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25th of March 2002

The most important news recently is that the April issue of the What Satellite TV magazine appeared in the shops.

This as I mentioned a few months ago is the first time ever that I have ever done commercial (paid for) advertising, which was only done is an anti-FACT measure in order to increase my blank card sales by vast amounts. So what with many new wafer card types and tons more sales, then maybe they will soon regret taking such unfounded action against by business.

Well as I say every month, then the start of next month will now be five whole months since my business was raided. And yet they have no evidence that their false claim is true, ignoring the tons of evidence to the opposite, but then I have never heard more lies from any one company in my life.

In other words their whole action was done to harm my business and not to seek justice, which is why I have taken steps to vastly increase card sales since.

Anyway if you buy yourself a copy of the April issue of the What Satellite magazine, then you will be able to see my two adverts for yourself.

The first of these is my half page advert on Page 72, which I believe is a great looking advert. This I made all by myself in just over one day, where I done quite a good job to fit on mostly everything I sell.

Now the second advert you can find in the dealer directory at the back, where I wanted a second advert in order to increase the chance of the reader visiting either of my two sites. I did want this second advert to go in the Internet section, but as that was full then I got a discount to have it put in the back instead.

Well I am pleased with them, when I did a good job designing them, but it was also pleasing to see that they printed well.

So I am now soon to see how this advertising affects sales, which I hope won't be too massive. That is because as I often have the lowest price around, which combined with my good fast service means that making lots of people aware of what I can offer can then often lead to massive sales increases.

That did pose quite a problem in the past, when I then had no people working for me. However, as my business is now setup to handle a lot more sales then it currently is handling (even though it naturally handles a lot), then the possible sales increase from this advertising should not be too disruptive.

The second news item is following the sale of my last old type Scart cable, then I have just switched to selling my new type. These as you will see are Gold Plated and offer better value than the last ones.

My automatic Order Form (Sterling Version) has had one change done to help solve a problem. As due to a Netscape bug the Total Item Weight can under a known condition appear as zero grammes, which then causes the Postal Cost to be incorrectly calculated.

So from now on a warning will be displayed requesting that my Order Form be reloaded, which will then set the Postal Cost to the correct value.

The only other thing is that due to customers failing to pay for supplied goods after multiple requests, then for the first time ever I am about to take legal action against one customer. As in the past I have only ever taken legal action against suppliers, who were happy to take payment and then not supply goods.

And so taking legal action to recover this debt for one customer is now almost certain, but I can see a possibility of a second one following not long after. However it seems that from now on, then customers not looking to pay for supplied goods will be talking to my solicitor (and possibly a judge) instead.

Strange people if you ask me, when getting away with not paying for orders just won't happen.

21st of March 2002

Well I have just updated every currency value displayed on this site to the very latest currency rates.

Also I am currently getting close to the point where I will be able to accept the US Dollar at its true currency rate like I currently do with the Euro, when at this time it is handled as a foreign currency when all US Dollars are currently converted to Sterling.

Since I can spend US Dollars then that is a good reason why I can accept it this way, when then I can prevent it from losing value by having to convert this to another currency before spending it.

Accepting US$ Cash at the true currency rate I will soon be able to do, but I am being very cautious when it comes to US Dollar checks, which is why I am currently testing this.

Euro Cheques are currently being a problem, when for a start there is not currently any EU wide system for these EU countries in order to handle these cheques. And that is not looking good when the European Union had made a regulation requiring that European Banks have one in place by the 1st of July this year.

And that is why some banks like my one now refuse to provide their customers with Euro currency cheques, when this then removes the need to establish such a system. Well I guess that won't last for long, when the EU demands that Euro currency cheques from another country should cost no more to cash than with a Euro currency cheque issued from your own country, which means that one will soon appear when these cheques are currently treated as foreign cheques.

At the end of the day these banks currently do not like Euro currency cheques, which is why they like to be extra fussy with them.

And that is why my first Euro cheque received from Italy got returned for having no date on it. even if there was technically no space on this cheque labeled "date" or more correctly "data". So that is creating additional problems when this customer is being slow in providing a correctly filled in replacement Euro cheque.

