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31st of May 2002

Today being the 31st of May 2002 just happens to be a very important day in the history of my business, when it was today (when I was not around at the time) my former Police seized items were returned.

And that by my count means that they had these items with them for nearly seven whole months, or exactly 206 days, which by my count was like over 200 days longer than was needed. When naturally my business was raided on my 6th of November 2001, where this very false "ITV Digital Fraud" excuse was used.

Since I was the very person who explained to the poster of the very first ITV Digital keys to be posted to the Usenet why such keys should not be posted, then like with later comments on this very site this clearly shows how false this raid was.

That was why during the following freely provided Police interview I gave them a right earful, when they had annoyed me and at that point I made them well pay for it. After all had the Police done a suitable pre-raid investigation to begin with, then they could have found out these facts for themselves, but instead using that very reason made them look like incompetent clowns.

Well since the Police was the "nicer" group of people during this raid, then not doing suitable pre-raid research is the only fault I have against them. Now with FACT on the other hand my faults list for them is a very long one, when I doubt suitable words exist to express my dislike from them.

So the only thing I will say is what I have said previously, when I have met no greater "evil" person in my life. When this person is the worst case of an inverse-criminal that you can get, which I guess makes me question how the Police (the Maidstone Fraud Squad to be exact) can allow these people such power.

Following those early days I have naturally been trying through my solicitor to get them to share my own accounts with me, when during this raid they took my master, backup and secondary backup copies. And that above all else is what caused the worst damage to my business, when despite their promises they never did share this information.

Well since one of the first things I did was to extract these very accounts (last updated on the 5th of November), then I now have this vital business information once more.

Just a shame that it is going to take another month or two before these accounts are once again up-to-date, which is when my business will resume its full operational ability once more.

Actually having these items returned today came as a surprise, which is why I have just asked my solicitor "what happened?".

What I mean is that the last thing I heard from FACT via my solicitor was their offer that they would now be prepared to return my items, but only if they kept my seized cards and promised not to issue any formal complaint or seek damages.

In the politest way possible I said "no", when clearly after all the damage they caused to my business now they wanted to end this matter with no loss to them concerning this raid.

Sure had I been guilty I could have just said "yes" and got away with it, but since they cannot just go around raiding businesses as they please, then so I said "no".

I did however offer them one counter offer, when if they wanted to get away without any complaint or damages, then after a long thought I did have one offer that allowed this.

And despite a long list of conditions the main point of this offer was that if they FACT ever tried raiding my business again, then they would under this contract have to immediately pay me £40,000.

What that meant for me is that this then offered false-raid protection for my business, when who is to say that next week they won't do this again. More exactly this off-set the damages that they have already caused to my business against protection that they would not do it again, which in my view was quite generous.

Since my solicitor commented that it would be unlikely for them to accept this offer, then so was I not expecting to see my items any time soon. In fact as such an offer would mean signing a contract, then I am most puzzled why these items (including the cards) were returned today.

Somehow I have a feeling that soon I will be issuing formal complaints to all the involved organizations, which will be followed by finally taking legal action in order to seek financial compensation for damage caused to my business.

However I should also point out that not all seized items have yet been returned, which I can only put down to poor handling, when currently missing items are my Irdeto and Conax CI CAMs, a small green PCB based wafer card (that belongs to a friend), and of all things a broken 3.5" hard disk.

Since these items cannot possibly be of any use to them, then I am puzzled why these few items taken during this raid have not yet been returned.

Well by all accounts it appears like FACTs legal action against me is no more, when I knew that they would lose the minute I heard this "ITV Digital Fraud" reason, where I guess this unannounced visit today is final confirmation of this.

What I mean is that as FACT well knows what is to follow, then they certainly would not end this legal case unannounced like this had they proof that I was guilty, when after all I doubt guilty people get compensation for raids.

Anyway, I will soon have that answer, which I guess makes a good time as any for formal complaints.

