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30th of June 2001

Within the last week I have had both my ELVIS and SEASON2 go out of stock. Now although new orders for these was already outstanding before these went out of stock, having them go out of stock so quickly was a surprise.

The reason for this was unusually high demand near the end of the month, when due to my SEASON2 special offer I have even had other suppliers buying these by the dozen. Also although a new order was placed for more ELVIS as soon as the last box was opened, it was surprising to see that entire box gone as well just a few days later.

Anyway as these will be out of stock for at least a few more days then I have added a restocking note to both these items.

The few outstanding orders should be supplied soon enough, which naturally will still include my two for one SEASON2 offer.

More worrying is that my current 7 week old order for more ALIEN programmers still won't be here any time soon according to my supplier. And as my current ALIEN stock won't last much beyond another month, then soon I will have to decide what to do.

Although he is offering an alternate model it could be best to just stop selling this model once my stock is very low. And then just wait however many months it takes for this order to be completed.

Very fortunate that I placed that ALIEN order when restocking on other items, when that order for more ALIEN was to just top up my stock and was not actually a full restocking order. So it is fortunate that I had a clear warning for once that an unusual delay getting more of these was occurring.

Also after checking my stock I see that the very last of the BABY programmers have just departed, but as my outstanding order for these should be here the start of next week, then I doubt that anyone will notice this restocking delay.

All other items are normally in large stocks, which I guess makes this my programmers restocking point.

One other site change is that as the last of the 300mA MPACK models sold over a week ago, then I have now changed all mention of the MPACK to the new 500mA model. And like the MPACK2 this model now provides more output current (and weight) for the same price.

As this is the last day of June then I have now removed my SEASON2 special offer from both my Special Offers page and my new automatic Ordering Form. This is because no normal customer can then get their order here in time to be able to be included in this offer, when tomorrow marks the start of a new special offer.

So like with every month the orders received this morning will be the last available to take up this months Special Offer. And naturally you will have to wait until tomorrow to see which item I pick to make a zero or negative profit on this new month.

Anyway as I have been catching up with the paper work recently then I will soon see how many box-files the completed orders for June manage to fill. This explains the reason for my extra shelving (old news), not that I am already starting to think that it won't be many months before my new shelves are also full.

Well one disadvantage of being popular is that one day I could need an entire room if not house in order to store all your completed order forms. As I can imagine what it will be like in another 5 years of such rapid growth.

24th of June 2001

I have just done a couple of small changes to my new Order Form (still located here) in response to some small problems that people have had using it.

For example a couple of customers have forgot to enter their postal code when filling in the form, which they then hand wrote on afterwards. In response to this I have now added a new field for the postal code, even if this now causes a small placement conflict for foreign customers when their postal code is usually located before the town/city name.

Most other problems are nothing that I can adjust for; such as one customer who's browser failed to print out all of the lines. Which I guess make another case of another browser and another totally different print out. However thankfully none of the important information was missing even if all the lines around the fields were.

Although I have seen many perfectly created order forms, there was a few where the order form printed out over two pages.

This was because the maximum line width was set for use with my printer's default settings. And while this is fine for other people's printers as well, there will always be some printers who use a larger margin.

So if your first attempt prints out over two pages then try reducing the left and right margins within your print options (or page setup). As then you will be able to send me one page (as it is supposed to be) instead of two. This margin problem is clear to see when there is like two and a half inches wasted within the margin fields, which then leaves not quite enough space for the item lines.

As I have heard no serious problems using this order form, then very soon it will become the central tool towards placing an order. I hope however that if anyone does have a problem using it that they let me know within the next couple of days, before I try to get everyone to use it.

Mistakes on my automatic order forms so far total in at zero, while those people making their own order form can still delay their order by such silly things as forgetting that in this country we need to pay VAT on items. Well I do mention that fact on every page on this site, or usually even twice per page.

So hopefully very soon just about everyone will using my new order form, when this will avoid delays dispatching orders due to such payment shortage mistakes.

Anyway time to go write the instruction page in order to link that order form to my main menu, which will be complete once I have thought of every aspect to include.

22nd of June 2001

Today I got in a new type of GOLD card as expected, which from first looks seem quite pleasing.

Unlike what I was expecting this new GOLD card uses the original die and chips and not one of the more common clone types. This is certainly a good start when aiming for a high quality GOLD card.

Apart from that the wafer quality seems quite good and should not suffer thermal bending problems.