The second Euro cheque from Ireland was also a problem for a totally different reason, when that cheque was lost (or more likely stolen) on the way to my bank. As that was during one of my "nothing can go right times" then if you check my older news, then you will see that I commented about possible loss of these dispatches to my bank.

Kind of physic I guess, when like a few days later this dispatch had failed to arrive at my bank.

I say that it was stolen from the postal system, when the average loss rate is like three dispatches per thousand. And so to lose one of just two dispatches is an extremely high loss rate, which means that someone saw the thick envelope and bank address and decided to have it.

So apart from that one Euro cheque that now needs replacing, then all of 625 Euros in cash was lost / stolen.

As naturally I decided to risk this possibility in the first place by sending these items in a pre-paid envelope and thereby reducing the postal cost, then this loss I can only accept when it was a possible outcome. However it was a surprise to see this high loss rate, when I was expecting the usual three losses per thousand.

And so that is why the latest cash and cheques dispatch to my bank went out by Special Delivery, when that is then tracked all the way up to the signed safe delivery at my bank. So from now on only cheques alone will be going to my bank in pre-paid envelopes, when all cash deposits will be transferred by a more safe and expensive method a lot less often.

Anyway time to get a replacement Euro cheque from one Irish customer and then write off the other 625 Euros in cash.

Well anyway the reason why I am being cautious with US$ Checks is that a lot worse can occur than with Euro Cheques, which is why I am testing to make sure that it works fine.

So when soon complete then all items will be displayed in US Dollars as well. And that could pose a bit of a problem, when using just the Dollar symbol can be confusing to customers, when more than just this US$ currency uses the "$" symbol.

And so I could well have to change £, €, and $ symbols to GBP, EUR and USD. However I will figure that out when I come to it, which should be sometime next week.

At the end of the day, then payment in US Dollars is a popular method for customers in many countries. And that could well help in my conquest of North America in my mega-lo-manic Global Domination Plan (special offer).

18th of March 2002

IMPORTANT : Don't forget that my all time favourite episode of Charmed is on Living (Sky Digital, channel 112) tonight at 8pm.

This episode is 4x03 (Third episode of the Fourth season) and is called "Hell Hath No Fury". And to remind you then this is a fantasy series concerning the World's three most powerful sister witches, where they each week battle demons, warlocks, and many other things that usually does not stay dead for long.

Since I am a big time Charmed fan, then I strongly urge you to watch this episode. When if you are going to watch one episode from Charmed ever, then out of the 71 episode that I have seen so far, then this one gets my vote.

Now while other Charmed fans would not agree with my top choice, this is because I am also a fan (although fan is too smaller word) of Holly Marie Combs who plays "Piper" in this series. And I have never seen her do better acting than in this one episode, which is why this one gets my top vote.

The reason for this great acting I believe is that her role as Piper has been very demanding this season following recent death of Piper's sister Prue. And so the demands on Holly's acting ability has been very high in the first two episodes already this season, but it is this third episode that Holly's acting ability reaches a whole new high level.

And so you will just have to see what I mean, when Piper's extreme anger other the death of her beloved sister Prue is about to explode in more ways than one, which then goes to explain this "Hell Hath No Fury" title.

Also if you wish to know my favourite scene from this episode (and all episodes) then that is the "attic scene" where Piper screams and Phoebe and Cole rush to the attic to so what is wrong, which is where Piper starts this scene with the line "Evil got the book of shadows. How did evil get the book of shadows?".

I would have told you will this before today, when you should have ideally caught the first showing on Living two days ago, but while I desired to watch both broadcasts due to work this not to be missed event slipped my mind.

Well unless you wish for me to beg you, then please do watch this one episode if no other ever again.

And if you are left thinking that Enterprise is on Sky One at 8pm as well, then just remember that this Enterprise episode will be repeated on Sky One this Sunday, which means that you can still watch both. If you miss this Charmed episode however then that will only be repeated the second half of this year.

So just remember Charmed 4x03 "Hell Hath No Fury" is on Living TONIGHT at 8pm. If you for some reason cannot watch it live then stick in a video tape and record it instead, but this is really a not to be missed episode.

I believe I have made my point clear, when I will certainly be watching my favourite episode getting its first (or now second) UK broadcast.

12th of March 2002

My customers should notice that the NoChex payment system has been down for most of the last couple of days, when they closed their site in order to upgrade their capacity.

