for this card, there exists Sim firmware to run on the Gold and Silver types.

So for those people with the desire you can now clone your Sim card to the common Gold type.

However, this is something that I will never support, and now I will tell you why. As one technical aspect of this new firmware is that it has been designed to store multiple Sim card information.

And if you think about it for more then a couple of seconds, then with each Sim information comes a new telephone number. This from my understanding has no realistic valid use, when such a phone would only be useful for outgoing calls.

As the phone system security is not perfect, then this would allow clearly illegal abuse. This therefore means that the subject of Sim card cloning will not get any support from me. However at least the next generation Sim card will soon be here, thereby making this a hopefully short lived use.

The reason I mention this new use is that it reminds me of the once new ITV Digital use a year ago, when once again I gave a moral talk on how this use should not be allowed. So as I was raided one year later for something I publicly mentioned that I did not support, then if the Sim cards have not sorted themselves out by next year then guess who I will be raided by then.

Unfortunately this in all gives Gold cards a bad name, even if by my recent count here in the UK there is more publicly know legal uses then there are illegal, which is by a very long way. As if you mark off the illegal uses of ITV Digital, Sim cloning, and the porn stations, then just about everything else would be legal to do.

And naturally my problem is when these people get the odd idea that the reason I sell Gold cards is for these rare and illegal uses, which is clearly not true when I provided Gold cards long before such uses were possible.

Also if you check my cards page, then the majority of cards I sell have no know use for these illegal purposes. It is therefore annoying how these people can assume that their "cause" is the sole reason why Gold cards exist.

This is clearly not true, when to begin with I advertise these cards for the legal and valid use of "simple security applications".

One example of this is like with a door entry system, when this offers better security to the more common magnetic strip cards. As to defeat the magnetic strip card system only requires a magnetic strip card reader and writer to clone the card.

The difference between magnetic strip cards and smartcards is that the MSC is read only, while the smartcard is a read and write system. This in real terms means that the MSC is a fixed key system, while the smartcard is a variable key system.

What I mean by variable key is that whenever the lock validates the current key, then the lock can write to the card a new key. This makes cloning such a card useless, when a clone would show the lock an old key causing the clone card to be rejected.

And naturally with smartcards you can use multiple cards on the same lock, which would then allow tracking of user moments. As the MSC is a poor security system, then clearly the better security Gold cards with extra functions has a use.

Naturally such a card is not useful in a situation requiring high security, but the variable key system on its own is good enough to defeat most unauthorized attempts.

While that is one of many valid uses, the problem here is that many of these valid uses are kept private to the people who use them. This means that the most legal and valid uses you just will not hear about.

However I know for a fact that one recent customer in Africa is using my Gold cards for a door entry system very much like that described above.

The thing about Gold cards are that they are cheap, and that have other useful aspects relating to memory and speed. This makes them attractive for many types of applications in the industrial and commercial field, which is helped by the fact that anyone with knowledge of PIC chip program design and coding can easily make use of them.

In fact on my planned software page I should really include a compiler for the PIC16F84, PIC16F628, and PIC16F876/7, when even more complex things like EEPROM access is easily done with some I2C read and write routines.

Another application that comes to mind in the industrial area is with an company I used to work for, when they was most interested in using these cards with their loggers. And in loggers I mean for use with race car timing, volcano activity logging, and the like.

What I mean is that they wished to send out the loggers in a kind of reduced demo mode, and if their customers needed the extra functions, then they could buy a key card to unlock the full mode. As using such an access card was cheaper then spending £20 for a new microcontroller plus upgrade costs having the main firmware chip replaced.

I have no idea if that desired Gold card use ever came about, but this shows you the type of use that people put these Gold cards to. And as the end use is none of my business, then I simply do not ask. So I only learn about such things in passing comments like with both the above.

Anyway, this section is to show you that I only sell cards for legal uses, but as these illegal uses exist, then no matter how strongly I protest against such an illegal use, then it will only come and bite me in the behind.

And I am not too happy today to see that there is now a third illegal use for these cards, which is a good time to remind people that the real problem here is with keys and firmware. Sure you can get the rare dumb supplier selling such a illegal card, but blank cards like what I sell are legal and always will be.

In the end the security of the ITV Digital service rests with ITV Digital. And I have already shown what the phone company is doing about their problem, which is why I say again that if ITV Digital can make hacker-free cards, then why not go do it instead of boasting about it.

As in the end that is what I and other informed blank card suppliers wish to see, which is no possible illegal uses for our legal cards. Instead as they fail to protect their systems from such distributed keys and firmware, then they blame other people including blank card suppliers for their failure.

18th of November 2001

After thinking about my recorded interview last Tuesday I have now worked out the perfect logical structured counter attack to show how totally dumb these people are. What I mean is that all the things they accused me of could have been confirmed as "wrong" without any need for a police raid.

To begin with then the person from FACT who is one of the most "evil" people I have ever seen accused me of the crime of selling pirate ITV Digital cards. This claim could easily have been shown as wrong by simply asking to buy such a card, when anyone asking for such a card would basically be told to "get lost".

However, as it is clear from my site that I do not sell such a card, then apart from asking for things like keys and firmware (equals "get lost"), then I cannot recall any customer ever asking for such a card.

I call this person from FACT (who for now I will keep nameless) as "evil" due to his actions. As at every step of the way he was accusing me of every crime he could think of, including the claim above, VAT fraud, and even illegal porn.

This is a very dangerous thing to do, when false claims of someone committing a crime is the evil opposite of someone actually committing a crime. As someone falsely accused of say rape or murder would understand this fact, when such a false claim causes damage in many ways.

My belief is that evil is harming someone, while good is helping someone. This means that these false claims are indeed an evil act, when they harm myself and my business. So in my view this guy from FACT will one day burn in hell if he keeps this up, which would be along-side those very people using pirate ITV Digital cards and not subscribing.

The second person from FAST at least did better, but he accused me of advertising my blank cards for ITV Digital use. I mean how dumb can you get, when my cards page does not mention ITV Digital or any piracy use. Then on my In The News page my view is made clear when I tell such people to get lost.

The last people I will moan at are the Fraud Squad who actually believed these morons and took action, when their guilt is shown when they provided no facts at all of any crime being committed or even a suspicion of one when I asked.

Still I believe the demon faced FACT guy is mostly to blame here, when he made up the lie of someone named George buying a pirate ITV Digital card from me. As that is something I have never done, then I knew it was a lie even before he finished his first sentence on the matter.

So basically I was raided because the devil's own FACT guy lied to the police, who then did a p**s poor job at looking into these claims before I was raided. And so it is clear to anyone reading this section that these people are just not clever.

In the end I believe this FACT guy made up this lie on purpose with the intention of obtaining my computer systems. This was done with three purposes in mind, which are...