In the end it is still true to say that the best way to have got what they wanted is to simply have asked, when after all I hate people mis-using my items for ITV Digital use. And while I doubt that I would pass on customer information I could certainly have answered their questions.

Let this also be a warning to any other organizations who think about taking legal action against my company, when I well know the law and so do I follow it. And so when I soon in a legal sense f*** FACT up the anus with a spiked club, then so will this be a warning to others that Cardman knows when you make ideal legal threats.

These people of course are now worse off from when they started, when despite this following counter legal action, simply due to FACTs dislike of me supplying wafer cards, then so do I these days supply a lot more.

What I mean is that before this raid I only supplied my GOLD and GOLD2 cards, where now I also provide WHITE, EMERALD, SILVER and PURPLE wafer cards.

So my wafer card supply has increased all thanks to FACT.

Following up, then I thought that I would run a few things through my scanner, which will allow you to see some items of interest.

First up will be of interest if you have never seen a Police Evidence Bag before, where by clicking here you can see one. Of interest in this photo you can see the date it was seized along with that it came from my ground floor safe (well my safe is too heavy to make it up the stairs!), but most of interest is the comment "Quantity of Doubler Cards".

Now I have always wondered why they seized my doubler PCBs, when they were only allowed to take cards and programmers. As I told them at the time these did little more then to allow two Irdeto cards to share the one CAM slot, which is useful for these people in Italy with Stream and Tele+ cards for example.

Well that comment explains this aspect, when they put "doubler cards". As of all things these people got it the wrong way around, when that should of been "card doublers" when they are not cards themselves.

Since that Police Evidence Bag only contained bare PCBs, then so did that evidence fall under "boring".

The good news here is that within days my DOUBLER will be available for sale once again, when for the past 7 months I have not been able to sell any of these, when after all they had all the PCBs.

I am currently wondering what to do with all these Police Evidence Bags, when they could prove useful for people keeping their drugs, guns and kiddie porn in. As during a police raid then why wait, when you can say "Here officer is what you are looking for. Already packed up and ready to go!".

Well if anyone is interested in these Police Evidence Bags (I have the large size as well!) for whatever reason (you don't have to tell me, honest), then just let me know, but I guess that I could well stick them on EBay.

Next up is one of the FACT labels that were attached to the large Kent County Constabulary bags containing each of my three computers, which you can see by clicking here. Not much to see here except for the FACT logo (soon to be renamed to F***ED) and the comment "To be Returned" (reason currently unknown).

However if you look closely, then these cretins cannot even spell my name correctly!

Following these two is one short comment from another Police Evidence Bag, which you can see here. This one as you can see is marked "Junk Not Working Cards", which basically explains what this raid was about, when this was garbage disposal and not a evidence raid.

What I mean by that is that I am sure that they seized more faulty, obsolete, ex-subscription and just plain junk cards than working ones, but despite all the crap cards that they did find, then they did overlook yet more piles of junk cards.

Well I feel that it is a good time as any to get rid of some of this junk, when I have some junk cards that go back years.

Next up is about the only useful supply item that they did seize, when here is the box of 250 GOLD wafer cards.

The interesting thing about this is that this box is still shrink-wrapped, which means that they never did examine these cards. And so they missed out finding my ITV Digital Pirate cards all ready to ship (I think not!).

I did say back then that if they test these blank cards, then they will mark them. And if they mark them, then they will have to pay for them, which could well explain why these are unopened. When this 250 card box was worth £1263 back then, which means that they could well avoid that damage bill.

Well I will give a couple of these cards a test to make sure that they are still fine and then sell them, which would be good news to customers when these are the High Quality "HQ" type.

The reason that they only got this one 250 box is that I was just about as low on wafer cards as you could get at that point, where due to loss of this last box of GOLD cards, then I only got in 4000 more GOLD cards the very next day.