Unfortunately their first promised reopen time of 19:30 yesterday soon came and went, when it was clear to see that when they reopened at the mentioned time their site was then faulty. And that is why they soon closed it again, with now a promised reopen time of 15:30 today.

Since it is now 23:20 that same day, then so far it appears that their capacity upgrade has so far made things ten times worse. When at this moment their system is very slow and fails a lot.

Still as lots of people like myself would be wishing to send lots of payments as soon as possible, then that is why their system is currently overloaded. And so I certainly hope that as soon as all these people have passed through, then their system should return to normal.

However I cannot say that their new high capacity system being overloaded to breaking point is such a good sign, when maybe their capacity upgrade is just not good enough to handle all these people.

Well in the end as their system has been screwed over the last couple of days, then that is why order payments received through them in these two days currently stands at two. In other words far below what is normal, but then these customers will most likely wait for their system to return instead of sending payment by any other method.

There has been an increase in people using the PayHound system, but then not that many people switched to this option.

In fact I wish they would when what NoChex charges me for using their system has increased by 4000% in like just 6 months, which means that the currently free PayHound system is a much better choice at the moment.

So if you don't have a PayHound account yet, then I would highly recommend getting yourself one. That would take about 10 days to become fully active, but you can get one now for future orders.

I highly expect that PayHound will one day charge me a lot as well, but since they are currently free as you can hope, then that is why I urge people to take advantage of them. Well that is after all what they want, when you have to establish a customer base before you impose your money making charges.

Well the NoChex system is starting to work again, which means that how you desire to pay me is still your choice.

2nd of March 2002

Well I have now added the new Special Offer for March to this site, which you can see as always on my Special Offers page.

This unfortunately was done one day late, when yesterday it did not quite click what I am supposed to do on the first day of every month. Still then February does seem to end a bit too soon, but then we know who stole one day from February in order to add to the month named after himself.

Anyway, this new Special Offer is now here, which includes the latest Euro rate update. I see that again the Euro has fallen in value, when it has like slipped by about 0.05 since I added it near the start of this year.

Still as the Euro has increased prices (and inflation) in Euro land due to some dodgy item value rounding from the old currencies, then I guess that things still work out the same. However I see that in the last few days many old currencies like the French Franc and the German Mark have now ceased to exist.

Now before I continue then there is lots of News today, which makes this section long. However some of it is quite important and could be of your interest, which means that it could well be worth the read.

Moving on then there is also a bit of a second Special Offer this month, which you may not notice if I did not mention it.

As currently I am changing between two different types of SCART cables, which means that I have a desire to sell the very last of the old type so that I can move to the new type before this month is over.

And so as I only have very few of the old type left in stock, then for a short time only I have reduced the usual £3 price for the SCART cable down to the half price value of just £1.50. So it will remain at that price for however long it takes to sell these last few, where I will then switch to the new model and put the price back up.

There is also the possibility that if you are quick and beat me to updating to this new model, which is possible when I still have to scan these new cables and update the page, then you would get one of these new cables instead at this discount price. And that is easy enough to do, when you just need to buy enough of them at once. So in hopefully a short time I can then update to this new model, which is just about the same except that it is Gold Plated.

One very important news item is that my BABY model is now back In Stock after a long time being Out of Stock, which is sure to please these people seeking the lowest cost programmer that could well exist on this planet.

The reason for this delay is that the manufacturer of these is being a total woss and now does not sell such models to satellite equipment suppliers. And so if he does not now sell direct to myself and all other such suppliers, then the only option is to obtain these models from an in-between supplier.

And that supplier I intend to keep totally nameless, when despite my large stock to arrive today, then it could be possible to obtain more in the future.

Since the original manufacturer now seems to be down to selling just one model of his former group including my SMART2, BABY, ALIEN, and now old discontinued SMART1 and PICPROG models, then the long term future does not look that good.

However to safe guard against that final ending, then my current titanic sized supply could well last several years. And that will hopefully be enough time for this odd manufacturer to wise up.

The only downside is that these models are now costing me slightly more due to this third party, which means that unfortunately I have had to put the price of the BABY up. Since my original price remained unchanged despite a previous £1 increase in my own cost of buying them, then taking another increase out of my own profit was just not possible.