1. To cause maximum disruption to my business, which is a publicly known purpose of these people.
2. To examine my computers to find anything that they could launch a secondary attack with. As after all I doubt I will hear these initial false claims again when I next hear from them. As I believe their intention is to shut down blank card supplier for doing something confirmed in other court cases as fully legal.
3. To extract information from my computers in order to launch unfounded attacks on others, which I already have proof of.

Currently I am collecting information to prove all the above, which in my view is one big conspiracy. And no doubt in time I will prove that it is illegal, which will then see these people in court.

So my big question is if you my news page reader believe these people are acting in the interest of justice? As I for one say "no", when they have no proof of their above claims and never will have, which in the end will show this raid was always without a valid reason.

Anyway the above is my best though out piece to show you the nature of these people. Naturally I have always felt sorry for ITV Digital and the problems they face, but they should remember who tried to stop these keys first appearing, and since then telling people looking to pirate their service to get lost.

Well for the above three reasons they have held on to my computers longer then they should have, which is why tomorrow I will seek to end this matter one way or the other.

16th of November 2001

As I got in 24LC16B EEPROMs today, then almost all orders waiting for the P8416 and P8416S cards have now been completed.

After a quick estimate of demand drop due to this raid, then their compensation bill will grow by about £1300 per week while this action continues. As this is just lost profit due to the drop in received orders, then this excludes things like the £1263 owed if they have marked my box of 250 GOLD cards.

Other possible damages are like due to loss of my supplier information, when using known suppliers buying smaller emergency stock has say pushed up PIC16F84 prices from £1.75 each to about £3.50 each.

So at this time my damage compensation bill will be around £6000, but the longer they keep my computers and accuse me of false claims, then this compensation bill will keep growing.

As all additional expenses and loses can be proved beyond any doubt, then this is what they will certainly be paying for. And if they won't pay, then this won't be the first time I have taken legal action to get money rightfully mine. Still only when I get my computers back can I then provide a final accurate damage amount.

Also as my investigation into these people have now started, then I have already come across some interesting information.

However that is for the future, then today I will tell you about one message from a customer. As it seems he was sent what he described as a "threatening letter" from ITV Digital. This he found most odd, when he used my items in his own business, which has never had anything to do with any piracy.

Due to this misplaced letter he is the first customer to confirm that he is going to terminate his ITV Digital subscription as soon as possible.

As there was no other known reason for this letter, then it may be possible that this action was taken based upon my customer information.

That would be of concern to me if true, when this information was seized as part of a criminal investigation. This means that none of this seized information should be known beyond the limits of this criminal investigation. And as I know this criminal investigation will fail (when I have never supported ITV Digital piracy), then that information should be in no other person's hands once my computers are returned.

So if this information has been transferred to say ITV Digital, then clearly some law would have been broken, but I would have to contact for solicitor to find out which. As this information is both sensitive and copyrighted, then it should be covered by copyright law, the data protection act, and maybe the computer misuse act.

Anyway my point to all this is that once this false criminal investigation is closed, then I certainly do not wish to see this information elsewhere. As if so then I would be very unforgiving, when I treat customer information with the greatest respect.

And so I am currently looking into if this letter to this customer was based on my computer information, when if so then this clearly should not be.

Well if anyone else has been unusually contacted by ITV Digital, STOP, FAST, FACT, or the Fraud Squad recently, then please let me know about it. As coming to me in the first place with such a claim smells most fishy, and I am going to find out who or what the stink is really caused by.

My computers were not returned today either, then they seem to have broken their second mentioned return date. When the first 2 days passed long ago, and now this second week is almost over.

As I was busy today, then I will contact my solicitor on Monday, who I will make sure does not have a friendly chat with them. As I know without any doubt that they lied directly to him last time, then we shall soon see what other lies they come up to explain this delay.

Maybe I should just make a strong demand; like return my computers or come and arrest me. Well as the FACT guy said he would be there when they come to arrest me (tosser), then two weeks on and I am still waiting for that promise.

When it comes to their claim of ITV Digital piracy (and fraud) then it just won't happen, which is why I am annoyed that I have still not got my computers back yet. Even my solicitor said they should not have them longer then this week, which should surprise him that they still do.

Maybe their still trying to find the on button. ;-]

Anyway depending on the feedback I receive Monday, then it could well be no more nice Cardman, when they have not seen me when I am very annoyed yet. As I mean almost two weeks after taking my computers they have given zero feedback so far, which I guess is the point of these organizations when they don't really care about win or lose, when it is just create problems for as long as possible.

As I am not someone to sit around, then I may just go and shout at them for a while. Well I feel that someone has to pay, and a verbal assault would seem like justice.

Roll on Monday I guess, which is hopefully when these people come to the understanding that their claims are false. Somehow I believe they knew that to start with, when this explains the lying to my solicitor, which makes the whole thing just not nice.

15th of November 2001

Today I added my new items to my automatic Order Form, which brings the available yet not yet described item count to 11 items. Had not my computers been effectively stolen, then detailed descriptions of all 11 items would be here by now.

As the previous added items had descriptions almost already to upload, then the continual unavailability of my computers stops any further addition to my site. Hopefully my computers will be returned this week, but that depends on if they have finished watching my MPeg created Charmed episodes yet.

I would recommend watching the good episodes of 4x01 and 4x02 "Charmed Again", and the stunning awesome 4x03 "Hell Has No Fury", but after that it goes downhill. Still 4x07 "Brain Dead" is also a very good episode, and while currently unavailable to them, maybe I should send them a copy when the episode title seems appropriate to describe them.

Well as they have accused me of many false things, then at least watching these episodes would save them from their usual drinking, drug taking, and having unnatural sex with each other.

This above comment is based upon one of my key attributes in that I am fair to people, which means the above comment is a reflection of what they have been doing to me with their false claims.

Anyway just remember that as I do not sell any items for piracy use, then it is little use hitting your ITV Digital receiver with my new printer cables to see if it coughs out free access. Well you could try it, but I am certain that you won't get far.

One funny thing was that the FACT guy was concerned about breaking one of my computers, but oddly my compensation bill will be very much higher. As while it will be tricky to estimate actual loses due to this false raid, causing damage to a large international satellite company won't be cheap.

Well if they stop making false claims then I will be more flexible, but as I have already heard a large stream of false claims, then I am not too happy at the moment.

Moving on to what these new items are, then let me quickly explain.

First of all AP8T2 is a MTI 0.6dB Universal LNB, which has a reception range of 10.7 to 12.75 Ghz. As this costs just £15, then you will be pleased to know that you would be most unlikely to find this item cheaper elsewhere.

Next are my three 2 meter printer cables with the codes LPTR, LPTG, and LPTB. From the final letter you should be able to guess that they have the funky colours of Red, Green, and Blue. While I stock these for my still not yet described BUILD5 programmer, these cables costing just £3.50 each are certainly available to those people wanting just these printer cables.

