9th of January, 2007

As you may be able to guess I am quite happy now that I finally have FUN2 and FUN4 cards spare in stock. Not just a few cards either but loads of cards to avoid any further supply delays on these types. I am most happy that the latest orders to be received for these types will certainly all be dispatched today, where that is how things should be now that my own suppliers are not causing me delays.

So if you desire to see the true speed of my company, now that I am not subject to delays outside my control, then there is no better time to place an order.

I can also say that I have now answered all e-mail that was received since my e-mail system reopened on the 3rd following this recent holiday. So I only now have to reply to all the e-mail received during this holiday, when of course some customers did not read the big "CLOSED" warning on my e-mail page, then there could well be a few in the week before that.

I can say that there has been some signs that some e-mail has been lost due to my e-mail server for my cardman.co.uk domain going up and down multiple times since about the 29th, but this is not conclusive quite yet. Since all e-mail has now been answered from the 3rd onwards then if any customers does not yet have their expected reply then please let me know to confirm this lost e-mail theory one way or the other.

As there has been no further down periods for the past couple of days then my hosting provider may now have resolved this problem caused by them upgrading all their hosting software during this holiday. I mentioned before how they broke my web site with a PHP linkage issue, but straight after that they moved on to killing the e-mail server as well. I could not even contact them to report this problem when lots of other customers blocked up their live reply system.

Well since my e-mail replies are going more efficiently than expected then I should have every possible e-mail reply done between late tomorrow and sometime on Thursday. So if any customer wants to ask something then there is no better time to ask and to receive a quick reply.

At least now that all these FUN2 and FUN4 customers are receiving their orders between today and tomorrow then so will the demand on my e-mail system be much reduced, when customers tend to go silent once they have the goods, where I only have ATMEGA card orders to deal with now.

So to sum this up then getting everything done and getting all business aspects back into operation is now almost complete follow this Xmas and New Year holiday when this first week back always tends to be a busy one.

8th of January, 2007

Welcome to the day that the vast majority of these orders now get dispatched. To begin with then the FUN4 cards from my U.A,E wholesaler were the first to arrive today at about 7:40am by Citylink. After taking about one hour to count out all these cards, then I can say that this wholesaler did send me the correct number of cards.

This type happens to be the Open Platform type where this manufacturer has now moved on to the Revision B cards resolving known issues in the process. This wholesaler confirms that they work fine, where at least they would not supply cards had they not done so, where they got the colouring right this time as well. Although I am doubtful that they ever released first generation problem FUN4 cards, when only the FUN2 cards hit the market first, then so have these problems been resolved.

So no problem there which is why I will be completing every FUN4 card order today.

More good news is that my FUN2 cards are now out for delivery with DHL. I will mention when they turn up as well in a section just below this one, but they are likely to be here around 12 and 2pm. So the FUN4 card orders will be completed this morning, where FUN2 card orders will be completed this afternoon.

So I will now begin counting the cards out for each order. I like to do that instead of my No1 worker when I am ultra precise in ensuring that the correct number is always dispatched. Anyway, since today will be an extremely busy day, then I had better go work hard to ensure that no FUN2 or FUN4 order remains by the end of today.

Extra News...

I can now confirm that all FUN4 orders have now been dispatched. I am still waiting for this FUN2 card order to turn up though at 2pm, but I guess that DHL is running more slowly today being a Monday. As long as these cards turn up before 5pm then all should be well, but otherwise they will have to depart tomorrow instead.

So as soon as all these orders are gone I can get back to sorting out the e-mail, where all e-mail should at least be answered within one week of my return to work following this holiday. That is what it says on my e-mail page when during very busy times it can take e-mail longer to be answered.

One other thing I have not yet mentioned is that the e-mail server for my domain has been up and down at least three times since they upgraded their hosting server software. Hopefully this problem has not resulted in any lost e-mail, but then I don't know that yet until someone mentions it.