This in all means that this new GOLD card has a shot a being as good as my most desired High Quality GOLD card, when the only known differences so far are limited to the ascetics. As after all a slightly different colour and lack of the few letters are not going to affect how well a wafer card works, even if this is a sign that more thought was put into the card.

However the advantage of using the original die and chips can be undone if the card manufacturing did not go too well. So only after the final failure rate is know can I see if the bonding or testing stages for example introduced extra failures.

That means once all these cards have been sold and I get the few faulty cards back for replacement can I then see the final judgment on how good these cards really do.

Still given the pleasing looks of this new wafer card so far I would certainly expect this card to beat Gold cards sold by other suppliers in terms of quality if not price.

Actually when it comes to price then my supplier did provide me with a good price this time, which I guess means that he wants to keep me as a customer. This is because even though I can get wafer cards made in a factory in Thailand for about 26p less each then my current price; it could still be worth paying this extra for this expected better card and faster service.

That means my choice of future supplier depends on how well these card do in terms of failure rate, when I would head for below 0.5% for a high quality card, or below 0.8% for a good quality one.

However even then I always keep my eyes open for good quality cards at good prices, when due to these factories not being very good, a supplier such as myself needs to be flexible. For example I would not expect to keep this new wafer card for more than two months even if I greatly desired it.

Anyway even after my recent new GOLD card price for those customers buying more I have yet to publish prices for those more rare customers buying hundreds or thousands of cards. That I intend to do soon, when I should be able to provide quite good bulk prices in the ever increasing cheaper wafer card world.

Still lets not forget that like my 26p more per card I am one supplier who puts quality over price, when those supplier who offer the cheapest price will also no doubt offer the lower quality wafer card.

Since I now have my missing GOLD cards in stock, then all the delayed orders should have all left by Monday. Although as a lot of orders are leaving today, then only the last two or three days should leave here on Monday.

Only possible future delays that I can predict is first because my BABY programmer stock is starting to run low, which makes a good time to restock. And only an unusual restocking delay would lead to dispatch problems.

Also my restocking order for more ALIEN programmers is now long overdue due to my own suppliers problem getting these made. In this case it is lucky that this order was only to top up my stock, when currently I still have plenty of my ALIEN programme here. However if this is going to become a long term problem then my current stock won't last forever.

Anyway as everything I sell is currently in stock, then this makes a good time if you wish to buy something.

18th of June 2001

Hopefully you all are now using my new Order Form still located here, but if you have any problems using it then please let me know. As within days that could well be the center feature towards placing an order, which makes me sure hope that no one has problems using it.

Anyway as I have now contacted my supplier of these latest GOLD cards, then it is now known that GOLD cards will be back in stock this Friday. Although these 4 days is longer then I am happy with given the week long delay already getting cards from this supplier I believe this is the current best solution.

The bad news however is that due to some unpleasantness with the factory (relating to payment for cards that are then not supplied as agreed) this means that seeing more of this High Quality GOLD card is currently quite unlikely.

That I guess is not uncommon when wafer card factories have a lot to answer for, when I at least still remember several delays lasting months in the past.

Not getting more of these best quality wafer cards that I have seen in years I find most annoying, when I decided to stock this type instead of obtaining lower cost wafer cards from my own factory in Taiwan. As in my view it is worth the extra cost in order to obtain a higher quality card.

This means that now not being able to obtain my ideal GOLD card (and the one that my customers now want) means that I now have to reconsider what type of wafer card to supply in the future.

Speaking in terms of failure rate with these most recent wafers, then the High Quality GOLD card achieved the best with a 0.4% failure rate. After that my PIC16F84A+24LC16B based cards from Taiwan came in second with a 0.8% failure rating. Then worst so far is those temporary cards that I got in while waiting for the HQ cards, when those are already at above a 2% failure rating.

Anyway these cards to arrive on Friday are another new card type, which means that it is best to see how they do before deciding where to get cards from in the future.

From what I already know they look like the more common clone type, but as a big part of card quality is the failure rating then that is a case of wait and see. Once that is known then I will decide if it is still worth paying up to 52p more per card, but from what is currently known the cheaper cards are also known to work well.

My guess that my supplier was out of Gold cards was correct, when he is very soon to fly to Asia in order to hand collect these emergency cards. However I later found out that the reason that he did not contact me was because I made a silly typing mistake when I supplied my telephone number.