The colours look really good and would help to identify the jumble of cables behind your computer.

Next item is the US2UK adapter plug, which is designed to allow United States or Australian plugged equipment to connect directly to a UK power socket. Unless your US or OZ based equipment can handle 220 Volts, then this would otherwise be a bad idea when voltage and frequency would not be adjusted.

The next item is the STREC, which is better described as an additional receiver for my STEALTH 2.4 Ghz Video Sender System. As people would desire to transmit to more then one room, then this new item certainly allows you to do it.

Included is the receiver, power adapter, scart to video and stereo audio cable, and a funny looking flat remote control. If anyone needs the additional transmitter as well, then just let me know when I can stock that just as easily. As don't forget that you can have up to four transmitters and an unlimited number of receivers in this system if you desired.

The PAP is my next item, which is a 1.5 meter high quality stereo audio phono cable, which has thick cables, large gold plated contacts, and no doubt more. I once bought a cable like this from Maplins at over £10, and now I sell them to you for just £3.

Well these are my current new items, apart from other new items listed on this news page not long ago, but I am expecting a new programmer next week. A great new model, but guess who pinched my test model last Tuesday.

Like most programmers I support this one will be most impressive, but you will have to wait until next week (or maybe longer) as to why this model should go on your must buy Christmas list.

Soon I am going to get in some PIC16F877 + 24C64 Silver Cards, but as I currently have no access to my on-line back account, then it is most difficult to estimate large purchases.

Currently I have a choice of three manufacturers to buy these cards from. Last Tuesday you know who got one of my test cards, they missed a second, and the third I have yet to see myself.

As usual if you want the lowest price, then you should know by now where to get it. Do I really need to say?

After these cards are fully implemented (usually takes months), then I may move on and support the Atmel based Purple and Pink cards. Although these do not get my top vote for recommended card; I feel that by having the name "Cardman" then I should really put more effort into cards.

However I have yet to completely implement GOLD2 cards, when for hopefully a short time only the production is not quite meeting demand. Hopefully that will end this week, but as suppliers can often be slow then early next week seems the more likely.

Well they could surprise me, but whatever way ordering yet more cards would have to follow not long after. As when I have cards to spare, then they should be snapped up in record time.

If my computers are not returned tomorrow then I would have to contact my solicitor again to tell them to hurry up, when next Tuesday makes having my computers for two weeks. As I have had zero feedback from them since, then they are hiding in shame afraid to admit they were wrong.

Well I gave them a piece of my mind on the first day, and I cannot wait to give them more. As next time they will answer some of my question, such as why organizations like STOP are known to harass traders selling fully legal items and keep them in unending situations for months and even years later.

Also as I have met the hounds of the beast, then maybe I will ask them why programming in Europe cannot be sold "per subscriber" with no limiting copyright agreements. As selling "per zone" causes service providers to deny selling people subscriptions, and thereby creates the very EU recognized legal use for piracy.

Anyway tomorrow afternoon I will contact my solicitor again, when at this point I will then consider counter legal action. As they would know by now that their claims of me selling pirate ITV Digital cards or advertising blank cards for this purpose is very much false.

They have certainly have had my computers long enough to obtain the information they need, which is why I will soon demand their return. Not that I need these computers any more, when they already forced me to buy more, but the information on them is both vital for the correct operation of my business and irreplaceable.

I guess they should be thankful that I am not really annoyed yet.

14th of November 2001

Customers will be pleased to know that from now on all customer information including received e-mail will be hard encrypted using a military class encryption level. And as I know more than a few things about encryption, then without my approval this data would take a very long time indeed (like a million years) to get unauthorized access to.

So from now on any provided customer information would be within my complete control, which would now require a good reason for people such as the police to get access to. And without my approval only torture would really make me give up such information.

This has naturally been done when I have already seen that the Police, FACT and FAST has recently taken my freely provided customer information and has harassed these innocent people. As this is a violation of my business ethics, then apart from an apology to these trade customers, this unconditional help has now ceased in compliance with these business ethics.

In this country it is technically unlawful to not provide such passcodes when ordered to, but as I put morality above the law, then I will do whatever is required to protect my innocent customers.

It is just unfortunate that I have had to find this out the hard way, when until now I did not consider anyone that dumb to accuse me of what they have done.

Apart from customer information anything business related will also be stored this way, which includes supplier, stock, and financial information.

As things like taking my personal use cards from my receiver area has also shown that they cannot separate business and private use that easily, then all my personal use files that could be confused in this way will now be unavailable as well.

I have yet to sort out some aspects like backup, but from now on any future raid would now result in zero computer information being returned. I consider it sad that I have to go this far, but this has hardly been a voluntary choice.

Anyway my customers can now rest assured that any orders or email sent to me, will never again be seen by others. Before this raid that used to be true without the need for hard encryption, but as mentioned things have had to change.

So from this day forth customer information comes on a need to know basis, where they would need more proof then someone ordering a large quantity of a legal item to convince me.

This letter from ITV Digital seems to offer a good clue, when they said go out and raid people and that is what they did (with no proof of a crime what so ever). As that explains one of person near me unrelated to my customers, when he was raided one morning, then they came back in the evening to raid him again.

Strange times I guess, but why not send me an email and have it hard encrypted once it has been retrieved and deleted from the mail server. Ok so it is not encrypted during the transfer, but while there should not be the need I may do something about that as well.

All that effort when just about all email would not be the slightest problem anyway, when who wants to hear about things like order total calculations or if so and so is in stock yet.

As mentioned I have more to do to put all other types to information down to zero as well, but I am already working on it. And if they wish to play with my fully legal blank cards next time, then they would have to play the game of finding them first.

I did not have to give them those 250 cards this time when my safe is faulty and does not open when it should, but giving them blank cards in the first place is kind of pointless, and like with my PICs, EEPROMs, and sockets, only causes me to have to buy more.

Too bad that I lacked this foresight, when any future raid would bound to be more fun. As lets all guess where my GOLD cards are now, when if you guessed "safe" then you would be most wrong. Maybe I should put a note in my safe saying "wrong, try again".

Well in the end I am only saving them from themselves, when my compensation bill won't be small. As for example as my business cannot run on one computer, then today I got in a second.

So at this rate when they return these computers all I will need is the information on the hard disks, and guess who will foot the bill for forcing me to buy more. As well I told them that a large Internet based business cannot do without computers, when out of contact with my customers for more then two days would only make them panic.

As I have a feeling that this news page will be slightly huge before this month ends, then I had better end this latest chapter now.

Morning News...

Today I got an interesting letter from ITV Digital, which they are sending out to all their subscribers. As this letter actually mentions their piracy problem, then in a way it is historic.

Their mention of it being a recent problem is wrong, when the problem has been around a lot longer. In fact I was involved on day one when these keys first started to appear, when I publicly gave those people releasing these keys a moral lecture. However as I found out pointing out the moral thing to do to the immoral served of little use in a long term.