In any case every outstanding e-mail will certainly now be answered between now and the end of the week. I am looking forwards to telling most customers "Your order has been dispatched", "Your order has been dispatched", and the occasional "Your order has been dispatched. Deal with it". Well that is what they want to hear which is why I have been working constantly since my company reopened on the 3rd to get that done.

Well I will now see if my FUN2 card order arrives before 5pm. This package left the Maidstone DHL depot at 8:18am this morning where despite me being about their closest delivery address then they tend to go all the way out to the furthest delivery address before working their way all the way back to their depot. Monday they are likely to be a little later than usual due to the additional packages from the weekend.

Yet More News...

I am pleased to say that DHL delivered this FUN2 card order at 4:15pm. So with a lot of work all outstanding FUN2 card orders left with my daily postal collection at 5:30pm.

To help minimise the new e-mail being received during the next 24 hours then I will now clearly point out that any customer who has an order for FUN2 or FUN4 cards then that order is certainly now gone. So it is pointless even wondering if your order was dispatched today or not when there is not even a single order here requiring these card types. So bye bye FUN2 and FUN4 orders where the Royal Mail will now deliver them mostly tomorrow, but a slow Royal Mail equals some on Wednesday as well.

The FUN2 cards that arrived today were the Galaxy design. So no problems there and in fact the new design of these Galaxy cards look very nice. I did not find the old design too appealing, but I think the new design makes them look better than the Open Platform brand.

So I pleased to say that vast volumes of FUN2 and FUN4 cards are now available in stock. This means that any new customer ordering these types any time between now and 4:30pm tomorrow would certainly have that order dispatched tomorrow. And that I believe is better reflection of my company now that problem wholesalers are not causing me delays. I also have very large stocks to avoid further restocking issues for a long time.

Although it is obvious to say that I would have hoped that supply did go better in December, but I think that I managed to recover well enough after this U.A.E supplier messed up my pre-Xmas supply plans. The Xmas and New Year holiday helped none when nothing much could happen during this time, but these orders have now been completed on the 4th working day following the New Year holiday. The first day was spent reopening my company, day two and three involved slapping my suppliers about until they coughed up my card orders, where day four was of course today.

I can now also confirm that since this huge demand began on the 23rd of November then a total of 89% of all orders have now been completed. The remaining 11% are obviously ATMEGA card orders where some of those I hope to complete before this weekend, where I doubt that the rest are too far behind.

So between now and this weekend I will make sure that every e-mail received since the start of Xmas gets answered. I have already done some of them, but it should be obvious enough what else I have been very occupied with recently. So while my e-mail support may be sucky in the two weeks before and after Xmas (one before, one after) but that will change for the better now that I have just off-loaded a swarm of customers.

As to what I will do first then at this time I will have a long rest, where the e-mail can be dealt with tomorrow morning and how many following days it takes.

7th of January, 2007

I am pleased to say that from this evening every FUN2 and FUN4 card order is now ready to be dispatched. So the only thing that needs to be done now is for these cards to arrive sometime tomorrow where following a lot of card counting then all these orders really will then be dispatched.

So the vast majority of outstanding orders will have been completed on the 4th working day following the Xmas and New Year holiday, which as things go is actually quite good. Too bad that this U.A.E wholesaler messed up my supply in the two weeks before Xmas, costing me thousands of pounds in the process, but then these things can sometimes happen.

This new week will be a good point for my company. After all having both FUN2 and FUN4 cards in stock, two of the three most popular types, will allow me to dispatch new orders immediately. The completion of all these orders will also allow me to off-load lots of customers, where I have mentioned in the past that just answering e-mail can take up my entire day. That tends to happen on a Monday, or in this case following back to work, where spending all my time responding to e-mail would mean that nothing else gets done. That is why only some e-mail has been replied to recently, which also explains why all these FUN2 and FUN4 orders depart tomorrow.

In any case once these orders get dispatched tomorrow then e-mail will be my top priority for much of the rest of the week. At least outstanding orders for ATMEGA cards, the only type currently needed, are not that many in number. So those ones will receive my ATMEGA card supply updates, while everyone else is "Your order has now been completed".

