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12th of May, 2004

Well there ends one of the worst times for my business for a long time.

To begin with, then I was too busy to update the News on my site early last month. Due to tax work, not to mention many other factors, then I was just about too busy in the second half as well.

However, I was going to added a News segment dated the 30th of April on the 1st of this month, but then things only went from bad to worse.

To begin this long story, then there was a restocking delay on FUN2 and FUN4 cards last month. This began when I placed an order with my usual wholesaler before Easter. However, my supplier at this point said that this order would be completed in the week following Easter.

Except of course that this week came and past without no cards turning up. And since I was now in the time to sort out my taxes and VAT work for another quarter, then so did I not have the time to constantly chase up suppliers.

However, at this point FUN4 card restocking was being a problem, when this wholesaler offered me FUN5 cards instead. No help to me, when of course it is FUN4 card that I need.

Believing that this wholesaler was just waiting for new cards to arrive from the manufacturer, then I mostly waited on. However, at the same time I looked into if another supplier could supply them instead, but I never got a reply to that e-mail. I should add at this point that I was already in contact with this second supplier concerning Titanium cards.

After another week had past I contacted this wholesaler once more to discover that they now had hardly any cards in stock, where neither were they thinking about getting more in any time soon. As apparently they desired to sell their entire card stock before buying more, which was not helpful to suppliers wanting FUN4 and FUN5 cards from them.

And so I contacted this other supplier once more. This time he said that the reason why he never replied to my last e-mail, was due to the fact that his computer system caught a virus. And due to the following death of this computer, then that explains why he is now using a second new computer.

Sure enough he could supply these FUN4 cards, but there was a few more days delay getting those cards here. This was due to this order also containing Titanium cards, which are a little hard to get hold of.

Anyway, for the FUN4 cards that I first tried to get in before Easter, then these finally turned up on the 8th of this month. And so all the FUN4 cards orders delayed nearly a month, which I had not already substituted to FUN5 cards, then these all parted on the following Monday.

Restocking on the ELVIS programmer have also been an issue during this time. This is mostly due to my bank not allowing this supplier to debit the funds for this order from my valid and funded account.

And I have now figured out why this is. As my bank this month is supposed to be changing their system, where instead of one Debit card for each of my accounts, then so do they now hope to have one Debit Card covering all of my different currency accounts.

It would have been nice had they mentioned this more, but this explains this payment problem, when basically my Debit Card for my Euro account is now inactive. As all debits now work through my Debit Card for my Sterling account, where in all it is a good idea for other currency types to move these funds into the Sterling account.

Following this problem, then the renewal of my domain has been quite a problem as well.

I decided to switch my NAT holder this time to reduce my domain renewal costs. As my new NAT holder has just charged me about £4 for a two year renewal of my domain name, where my old NAT holder would charge about £30, while Nominet themselves charge all of £94.

Everything worked perfectly fine until my new NAT holder did an unauthorised change to my Name Server settings (DNS). As that one action disconnected my domain name from this London based hosting.

They did this to advertise their own service on my domain name, which is why you could well have seen a 1&1 advert for a long time.

I spotted that problem soon enough. That is why I contacted them to have it changed back, but about three days past before they mentioned that I would have to do this myself through their previously unmentioned control panel. That I quickly did, where sure enough the Name Server settings at Nominet changed over not long following and just a few days before April ended.

Only problem was that my hosting provider was now not distributing my correct hosting settings to the Internet through their very Name Servers. Since after just a few days I figured this out, then that is why I soon went about contacting them to have it fixed.

Alas that could only be done on the 4th of May, due to this May Bank Holiday long weekend. Since I never got a response to my first two e-mail over the next few days, then that is why it was third time lucky. And they confirmed that one of my previous two contact attempts had worked out and the correct hosting details were now distributing across the Net.

Indeed I could remotely ping my web site just fine. However, my own local DNS lookup system from my ISP was moving awfully slow, when for days following it was still returning the 1&1 host details.

I have been looking into contacting my ISP about this, but as it happens my local ISP's DNS switched over today and my site (with a renewed hosting I should add) sprung back to life. And that explains why my local e-mail collection system has recently downloaded over 900 spam e-mail from this domain.

Well I switched my address back on for a short time to ensure that this NAT switched over fine, when that used to be my old primary address. And by these 900 plus spam e-mail you can see why I closed it, when a valid e-mail can easily get lost in that noise.

Not to forget that bouncing all these spam e-mail have also caused me a few problems, when previously my site was once suspended for using this host supported e-mail rejection option. My hosting provider of course soon saw their mistake and gave me two months of free hosting, but even now some ISP's block e-mail from my site for distributing spam.

Sorry, but I am only rejecting them, where it is the forged mail headers from the evil people who send them that is the real problem. Well I would consider deleting them instead, but bouncing valid e-mail has a useful purpose, not to mention that my host only have the accept and bounce options.

I am going to close that address once more, and bounce the spam, now that this switch over is complete.

The reason why I have two sites is to keep one working when the other one is down. That system does now help at all, when both of my sites start playing up.

As early in the morning on the 1st of May I was updating my site on my domain at least, where of course was down at this point. This was a big update, what with the new member countries of the EU, new currency rates, updating my order forms, Special Offer and a lot more.

However, half way through doing this site update through FTP, then my connections to this domain kept getting denied. This was odd, when it was working fine a minute ago.

I was left wondering if all these businesses updating their sites all at once had overloaded it. However, I soon narrowed down the cause, when my host for this domain ( were down as well. So basically on the 1st of May this entire Hosting Provider fell over and maybe even everyone would have been locked out of their domains.

This was a serious problem, when now I could not update either of my two sites. And sure enough when solved their own problems either yesterday or today, then that is why my FTP connection to my site now works once more.

At least in the case of this site, then all the other site functions were working. So only with the past 24 hours have these sites that have been causing problems for about two weeks each, give and take a few days, are now working once more.

So for the domain I can now soon complete the other half of the site update that I began on the first of this month, where under it's new NAT holder, working DNS and renewed hosting can have the full update.

I am currently wondering if I need a third site?

It is a case of finger's crossed that there are no other problems, but that I guess is unlikely now. So you can sum this up that my life his just gone through a brief trip to hell due to other people not doing what they are supposed to be doing.