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30th of July 2001

Well the new NoChex payment option is proving useful when even NoChex transfer orders completed by customers up to 16:30 GMT today should be with them tomorrow. And as my business postal collection occurs between 17:20 and 17:40 then there is still time to check to see if there are any more orders.

Although it is still early days for this new payment option, being able to provide next day delivery will be popular with many customers. And no doubt this will be even more popular when NoChex adds credit card payments.

One thing I have seen is that 8 times the amount of people who click on the "Pay By NOCHEX" button then do not complete the order by sending a NoChex payment transfer. As the whole NoChex process is very easy, then I would put this down to playing with a new toy.

Hopefully customers do not overlook that unless you enter your NoChex e-mail address and password to complete the payment transfer then you won't be getting your order. As all orders sent though the NoChex system includes customer name, order total, and a unique totally random order number, which in all means that we can match the received order with these details within the payment system.

Anyway I would expect more customers to soon use this payment option, when it is a good Internet payment system, not to mention that orders can now be received within 24 hours of when you send me your order.

The only other news is that as the manufacturer now has my cheque payment for these GOLD2 cards, then I should be selling these sometime between this Friday and next Tuesday. And I can almost promise you now that this will be the cheapest price that you can find anywhere for a low quantity.

And once this first batch is all sold, then I would bet that I would have the lowest bulk price as well.

Anyway time to see if there are any more NoChex payment orders.

28th of July 2001

It would be unlikely for my visitors to spot the fact that my Order Form has now changed from an HTML document to a PHP document, even if it does now say orderform.php when you load it.

The reason for this change to a server pre-processed file format can be explained by the whole lot easier to spot large button now clearly shown on this order form.

That button is the fault of No2 who went and modified my HTML format Order Form in order to link it to my now available new payment option. And as the new order form seems to work bug free, and hopefully will not cause the server to burst into flames, then I have decided to put it on-line for your use.

What the new button allows you to do is to complete on-line ordering and payment, which over time could certainly reduce the number of orders arriving through the post each morning.

The exact method is to pay me from a NoChex account (at no extra cost), when this whole ordering process can now be ordered and dispatched within the same day.

Funds put into a NoChex account normally come from a Debit Card, but as NoChex is soon to add Credit Card support as well, then this will soon be useful for more than just UK Bank Account holders.

So if you happen to own a Debit Card then you no longer have to write me a cheque, well that is unless you really want to.

Anyway as all the details that you require are listed at least twice, then why not take a look.

Only thing to sort out is to get No2 (or myself) to check to make sure that all the vital information is entered before submitting the Order Form, when this feature is not currently included. Still as you have the option to view the submitted data before confirming the order, then you can see for yourself if for example you miss off the delivery address.

This I guess makes another day of good news, when I have now removed at least one day on the order round trip time. And this now officially becomes my fastest possible ordering method.

27th of July 2001

Considering how well my business is currently working then I expect the only way I could be more happy at this moment would be if the world's one hundred most beautiful women bowed down before me and made me their new sex based God. :-]

What I mean is that as every item is in stock in large volumes, then once again all the orders received this morning will depart this afternoon, which should mean that most will arrive with their new owners tomorrow.

Not having to currently chase up suppliers (and customers) means that I can also get a lot of extra construction work done, such as today I have now put the manual World Zone 1 & 2 prices on-line.

Hopefully the postal rates won't change often, when unlike the fast single change on my automatic Order Form, having to recalculate many weight values will take a lot longer.

Also if the two day round trip for order processing is not fast enough for you, then very soon I could cut a day off this time by accepting for the first time ever Debit card payments through a third party. And once the final link has been established then that could be here ready for use between today and Monday.

This unfortunately is not a full payment system as I would get had I an Internet Merchant Account, but this single feature could become very popular once I have established a link from my automatic Order Form.

Also as later on this same system will be able to handle Credit Card payments, then this will make a powerful system if the customer is willing to pay a small extra fee to this third party for using their service.

Anyway, full details on what this will exactly involve will be on my Ordering Details page soon enough.

The other main good news today is that as I sent off an order to the manufacturer of my new GOLD2 cards today, then the lowest cost Gold card that both single and trade customers can currently buy will here soon enough.