Well at least the price of the ALIEN and SMART2 will remain unchanged, even if the price of a BABY has now gone up to a more reasonable level. And well due to the loss of original supply of this model, then it appears that I still have the lowest price of these suppliers who still have this model.

Anyway, due to my current titanic sized stock, then even offering trade prices is currently possible, but like with my SEASON2 I would not wish to blow my titanic sized stock by virtually giving them away to other suppliers. Well I did greatly reduce my SEASON2 stock by giving them away in the November, December and January Special Offers, but I am sure that people will be pleased to know that there is still plenty of that stock left.

Well when it comes to the end of such limited stocks, then I will see what I can do at that time, but for now at least if you want any of this new limited stock then supply is not the slightest problem.

In the end it is very pleasing that after a long search I have secured such large stock, which means that I now have babies coming out of my ears. And for these into the odd DIL chip programming, which includes for all my fully socketed PCB card types with an ordering code ending in "S", then this is certainly a most useful low cost model.

The thing I have been busy with recently is rebuilding my customer / sales / stock database, when FACT's promise of sending me a copy of my old version back in early January (mentioned recently by my solicitor) turned out to be another lie. So currently I am starting with the orders dispatched in November last year, where both orders received and dispatched that month has to be recorded. That is even if many the orders processed have to eventually be marked off in my now old database when I get it back, when these orders have to be recorded again when I am not totally certain that every order would be in my old database.

To show you have much of a problem FACT caused with my business, then in this month due to an unusual delay on the GOLD2 in the previous month, then actually more of the dispatched orders this month was orders from before this raid (usually from October).

And so quite clearly if only the delayed orders from the previous month could beat all dispatched orders received in this problem month, then obviously a massive sales drop occurred, when many customers were concerned about this false attack on my business.

Now while there is tons more calculations to be done in order to get a final damage total for this first month, then the loss of Gross Income in this month alone should be around £12,000. In fact the reduced income for November can be compared to when my business first reopened after a long break in September 2000, but I would need to check my old accounts when September 2000 could still have done better.

Well it is good to finally have some numbers to work with, but for a damage bill then I would have to change this into lost profit, which is then subject to further lost profit due to not being able to reinvest this first profit into my business in order to make further profit.

Then I just have to repeat this for the following months to cover the damages to my earning aspect, where I can then add on the cost of these replacement computers and then whatever stock items they have marked (thus making them not possible to sell) in this now four month long investigation.

Since this is an extremely complex calculation, then it is going to take months to insure accuracy. When for example there are many less obvious aspects, which includes such aspects as the extra time it takes No1 to dispatch orders due to having to write all addresses by hand, when my address label making system was one of the items seized and not shared.

Well it was very dumb of them not to share my own information with me in the first place, when building this database again is one other aspect that they will eventually have to pay for. When if I had my old accounts then this would not be needed, but all these very complex formulas (such as VAT payment) will need to all be figured out and wrote again.

So at this time I have recreated only the Sales and ToDo (for returns) sections, which means that there is about eight more complex pages to create. And that will have to be done before the end of April including entry of all orders up to the present, when these Customs & Excise people most certainly do want a valid VAT Payment for the current quarter.

I have recently paid the previous quarter in an over estimate by these VAT people, where I will only know the real true value for this quarter when I have processed all the data for it. And since I would have to backtrack into October to achieve that, then that I simply cannot do, when unique irreplaceable information for this and previous months was only recorded direct to my old database.

And so in other words the true VAT value for the previous quarter will remain unknown until I get my old accounts back, which I expect would not be soon when FACT are a bunch of liers who just won't share. Well if I remember then loss of profit on this expected overpayment is another aspect that I can bill FACT for.

Anyway, I will be very busy for many weeks to come yet rebuilding this database, when last time I done that in 2000 due to VAT implementation, then that took all of three months. Since I lack access to my older database unlike last time, then it could well take longer, when of course there is other work to do as well.

So rebuilding my Totals page will be a total nightmare, when this one page alone compiles in data from all other pages in this database, where it then produces end totals for all aspects including statistical future analysis and charts and graphs.