These days due to more wafer card types, then I must have over 10,000 wafer cards here at the moment easily, which makes it fortunate that the day I was raided was most unusual due to my sheer lack of wafer card stock.

Makes me wonder what kind of investigation they are doing though, when they do not even examine the very cards that I do supply to my customers. No doubt due to the fact that they already knew that these cards was as empty as the FACT guy's head.

This last scan was just about the most worrying group of items that they did seize (not that I was ever worried), when this last scan here was my pile of card instructions from my old business. Naturally my old business closed on May the 28th 2000 due to the law change on that day, which meant that my old cards with those instructions were provided no more.

What these exactly were is explained by why this scan shows them as yellow instead of the normal white, when this yellow is from the plastic protective covers that contains these sheets. As these old sheets in my old business had to be protected, when these master copies I used to run through my copier and the resulting copies sent out with my cards.

Since I am a lazy git and did not dispose of these instructions within the following year before this raid occurred, then so did they manage to seize some items from my old discontinued business.

However I was not really worried by that, when after all supplying those cards and instructions back then was fully legal, but when the UK copyright law was changed to include such items, then so did those instructions become obsolete.

I am sure that you are thinking as well that it is also a good time to get rid of those items, but while I expect that I would do just that, maybe I will leave any future raid at least something of interest to look at. :-]

And so at worst they had nothing from this raid, which included information from my now returned computers.

Too bad that I now have three otherwise useless computers on my living room floor, when they have all been replaced. So I think that the final scan that I will show you here is the front of the magazine that I used in order to buy the first of these replacement computers the day after the raid, when an Internet based business simply cannot operate without computers.

Don't forget to notice the date of this magazine.

The second replacement computer was purchased about a week later, when it became obvious that two people cannot use one computer. And the third computer was later purchased, when one computer had to be the server, where the server room (aka landing) was not exactly the best place to work in.

And so the cost of three replacement computers forms the start of my damages bill, which I am sure, when finally and accurately counted, will be a long one.

One other thing that did surprise me is when No2 opened his old computer's CD drive and said "Here is your Star Wars Episode One DVD back", when that was the last thing he watched before this raid. In fact it has been so long that I had just about forgot that I owned this title in the first place, when just a couple of days ago I was wondering if I should buy it.

Seems that I already had, when No2 just put this title back in my DVD collection.

Tomorrow is a new month and a new Special Offer. This means that due to this surprising event today, that allowed me to get my much desired accounts back, then maybe I will be extra generous.

Well since the Inland Revenue today sent me another letter expressing their strong desire that I hand in my Tax Return Form, then sometime in the next month I could well do just that. Naturally beforehand I could not do so, when Tax Return Forms at minimum require that you provide an estimate.

With zero accounts even an estimate was impossible, when having only random values meant that I did not even know if they had to pay me or I had to pay them.

Since I not long ago paid their £100 late returns fee, then so will that form more damages against FACT. After all I did warn them via my solicitor very clearly back in December / January that return of my accounts was then vital, but since they made only promises (lying scum) and did not return my accounts, then so do they owe me £100 more damages.

I am not sure if the Inland Revenue will fine me yet more before this tax matter is settled, but if so then you know who will end up paying for it in the end.

Well at the end of all this just remember one word, which is "victory". No doubt later on you will be able to quote "justice" as well, but at least "victory" is one word that I had no doubt in eventually claiming when this matter first started.

Cardman vs FACT score 1 - 0.

22nd of May 2002

I have now added the latest NULLMDM and FLEAD cables to this site, where these two cables appear between my two Cables pages. That means that all I have to add now are the PAL2NTSC, SCM2PAL and PAL2SCM devices, but since the manufacturer of these devices have yet to respond to my technical questions about them, then adding them to this site is being delayed in the process.

The only other thing of interest today is an order from one customer who believed that he could take advantage of my March Special Offer (25% off my Digital Cables) all of two month later in May.