Once these first 1000 cards have been sold and the failure rate known (that won't take long), then this low cost GOLD2 card is highly likely to push my card sales through the roof. That is of course if they meet my strict minimum acceptable quality level, but as this manufacturer is already implementing my recommended changes then I would expect so.

Also, as I cannot stop talking about them then having my super High Quality GOLD cards in stock makes me super happy, when naturally I have not yet seen a single faulty card from this new batch. Sure it is early days when I only started selling them on Saturday, but I would not call them super high quality GOLD cards if I were expecting more than a few faulty cards in the whole lot.

Also good news is that my customers seem to listen to me concerning cards, when my total cards sold as of today has reached a new level worth mentioning.

As while only my customers hooked on reading this News page will remember that back in April I reported that my card sales in the 7 months since September had exceeded the total previous sales in the past 3 years of my old business. Well today I can report that my total card sales since September has now doubled this value.

So as in the last 3 months I have equalled what I achieved in the previous 7 months, then it is clear to see that my card sales has once again more than doubled.

While I still wonder where this vast quantity of cards eventually end up, one thing is clear when sales of this new GOLD2 card will make this latest record look very tiny.

And so once I fully support this card (or await quality improvements if it does not pass) then I am sure it won't be many months before I will be reporting card sales of ten times this previous record.

So as you can see from today's news that even winning the National Lottery would currently pale by comparison, which is why only achieving status of Demi-God could make today any better.

26th of July 2001

Once again today makes another day when all orders received this morning was all ready for dispatch in the afternoon. This means that customers who sent me their order forms yesterday could well receive their order tomorrow.

Also today I have now uploaded a new Ordering Details page in order to provide exact postage cost values for both the UK and the Rest of Europe. While I have yet to do tables for World Zone 1 & 2 moving from average to exact postage prices has certainly created many more payment levels.

Anyway I should have the other two tables complete either later today or tomorrow.

Also I have now uploaded a new copy of my Order Form in order to fix two minor mistakes. The first of these was just a correction to one item's Gross Weight, when for some reason this was previously under weighed.

The other correction was to remove the onLoad call to a missing procedure, which was left in by mistake when I borrowed some code from the currency converter.

A few people may have seen an error due to this, but as JavaScript skips over these minor problems, then most people like myself would have seen nothing wrong at all. For this reason please let me know if you do see any problems, when if you do not mention them then I cannot correct them.

Anyway as this problem is now fixed then I once again assume that my JavaScript code is 100% bug free.

Ax nothing else has really happened since yesterday, then the only thing left to mention is about the package that has been with me for the past week (as mentioned yesterday). As since they were six hours overdue yesterday, then as they missed their second promised collection then I decided to call them again.

And after giving them a piece of my mind, then to show that aggressive actions works, then half an hour later someone actually came on the third attempt to pick it up.

That means that this unknown person should have received their package today all of a week overdue. Naturally you may say that this was a lot of work by myself when the box had nothing to do with me, but as I know from back in January some boxes can be very important to people.

So I just wish that back in January when my fridge sized ELVIS batch was lost by the courier company, that someone had done the same for me. Instead as that massive batch has not been seen since, then this created a nightmare situation for myself and my customers when we had to wait 3 weeks longer for the next batch to arrive.

Most likely that package was not nearly as important, but no doubt someone will be thankful to receive it when no one would have been the wiser had I just kept it.

Anyway today's final thought is that it is always worth going out of you way to do something nice for someone. As even if you do not know the person then you are still rewarded by knowing that you did good. As after all good deeds do have there own rewards.

25th of July 2001

The good news today is that my ALIEN programmers ordered all of 75 days ago finally arrived today. This was extra good news when yesterday my stock of this item was standing at a total of one, which meant that today I was expecting that I would be telling you that these were out of stock instead.

This also means that every item you see on this site is both in stock and in large quantities.

Other good news today is that as all today's orders are currently ready for dispatch, then when this day is over then there will be not a single order here that can be dispatched. Naturally there are still a few orders here awaiting hand collection or are orders with problems meaning they cannot be dispatched, but that is really it.

So this is also a good time to place an order when like today your order could well be received and be all ready for dispatch again before lunch. And since some people pay by cheque then my bank will have their payment the following week.

The only bad thing going on recently is with courier services, when all of two of them are giving me headaches at the same time.