And so that meant that the reason I did not hear from him on Thursday and Friday was because he was explaining this wafer card supply problem to some unknown person's answering machine. :-]

Well anyway I will have more GOLD cards in this Friday, even if this won't be the HQ type that I have been waiting 3 weeks for so far.

I guess that is one of these cases where if you really want something, then you sure as hell won't be getting it.

As I have now processed all new orders delayed slightly due to my recent site upgrades, then I now know that my £15 credit voucher for New Zealand has now gone when that order is already to leave here today. These details can naturally be found on my large Special Offers page.

Later today I was going to sort out all the returned items for testing / replacement, which I usually collect together until I have enough to test in one go. As these together can take up one or two entire days to sort out, which is why I try not to delay the quickly in and out orders when trying to process as many orders as possible.

Anyway No2 has oddly decided that he would do this testing himself, which would certainly save me many hours, even if I now have to keep a close eye on him. Most items are easy enough to test when they either work or they don't. However the first one he picked up is a suspected recently gone faulty official Irdeto card.

And as that can require a very major repair job, then I believe that he is in over his head. Well I best go help him, but hopefully I won't have to show him how to reinitialise such a card, when that can take an entire day to just do that.

14th of June 2001

Well it has certainly been an interesting week, but before I start the first thing I need to do is to mention the recent site changes.

Most importantly is that I have now uploaded my new fully automatic Order Form, which you can now see for yourself by clicking here.

Feel free to send me orders using this form if you wish, which will provide a quick perfectly structured order form print out. However be warned that as this JavaScript program is quite complex then there is a small possibility of error.

This means that you should confirm the returned item prices and weights with that already shown on this site, when an unlikely bug could delay dispatch of your order. Although I do not foresee any such problem you should remember that this is the "beta" stage in that it has only been tested on one computer so far (mine).

Now although it works fine with the latest Netscape and Microsoft browsers, there is a whole lot more out there. And although browsers not supporting Javascript (or JScript) will quickly get nowhere, with each browser comes a different problem.

For example Microsoft's feeble browser lacks all form of character spacing, which therefore means that fields seem larger then they have to be within this program. As of course when you then come to print the form then the character sizes are then totally different.

However Microsoft's browser get my vote for use when Netscape's browser cannot even print out what you are looking at. What I mean exactly is that all drop down menu selections are always printed with the default values.

In order to compensate for that fact that every selected order code is printed as "none" I have had to include the order code in the description field as well. Also in order to see the important postage option this needs to be selected at the base of the form in order to copy to a text field next to the postage value.

Anyway as all important data is printed (twice by IE) then the form works very well for what it does.

And what that is exactly is to fully calculate your order total for you (avoids common calculation mistakes), which happens to include a new very accurate postal rate calculation.

This means that you should not be surprised if the postal rate is different to that shown on my Ordering Details page, when the new calculation is accurate to within 85p (due to rounding) of what your actual postage will cost.

More good news is that light weight orders will now pay lower postage, while more heavy orders pay no more or less than what their postage will actually cost. And as that includes postage for every country in the World (divided into 4 zones) then that is a hell of a lot of possible different postage values.

Actually as postage is calculated by formula and not by list, then postage is even accurate on extremely heavy orders, which is even if this is above the maximum weight of what the postal system will accept.

That is a reminder that the "rules" for silly orders has not yet been implemented, such as with delivery to the UK with the Pay VAT option set to "no". Ok so maybe there is a very slim possibility of such a case, but ideally trying to do this should produce a warning.

One other useful aspect is that every area of my business has been covered. This includes my special free items offers, which you can see for yourself by selecting SEASON2 (this month special offer) or my free SERIAL cable with each two programmers ordered.

Well I suppose I should say go and give it a try when it should be easy enough, but for those people who have trouble with the obvious then a second page explaining every aspect of that page will appear once I know that no large change will be needed.

Anyway for now just remember to adjust as required every value in the "blue" sections, while any attempt to adjust one of the automatic "red" fields would just cause the program to undo your invalid changes.

So just fill out the required fields and select "print" (within your browser). As if your printer has been correctly set up then a perfectly formatted order form should then appear on the single page of A4. And as I have seen every mistake ever known (including no order form at all) then this still optional order form is a good example of my ideal format.

Also once I know it works well enough then this will speed up your order dispatch, when I know that the postage and order total is valid when the human aspect has then been mostly removed.