Somehow I do not believe that will work out, when this Special Offer clearly mentioned the requirement to have orders with me by the 31st of March at the latest. And I doubt there is an valid excuse why I should accept this order 52 days late, when that offer at the time meant that some of those cables I sold at a financial loss.

Therefore it is generally not a good idea to print out my order form taking up one of my special offers, then only to send in your order form and payment to me months later.

This month I am giving away my SEASON2 logger/emulator for free to anyone who buys my ELVIS programmer this month, but as this new May offer ends in just 9 days time, then the clock already ticking for this new offer to end as well.

Naturally next month there will be a new Special Offer here, but as I have no idea what it will be yet, then so does it make it a good time in order to start thinking about it.

21st of May 2002

Here is a good one.

If you remember last week (or check earlier on this news page), then I stocked the new SPSAG adapter a bit earlier than expected, which was due to ordering the wrong model when reordering my usual SPSA.

Since I am low on stock of the SPSA at the moment, then so did I yesterday place a second order with this supplier, where this time I made totally sure that I ordered the correct model.

I was therefore surprised when opening this delivery today a browse around the box showed me yet more gold plated adapters (as with the SPSAG), where after a check then even the delivery invoice clearly mentioned the nickel plated model.

Now I don't know what they are up to, but since they charged me the SPSA price for more of these SPSAGs, then I was not in the mood to complain about it, when I had just saved £0.29 for each one.

Only problem is that now I have the gold plated ones coming out of my ears, while I currently "fear" trying to place a third order for these nickel plated ones.

Since I only have four of the SPSA left in stock, then I guess that I will have to risk it. Well after all either they will send me the right ones on this third attempt, or I will only save £0.29 each one again.

In the end this situation is highly unusual, when for a long time I have been ordering more of the SPSA with no problems at all. However, within one week of ordering the wrong model and now a second mistake has occurred in order for me to end up with yet more of these damned gold plated ones.

Well if you need gold plated Scart to 3xPhono + S-Video adapters, then I have a crap load of them here. And if you want the nickel plated ones, then I expect "third time lucky" would have more in stock before the current stock expires.

Now as you will have guessed more new items arrived today, which unfortunately excluded the two that I most wanted. Those two were marked as "to follow", even if my supplier has been advertising these as "new".

I can only guess that their advertising has exceeded the speed in which they could get them in stock, which is not exactly the on list of great ideas. Well I at least have never advertised an item that I did not have in stock, even if later restocking can prove problematic.

That is what is fun about this wholesaler, when you never know if what items you order will arrive tomorrow or several months down the line. And lets not forget the more unusual case of them sending the totally wrong item. :-]

Well what did make it apart from more of the SPSAG (boo hoo) was the new items of the PA, FLEAD and NULLMDM.

Currently the new PA (3-Way Phono Adapter) is on-line and to be found on the Cables (Audio/Video) page. The FLEAD will soon follow on that same page, but the NULLMDM will soon appear on the Cables (Computer) page.

I am already working on adding the PAL2NTSC, SCM2PAL and PAL2SCM Video / Audio devices to the New Items page, but naturally there is some important information about these devices that I have to find out first.

Therefore with a little luck I should have these two extra cables on-line later today, where those three final items should hopefully be on-line tomorrow.

I have those two other new items to add later one, but naturally when they turn up is currently unknown.

One other area I have been thinking about moving into recently is Batteries, which is kind of outside my current area, but due to the complex nature of this subject I feel that someone needs to tell people the real and clear truth.

What I mean is that since I had to buy new batteries for a couple of my own devices, then naturally the question came up of what batteries offered the best value.

Correctly the two different sides of this calculation involved cost and capacity (mAh), where you divide the capacity by the battery cost in order to get the price per mAh. Sure there are other aspects to consider, such as output voltage and fall off, but nothing is more important than those two.

And during my search I simply could not believe the crap they peddle in advertising, where it is like "our battery lasts twice has long as blah, blah, some crap battery last used in the 1890s".