As to this recent letter, then I have been wondering what ITV Digital is up to. What I mean is that there is a purpose behind this letter, which I believe is other then that stated. As this letter has been released to explain some future action, which is not fully clear at this time.

Considering the appearance of ITV on Astra 2D, then the future of the terrestrial service in my view looks a bit doubtful, which would naturally be of concern to all fellow subscribers.

The most humorous section is the one "As a valued customer of ITV Digital we wanted to take this opportunity to advise you of how we are dealing with piracy", when from the below I currently know that a little too well. In my view therefore going to the point of harassing someone who is strongly opposed to such a use (therefore putting me on their side) is a going a bit too far.

As I said in this interview I have been selling cards long before ITV Digital existed, which is certainly for the use of people with legal uses in mind. In a way my problem is directly due to the failure of these same people to stamp out such codes and firmware, when I would naturally like to go back to simply saying that such a use is just not possible.

The next section in this letter I wish to comment on is "We can also, if appropriate, withdraw all existing cards and replace them with cards which the pirates would be unable to copy". Big words indeed in my view, but if they can certainly do it then I would almost beg them to go ahead.

However as I know about such things, then it is mostly a false bluff, when there is a good reason why all Mediaguard services are currently pirated. Sure if they put in a damned lot of work that is technically possible, but with the exception of Videocrypt (publicly anyway) hacked systems just do not become unhacked.

And that is why I believe this letter indicates a bigger change to a more secure encryption system, when well that is the only real way to really tackle this piracy problem. As going after the immoral people supplying such codes and firmware has not done much, and trying to take on legal blank card supply is really a non-starter.

So like this letters shows their inability to separate between such illegal pirate cards, and the legal (morally valid) blank card supply is my current problem. Sure such immoral people can abuse cards in this way, but I have certainly never provided such support as in keys and firmware.

And from my site information, and many years worth of public comments, it should be clear to even a deaf and blind f*ckwit that I have never supported piracy of a service the person in question could subscribe to.

Well if ITV Digital has really switched to going after home users, as this letter indicates but which I doubt, then well I did warn these immoral customers back on the 24th of July what their immoral and illegal actions could bring them.

Still no sign of my computers, when they first said "two days", but is now running over a week. I guess in this case no news is good news, when they are currently unsuccessfully looking for something illegal, or just plain holding my information to harass my trade customers.

As my solicitor later said sometime this week, then they only have a few days left before I begin moaning like hell. I guess I have been doing that mostly already, but any continuation of these very false claims will make me take further steps.

Apart from legal options I was thinking that I could set up a protest letter for my customers to complete and then send me. Just like confirming that they use my cards for a legal purpose, thereby showing these people the reason (other then what they say) that I supply them.

I guess their real delay in returning my computers is that like from this news page in that I am quite vocal when something annoys me. And as they found out in my freely provided interview accusing me of something I have never done or supported makes me very much annoyed and vocal.

Well anyway this letter is another reason to explain this action, when ITV Digital wants raids, and they don't care much who they raid. Maybe they should remember that I have two ITV Digital subscriptions, and I could show protest over this action by cancelling them.

And I have not yet even touch on the friends I have, who well knew my views, and have offered their kind support.

Anyway, as I still have faith in people doing the right thing, then I am still expecting my computers back soon enough followed by an apology. If so then maybe we can the discuss our real concerns and problems, when I would much desire to see ITV Digital secure again.

13th of November 2001

In the end the GOLD2 cards received yesterday covered about 75% of outstanding orders, which was not as many as I expected due to loss of my vital stock database.

So GOLD2 cards are currently still out of stock, even if many orders have just been completed, which means that the more recent orders will have to wait for the other 80% of my order to arrive.

Those according to my supplier should be dispatched to me this week, but we will have to wait and see.

Today I have just added a list of countries covered by the Europe postage option. As when I first made those lists the exact countries in the Europe zone was not mentioned.

This was because one hopeful customer in Kazakhstan could not see his country listed in the World Zone 1 & 2 options, and wondered in which zone it was. After checking with the Royal Mail then Kazakhstan is actually listed under the Europe option, which makes Europe slightly larger then both myself and this customer first thought.

Anyway I would much look forwards to this order, when Kazakhstan would be an important gain in my Global Domination special offer.

Another annoying thing about this recent raid was that I had several new web pages almost ready to upload, including for many new items now in stock. So until I get my computers back many new items simply cannot be sold. This includes some total beautiful looking printer cables, which come in the colours of Red, Blue, and Green. Damned good price as well, but what can I do.

As some naturally concerned customers have been avoiding ordering, then my compensation bill will grow until this false claim is ended. At this time due to my ELVIS Special Offer demand should be quite high, but following this raid demand has dropped to half the usual amount, which would be just a quarter of the expected total.

Well my main priority is getting my computer back, when they contain vital information for the standard operation of my business. Currently I am limping on well enough, but the longer this continues the more chaos I will have to deal with later.

Do they care, I doubt it.

12th of November 2001

Good news today when after nearly four weeks of waiting 20% of my GOLD2 card order has now arrived. As all three copies of my stock database has been virtually stolen from me, then I will not know until late tomorrow if this 20% can complete all outstanding orders.

Anyway, as this new stock should complete most orders if not all, then customers with delayed orders should expect to very soon receive their order.

My GOLD2 card manufacturer has said that the remaining 80% of my order should be dispatched this week, but we will have to wait and see. If so then I would then have plenty of GOLD2 cards spare.

As to my further information on my raid last Tuesday, then a small section on how clever (or lack of it) are these people.

First example is when one person discovered that I charged VAT on my orders, which was not then clever to ask if I was VAT registered. What I mean is that my site mentions my VAT Registration Number, which anyone could see and check for themselves.

Next example is quite funny when one person in my living room asked where my TV was when I had all this equipment. His friend had to point out Europe's largest consumer TV measuring 64 inches from corner to corner, which took up most of one wall.

As even the experts hardly knew what my equipment was, then most of the time I had to keep explaining this.

Even now I am still annoyed at this false claim, when never in my four year history have I ever sold a pirate ITV Digital card. Also as I have never provided support with keys or firmware, then this shows that their reason for this raid is false.

What is most annoying is that anyone could find this out for themselves, which some customers do when I then quote how it is illegal and that I do not support piracy of a service that they could subscribe to.

So after all this if they desire to take further action, then obviously this is to try and stop a legal blank card supplier and not for the reason they claim.

As I have certainly not supported this subject, as my customers know, then if they are clever people then I will soon get my computers back and that will be the end of the matter. From the above they may not be that clever, which is why I am keeping my solicitor at the ready.

Anyway as say during this raid they did not touch any customer order forms, then no future action should cause any real supply problems.