Moving on then I have now uploaded my new Cards page showing my two new card types and all the missing photos of these items.

Kind of a shame that my P62865 card is soon to change from red to blue, but having to redo the new image is worth it when my P8416 and P62864 cards currently look exactly the same if you do not read the chip names.

Also on that page you will see that I now offer most PCB cards with the option to have extra sockets fitted. This is mostly due to the fact that people seem to overlook that which they do not wish to see.

An example of this is my BABY programmer which clearly states that it does not program cards. This then makes me wonder how some people can then click on the *cards* page and order cards for use with it.

Anyway while I still strongly recommend my ALIEN over my BABY when dealing with cards, these odd people now have the option to buy the fully socketed P8416S instead of the normal P8416. And by the way the extra 50p cost is to pay for my time actually making these alternate cards, when the sockets really cost like 4p each.

While I was about it I decided to lower my GOLD card price to £5.50 each when you buy 10 or more. Which as it happens is fully built into my new order form if you wish to see these automatic price changes.

The only problem is that I am totally out of GOLD cards currently, when my stock to last the 10 days while I awaited my high quality type lasted the 10 days with no high quality type then to be seen.

On Monday I e-mailed my local supplier to ask if he had my high quality cards in from China yet. And should he not I would then purchase some of his other Gold type to last until these high quality cards arrived.

Only problem is that he did not reply to that email, but at least he did reply to my email reminder sent on Wednesday. The problem then is that he said nothing more then "I will phone you Thursday morning", when as it happens all of Thursday passed with no phone, fax, or email from this supplier.

This afternoon I instead phoned him when I decided that the email was not working out, but as he was not there then I left a "call me" message with his female friend.

Anyway if you ask me that sounds like someone who's high stocks of Gold cards currently total in at zero. As I mean that dangling a very large wad of cash in front of them normally produces quick results.

Well although I certainly aim to get hold of this HQ gold type, which like myself my informed customers now insist on, it currently looks like that I could have to get GOLD in from elsewhere. And as everyone has Gold cards these days then this short delay is nothing to worry about when I should have more GOLD in on about Tuesday at the latest.

Also those temporary GOLD stock did not seem very good when the failure rate is currently at 2%. Still that is not as high as the low quality Gold cards from before May 2000 (7%), but my high quality type failure rate of 0.4% seems a whole lot better. And I would put that 0.4% down to a "glitch" when I would expect an even better rating in the future from these great GOLD cards.

Still of course anyone with a rare faulty GOLD card can just return it to be replacement, when naturally only the source factory can test them all.

The only other page change is that I have now added the currency of Cyprus (Pound) to my currency converter, which is mainly for use by one of my customers who has been sending me lots of this currency recently. As he oddly keeps over rating the value of his currency, but as he then overpays the payment then comes close to the correct total.

Anyway now he no longer has to guess values when my converter mentions what the correct foreign total is, but he like other customers should have asked for the foreign value if the required currency is not currently listed. As I can accept more currencies then countries that I have so far successfully "invaded".

With other news, then Monday night proved quite interesting. As about 5 minutes before Stargate ended (21:50) on Sky One a whole load of smoke was noticed coming from behind the trees, which are behind the road behind my garage.

And as that area of land happens to be a school for children with learning difficulties, then it was fortunate that there was an absence of pupils at that time of night. As no less than 5 minutes later this smoke got quite intense, when above these quite tall tree appeared flames as well.

Now as I have lived here for 15 years then that was most intense fire that I have ever seen. As I doubt that even when someone tried to burn down the abandoned Oakwood Hospital (near here) on a nearly monthly basis that it was quite as intense.

Anyway the first fire engine arrived in less than 5 minutes after that, which was in time to catch the greatest amount of smoke and flame.

Now if you ask me the first job these fire fighters have to do is to put out the fire, but to me what happened appeared like "lets wait around another 10 minutes for the second fire engine to arrive". As maybe they were actually doing something useful, but only when the second fire engine arrived did thought of putting out the fire begin to appear.

The reason I say this was that this fire at that time was having a great time seeing how much school it could burn down.

So as it goes we had a visit from six fire engines in all, but only from four at a time. And it was only when the third fire engine arrived did they actually drive into the school grounds.

By that time I had found out my video camera after trying to find a suitable battery and tape, which allowed me to zoom in and record the rest of the drama.