First problem company is with Securicor Omega who last Thursday ask me to take in a package for my next door neighbour. This I naturally did, but after he left a closer look at the package showed that it was not for my next door neighbour as stated, when the given address is actually a couple of miles from my current location.

At my expense I phoned Securicor Omega on that same day and told them that they had delivered a package to the wrong area. Everything seemed to by working as it should after this mistake, when they agreed to collect the package the following day.

Unfortunately this did not occur when at no time during Friday did they call to pick it up.

As I happen to be rather busy myself, not to mention that these courier services are closed at the weekend, then I phoned them again yesterday to arrange another collection.

Again they said that they would pick it up again the following day, when the exact time quoted was 10:00. And naturally I said that they better do it this time, when they failed to on Friday. As they are currently six hours late then I have a feeling that they are not coming today either.

This then leaves a problem when I have here a package for a person, who was expecting their next day delivery package last Thursday, but which the delivery company is refusing to collect.

I suppose I could have the package sent to him by Taxi and send Securicor Omega the bill for this expense including a handling charge for wasting my valuable time, but as I know getting them to later pay can also pose a problem.

This example is another reason why I really hate companies who waste my time not doing what they promise. When my time is extremely valuable when I already do not have enough to go around.

The other company to annoy me recently is DHL, when this has now reached a point when people deserve to die for this huge bundle of mistakes.

This began when I sent a package off to Dubai for one of my customers, but as DHL could not contact this person in the allocated time they decided to return it to me.

However as during the start of transfer back my Dubai customer got in touch with DHL, then as soon as the package arrived back in the UK it was immediately returned to Dubai.

The first I came to hear about this was when DHL sent me a bill for VAT payment on a package from Dubai. However as I had no clue what they were talking about when I had never received any such package during this time, then I had no idea what this package was about.

Also as DHL removed all my outgoing package information, then the source address, contents description "Computer Software", and package value were all very invalid.

This meant that I spent several hours going through all my paperwork to see if I could find details of such a package, which naturally I failed to do.

As a last resort I checked my outgoing DHL packages to Dubai, which is where I discovered a single link when one of these packages was returned to sender on the same day this unknown package was dispatched.

Now having an idea what this package was about I was then left wondering why the package description was invalid, and why after another check I had not received it back.

This was then the time to make my first phone call to DHL to find out what was going on, which was when I first discovered that I had not received this package due to it being returned to sender again.

After another phone call it was then agreed between myself and their accounts staff that I should not pay this VAT bill for the following three reasons...

1. This was originally my package.

2. As I have already paid VAT on these items once then I should not do so again.

3. I had never received this package back meaning that they should not have sent me a bill in the first place.

Once their accounts staff agreed to this then I put the whole matter out of my mind.

Naturally as DHL badly suck, and had already made many other mistakes before this, then over a month later I received an account update with an unknown value displayed on it.

This meant once again I had to wade through paper work to find out what was going on, when naturally I found out this was the same bill we had previously agreed that I should not pay. And at this point DHL was getting quite upset that I had not paid it.

Again I contacted them and went through this whole situation again, when this package had traveled under three separate airwaybill numbers, with a different contents description and value each trip.

Once again they agreed that this bill I should not pay, which this time got it removed from my account.

Naturally you would believe this the end of the matter until a few weeks later I got another accounts statement showing a new third value, but this time they even threatened legal action and account suspension.

Once again going through paperwork showed that this bill was one that I had recently paid, but as finding a new bill payment is quite hard when you deal with a much paperwork as I do. Then since this was not yet processed in my usual accounts period, then it took a couple of hours to find where No1 had put it after she had paid it for me.

Since this was now found then I had proof that DHL was making a huge over reaction, when you don't usually threaten customers who pay your bills in the allowed time with legal action and account suspension.

So within one week of receiving their bill it was very much paid, even though they were very unhappy with this fast payment.

That to me meant it was time to write them a long letter explaining what a bunch of "twats" they were. And with all the proof this documentation came to eight pages in all, which included a bill of my own for them wasting many hours of my time.

Recently DHL acknowledged my letter admitting that all these problems were their mistake in what they called "human error", but even so they refused to pay my bill or even offer me any alternate compensation for these many wasted hours.

This means that it is soon time to write them another letter, mentioning that the correct term for a large series of "human errors" is actually "incompetence". When it seems that hardly a month can go by without them creating another problem.