The final thing I was thinking is that if they test my blank 250 GOLD cards, as I would expect, then I doubt that I could accept these back. As such testing would mark these new cards making them not possible to sell, when some of my customers can claim "large markings" for even the smallest markings.

Well as 250 GOLD cards sell for £1248.43, then that would be the first of several compensation claims.

10th of November 2001

Now it is time to have my good moan over the events on Tuesday. And as things are now becoming clearer, then I can explain why this all came about.

As it seems that one of my trade customers got raided recently as well, and due to the date this could only have been from the information they took from my computers. And what evidence did they base this second raid on I hear, when I know just what this was.

For I know that they raided this large blank wafer card purchaser for the sole reason that they bought a large number of blank wafer cards from me. No mention of any piracy use at all at any point, and as this trade supplier has confirmed that they got nothing, then that is what I would expect.

So this also explains how they could possibly come up with the crazy idea of linking myself and ITV Digital piracy. As they had not even the slightest suspicion at all, when all they would have to raid me on was my name listed as a blank card supplier.

For this reason I am going to check into how these search warrants were obtained, when harassing fully legal suppliers is NOT a correct implementation of justice. To obtain a search warrant they need suspicion of a crime taking place, but in these cases they did not even have that, as what these search results have proved.

So it is a sad day indeed how someone can be harassed by these people just because they bought a large number of a fully legal item.

The other problem due to this is that they have now violated my business ethics, when customer information is only stored by myself for the following reasons...

1. So that I can monitor stock and payments (financial).
2. So that I know what people have bought (information).
3. So that I can contact them in case of any problem in processing their order (errors).

And so as my customers know I do not contact them at any other time for any other reason. And this is done when any further contact could be consider as "spam" and an invasion of their privacy.

So actually having a third party take this information and to then contact them is unacceptable, when this is a violation of my business ethics. And to actually abuse them with a raid, makes me so angry, that I will soon contact my solicitor and see if any counter legal action can be taken.

After my own raid I have fully cooperated with these people, when I knew that the reason for this raid was misplaced. However, as I have seen that they have abused my freely provided information, then for the sake of protecting my innocent customers that cooperation will have to stop.

This means that from now on all aspects of my fully legal business dealings will have to be hard encrypted, and more physical aspects protected. As if they cannot pursue justice in a proper way, in order to protect harassing innocent people, then they will get no help from me.

Certainly if any customer of mine is known to break the law, then these people could well get my help if they need it, but in future information provided by my business will only be provided if they can show me that they have a good reason to need this information.

Naturally I will need to check with my solicitor to ensure that this limited help is kept legal, but you can rest assured that I will take whatever steps are required to make customer information unavailable to them. As they have clearly shown to me that they cannot be trusted, when they have just abused the help I provided.

From this I would strongly recommend that for now all my other trade customers (buying cards by the hundred or thousand) take preventative steps, when I know that their action on myself caused a major disruption to my business.

My normal home customers should not have anything to fear, when they are only interested in traders and manufactures. And so unless you have bought thousands of cards from me, then receiving a Police visit just should not happen.

Now that you know for what factual reason I was raided (they would not tell me when I asked), then I will explain what happened on Tuesday.

It all began when I took Tuesday's higher amount of post (normal) upstairs to be processed. As only a few minutes later did I spot a plain clothed Police Officer (from the fraud squad no doubt) on my landing showing me his Police badge. These people were let in by my mother, who then had one of them follow her to where I was.

He asked me to go downstairs which I proceeded to do during which they told me that they had a search warrant. As this search warrant was only issued by a Mid Kent Magistrates Court (in Maidstone no doubt) only 38 minutes before, then they certainly move fast.

However it was only when I was downstairs that I found out that this was concerning ITV Digital piracy and STOP, which immediately made me annoyed when I have never had anything to do with such piracy.

Sure as ITV Digital is a compromised system then this card supply market does have what is called a "lamer", who is not looking to pay for what they watch, but my site clearly points out that I do not support such people. Also it is a technological fact that even if there were no card suppliers, then such lamers can still get all the parts they need from Maplins.

Anyway I began to explain to these people that all I supply these days are blank cards, which has been confirmed as legal items by judges in many European countries.

Also it is a fact that as I do not support people who use piracy for services they can subscribe to, then that is why never in the past (with my old business) have I provided such a card. As mostly everyone already knows these points, then that is why I started wondering about their shot in the dark.

I see from the above that the real reason has now obtained some supporting facts, which makes me wonder who was raided the previous week. When I was no doubt raided, because they just happened to have my name listed.

Well anyway as this search warrant mentioned that they could take blank cards, activated cards, programming equipment, computer equipment, and documentation relating to the activation of encryption cards, then that is what they was looking for.

What they got based on this was a follows...

Blank Cards: Only my box of 250 GOLD cards, but they did take many card parts including PCBs, sockets, PICs and EEPROMs. Also they took all my unmodified official Irdeto cards, which I hope I see back when I bought them. These as I mentioned above are fully legal items, which is why I supply them.

Activated Cards: The main cards were from my receiver area and for my own personal and fully legal use. However a lot of the cards they got were either obsolete or plain junk. They also did get about 90 faulty cards returned by my customers, and were due to be returned to my suppliers, which I am sure they will have fun testing.

However as mentioned they did quite a poor job getting cards when they left some GOLD behind, and they left cards all over the place, such as some older faulty cards by the edge of my monitor.

Programming Equipment: In all they took one of every model shown on my programmers page, but oddly with one look at my BUILD5 model they put it back. Again these are all fully legal items to supply and contain no piracy mention.

During their poor search they did not actually find my hundreds of ELVIS programmers, when they looked in the box next to them containing a glass bowl, but then did not check the boxes next to this.

Based on the search warrant they could have took them all, but as they were looking for piracy information, then one of each was enough. I am not sure why they then took all my card parts however, when a piece of PCB won't tell them much.

Computer Equipment: Well they certainly took it all in this case, which is a little concerning having them poke though the contents of my private life. They did also take some CDs and floppy disk for god knows what reason, when say my backup disk marked PGP Keys will be no use to them.

Documentation: With this they only took one of my advertising sheets that all customers get, but they did thankfully not touch any order forms. However they did get one or two old sheets from my old business, which I had just never got around to throwing away. As these were legal to supply at the time, and were certainly not for an OD card, then as this law was not retrospective, then again they have nothing in this case.

Anyway they certainly did not get what they most hoped to find, as in pirate OD cards and lots of activation instructions to go with them. This is of course because I don't supply them, and I do not support this subject.

One thing they seemed to overdo was that they took all my doublers including all the PCB parts. As this item only allows two Irdeto cards to work at the same time in a single Irdeto CAM (as I told them), then they should not have took this card interface, when it is not a card or a programmer. Also as it certainly cannot decode anything (without a subscription card inserted), then they must have had some poor technical advice.