One fun bit I found was when one of the firemen was searching this end of the road, which we assumed was searching for a water outlet. As the reason that was found amusing was that the laying of fibre optic cable TV (and Cable Modem) had previously paved over what he was looking for.

Anyway as they had a nearer water outlet next to the school, then a police car was blocking off the road to stop motorists running over the hoses.

Well it was a long hour and a half before the smoke and flames showed signs of running out of things to burn. And it must have been over two hours before things started to get back to normal.

Now if you ask me that was burning for a lot longer then I would have expected, but for reasons that I will explain maybe these fire fighters decided to just let it burn out.

Anyway it was the following morning that I decided to finish the ending to my home movie by going and seeing how much school was left. The first view was disappointing when the front of the school was lacking burnt buildings, and only travelling around to look at the rear of the school showed the burnt section.

My first thought was that there was not much to look at from such a lot of burning, but maybe that is always true when large fires always leave little behind. Anyway apart from a pile of blacked rubble that was it, except that neighbouring buildings had some nice blackened walls.

Speculation as to the cause, then new building work can often leave behind goodies to burn and things to set them alight. Or as my best view of this rubble was from a neighbouring playing field, then local teenagers have been known to host fires within the school grounds in the past.

Whatever the cause I have seen no mention of this event in any of the local media, who I would have thought would have been interested in this unusual event. However no doubt the next time these possible arsonists would have to throw themselves on the fire in order to get the media attention.

I would have stuck my school burning video on-line had I the equipment, when my new server could do this streaming with plenty of bandwidth to spare. However as I do not have the equipment then it is not currently worth the extra hassle.

Well that is it, but let me know if you have any problems (or spot any rare bugs) with my new automatic Order form. And hopefully next week I can install that page where it should be, which is from a link on my menu.

9th of June 2001

The first selection of my latest photos has now been scanned, scaled, and then put on-line. And as these are the recently missing photos on my Video / Audio page, this would be the page to look at in order to see the 12 new photos.

Don't forget to click on the images in order to display the big versions, which hopefully is not too big for your display.

I will have to count how many different items it is that I now sell, when I am sure that soon it will pass one hundred. You can always have a count yourself, but I have several more items awaiting to be added to this site.

Anyway, as I have another 11 photos to scan then I had best go scan them, scale them, and then upload the other half.

8th of June 2001

I have now taken photos of all my new items now on this site. This also include my new cards soon to appear here and my SPSA (Scart / Phono / S-Video Adapter) which I forgot to take a photo of last time.

These will be developed tomorrow and if all is well then the images of all these new items should be on-line by tomorrow evening. And as I have now (hopefully) mastered my camera then I do not foresee any problems unlike in the past.

Also while I was about it in order to use up my second 36 exposure film I decided to take new photos for most of my programmers. As I believe they could be better, but those are difficult items to take good photos of.

If you happen to look at my photo of my PV1 cable then as that was the worst photo on-line at this time, then in order to replace that blurred image new photos of this item were on top of my list today. And hopefully this time all my photo will be in focus enough, but it is extremely hard to get this spot on being so close.

Today's weather was quite "patchy", but there was enough bright sunny breaks between the clouds in order to take some nice photos. And I guess it is fortunate that it is currently bright spring and not dull winter, when I often had to wait very many days to find a rare single day with enough bright sunshine.

Anyway unlike in the past I will have to wait one day to find out the results; when I already have plenty enough to do today without spending most of the day developing, scanning, scaling, and then putting on-line these new images.

I will soon see if my directory problem has been fixed, but at least I have since found a faster way to get these new pages on-line. As after better thinking I overlooked the first time that I could upload the pages to the directory that I can access, and then using Telnet copy these to the correct directory.

However Telnet on my site goes give me some concerns like my outgoing FTP connection from yesterday. As for example I can already access every other website on my shared server, and had I the desire I am not sure what other site's files I could change or delete.

Anyway as all my problems so far has been due to my hosting provider (deleting my email aliases, and my new problem) as well as the network access problem, then other site owners have been no problem so far.

I will soon find out if that latest problem has been fixed, but as I have now added a couple of missing Gross Weight values, then those two updated pages will soon be on-line by one of the three known methods so far.

Well as every item I sell is currently in stock, then I best get busy with some orders delayed slightly the first few days this month due to some recent large site changes.

This means that my new order form creation will be on-hold while these orders are processed. And already I cannot wait to see when the first of my new items start to sell, even if they do not currently exist in my stock database.