So I felt it was about time that some of these so called batteries went head to head, where I could show you exactly how they compare to each other. In the process I could naturally sell you the best value ones, which would of course contain complete details.

Since some of these so called popular batteries are a complete rip-off, then it is about time that you should know about it.

Well in the end I chose some great value 1800 mAh Ni-MH rechargeable AA type batteries, where this 1800 mAh is high capacity for the rechargeable type.

I was thinking about getting some Alkaline Manganese non-rechargeable type batteries, where at 2600 mAh they appeared to offer better value, but if I recharge what I have 5 times each, then the price saving starts to set in.

Although I already own like four battery chargers I decided to get a new one at the same time, when these old Ni-Cad battery chargers may not handle this better Ni-MH type correctly.

In the process I now own a great value super fast battery charger, which could well have charged these first four batteries by now.

Well if you have any thoughts on the subject then let me know, but to get you thinking about it, then lets see you try to find out the price per mAh of a popular brand like the Duracell Ultra.

Even I do not yet know the answer to that one, but I do know where you can buy these same batteries under a different name for less than half the price of this brand name one.

So if you want to know this same hidden knowledge as well, then maybe it is time I added a Batteries page.

20th of May 2002

I am pleased to say that my new TOS2, TOS4 and TOS6 digital optical cables can now be found on my Cables (Audio/Video) page, which I feel is quite an important event, when these are really good cables at an excellent price.

The older version TOS1 I have recently reduced to £4 each, which will help to clear the last of this stock. As that is now £2 below my usual price being the second lowering of this item price, then it must be quite a bargain now, when I expect I am now selling this TOS1 cable for less than what I bought it for.

Well when these old and original TOS1 cables have all be sold, then so will I stock the new TOS1 type.

Adding all these new items means that all I have to add to this site now are the other new items of the LNBSW, PAL2NTSC, SCM2PAL and the PAL2SCM.

However since I expect to receive tomorrow five further brand new items, then I believe it will be a while yet before I can say that all the items that I sell are currently displayed on-line. In fact due to long delays in putting the LNBs and before that the BUILD5 model on-line, then after these nine new items are added, then this could be the first time I have had all items on-line since about early 2001.

No doubt if I achieve that feat, then it would not last for long, when after all I am always stocking new items.

Still I am sure that my New Items page can help out here, when no more do I have to learn all there is to know about a new items before I can have a photo, brief description and of course the price on-line.

Well as all these new items are offered at excellent value prices, then look around all you want, when I am quite sure that finding a supplier with a better price would fall close to impossible.

19th of May 2002

My task in adding all my new items to this site continues, when on my Cables (Audio/Video) page you can now see details of my new PV2, SJPPP and the SPSAG.

As you can see on the comments about the SPSAG I stocked that one by accident, even if I planned to one day anyway.

Well since I previously said that my price on this item would well beat Maplin's price, then so now will I prove it.

My price is currently £2 each (£2.35 inc VAT) for this Gold Plated Scart to 3 x Phono / S-Video adapter. As to Maplin's current price, then that is £9.99 inc VAT.

That means that you can buy four of my SPSAGs for each one of theirs, where I can assure you that this exactly the same model. And if you don't believe me, then click here to see for yourself.

Well my work continues in order to add all the other items to this site, but like my SPSAG then all these will certainly be offered at an excellent price.

Tomorrow I order more of my SPSA model for the second time, when I only have 4 of those left in stock, but this time I will make sure that I order the right one.

Also since I will at the same time order four more new Audio/Video Cables, including two I have been wanting to desperately stock for a few months now, but being very new they have just arrived, then my work in adding new items to this site is not over yet by a long shot.

17th of May 2002

Well as you can see today my site expansion continues, when now two more pages are on-line including the previously mentioned New Items page.

The other page is just where I split my old Cables page into two, when this page was already large. And since the first new item on my New Items page indicates that it is going to get even larger, then so was it a good time to break this page into two.