Their "expert" was interested in my 2.4Ghz Video Sender System, but I am not sure if he just plain did not know what it was, or he wanted to buy one. Well in my view it is not the best idea to try and make a sale during a police raid. :-]

In all the Police seemed to do a fair job, but I have yet to find out where my other UK money has got to (from Scotland and Northern Ireland). As they brought me my wallet and brick (pile of cash that got a lot smaller when I bought GOLD cards the following day), then that money should be around here some place, even if I oddly cannot currently find it.

As they wished for me to give them an interview, then I was more then happy to do so, when I wished to give them a piece of my mind as well. After a trip to Maidstone Police Station and a wait I had to then go along to Chatham Police Station, when the Maidstone one could not handle the interview.

On the walk back to the car I bumped into my Aunt, who I had to explain what was going on, when of course she knew nothing about it. As she was due to visit my mother that day, then she was there when I eventually got back home.

After more waiting at the Chatham Police Station I soon got to the Interview. They did say to keep my answers short and to the point, but as I had a right moan to give them, then there is no chance of that. I just feel sorry for the person who may have to turn this "argument" into a transcript.

They did say that I could have my solicitor present, but as I know these laws very well, then there was really no point. Also as my computer held all details of my desired solicitor, then it would have been most difficult to contact him anyway.

In the past I used a solicitor in Germany when I was getting my money back from one supplier last year, but as a raid on a blank card supplier is not unheard of, then on my computer I did store the contact information of the best solicitor in this country for handling these cases.

That information I can certainly pass on if anyone needs it, when these people must keep this solicitor very busy.

Anyway it started with the Police Officer explaining that this interview would be recorded on two tapes, which would then be sealed. These then would only be used if further action by the Police would be taken.

In all there was three people there besides myself, which was a Police Officer, a person from FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft), and another person from FAST (Federation Against Software Theft).

The person from FACT started the interview by asking if I knew what Seca was, which I certainly did when this is the company who made the Mediaguard conditional access system. Following this he then asked where it was used, to which I replied "all over Europe".

Naturally, as he had motives, then he asked if OnDigital (he is not up with the new name yet) used this system, which they certainly do (to their and my regret. If only they had used Videoguard). Also during the interview he kept using "Seca" instead of the correct name of "Mediaguard", which I had to point out once. Odd that to the first question he asked, that even he did not know the correct answer!

Well it proceeded into a long argument over what types cards I supply. The interesting part is that at one part he asked me if I knew who "George" was, which I said "no" to when it did not ring a bell.

He then proceeded into an OnDigital link, but before he had even finished the sentence I had interrupted him. As I said in a strong exclamation "I know what's coming. Let me put it this way. As I have never ever provided an OnDigital card, and nothing that you can say or do can ever change that fact".

As that was so clear and strong, then I am sure that everyone in that room knew it to be true. Although I now find it amusing that I finished that statement on the word "fact" considering who I was talking to.

In all I have been annoyed for years concerning the zoneing system in Europe, and as I was talking to the virtual enemy, then I was having a good moan.

In a way it was too bad that the guy from STOP could not get the permission to travel, when I have moaned about them before on this news page. So as these people have caused unfair problems with my own suppliers in the past, then in my view I missed an opportunity to obtain some revenge.

This interview then moved into a second appearance of "George", where this time he got to finish the sentence, to which I simply said "that is not true". As it was clear from his question that he also knew that this was not true, then it was annoying how he later repeated this false claim to my solicitor.

So as I know that it is not true, and he knows that it is not true, then as I know that he knows that it is not true, then hopefully that is the last I will hear about "George". As if they do wish to mention it again then I will give fantasy George a surname of "Perjury".

The interview then proceeded on to for what use my cards were, when I was pointing out many valid uses, while they was trying to (not very well) link this to OD use. As I have been talking about such aspects for years, then they really stood no chance.

The FACT guy then asked me about some OD piracy software, which I have certainly never heard of, and then on to some card called "Kalvner" or something like that. As I doubt I spelled it correctly, then you can tell that I have never heard of such a card either.

Anyway it is worth pointing out that this is what these people where really looking for, which makes me rest more easily when I certainly have never had such a card or firmware.

Well anyway the interview proceeded along this direction, where they wished to link my business to OD piracy, and I was clearly pointing out how wrong they were.

One thing I mentioned yesterday was how they called all my customers "criminals" in a round about way. As at one point in my defence against OD use I said that I supply cards to over 47 countries (quick estimate) to which they replied that each one of them were defrauding their own local version of OD.

As this is clearly not true, being against the reason why I provide cards, and ignores the vast amount of valid uses, then this was the thing that made me most angry. From the following abuse of my customer information it shows how much lack of respect they have for innocent people.

Well I guess that just about sums it up, when the interview ended the tapes were sealed, and they were nice enough to bring me home.

If they are crazy enough to proceed further we will have to wait and see, but as these people are out to cause problems for blank card suppliers for being just that, then that remains to be seen.

Anyway I will currently be looking into these doubtful reasons for the issue of search warrants, and writing a few letters to the people involved. Also I will have to look into compensation for this action, when my customers are naturally concerned by these events.

Well anyway next week I should get my computers back, and then see if they want to cause problems with my legal blank card supply.

9th of November 2001

Good news when my supplier of GOLD2 cards has now confirmed dispatch of some of my order, which could be here tomorrow when this delivery company does do Saturday delivery. However if they do not arrive tomorrow then they will be here on Monday.

The bad news is that only 20% of my order was dispatched and not the 56% they promised to dispatch a week ago today. If this can cover all orders is currently unknown, when that was one feature offered by my missing databases.

So I will have to wait and see if any cards will be spare, but after this long delay it is bound to be close.

The better news is that this manufacturer said that the rest of my order could soon follow, but I guess that is a case of wait and see. Anyway I am sure that most if not all delayed orders will depart with my next business collection on Monday.

Today I managed to assemble enough resources to finally process and dispatch this weeks delayed mail orders along with online orders of course. However No1 is upset having to write all addresses by hand due to a long suffering hand problem. This is why I used to print out address label until every one of my computers were taken away on Tuesday.

Anyway as address labels are directly linked to my customer database, then No1 will have to suffer pain and risk possible injury until I get this database back.

Two customers at my door today was most surprised that I could not supply them with their regular EEPROMs, when these were oddly removed on Tuesday as well. And as both of them already knew that supplying EEPROMs was not a legal problem, then I had to explain to them why some people did.

That I will soon explain to you as well, when I soon have my major moan. Well anyway 20% of my GOLD2 order will without doubt be here soon enough. And what better advertising then saying that the Police, STOP, FACT, and FAST love them so much that they got a search warrant to try and get hold of them.