Well it could well take me a month on that page alone, but at least I can slowly build it when each of the other pages are finished. So anyway just letting you know that there won't be much spare time for other things until this job is complete, which needs to be done and at least I can then restore many other important systems from this.

Also I can assure you that since these people did not play nice the last time I willingly shared this information with them, then quite simply no person ever will see this information beyond the eyes or myself and No2 again. And that now includes providing evidence to prove their claim false, when I have seen that information was abused and used to launch attacks on others. And that is why this new information is hard encrypted, which I know without the slightest doubt will put this beyond their reach forever.

Ok so the VAT people do need to see my financial information in their every third yearly check, but I will provide them with a version that they cannot remove from my control and where all customer information has been removed. As anything they need to know beyond that will need a very good reason.

The last thing I have to mention is that since I am a huge fan of the series Charmed, then the first episode of this latest fourth season gets broadcast in the UK tonight. And that will be on Living at 9pm, where I certainly do urge you to watch this episode.

Well lets just say that when it comes around to the third episode in this new season of Hell Hath No Fury (Charmed Again counts as two episodes), which will be broadcast in the UK in a couple of weeks time, then if you don't watch my all time favourite Charmed episode, then I could well ban you from ever coming to this site again!

Yes I am that serious, when in my all time favourite episode Holly Marie Combs (as Piper) does an awesome acting job, which in my view is an episode not to be missed.

If you are new to Charmed then I would recommend watching Living from 7.10pm, when they show the extra program of the Women of Charmed (actually Shannen Doherty (Prue) got fired very shortly after she made that for Living on the first broadcast).

Following this at 8pm comes the last episode of the third season 3x22 All Hell Breaks Loose, which is another great episode, but as Prue dies (Shannen got fired following that episode remember), then the cliff hanger ending causes problems when in the forth season they can never show Shannen again.

So following that episode is of course the brand new 4x01 episode of Charmed Again, where actually I sent a message to Living saying that they should not censor a certain rude word in this episode, when it would ruin the scene where Piper expresses her upset over the very recent death of her sister Prue.

That happens to also be one of my top episodes, when the scene of Prue's funeral I consider stunning. When this is also where Holly first demonstrates what a great acting job she is currently going to do in this new season, when she even gets better in the following episodes.

And if that is not enough Charmed for you, then it very much appears that Living will be showing three episodes from the first season following this, which will most certainly start with the very first Charmed episode ever of 1x01 Something Wicca This Way Comes.

I guess that depends on Living's on-line voting system, which means I will see about hitting it with a few hundred votes in order to ensure the episodes that you will most enjoy. Well as I doubt I can do that this late, then it appears that 1x16 Which Prue Is It, Anyway? and 1x21 Love Hurts will be the ones broadcast.

These two are quite good episodes, but I agree with the other die-hard Charmed fans on this planet in that 1x22 Deja Vu All Over Again and 1x17 That 70s Episode are the two best episodes in this season following the very first episode of course.

Actually that 1x16 episode had no votes at all when I checked a couple of days ago, but that is what happens when you mention this fact to other die-hard Charmed fans who have a preference for Shannen / Prue, when I bet I know exactly who hit this with hundreds of votes and put it up into second place.

Well maybe I will see about putting The Wendigo in third place, when I prefer that one to Love Hurts, even if it is a close choice.

Anyway I believe you can get the idea that I strongly recommend that you watch Living tonight, when they will be showing a bunch of good if not great episodes of my favourite all time series. And don't forget that I will be back in a couple of weeks from now, where I will remain you that you have no choice but to watch my all time favourite Charmed episode.

Ok so other die-hard Charmed fans do not agree with that one, when they rank 1x22 and 2x02 as better episodes, but then Holly / Piper fans such as myself will pick the episode where she does best.

Anyway I will certainly watch Living tonight, even if I have seen them all before, know every episode very well, and have all episodes on tape / computer / and working on home made VCDs as well. Also as I have a friend in the US who sends me the latest fourth season Charmed episode every week (next to be broadcast in the US is 4x15), then that means that I am very up-to-date.

I believe you get the picture, which is why I am currently hoping that some other people will be Charmed fans after tonight, when Living for today only is in Charmed overload.

Well that is about all the news today, but as I am soon to get in new stock items, then soon enough I will be adding news of their arrival.