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20th of May, 2005

Those people who look closely at my sites may have noticed that I added the new Titanium 2 cards to my Cards page just a few days ago. Since today I have scanned this new Titanium 2 card, as well as the FUN7 card, then I have now completed these new card additions with these photos.

So if you desire any of these new cards, then they are certainly now available.

I am also pleased to say that a recent Service Pack update for my Win2k3 server appears to have solved my port 21 problem. This would be good news, when now I can update this site more often. Beforehand each time I had to update my two sites I also had to reboot just about all of my local network, which was very undesirable.

So it is fingers crossed that this port 21 problem is now solved.

Since my last news update I have been watching this ATMEGA card market supply with interest.

What happened was that new firmware was released for this card type that proved very popular. Since suppliers selling ATMEGA cards were previously not that popular, then most suppliers only had a small supply that went no where quickly. So due to this sudden demand their small stock quickly vanished, where even the manufacturers were taken by surprise.

So what few ATMEGA cards were being sold did not last for long. During this shortage I can say that the price of these cards doubled, tripled, and where the highest price I have seen was £29. One wholesaler I spoke to said that he was getting in more ATMEGA cards soon, but this batch had already been sold out 50 times over.

During the following month the manufacturers of these ATMEGA cards slowly managed to catch up with the demand, which meant that prices soon fell again.

At this point I did consider stocking ATMEGA cards, but once again this one problem supplier was selling his cards for less than what the wholesalers are doing. So by simply buying these cards I could not compete. I will soon see if there is any solution to this problem.

Anyway, I hope that this one supplier has since improved the quality of these cards, when during the last batch of my own cards I heard about operational problems from customers who had used them.

So in the end the ATMEGA card news is that Grandpa went through a bad spell. He soon made a nice recovery, but he then had a small relapse, which puts into doubt his long term future.

You may have also noticed that I have recently adjusted my card prices in order to make them very competitive with the rest of the market. So my card prices are now even better value.

One thing that I have been thinking about recently is that since all these modern cards use the AT90SC6464C  microcontroller, which means that I say the same things about all these cards, then so should I change my current card format. In other words instead of having a section for each card, then so can I just put all cards under the one combined super description.

I wish to fully confirm that they are all wired the same way first, but current evidence points towards that they are.

Anyway, the current news is that things are currently going very nicely. All orders leave either immediately, or with only a day or two delay at most. May is also usually the month when I have the most bills to pay. Like with my quarterly VAT payment. The annual mail collection charge. And much more.

Those bills are all now paid, where I have spare funding to stock new items, like with these new Titanium 2 cards.

In fact I can now see that 2005 is the first year of business growth, instead of business decline, since FACT decided to attack my company in November of 2001. Light at the end of a long dark tunnel you could say, when all former destroyed or damaged functions of my business should be restored before this year ends.

I have even been doing some serious work on sorting out stock control. This means that for the first time since it stalled in 2002 I can actually see my database values match actual stock values. A damned lot of work is still required to fully sort this out, which could take a few months in all, but then my former "restocking just in time" system can be operational once more.

The worrying thing that I have seen from the first results is that about 2000 items appear to be "missing". Since I doubt that they have gone up in smoke, then it will be a mini-nightmare to piece together just where they are. This also puts into question my accounts for the past few years, but given enough time I will sort this out.

Since my stock control has now been reordered into a system that can support far more items than the old system did, then now I will have to input all the stock purchased since 2002. I will also have to see if earlier stock purchases will need to be rechecked, when my first attempted to rebuild this system in late 2002 was quite messy.

Anyway, before the end of this year, my powerful central information control, that could tell me anything I needed to know, will be able to switch back to a pre input system, when the current post input system is no longer used.

Since in November 2001 all of my required company information was contained in these computer accounts, then so can you see how FACT managed to destroy 88.64% of my company within the 7 months that they held on to all copies and refused to share. That is despite frequent requests by my solicitor.

Obviously they decided to do this just to harm my company.

I can also now confirm that the Federation of Copyright Theft will be sued for the damages that they caused to my company, by their extremely invalid raid, between late 2006 and 2007 for certain. The required information will soon be available, where I am already exploring my legal options.

I will also in 2006 be able to issue multiple letters of complaint to all the organizations that caused me problems during this time, where some of them could also receive court summons. I will start with the judge who under some very strange idea decided to sign the document approving this raid.

In all I hope that FACT don't pay my initial accurate damages claim, when I would enjoy taking them to court. Their reason for this raid certainly cannot be well defended, when maybe I can make some gain on the nightmare years that they gave me.

The real case was that ITV Digital was struggling to survive during the time that I was attacked. They were seeking scapegoats to avoid facing that it was their business structure to blame. So they decided to pick on piracy, even if competition with Sky Digital was far more damaging.

I was a target of FACT simply because I had the lowest Gold card prices at the time. It is without question that some of these cards were being used to pirate ITV Digital. However, what they badly overlooked was that I have never supported such illegal piracy, where I spent a lot of my time actually fighting it.

That explains why after 7 months FACT tried to sneak back my stuff and to see if I would not sue them for damages. One day they will soon learn, by the large damages bill, to not do that again.

Anyway, things are currently going very nicely. As time goes on the strength of my company will increase, where I then will be able to resume what I was doing back in 2001.