30th of May, 2006

All good news this time. Both the new USB to Serial converter and the Cerebro cards can now be found on the New Items page. Also this e-mail problem for my two web sites has now been resolved.

I decided to put the Cerebro cards on this New Items page instead of the Cards page for two reasons. The first reason is that I hardly use the New Items page for its intended purpose anyway. And then the second reason is that the available information for these cards is not up to my usual high level and so this new card is not quite ready for my Cards page.

Moving on then my e-mail connection problem was due to my hosting provider blocking data from my IP address in their firewall. That is what I had assumed all along, but first they denied having a firewall, then they blamed my ISP, where finally they located their non-existent firewall after all. I can only be thankful that all my missing e-mail soon turned up.

That problem began due to my local mail server. After all these years I have learned that the safest place to keep my incoming e-mail is right here on my local server, when there can be all kinds of network and hosting failures causing problems and denying me access to order forms and the like. So every two minutes my local mail server collects e-mail from my three web sites, where this is a very efficient system and has even recorded one old hosting provider deleting my web site in the past.

The only problem is that my hosting provider can see this near constant data stream and mistake it for a hacking attempt. This I should mention is the second time that my hosting providers have done this one. So in both cases I have pointed out the valid nature of this communication and they stopped blocking my connections.

In any case my e-mail system is now fully functional once again and the correct E-Mail pages have now been restored.

26th of May, 2006

Well there are quite a few changes to report this time.

The most important issue is that e-mail through both the cardman.com and cardman.org sites has not been working for over a week now. The issue here is that I cannot currently connect to this one shared mail server due to some remote fault. And since my hosting provider has not been able to resolve this issue during this time, then for now I have switched over these two sites to send all mail through the fully functional cardman.co.uk site instead.

This work around will do just fine until this hosting provider figures out what is going wrong. In case any person has not received an expected e-mail reply from me during the past week or so, then please repeat your e-mail to me using the e-mail page on any of my three web sites. As you will notice all e-mail addresses now cover the cardman.co.uk domain only.

I doubt that there are any misplaced orders caused by this problem, but I will soon quickly check all my on-line payment accounts just to be sure.

I have updated all the currency rates once again. I just have to mention how bad the USD is doing at this time. What I mean is that just over month ago I noticed that the rate was about 1.74 USD to 1 GBP, where now it is at 1.85 USD to 1 GBP. Quite a large change during this time, but a good time to buy your US Dollars as any.

I am wondering if this USD rate will get any worse, when the US economy is not doing too well at this time, but that we will find out in future currency rate updates.

The other main thing to mention is all the new items I have been stocking recently. The first is the previously mentioned MTI 0.3dB Universal LNB under the ordering code LNB03. Certainly a great LNB for this low price. The next item I stocked was the Viaccess CI CAMs which you can see on the CAMs page.

Another addition to the LNBs page is the C120 Feedhorn for offset dishes. Having both the C120 LNBs and C120 Feedhorns together should help to improve sales, when you need both halves to make a working LNB. Maybe one day I may even stock the magnetic polarizers, but I will have to investigate demand first.

Recently I have been restocking on the SEASON3 to increase this stock level. I also now have enough stock of the FUN7 cards to last a long time as well.

I will also soon be putting two new items on-line. The first of these two items will be Cerebro Cards, when I now have in the latest popular card type at a good price. That you will find on my Cards page and Order Forms soon enough.

The second item is that I have now replaced the USB2SER device. I have been meaning to do that for some time, but I was not in any rush when looking around to find the best replacement model is no small task. So only when one customer wanted one of these previously Out of Stock items did I spend about three days finding the best new model.

And as it turns out to get the best of the best at the best price I had to import from Hong Kong. I recall mentioning this before, but only more recently did this package actually arrive. These USB to Serial converters look very nice as well, but I will have this new version on-line soon enough.

That should be all my purchases in the near term. Well, except that I may soon stock some 230v to 110v Step-Down Voltage Transformers, when that now seems like the only missing power item these days. I happen to need one myself to power a US imported item, which is my usual method for stocking new items.

In any case I have two new items to scan and put on-line. Then I will go slap my hosting provider around a bit, when they seem to be taking too long to resolve this e-mail problem.