In other words my company will soon begin working smoothly again now that the attack of the rabid customers is over. I am just left wondering how many customers will thank me for doing battle with all these problems so that they can have their orders? Not that many I guess, but the odd ones reminds me why I put up with this.

Since FUN2 and FUN4 card supply is so last year news then it is about time I said more about ATMEGA cards. Some good news here is that some of these cards are now on their way from Germany, but I will need more to be able to complete all orders. The main problem with this card type is that neither of my two main suppliers can currently provide them, where the Atmel die fault springs to mind stalling new production. The market does have some ATMEGA cards but these are usually at a higher price than with my ATMEGA prices.

So resolving this problem can be done in two ways, where the first method is to simply wait for new production to become available. I said before that will happen in January where the only question is the exact date. In this respect this is why I am hoping that my FUN6 order does end up lost (not found yet at least), when switching that payment back to ATMEGA cards covers that option. That payment started off as FUN2 and ATMEGA, then switched to FUN4 and FUN6, then a lost FUN6 package equals FUN4 and ATMEGA.

The second method is just to look around more. These cards seem harder to find than with the Funcards, but I am sure that I can find these cards soon enough. At least now that FUN2 and FUN4 supply is sorted out then I will have a lot more time to do this, when then I would only have e-mail, taxes, and a few letters to do. So from now on I should be reporting increased ATMEGA card progress, when the more available card types from tomorrow will be done.

In any case I will report when these DHL shipments turn up. The FUN2 cards will be here tomorrow, the FUN4 should be as well, but the second FUN4 package should be here Tuesday or Wednesday if tomorrow I give DHL a good kick in the behind. The ATMEGA cards from Germany should arrive before the weekend but we will have to see on that one.

6th of January, 2007

To highlight how well January supply is now doing then so can I say that my FUN2 card order in now with DHL in Maidstone. This package left London Heathrow at 6:56 this morning, where it arrived with DHL in Maidstone at 9:58. So since this package is now just up the road from me (and a little bit further) then I would now be shocked if this vast volume of FUN2 cards did not arrive here Monday. Between Noon and 2pm is most likely due to their go out and work back towards base delivery route.

There has also been another change in this incorrectly sent package of FUN4 cards from my Singapore supplier when after I told him to tell DHL to return this package to him then so did he say that he would prefer me to have them anyway. So now he has told DHL to deliver this package to me where this supplier will now be paid once I am certain that I will need them.

The good news here is that these cards can be a backup in case my U.A.E supplier fails to supply, even if all current signs point to the opposite when they should be here Monday as well. Having these cards here will also avoid a restocking delay, when once all the FUN4 cards from this U.A.E supplier are sold then I can immediately switch to this second supply.

The only down side is that I will have to pay import tax on it, but then I can always claim this back in April. To highlight how imprecise import tax actually is then my first package was incorrectly not charged, the second package does not even contain the cards that the invoice claims, and on all three of these packages the stated value has been largely reduced as is common on every package that I have ever received from an Asian source. In other words my tax payment is as accurate is if I had picked random values. Not that I am complaining mind you when these dodgy import invoices saves Customs holding on to lots of my money for the next three months.

In any case I am now expecting three packages to arrive early next week, each containing a vast volume of cards, where I would now be very surprised if any FUN2 or FUN4 card order remains here following Tuesday. They should all depart on Monday as it happens, but I always add on an extra day when this World is not one of perfection. To ensure that every order does depart as quickly as possible then so am I working my butt off this weekend getting these orders ready for dispatch. So I will mention again that my e-mail replies will be a bit lacking at this time when it is better to get these orders gone than to spend the time instead telling customers that their order will be dispatched only soon.

Also while checking out some information I see that tomorrow is this U.A.E wholesaler's first anniversary. What I mean is that it was on the 7th of December that they receive my first payment for a certain batch of FUN2 cards. Cards they said would be dispatched as soon as my payment was picked up, cards that I had previously confirmed with them had no operational problems, and cards that should have been here the following week. I sent them the second payment for the ATMEGA cards on the 12th, where I had hoped to do FUN4 cards as well around the 15th. You can now see that investing heavily in this questionable U.A.E wholesaler has caused the most serious delay here, now not supplying me with a single card in one whole month from tomorrow, which explains why my further use of this supplier will now be kept to a minimum.

