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19th of June 2003

NoChex's on-line payment system seems to be fully functional once again following nearly a week of problems due to their change in hosting provider. As yesterday morning I managed to withdraw my available NoChex funds, where following order payments have also now been received.

And so my most popular on-line and immediate payment system is now back in action, which should please those people wishing to order my items today and receive them tomorrow morning. Depending on the speed of the Royal Mail and selected delivery option and destination zone of course.

Also I have just updated the main currency rates once again, where this time Sterling has improved against both the Euro and the US Dollar. As at the current rate there is now 1.4347 EUR to 1 GBP (or 0.697 GBP to 1 EUR) and a quite bad 1.6738 USD to 1 GBP (or 0.5974 USD to 1 GBP).

Although it looks not unlike the United States is going bankrupt and everyone is moving their money to Euros, but lets see how things change next week.

17th of June 2003

Well it seems that NoChex's on-line payment system has been playing up recently, where up until late yesterday I was wondering why I had not received any on-line NoChex payments for the past five days.

Lets just say that no payments for five days would be extremely unusual, but of course I had two customers mention payment problems as well. And so late yesterday I was just about to ask NoChex about it, when a small flood of payments indicated that it was working again.

Until today that was, when further customer comments indicated that things were still not working right.

After some research into it, then the problem over the past few days was that NoChex has been moving their site between ISPs, which means that the DNS setting had to be slowly changed over. This lead to many "under maintenance" messages, even if I had no problems paying one of my own suppliers during this time.

Since late yesterday this hosting switch seems to have been completed, which explains the sudden wave of payments. However, it seems that their system is only working fine for between account payments, when transfers to and from your debit card is still a problem.

As I just went to try and withdraw all this new funding to my bank account, then so did their system cough up this...

Unable to connect to the Card clearing system (Exception raised in COM get: [10061] Connection refused).

That tells me that I won't be withdrawing my money today, where neither will my customers be able to pay me from their card. Still, if things go as I would expect, then so should their system soon be working again. As what this no doubt is, would be that their gateway provider for all these debit card transactions is not expecting transactions to come from this new hosting IP address.

And so soon enough their gateway provider will update their details to support this new hosting site. After that things should be back to normal with NoChex, with their immediate payment option.

It is just too bad NoChex did not mention this switch at all before it happened, which makes you wonder if it was unexpected for them as well.

One other thing I did receive by e-mail today was news that EvoCash has just updated their system to support 168 different currencies, which in the end should mean that it will be easier for international customers to get their money in and out of this system.

Anyway, hopefully NoChex will soon have their system fully functional again.

6th of June 2003

I have just received a message from PayHound saying that they are due to improve their service over the next few weeks. The most important of these changes is that they are soon to add an instant payment option, where it will certainly be great to see immediate credit card payments. Naturally, NoChex has had instant payments with their debit cards for a long time now, which makes PayHound overdue.

Too bad that I doubt they will accept foreign cards yet, but then they are not PayPal.

This change is bound to help out with this £90 account limit, when of course NoChex solved that problem long ago with their account bypass option and seller accounts. Still, we will have to see if PayHound has really wised up or if this is only going half the distance.

Also they are improving their customer support, which has been lacking as of late. So some good news, but we will have to wait and see what comes about.