Too bad for them that all the GOLD2 cards they got were some faulty cards, and they would have got zero of the GOLD as well had it not been for myself willingly giving them my last 250 card box. Apart from that the only other cards they got were junk, obsolete cards, and some of my personal cards from my receiver's area.

They never did get all of my cards though, when the Police overlooked that my Echostar receiver has a card flap. Well I will leave the large list of not so clever other things to my big moan, but at least the Police in this was impartial and left dozens of cards behind.

I am still surprised how they missed all my pre-built PCB cards, when not one of about eight people walking past clearly labeled cards managed to spot them. Anyway had they got those then like my box of 250 GOLD cards they would have found out that all the cards I supply are always blank.

Today I ordered more sockets (why they wanted sockets I will never know) and PIC chips, but as my supplier was out of EEPROMs then I will soon get those from another company.

Anyway my moan should come soon enough, where I will certainly include the legal situation change, and how these people could come up with such rubbish and have the law act upon it.

Finally I will reassure my customers. As when it comes to trying to link myself and OD cards then they really have nothing, which is why I was most annoyed when I heard that they wanted to try. And my customers have nothing to fear from this, not that my customers would be doing anything in the OD direction with these cards of course.

8th of November 2001

As today arrived my new computer, then my email service has been restored on a half load. This new computer cost me £800, when I no longer have my usual three. And this was annoying, when these new items like floppy drive, CD drive, and hard disk, will result in redundant parts when I get my computers back.

The second annoying fact was that they took every copy of my databases, when for safety reasons I keep a primary copy, a backup copy, and a secondary backup copy. However as they took all three then this was a second attempt to put me out of business in one police raid.

Currently as of today I can now process online NoChex orders, which is only due to the fact that I have good enough memory to remember important passwords, when guess what when they took those as well. Unfortunately I have to restore more resources before I can begin to post process mail orders as well, which is not to mention the chaos that will soon result by not being able to track orders.

Anyway when I find my favourite HTML editor and stop writing HTML in a text editor then I will explain what these morons did on Tuesday, and have a good moan like none seen before.

As to stock replacement then I actually did find out that they did not get all my GOLD cards after all, when they got one box of 250 cards, but then missed an already open box. Still as my stock was low anyway then one call to my supplier yesterday and just hours later a large GOLD card stock was here.

I also got new red PCBs yesterday as well, and as they missed some green ones then I have enough for my main two PCB card types. However while they also missed some Microcontrollers and EEPROMs as well, they did get every socket. So soon I will be ordering more of each.

Finally I would like to thank my customers for their support during this event, even if it is not the best idea to send email when my email system is marked as closed. Soon I will explain how FACT considers every one of my customers in over 47 countries a criminal without exception.

Anyway you can rest assured that I gave them a piece of my mind, but I did have to restrain from very rude remarks following hearing the comment equal to the above. So when I get this single computer in a better functional condition then I will say what these idiots did.

As to long overdue GOLD2 cards, then as they missed my latest expected delivery date, then today I phoned them. Well anyway they say that these cards will be dispatched to me tomorrow, but to be sure tomorrow I will phone them again to get the dispatch number.

I guess one good thing about the raid on Tuesday was that I was just about out of most cards at the time anyway, when GOLD2 was out, GOLD was low, and they totally missed my assembled PCB cards. So not having GOLD2 arrive when expected was actually fortunate.

So in the end they got one box of 250 GOLD cards, an almost equal number of faulty cards, and some junk cards by my satellite receiver.

As my solicitor has just contacted me, then he had a odd tail to tell. As the reason quoted by FACT for this action was like what they made up during the interview. I know this was made up when without doubt I know that it is a pure lie. As they said that someone named George came to my door and bought a pirate OnDigital card from me.

Now from my site and public views anyone that knows me would know that I do not support piracy of any service that you can subscribe to. This is why during my old business I never even supplied cards for the porn services when other suppliers did. So that claim was nothing but a lie to begin with, when at no time in my history have I ever supplied a pirate OnDigital card to anyone.

In fact I cannot even think of a case of anyone ever coming to my door and asking for such a card, but had they done so then my reply would have been...

1. As I know it is illegal then I would never do it.
2. As I do not support any piracy of this service, then I would not have supplied such a card had it been legal.

And the greatest proof would that if it were true, then on Tuesday the police would have arrested me, which unlike Internet rumours certainly did not happen. Also I should point out that search warrants are issued on the suspicion of a crime, and not actually on proof of one. And well if you know what these people are like then they would want to shut down blank card suppliers for being just that.

Anyway while these people would seek to cause problems I do not expect to be arrested. Still in the future I will remember to better restrict my files, and to backup my database to a remote location when my three copies was not enough in this case.

From the sounds of it I should get my computers back next week, which I guess is when all aspects of my business can resume.

One thing that I know won't be possible until then is customers issuing transfers to my bank account, when I can no longer access my on-line account to see if the payment was received. A right pain in the behind that is, when no longer having contact with my available bank balance means that I cannot be sure of any large purchase.

Well anyway time to discount these false Internet rumours, and as my business is running on one computer then it will be No2's turn to use it.

6th of November 2001

Well today has certainly been interesting if not concerning, when today I was raided by the Police, STOP, FACT, FAST, and maybe even Customs and Excise. As most suppliers are (unfairly) raided by just the Police and STOP then I must be extra special.

The bad news from all this is that they took all my computers except the one I am currently using, which normally is not used for any aspect of my business. Also all my GOLD cards are gone and most of the PCB cards. Lucky I guess that my GOLD2 cards never arrived today, but they should do soon.

Like with most known raids they did not really know what they were doing when I had to explain what many items were sometimes several times. And as they left several cards and other important equipment, then just as well in my view.

What this means in total is that everything will be down for a couple of days, when I buy a new computer, more GOLD cards, and more Microcontrollers and EEPROMS. Not a major problem, but a lot of important information is currently not available.

I guess I should explain what all this is about, when after my questioning with these people, they asked me a lot of question about ITV Digital piracy. This I find annoying when my site makes clear my view on this, when I have never supported it and never will. And unlike they wanted me to say I have never *ever* sold a pirate ITV Digital card to anyone, which I soon made clear to them.

So in a round about way this is a whole load of nothing. Still it is a little concerning when everything I have ever done on the Net is currently with the Police.

Also I guess they overlooked that in my house we are currently subscribing to four services including ITV Digital twice. Not exactly what someone supporting such piracy would do, but I guess they don't consider such things.

In all there should not be any legal problem, but you never can say for sure. Anyway just to let you know that I should be back to about 80% normal business levels in about two days from now.

Some new stock did arrive today, but thankfully they were only satellite equipment which they did not touch.

Well I guess this was not unexpected when STOP likes to scare suppliers even when there is no legal backing. And I guess as I have never heard of any supplier being raided twice, then my turn is now over.

Before I forget then as no order forms were removed, then no orders should be lost. Although the Police took my databases including the backup versions. So while orders can go in and out they cannot be recorded.