One last thing is that as my Video / Audio page is currently the third largest page on-line after my News and Special Offers pages, then I believe that it would be a good idea to move the cables and connectors to a new page.

Well any ideas for how to improve my site is always welcome if you wish to make any comments.

Finally No2 has vanished today in order to see an Offspring concert, which makes me wonder if he answered his email before he left. Anyway as he has now departed then he should be answering email again tomorrow once he has recovered enough.

Anyway what a nice boss I am to allow my employees to work when they feel like it, but of course no work equals no pay for the time they take off. Maybe one day I will have my ideal employee to sit on me knee and make me cups of tea, but currently all I hear is like with No2 in that he does not like soldering, which means that I have to do it all.

Still best damned job that ideal employee job would be when they would have to do little beyond stroking my ego. As when your a boss you need to enjoy it, and it is not like that my foreign holiday is like two years overdue. Not like that I cannot afford to go anywhere I desire, but finding the time to sort it all out and actually take off is a problem.

Well as one day I will have a choice between holiday and going insane, then hopefully I can find the time for a holiday before this year ends.

Anyway, as I have work to do then I best go do it.

7th of June 2001

As I am always looking to make my items better value then today is proof of that.

To begin with then all my remote controls now include the required batteries for free. This is good news when I have been meaning to do this for I while in order to match my "quickly up and running" policy.

As now is also the time when I need to restock on my MPACK and MPACK2 power adapters, then I decided to switch these to different models even if they now cost me more. And as I ran out of my old MPACK2 like yesterday, then already my Power Supplies page contains details of my new MPACK2.

To sum this up then there is no change at all except that the maximum output current has now increased from 300mA max up to the new model's 500mA max. And while my devices do not really need this extra power, having a greater maximum power output will be useful for some people with more power hungry devices.

The only other changes are due to the new 500mA max current output, which means that the new MPACK2 is now slightly larger and weighs more.

And although I am going to take a new photo of the new MPACK2; the old MPACK2 photo is fine for now. As the only visible difference is that the new photo will say 500mA and not 300mA, as apart from a few changes in the text that is really it.

Now while I have a few of the old MPACK left to sell this model is also due for a change and a much larger change as well.

What I mean is that the new MPACK is going to look very much like the MPACK2 as well. In fact as it is so close I may use the old MPACK2 picture as well until I have the new one.

The new MPACK is also to be boosted from 300mA to 500mA like the new MPACK2, but the biggest difference is that the new MPACK comes with the changeable tips instead of the old spider plug. And as the polarity is now controlled through that plug, then the new model now has no need of a polarity switch.

Anyway that model will also appear as soon as I have sold the last of the current MPACK stock.

As to if I will continue to support these new more expensive models then we shall have to wait and see, but at least for now you can have these new models at no extra cost. And when it comes time to restock again then I will see what is available.

The biggest other change is that I now have many new cables on my Video / Audio page.

This came about when one of my customers asked me to get him a 10m S-Video cable ex-stock, which made me think what the hell when I now have over 100 S-Video cables in stock.

Anyway while that customer soon has his new long cable, at a third of the price he was willing to pay, then hopefully my other customers will help to reduce this sizable stock at equally excellent prices.

And to prove this then a professional 5 meter S-Video cable from Techtronics would cost a UK citizen a total of £41.48, but if you get a similar 5 meter professional cable from myself then you would only pay £9.40. That of course means that you could buy 4 of mine for one of theirs.

Now if you happen to consider their professional cable slightly better, then my price for a professional cable also beats their price for a standard S-Video cable. And that is not even touching on my even better value "high quality" S-Video cables.

Also as I got me in some TOS-Link digital optical cables, which are again now on my Video / Audio page, then let me do another price comparison.

Techtronics take home price for 1m, 2m and 5m would equal £15.20, £16.72 and £27.28. While my prices would be £10.57, £11.75, and £17.62. And if you buy all three at once then Techtronics would equal £45.11 while I can do £32.90.

Now as you can certainly see that fact for yourself then I am quietly confident that my new cable stock will sell quite quickly. All money in the bank, even if it is your bank that makes that saving.

Why I decide to get those cables was that I use them and I therefore know how good they are. And of course I would only sell you items that I would certainly use myself.

Anyway as I see that a lot of new photos are now required then I just have to wait for a sunny day, which should not take too long. Also I should really sort out my new cards at that time before people start calling me "Cableman".