Also as I have recently received another VAT adjustment bill from them (now paid), then I just have to ask them why a package I received back in May they now three month later send me a bill for. As these idiots should know that such bills should be provided a lot more quickly, and according to VAT rules ideally within two weeks.

So now once again they cause me problems when due to them back dating this invoice to May I now have to modify my previous VAT period, when that should be already complete.

Anyway what with them sending quite a few of my packages off to the wrong countries, then in my view they are a bunch of incompetents and they need to suffer.

That is why after this second letter to DHL I will soon be sending a long list of all their faults to other interested parties. As if they are not going to pay my own perfectly fair bill for wasting my time, then I am going to make them lose this amount the hard way.

Even now when my account is all paid up I can tell that DHL still does not trust my bill payments. Which I guess means that DHL and myself are soon to declare War.

As you can tell I am now p****d off with courier services, when they are a right pain in the arse.

Maybe they should follow the example of the Royal Mail when they tried to deliver my mail to my neighbour once. As since my neighbour was out on the second wrong delivery, then one recorded item could not be delivered.

Phoning up to arrange redelivery I mentioned that they put the "while you were out" card through the wrong door. Immediately they said to phone this new number and make a complaint which I then did.

And although I am not much bothered by a one off "human error" mistake it was nice to see them take their mistake seriously by sending me a letter and ten first class stamps as compensation.

Kind of a shame that I don't use stamps much these days, but this is a good example of responsibility, which these "I don't care" courier services should learn from.

Maybe I will call Securicor Omega again an give them a piece of my mind.

24th of July 2001

Since my last news last week there has been some good changes.

Best news is that my SERIAL cables finally arrived yesterday, but as this delivery was one whole minute before my daily postal collection then it was physically impossible to send out any of the delayed orders yesterday. Still I am sure that all those delayed orders will certainly leave today.

These cables were delayed being sent by my supplier due to him awaiting another item to be able to complete my order in one go, but as this missing item was due to arrive soon then even after telling him to dispatch the cables he still wished to wait.

So only after mentioning twice that I would be paying the extra postage cost anyway did he then dispatch the second half of my SERIAL cable order last Friday.

Also as my alternate colour PCBs arrived, then from now on my P62865 cards will be in green. This was a bit of a surprise to me when I did agree with the manufacturer that these alternate colour PCBs should be in blue, but I did mention on my order that purple would also be fine.

Funny then that these were then made in green without any mention that the agreed blue was now being a problem. However as green was mentioned on my first query, then really green was my third choice.

Anyway as this green PCB looks quite nice then these are fine as long as further orders of alternate coloured PCBs are also green.

This was of course done so that my customers can then clearly see the difference between the P8416 cards and the P62865 cards, when it is not the first time that someone has tried to program this new type the wrong way.

In all this means that from yesterday all PIC16F84 based cards are on my usual red PCBs, while my single PIC16F628 type is now on a green PCB. This should then avoid the rare customer saying that my P8416 card does not work and when it arrives back for testing I find out that it is really a fully functional P62865 card.

As to the top story in my previous news item then since all my previous GOLD card stock has now all been sold, then already the new boxes of super high quality GOLD cards are now being sold. This no doubt is what many people have been waiting for, when these really are the GOLD type not to be missed.

My supply of GOLD2 cards is nearing completion, when these should start to become available within the next couple of weeks. And unlike my super high quality GOLD cards these GOLD2 type will be based around super low value.

To ensure that these cards still meet my acceptable quality level then I will start by only stocking a small quantity of 1000 cards. And once these have been sold then I can see if it is worth stocking this type long term.

Even from that start however these GOLD2 type will already cost much less then every other supplier is providing this PIC16F84 + 24LC16B "Gold" type for.

This will mean that not only will be I selling the highest quality GOLD card that I have seen for a long time, but as you will soon know I will also soon be selling the lowest cost GOLD2 card anywhere.

So no matter if you desire the highest quality Gold card around, or instead the lowest cost version, then as soon as these first sales have been completed (and I  find the failure rate) then I could supply almost however many you could desire of either type.

Naturally I would recommend paying a bit more for a better quality card, but as some of my customers and many other suppliers would desire a low cost card, then no doubt I could soon ship the GOLD2 in extremely vast quantities.