In fact as the new PV2 2m long composite video cable arrived today as well, then it was a good job that I did. In fact I have another two new cables to add after these first two, where one has already been ordered and a second one would have been ordered at the same time had I thought about it more.

Over the next day or two I will add the other new items to the New Items page, but I expect that the new PV2 cable I will add directly to the Cables (Audio/Video) page, when after all this one is so simple that I do not even need to test it.

I decided to add the extra small text to the standard Cables button, when that saves having to use a third selection page. Now although the size 7 font is a bit on the small side that is the largest text that could fit, but since I can read it fine, then it seems suitable enough.

However if I break the Cables pages down further, then I will have just one Cables button again, when then there would be a selection page offering all cable types. And so the end item pages would only contain like one item usually, but say my printer cables being all the same except for the colour would fit all three of these coloured cables on to the one page.

The only other change apart from adding the new USB2SER device to the Order Forms as well, was to add a new Print button to the order forms. And so that simple Print Me function will better highlight what page customers need to print to send to me.

I have thought about doing this for a while, but only after seeing this print function on another site did I know how.

Well I will now get back to work and soon enough I will add the four other new items already on my Order Forms to this New Items page, but lets not forget the PV2 due to be added direct to the Cables (Audio/Video) page.

8th of May 2002

Since you are here reading this latest news, then so by looking on the index on the left you will notice the button leading to my new LNBs page.

In fact this is the second time that I have had to write that page, when the first copy was stolen from me back in November by the ever evil FACT shortly before I uploaded it. And since it has taken me three solid days of hard work in order to do it again, then by looking at this page you can see why I lacked the desire to spend my very expensive time writing it again.

Well as I estimate that it will be another year before this FACT scum manage to find the on button on my computers only to find out 24 hours later that I have never supported ITV Digital piracy, which is where I will get my stuff back and they get taken to court and legally forced to pay my very large fine (FACT goes bust, employees get fired, etc, etc), then I did not believe that it was a good idea to wait that long in order to sell my LNBs.

And so that is why I have spent the last three days writing it again, where naturally my customers would have the desire to see my items before they buy them. Also I am sure that a lot of people will learn a few new things about LNBs, which will make this page a valuable information source for a long time yet.

I see that two days ago was the half year anniversary of when my stuff was taken in the common event that every blank wafer card supplier will go through at some point. And I can say that thinking about how stupid these people are still makes me angry even now, which is why I better stop talking about it before I write another million words on the subject.

Soon I could well add another new page to this site, which will be a New Items page. The reason for this is that if it takes me three days to write my LNBs page, then so it would be a good idea to have a faster method to get new items on-line.

And so using this page would allow me to quickly stick on these new items including a photo and a quick technical description, which I guess would match the usual pages of other sites. Once that is done then I could begin to sell these items, when following this and when I have the time I can write the big description.

Well if you see how much is now on my LNBs page in order so that people can fully understand the two LNBs on it, then so can you see that my site is very much different to other sites. Sometimes I wonder about these other supplier, when other supplier do have the same technical knowledge, but their site descriptions of items ranks them along-side other suppliers who do not.

Anyway, since I count myself as a fellow satellite equipment user and customer, then so do I only ever provide the description that I would want to see. That is of course a highly detailed description, which also includes what is good and bad about items.

In the end I guess that you can see from my LNBs page that I know my LNBs a lot better than most other supplier do. And since I only supply good items at a great price, then there are the LNBs that I would be perfectly happy to use myself.

Well if you have not done so yet, then take a lot at my new LNBs page, where if you need a new LNB you can see what ones I recommend. And I doubt that you could find better prices than those around either, when my second supply condition after being a great item is that I can offer you just about the best sales price around.

2nd of May 2002

Well it has certainly been an interesting couple of days, where yesterday I was just too busy in order to do my monthly change.

