14th of June, 2007

This news update is to let you know that I am just about to go on holiday. I will depart on Monday the 18th of June and I will return on Monday the 16th of July. And as my workers who remain here cannot do all the required work to process orders without me, for various unimportant reasons, like with hard encryption, then that means that no order will be dispatched until July the 17th or 18th.

So if you happen to desire some item from me then I would strongly recommend placing an order before 16:30 on Friday the 15th of June or else the following postal collection at 17:30 will certainly be the last such dispatch until July. After this date it then makes no difference if you place an order while I am away, or to wait for my return, when the next lot of orders will be dispatched on July the 17th or 18th anyway.

Also I should add that if you happen to find my four week holiday annoying to your purchase plans then I should point out that this happens to be my first real holiday since I departed for two beautiful weeks in Jamaica on the 16th of January 1994. So the little matter of my company starting in early 1997, and the demanding work that brought, means that this is my first real break in 13 years. In other words this very overdue holiday is well justified.

And if you desire to know where I will be going this time around then that will be New Jersey in the USA. My brother and his family moved over there last year where he has desired other family to visit. So this will prove a good opportunity to pick up some lower cost American hardware (good currency rate...) and to take time to relax, but maybe not in their garden though when beyond lots of local deer they have the rare bear visiting as well.

I can also say that I will be taking my laptop computer with me. I am currently loading it up at this time, where as I imported this model from the USA in the first place, then so can you say it is returning home. Well more correctly then as this one comes with a American plug attached then it is an ideal method to keep in contact with my customers while I am gone, when despite this news section then more than a few people will remain completely unaware. So I can answer some mail while I relax but of course quick replies should not be expected.

Well since that is the important news out the way then the only other things to report are the one page away from completion site conversion, many new items in stock like the SMART3 and the Diablo Light & Wireless CAMs, and the usual currency rate updates.

So my next news will be in July to announce my return. See you then.