One final thing I wish to mention is that some of my site visitors seem to be morally confused when it comes to the subject of the newly renamed ITV Digital service.

To begin with then it is a technical fact that my items if misused in this way can lead to unauthorised viewing of this service.

However at no point in the past have I ever supported anyone doing this due to the simple fact that it is wrong, when you should always pay for services offered to you instead to trying to steal them.

This is why I find it very annoying when rare visitors to my site mention this desire, when this in my view equals saying that they are a criminal. And naturally I would not say this if it was not based on truth.

What I mean exactly is that owning and using such a created card is very much illegal, which then makes it dumb for people to go around and publicly express this intention.

Also if you don't believe that the Police won't act if they find out then wrong you are.

Since I have been supplying cards for many years then I have talked to several people where the Police have mistaken their innocent card use with the more serious subject of pir*cy of a UK service. Innocent though they were they certainly had no desire to repeat their time in a Police cell and being arrested and police interviewed.

Unlike that example these morally unsound people obtaining unauthorised access to the ITV Digital service won't be leaving the Police cell nearly as fast. This is naturally because they will soon be given the gift of a criminal record and no doubt a large court imposed fine, although going to prison has also been known in more extreme cases.

Now considering the seriousness of this matter then it is not at all clever to go about expressing this intent.

Also people asking me questions like "Where do I find codes for ITV Digital?" are just plain dumb. When apart from my lack of desire for this subject to begin with, it is also the case that such "support" from such a supplier as myself is even more illegal. And that means a snow ball chance in Hell that I ever would reveal this answer.

For such people who mention this morally unsound intent, then you cannot sleep well knowing that I keep everything people send me including all e-mail and letters. And were it not a fact that no one apart from myself ever sees this information, then you better hope that no one else (like the Police) ever do.

True that legal action these days is more aimed at the source of supporting information, but as illegal is still illegal then if ITV Digital soon change policy then a lot of users will soon know about it. This is because the Police will only take action if someone else mentions that person X has done something illegal, when they Police won't act on their own.

So what I am saying is that my rare visitors intent on this illegal subject should wise up, when I for one do not wish anything to do with it.

Naturally as morality is a personal issue then I choose to lead by example, when these days I am both a Sky Digital and ITV Digital subscriber. And this makes another reason why this subject annoys me, when such people help ruin a service that I pay for.

Anyway as I always say people do always pay, then they have the choice of the easy way now or the hard way later. Subscription, Police, or God, your choice.

Hopefully my view on this subject (as well as the legal situation) is now clear, when I have always supported paying for services offered to you.

19th of July 2001

I am pleased to say that my super High Quality GOLD cards are now back in stock, after my local supplier delivered them at 13:00 (an hour late) today.

These are the type that last time I sold them, not that long ago, my customers who saw them simply loved them and made extra strong calls to obtain more. Although that was my wish as well, obtaining more of these cards were not then possible, when my own supplier had problems getting them from the factory himself.

While I waited for these cards however I got in a small quantity of another GOLD type using one of the clone pads, which did not do too well when these had about six times the failure rate of my usual higher quality GOLD cards.

After those were sold I got in my current stock of similar High Quality cards using the original die. These have sold well due to the low failure rate, even if from my testing my super High Quality cards should have about 2 or 3 faulty cards per thousand less than my current stock.

Anyway as my current stock will be sold out in the next couple of days, then very soon I will be selling the much loved super High Quality cards. And I certainly hope that the failure rate will be as low as it was last time, but I currently see no reason why not when these are extremely well made cards.

Also from my sales figures over the last few months it seems that the majority of my customers are certainly willing to pay a little more for a much higher quality GOLD card. For this reason my No1 top quality GOLD card could well sell extremely fast, but as that is in the near future then who can say.

So as I am just about to sell the card that my customers have been demanding, then what are you waiting for. This GOLD card certainly gets my recommendation when I have been trying hard to get this card type again for many weeks. And should you believe anything I say (and are in need of a GOLD card), then I would really call you a bunch of rude name were you to buy any other type of Gold Wafer card instead.

A very well made GOLD card, so you should now know what to do.

And I certainly hope that I can get this type again next time I come to restock, but as wafer card supply has always been extremely variable then odds would place that in the realm of unlikely.