Another new feature I wish to add soon is an automatic order form.

This would work by selecting the ordering code, which would fill on the description and price for you. Then just change the quantity if required and the whole total including postage would be calculated for you.

Then just entering your personal details and printing out that page would have one ideally formatted order form that you could then send to me.

The reason why I am doing this apart from helping people avoid common mistakes is to be able to provide exact postal quotes for your exact order.

And as this would mean those people ordering less paying less in postage, then that is a whole lot better then having to double my postal rates due to all the heavy items that I now offer.

The system is highly complex however due to having to store the price and weight of every item that I now sell, but as I am half way there then you should be able to use it within days.

Currently I am sorting out a Netscape printing problem, when this program oddly enjoys blanking out values and printing default instead of set value (ie not what the user is looking at). Well IE is not much better when it has no character spacing control.

Anyway, when I get the format suitable for both these common browsers then I just have to load it with the other half of my stock.

Finally, take a look around at my great value items, while I now go away and take some photos to scan, scale, and then put on-line.

More News...

When trying to upload my new web pages with all these new items to my web site I ran into a problem, when it seems that my hosting provider has been playing with my host server.

What I mean is that I could no longer access my website directory in order to upload the new web pages using FTP. Strangely telnet access to my web site worked fine including changing into the correct directory. After sending mention of my FTP problem to my provider I decide to see if I can find a way around it.

After checking my Linux manual I saw that the only way that I could upload my web pages under Telnet would be to use the built in FTP commands on the host server.

Now while I doubted that such a connection would work due to access control problems I gave it a try by getting my host server to log in to a test FTP site. And as it just happened to work then I saw the possibility of getting my new files uploaded.

My first thought was how to connect to my local computer containing my new web pages, but as my local computer does not currently have FTP access not to mention that it is behind a firewall, then trying to make such a connection would have posed a problem.

Therefore my second thought was to upload my web pages to an FTP site somewhere, which then led to the idea that my web site was previously uploaded with my these new page. And this site as I know so well has FTP access.

That meant that I soon telnet connected to, run the ftp program, ftp connected to, and then after logging in downloaded my new web pages from there.

Now although I have no idea if the s**t will hit the fan for using their host server this way (well I don't know their policy on outgoing FTP under Telnet connections), but guess what I now have to do in order to put this extra news section on my site.

Anyway hopefully they soon fix their own incoming ftp connections to allow me to once again change directory.

One finally thing before I end today is that I checked the stats for my site while I was checking on this FTP problem, and I noticed that the most common referrer was a translation site to translate my pages in Spanish.

Also as Babblefish was not far down on that list then I feel that the need to support other languages is quite important. And as my pages change each few days then integrating on the fly translation would be better then human done more accurate translation.

Anyway for those foreign language viewers then I am now looking into it, but until then I have already seen that most of you know where the translation site are.

1st of June 2001

Being the first of yet another new month then out goes my free P62865 card special offer and in comes my new SEASON2 special offer, which you can read all about on my Special Offers page.

Another new addition to that page is the £15 credit voucher claim for the Ukraine, which I should have added weeks ago but then I have been busy.

No other changes at the moment, but there should be some in the next few days when I find the time. Well April's news has moved into the old news section, but that does not really count.

I got in my chips for the P62865 cards days ago, which was just delayed by the postal strike as expected. As three days to deliver a next day special delivery item was two days too long.

A while ago I also finally got in my PA2 cable, which is not the currently described PA2 cable. What I mean is that waiting 3 months for that cable to arrive was too long, which made me cancel the PA2 and order the longer version.

Then two weeks after I cancelled the first PA2 they then went and sent them to me, which soon went back again when I do not currently need these cables in two different lengths.

One excellent piece of news today is that Network Solutions finally got around to linking the domain to my new web server. This month long delay for them to do this simple thing was quite silly however, when I was announcing my new site the start of last month.

Anyway click here to visit my second site if you are not already there...

Last thing to mention is that I am currently restocking on GOLD cards, but as my local supplier does not have my preferred GOLD card available at the moment, then I have had to purchase some of his other type to last the 10 days until my ideal card is available.

Now while these new cards are still high quality with very good wafer quality; I should be point that they use one of the clone dias and not the original.

Anyway as they still beat other cards like those I got from Taiwan, then this should not pose a problem while I wait the 10 days for my perfect card to appear. Funny supplier however wants paying in cash, which then makes one large pile.