Anyway I am currently wondering when I will get all my stuff back, but thankfully I paid my VAT just a few days ago, when C&E may not have been very understanding.

Well tomorrow I will be buying a lot of equipment, and I will naturally keep you informed.

3rd of November 2001

After checking my on-line bank account this morning I have some good news, when my available balance fell by the exact cheque amount for this largest ever batch of GOLD2 cards.

I have no idea why it took them two and a half weeks to cash my cheque, or even four days after we agreed on immediate cashing for dispatch of 56% of my GOLD2 order the end of this week. Anyway while this late cashing indicates a later dispatch then we agreed, this cashing alone is a good sign when this means that they will soon be on their way.

Now while GOLD2 cards arriving here today or Monday is technically possible, this would be against the character of this manufacturer, when goods supply and payment has a close direct link. What I mean is that when they have the money, as they will soon will do so, then this from what I know means that the cards we agreed will then be dispatched.

So at this time GOLD2 card arrival I now expect on Tuesday or Wednesday, when now the important hurdle of cashing my cheque has now passed. Therefore some good news finally, but when the other 44% will arrive is still unknown.

My Special Offer on ELVIS is starting to pick up increased sales, but this is nothing compared to what it will be like when news of this offer soon spreads. So things are soon to get a whole lot more interesting, but you have really seen nothing yet.

I think that I will have to break down my Special Offers page into at least two further pages, when this page is now a touch large.

The only other thing is that I have been starting to write details on these new items, which will soon start to appear on-line. Also as I have spare funding available at this time, then I have been wondering what items to support next.

Definite purchases will be more ELVIS (yes I have tons already), the new LNBs I mentioned, and one new special item. However after that I could support more DiSEqC equipment, these Silver cards, CAMs, and maybe even digital receivers. Not all at once naturally, when I often buy by the hundred to start with, but they have my current interest.

Before all that however I am just about to boost the stock of some items I already support, get one new extra A/V device, a new power adapter, and in total four new cables.

Anyway these new items will show what I do with the profit I make, when unlike other static sites more people buying means more new and good items will be here in the future.

1st of November 2001

A new month means a new Special Offer, but as I missed the last two month's special offers due to stock issues, then this month I promised you a great Special Offer. And if you check out my updated Special Offer's page, then I am sure that you will agree that I have now kept that promise.

And by the way the "last until early December" quote mentioned just below ELVIS was made already planning for this Special Offer, when without the expected demand increase my current stock would have lasted well into January. Still as it is hard to estimate how extreme demand will get, then despite my already massive stock I am very soon to order more.

As to the SEASON2, then I currently own all that there is, which in total is more SEASON2 then I have already sold over the last 4 years.

So unless demand this month exceed five times the normal sale levels (unlikely for a one month offer), then supply won't even be the slightest problem. As these days at least I allocate for extreme demand increases, unlike the 4.5 times demand increase back in January, even if this month's Special Offer will be technically better value then what I offered in January.

Well anyway I will be holding on to my underwear, when ELVIS demand is going to get extreme whatever the final total. As with tons stock available including immediate dispatch, then ELVIS is going to get a whole lot popular this month.

The other thing I have spent time on this morning is my Automatic Order Form, when I have hopefully now fixed problem number three mentioned on my order form details page. As despite this warning this problem was still responsible for the most amount of incorrect payments when using my Automatic Order Form.

Anyway, since all weight values are now forced into integers using the parseInt function, then hopefully this will fix the problem I suspect is due to some faulty browser trying to preform simple mathematics on strings. So I will be closely checking order forms received over the next few days, when having a Total Item Weight of zero grams should now be impossible.

Apart from that I have now added six new items to this order form, even if four of these are not yet listed on my item pages. The reason I did this is to give me a good reason to go and actually do so, when I have had some of these items in stock for months.

The first of these is the AP84 Quatro Universal LNB, which has a separate polarity and L.O options coming out each of the four LNB outputs. And if you are selling LNBs then you just have to also sell my second item SATAPE, which is little more then a larger sized reel of Self Amalgamating Tape. Very important however if you wish to protect your connections from water damage, when I have already had to replace one LNB and coaxial cable when I forgot to do this myself.

Both these are items to appear on my new LNBs page, which I have not put on-line just yet when I wished to stock the more popular Universal LNB types first. This I should do in the next week or two if all goes to plan, which means that this LNBs page should soon be on-line.

The third item is my SLRV2 cable, which is better described as a professional quality two meter long Scart to Left/Right Stereo Audio and Composite Video phono connections cable. As this is with Gold plated contacts and Chrome grips, then this is a great value cable (at least half the retail price) in the same style as my popular professional quality S-Video cables.

These my supplier oddly sent to me by mistake, but as these were worth more then what I had ordered, then I decided in the end to keep them instead of returning them for replacement. I will no doubt add these to my Video/Audio page soon enough, when I believe that I already have a photo of it.

The final item is my BUILD5 programmer, which is exactly the same as the one designed by CLaNZeR, who then publicly released the design. So from this you should know what I mean when you can see other suppliers selling this same model, but not nearly as cheaply as myself I should point out.

I never got around to adding this one to my programmers page for a whole host of reasons. This starts with myself not having the correct power supply type to begin with, which is now fixed when my new MPACK higher output model now does the job.

Second is that you also need a Parallel Printer cable to use with this model. And while many people already have one for use with their printer, these I have also been meaning to stock, when I never supply any item that is not ready to go.

The third reason is that the software is too large to fit on a floppy disk, which mean that I went out and bought a CD burner and blank CDR disk into order to do this. Anyway as this CD burner failed and stopped burning CDs after I had sold the first ever BUILD5 model to a visiting customer, then while my CD burner is "out for repair" this software would need to be downloaded on-line.

So offering this model on my Order Form now gives me a good reason to get these final two problem aspects completed.

Speaking of programmers, then is it not odd that since I renamed this model to GOLDCOPY, then demand for this model has shot up by over 300%. This I guess shows how weird my customers are, when nothing else about this model has yet changed. Now wonder if I renamed it SUPERSHINEYGOLDCOPY I would sell even more? :-]

Well the reason why I changed this name will soon become clear, but no details just yet.

The only other thing was that early yesterday I added an Estonian claim to my Special Offers page, which you can see in the Global Domination section. Also I added a Slovenian claim at the same time, when I recently noticed that I overlooked adding this claim from three months earlier.

Yesterday, as I mentioned two days ago, I processed all the new orders delayed due to my VAT return. And I can now report that mostly all those orders departed yesterday, when just six orders remained for dispatch today.

Finally, there is just the GOLD2 restocking delay problem, when this 56% should arrive either tomorrow, Saturday, or at worst Monday from what I last heard from this manufacturer.

Well as you can tell this month is bound to be a busy one for me.