18th of July 2001

Well I finally did it. What I mean is that I have not posted an advert to the Usenet since about February 1999, which if I recall correctly was stopped at that time due to very high demand and a shortage of Gold cards.

Not since that day have I felt the desire to post another advert when my business often doubles in size each three months anyway, which I know well is a damned lot of work.

However today that has changed when I was exploring the idea of maybe doing another advert somewhere, which gave me an idea to look up what I used to do long, long ago.

A shame those items still mentioned with a Google search I no longer sell, but seeing those adverts once again proved too tempting.

So after a 29 month long break my first Usenet advert in all this time can now be found in the satellite groups. No doubt I will post another soon enough, but if this will continue naturally depends on if demand does not get too extreme.

Well I certainly know about extreme increases in demand, when I have now suffered that nightmare situation all of three times. The last time naturally was back in January/February this year, when everyone desired ELVIS as their own late Christmas present. And as I said just on my second day back that demand in just 2 days had exceeded the whole of November, then you can guess how bad that time was when demand then increased again.

Anyway even though my business is larger still times are just about problem free, when all the important stock is working well. For example all my cards are here (in various building stages), and I have many spare boxes of ELVIS stored.

This then opens the possibility of dealing with more orders, which then explains why I did that Usenet advert. Also as this will make new customers aware of the new items that I sell then this is a good thing.

Kind of reminds me of one customer recently who mentioned that he had been on the Internet and interested in Satellite TV for x number of years and that was his first much welcome visit to my site. Well I was surprised by that considering the popular items that I have sold in the past and now, but I guess you have to remind these groups that you still live now and again.

Anyway as you can tell this is kind of a big event, not just because it then screws up the start of my welcome page, but where it goes from there depends on the response.

One thing I forgot to mention when I uploaded my latest Special Offers page is that we have our first invasion of Mauritius. Naturally that customer will very soon receive one of my £15 credit vouchers, but as that is now the 20th such voucher given away then this is extra good news.

Very soon it will be my VAT payment time, which occurs every three months. Never a happy month when these tax people earn more out of my business then I do, mostly due to reinvestment of profit. Paying such a large amount can lead to a temporary shortage of funds, but as I plan for this event then it has never really been a problem. This month it just means that I cannot buy as many GOLD cards as desired, but with large stocks anyway then that is no problem at all.

Well today is the day that I sort out the pre-agreed purchase of this new GOLD batch, even though I still have enough GOLD cards in stock to last.

17th of July 2001

I have now added a new card type to my Cards page, not to mention the ordering form. This is a PIC16F84 + 24C65 card that anyone understanding my PCB card ordering codes will already know that it will be called P8465.

This naturally will be a simple combination of my P8416 card with the EEPROM normally used in the already popular P62865 card. And this card is available for use with the firmware that needs this type.

It seems that public firmware which can run on my P62865 cards is now doing a lot better then it used to. Such as one interesting program that supports three different systems on the one card, which is proof enough that the PIC16F628 can do a lot more than the old PIC16F84 could.

I have two other card ideas which I will soon explain, but first as you can see from my cards page I have now added bulk prices for my GOLD card for those that desire more cards.

The first possible idea is to support a second type of Gold card, which I would call GOLD2.

As although I strongly support the highest quality GOLD cards, there is an extra price to pay to obtain such quality. So my idea is to give my customers a choice of high quality or best price, when having both features in the one card is impossible.

That will mean that while my high quality GOLD cards remain; the possible GOLD2 card will be offered at what no doubt will be the best price you can currently buy a Gold card for.

This is in response to other suppliers now offering lower priced Gold cards with a lower build quality as well.

However to ensure that cheap Gold cards meet my minimum allowed requirements I expect that I will offer some of these GOLD2 cards to my customers at an extra low price. This will allow me to see the exact failure rate and thereby if this cheaper type is worth supporting.

And as naturally every faulty card found would be replaced, then there is no risk involved with this quality test.

In all both these aspects are to move into higher volume Gold card supply, which is to mostly get other suppliers interested as well.

Anyway it will certainly be an interesting day when I can offer my customers both the best quality GOLD card around, and the lowest price possible GOLD2 card.

The other card idea is to soon support a PIC16F876 + 24C64 wafer card.