As people should know the entire ITV Digital system closed yesterday, which was a shame when myself and another family member had a total of two subscriptions to this service. In fact as I just renewed my yearly subscription just before they were put into administration, then they now owe me an 11 month subscription refund.

And you have to wonder if I will be seeing that money again, but never mind I guess, when I did not pay them in order to watch them.

Although it is all doom and gloom at ITV Digital when around 1500 workers are in the process of being fired, but at least the good news from this is that piracy of this service is now no more. True it is quite extreme to kill the patient in order to cure the illness, but due to my ITV Digital related problem near the end of last year, then it is good to now say that my items cannot now be mis-used for ITV Digital piracy.

When after all there was little that I could really do to stop this.

So now I go on in a more hassle free post-ITV Digital market, but of course that is not to say that some other company may not still take over.

I did at least tell the guy from FACT that I supplied smartcards before ITV Digital existed and that I would do so after they were no more, even if that day did come earlier than expected.

Well I have seen the signs for a while now. As first was their "piracy crackdown", then that odd letter mentioning piracy, but finally the inclusion of the ITV stations on the Sky Digital package. Not to mention the loss of several less popular stations during this time.

And so if you browse my old news section, then you will see where I mentioned that I suspected that they were on the road to closure.

It is true to say that Sky did more damage to ITV Digital then anyone else, when their free receiver offer forced ITV Digital to follow that same expensive route. And then their three multiplexes was simply no much to the dozens of transponders available to Sky Digital, plus Sky does have better hardware and service.

So the main cause for why ITV Digital went bust I believe was due to natural competition, but what comes in second place is bad management assuming that they could take on Sky Digital. And this killer football agreement is the perfect example of this.

Well on to the other news.

I am pleased to say that my new and better value batch of SILVER cards should arrive today, but I guess if the courier (FedEx) wants to be extra slow, then it would be here tomorrow. Still as this expensive package has now passed through customs on it's way from the factory in Singapore, then the only delay is in them delivering it.

Actually, as it happens, this new stock of SILVER cards arrived before I could upload this page, which means this great looking high quality card is now here in stock and at an excellent price. I guess that FedEx's on-line tracking system failed to mention the "on route to customer" status, but at least they found the right address to deliver it to.

Also recently I purchased my self a new laptop computer, when my last one was on the crap side and soon died.

And I can say that I am extremely impressed with this 2 Ghz Pentium IV (Northwood) model, which is awesome and basically has everything that you could possibly need, EXCEPT that is for one important item.

As yesterday afternoon I decided to do some logging with my new laptop, using my SEASON2 device of course, only to be left wondering "where the f*** is the serial port?". As it seems that while checking all the advanced specification to make sure that it could do all that I could possibly want, it seems that I overlooked checking the obvious features.

No real problem I guess, when before the day was over I had already purchased a USB to Serial (9-pin Male) convertor. Or more correctly I purchased a pack of 10 of them, where I know that some of my customers also have encountered this problem.

Since buying 10 got a good discount on the one I need, then so to can I promise that I can sell these you for the best price that I have seen on my browsing.

I had the choice of using USB or PCMCIA versions, but as my laptop has four USB ports and only one PCMCIA slot, then as the PCMCIA version is also a lot more expensive, so was my choice obvious.

Then at last will I be able to use my serial devices with my new laptop, but it is strange how they consider this a legacy port.

Too bad also that it cost me an extra £317 in excise duty and VAT with this import, but I have really not seen anything that could match this specification in this county. In fact I do not know of a better laptop, where if you are looking for a new laptop, then so do I know what model I would recommend.

And that complete specification you can see here if desired.

Since the TOS5 has now sold out leaving just the TOS1, then so could I soon at the new TOS2, TOS4 and TOS6 models to this site.

The only other thing that I can currently think of is this months new Special Offer, where you should know by now on what obviously titled page to find that on.

Still many new items to add to my description pages, but then there is a lot to do and not enough time to do it in.