15th of March, 2008

Please note that my company is now CLOSED due to my 3 week holiday. While you are still welcome to place an order during this time then please be aware that no received order will be dispatched until April the 9th or 10th following my return.

I depart for the Philippines on Monday the 17th and will only arrive back in the UK during the early hours of Tuesday the 8th of April. It seems that on my return we could well arrive at the new Terminal 5 at Heathrow when reports say that the first British Airways plane to go there will come from Hong Kong in under 2 weeks time. As on the 7th I depart Manila and transfer through Hong Kong before arriving at Heathrow then T5 has good odds where I am looking forwards to checking it out.

During my stay in the Philippines I will be in the Bagumbayan region of Taguig City which is one of the many areas within the capital Manila. My rented house awaits recently furnished and also the woman I hope to one day make my wife. As this is my first direct meeting following months of discussion and web cam then this is a case of fingers crossed.

Last of all then I should still be able to respond to e-mail contact during this holiday but due to unreliable services in the Philippines, not to forget being busy in other ways, then all I can say is that replies will happen at some point.

Well as to reach this important pre-trip point has taken a great deal of work and a sizable sum of money then I sure hope that things go great. My next news update should now be on the 8th of April unless the jetlag from the +8 hour time zone difference knocks me out.

4th of March, 2008

Today happens to be a very important day in the history of my company when it was exactly 10 years ago today that one Cardman sold his very first smartcard on the 4th of March 1998. Actually it is more correct to say that this was actually the third sale for my company but since the two earlier sales happened on the 26th of February 1998 and my old web site only went on-line on the 1st of March 1998 then this point 10 years ago correctly markes the very first sale once my Cardman company officially opened.

As this very first order came from Turkey and paid with 20 cash then the delay between the 1st and the 3rd is simply the postal delay. There was of course no on-line ordering system back then for immediate payment making cash, cheques and postal orders a popular option up until 2000.

Since back then I started my company with a Keymaster VI+ card programmer, 5 blank Gold cards, and just a 100 starting sum in my new Cardman bank account then you can begin to see how much resulting profit has expanded my company since. My company would have been even much larger at this point had it not been for a certain false legal attack in November 2001 and the Inland Revenue over taxing me by very close to 10,000 by January 2003.

Since I will now stick to only goods news today then Happy Birthday Cardman when you are 10 years old today! Obvious the person behind the company is a touch older at one score and seventeen. Still Cardman is 10 today and I see no reason why another 10 years cannot be easily done.

That I guess makes it a good time to say that my company soon to close!

No need to be concerned through when although my Cardman company will certainly close on the 17th of March it will also reopen on the 8th of April. In other words a three week holiday in the Philippines. Since my remaining workers soon cease being able to work if I am not around then whenever I am away then Cardman is out of action. That is mostly due to data protection measures taken since 2001.

Now I would have liked to be able to say that this holiday in the Philippines is to celebrate Cardman turning ten but that is not the reason. The real reason is that at my age I should be getting married and this trip is to make a large step in that direction. So to Manila I will soon go to visit a certain very beautiful female with whom I have been having a very interesting discussion with for the past few months.

I of course hope that all goes well during this visit but as things go then this relationship can hardly be going any better. An expensive Diamond and Platinum engagement ring is already mine and she is keen to soon wear it.

I can also say that in Manila I am currently renting a three bedroom house where I and her intend to stay with me staying there during my visit and her somewhat longer. Compared to UK prices this is very low cost but that is the nature of this country.

Well as you can now grasp the nature of this trip to the Philippines then I will only say that on the 17th I will depart Heathrow by British Airways to land the following day in Hong Kong where under four hours following I will take a 2 hour long Cathey Pacific flight to Manila. I got all my shots last month, my passport has also been renewed, got my anti-malaria pills and bug spray, and the last few desired items I am obtaining now.

Before I forget then I should be able to answer customer e-mail during these three weeks. Back in November I got my woman a laptop computer where shipment from the USA to the Philippines proved somewhat longer and more costly than expected. In any case I also made clear to her then that I will need to make use of it as well for such purposes. Saves having to take along one of my own...

The other interesting recent purchase is that I got myself a mobile phone. Well I got her a mobile phone as well back in January so she could keep in touch with family where I also recently got one to keep in better touch with her. That came as a surprise to me when I have never had a mobile phone before when I just did not like them. I hate interruptions... I got myself a Sony Ericsson K800i mobile phone where after spending only 30 minutes looking around this was the first model I saw to fit my needs. A quad band world phone with 3G WAP, SMS/MMS, and with a 3.2MP digital camera built in. I then joined the Virgin Mobile service simply because beyond using my phone all over Europe I can also use it in the USA, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Moving on the I see that sales are back to normal. Recovery happens late February and normal sales resume by March. There is one small dispatch issue though when I ran out of dispatch books but more should arrive around now.

Well I will add the expected "we are closed" message on the 15th or 16th and then for me it is the case of fingers crossed. I can say though that she is more worried than I am. Last of all Happy Birthday Cardman.