Now although the PIC16F876 is even further removed from the PIC16F84 (PIC16F84 = 18pin, PIC16F628 = 18pin, PIC16F876 = 40pin), meaning that it is a harder card for firmware authors to support, this even higher capacity "flash" microcontroller already has public firmware available and well who knows.

My view however is that as the PIC16F628 + 24C65 type already appears to be the most popular post-Gold type around, then the PIC16F876 based wafer will only be popular until I have my hands on a PIC16F628 based wafer.

What I mean is that as firmware authors are already squeezing three entire systems on to one of my P62865 cards, then an even higher capacity flash microcontroller will be a bit wasteful. Not to mention that you do pay extra for this 40pin monster, when many people would naturally pick the cheaper option.

Before I offer that card type however I would have to see how my customers can through-PIC program that EEPROM, when already this process on my P62865 cards is not as easy as I would like.

Well that is my view on cards. And as I have the word "card" in my name, then I believe that I know what I am talking about.

16th of July 2001

Adding a new page to this site is one of the most time consuming things that I have to do, but when combined with adding new items as well then this is even worse.

What I mean exactly is that after lots of hard work this weekend my new Order Form information page is now on-line. And since I do not do rush jobs, then that is why this new page took a while to get created.

Just think that this one page simply describing how to use another page on this site is large than some other suppliers whole web sites, but then creating a brief description would have been out of character with the rest of this site.

Sometimes I wonder if my visitors start reading my site on the Monday and finish on the Friday, but as I hear many more good comments about this web site than bad, then I have no plans to change the way I enjoy creating new pages.

Anyway, my previously previewed automatic Order Form is from this day forwards fully attached to my main menu. And so no more having to scroll down this news page to find my few Order Form links for those who are now frequent users.

Since that task is now about 90% complete then I will now consider a couple of other large changes which could equally be as useful to my customers. As always no details until there is something to see, but I just wish that I had the time to get some major site improvement research done.

Unfortunately as customers would desire to receive their orders, then site improvements get classed with other subjects only done when I have the spare time.

I have recently been reconsidering my view on advertising, but as I can sometimes get swamped with customers doing no advertising at all, then careless advertising could be considered as a very bad idea. What I mean is that advertising a popular site like this one will only make problem times much worse.

Makes me wonder what full advertising would be like, when no advertising often results in my business doubling in size each two to three months. Not to mention times like January this year when my no direct advertising business increased by over three times in the single month instead.

Obviously an extremely bad idea to open such floodgates, but still some minor advertising is something to consider when there are also advantages to extra customers, such as offering my service to new markets.

Apart from site changes I am now pleased to say that more BABY programmers arrived on about Thursday, which means that I once again have loads in stock.

I am hoping that my old orders for both SERIAL and ALIEN arrive soon, when the first is out of stock (apart from the ELVIS serial cables) and the other stock is getting quite low.

Also I have great news from the world of GOLD cards, when first of all my current GOLD type has been doing very well. The first half of this batch was with no faulty cards at all, while unfortunately a few cards in one of the second half boxes suffered an EEPROM address write problem.

This I do not really consider as a wafer card production fault, when it sounds more of a Microchip die problem. What I mean is that the wafer build testing would confirm that the EEPROM was there, but preforming a full read/write test for this rare pre-production fault would be unlikely.

However I have even better news when I comes to restocking on GOLD cards at the end of this week. The reason for this extra good news is that the High Quality GOLD cards that I did not believe that I would see again will if all goes as planned soon be back in stock.

These cards should you not wish to crawl through my old news are that ones that my informed customers (including myself) have had an extra desire to purchase due to their very good build quality and extra low failure rate. Best damned GOLD cards that I have seen in a long time, and end of this week they should be back in stock.

Naturally the failure rate can change slightly with each batch, but if you wish to own the highest quality GOLD card that I have seen for a long time, then later this week they should be back in stock. No idea how long this stock will last however, when I have had customers pounding on my door wishing to buy only this type.

Still even my second choice GOLD cards have been doing well including the few faulty cards with the EEPROM problem, which in all is pleasing when my cards have both a good price and a high quality.

For an example of what else goes around under the "Gold" name, then recently one manufacturer offered me Gold cards at an excellent price. However the testing results were not as good, when this manufacturer sent me three test cards.

The first card did not work at all. The second card programmed fine, but then did not work in the testing. However at least the third card did work fine in programming and testing.

Unfortunately this Gold card was not built too well either, which contradicts the manufacturers claim. The main problem was that the plastic used in the wafer was much too soft.

That is why the only remaining functional test card failed the thermal test, when this so called Gold card set a new speed record by suffering thermal bending after just one day. This thermal problem with Gold cards was mostly solved during the low cheap to high expensive (but got lower priced) Gold card switch last year, which then make modern Gold cards suitable for most higher temperature digital use.

Now even though I am very familiar with the old low quality Gold card thermal problem, this new low cost Gold card even done worse then the low quality Gold card that I much moaned about in the past. As I do not use much heat in my testing, when some of my customers would apply more heat, then just one day with some bending for me would result in a plastic blob for my most hot use customers.

That recent example is just to point out the large difference between the Gold cards that go around, when I who only stock the higher quality type (but have seen them all) will at the end of this week have in stock the Gold card that until I see better gets my number one vote.

And if you don't believe me then you can always ask my past customers who have already received the High Quality 02 type. For as I know once they saw that type then they kept asking for more. Best proof however is that I only waffle on when talking about extra good items. :-]

Well as you can tell I am pleased about it anyway, even if my current GOLD cards did nearly as well. And that no doubt is a lot better then the other Gold cards going around.

10th of July 2001

As mentioned on the 5th myself (Cardman) and No2 arrived back in this country late yesterday.

This trip allowed me to obtain several different stock items at an excellent price, which my supplier was going to throw away (long story), but as these would be useful to me then I am helping dispose of them for him.

The only down-side is that these items are so new that they often come in strips, as they would straight from the factory, which in all means that each and every one needs to be fully tested.

Anyway as my own supplier no longer sells any of these items (including the fact that I now own his entire stock), then many of these items will be both the first and last items of these types that I ever supply.

On with other news then yesterday my latest SEASON2 arrived here, which will allow No1 to today complete most delayed orders.

Unfortunately there are not enough SERIAL cables to complete all orders (due to some large trade orders), but as these have been on order for a couple of months (awaiting another item in order to dispatch the entire order), then today I will make sure that this supplier dispatches the other half of my SERIAL cable order.

Once these SERIAL cables arrive within a couple of days then the SEASON2 will be fully back in stock.

In the few days I was away there were three unauthorized callers wishing to purchase items, but as they obviously did not read my news page then they had to be told by No1 to come back at a later date.

Well back to work once again.

5th of July 2001

Both myself and No2 will be leaving the country this weekend on business.

This will mean that my entire e-mail system will be closed between tomorrow lunchtime (6th) and until we can answer it again on Tuesday (10th). Also as both the "informed" people will not be here then this will affect order collection during this time.

What I mean is that remaining here will only be No1 (who cannot calculate totals well) and my brother who basically knows nothing about my business.

This means that only pre-arranged orders can be collected during this time, when any requests for other items will result in the people here either not knowing what you want, or only having a basic idea what it costs.

So anyone turning up without an appointment could well be told to go away and come back on Tuesday. Not that I would ever recommend visiting without an appointment of course.

And this short trip should sort out supply problems and obtain enough stock to last an extremely long time. Also as this is some excellent value new stock then that is why it is worth my personal attention.

4th of July 2001

As you may have noticed my site update for July's Special Offer is late this month.

This is due to a number of factors; in that the July offer is on an item out of stock the start of this month. Also as I know that this item was about to arrive, then the update was delayed until new ELVIS stock arrived as expected yesterday.

The second factor was that No1 (who normally packs the orders) was away Monday and yesterday this week in order to attend the funeral of her last previously surviving aunt. This meant that as dispatching delayed orders takes priority, then I spent all of yesterday dispatching ELVIS orders.

And that is why it is today that I now make this update, which now includes the latest International postage changes in my automatic Order Form.

However, as I am truly cursed, then naturally my server seems to be not working this morning, which means that only can see these changes to begin with. Also as this is another problem, then I am starting to doubt my GhoulNet hosting for this URL.

While the good news is that ELVIS is back in stock, the not so good news is that the restocking on my SEASON2 is being more of a problem. However I am sure that I can have these back in stock within a few days time .

Anyway another month and another Special Offer, finally.