Well to make this the shortest news section seen for a long time then to minimise the required work done on Monday then so had I better get back to doing that work now.

5th of January, 2007

I can now report further progress on these pending FUN2, FUN4 and FUN6 deliveries from my two suppliers.

To begin with I can now confirm that it will be my U.A.E supplier who will be providing these FUN4 cards. Following my demand yesterday to provide these cards or I would cancel and take my other suppliers cards then he has now confirmed that these cards are now being dispatched to me. In all I would expect delivery of these FUN4 cards on Monday, where this order is already in the UK and so should be the case of a one working day delivery.

So I have now told my Singapore supplier to tell DHL to now return those incorrectly sent FUN4 cards to him.

There has also been progress on my FUN2 card order when this package arrived at London Heathrow at exactly 6am. As I am doubtful that a direct flight between Singapore and London takes 18 hours then I suspect that it is more true to say that DHL employees were not working during the early hours where this package was only processed once work resumed at 6am. I will soon check the flight time of my first package from this supplier to confirm both the flight time and this theory.

This package is unfortunately not yet at DHL in Maidstone when at 6:58am it went into a clearance delay. Both myself and my supplier have been asking DHL to explain this delay, but at just after 2pm I found out that answer when DHL phoned me asking for my VAT registration number. In other words this package is subject to import tax and DHL required my VAT number so that the required information can be submitted to Customs so that later on Customs can issue me one of their blue forms.

So just as soon as DHL complete Customs clearance can this package be passed on to DHL in Maidstone. Unfortunately these two delays does means that neither delivery nor collection today can happen. After all even if collection today was possible then I would only receive these FUN2 cards following my postal cut off time. So since no outstanding order could depart today then it is now a question of waiting for normal delivery on Monday. Well this shipment time is supposed to be two working days anyway, where my cheat method to reduce it to one working day can only happen if there are no delays.

In any case I will soon tell my Singapore supplier to state my VAT registration number on these Customs invoices so that this Customs delay need never happen again. One interesting point here though is that this also means that Customs did not charge me import tax on my first order from this Singapore supplier.

I have also now confirmed what is happening with my FUN6 card order. These arrived at London Heathrow on the 24th of December, where on the 27th DHL moved them to London Gatwick. This makes a good time to point out that had this supplier dispatched this order on the Thursday the 21st, as he had mentioned to me on Wednesday the 20th, then I could well have got all outstanding FUN4 completed on Friday the 22nd, but this supplier's dispatch on Saturday the 23rd meant that this package would now be delayed somewhat.

In any case it is recent news on these FUN6 cards that is important, where I can now report that following DHL's transfer between Heathrow and Gatwick then this package is now officially misplaced. This is not quite the case of yet being lost, where DHL just does not quite know where it is. And what with lots of packages needing to be stored with them over Xmas then during these first few days of back to work they have yet to relocate all of their package.

To be honest then I hope DHL does loose this order when I paid 130 USD to insure this order so no problem anyway. The reason for this is that since on Monday every FUN4 card order will be completed with FUN4 cards, then I don't really need vast volumes of FUN6 cards any more, where a loss means that I can swap them for something better. After all I only ordered these cards in an emergency situation to get FUN4 card orders completed before Xmas, but then this slow U.A.E supplier failed to deliver these cards in time. Since these are expensive cards that won't sell too well once I have FUN4 cards here, then switching this payment back to the original ATMEGA cards would be a better idea.

So this counts as the only time that I hope that a courier service does lose one of my packages. I was not best pleased having to pay 71% more to complete these orders in the first place, I have already enquired if this supplier would take them back due to the FUN4 cards now being available, where a lost package makes a good opportunity to change. So bad luck would be good luck in this case, but then again DHL may still soon find it.

This situation would go down as the final December curse. I have mentioned in past years that some of my working months seem cursed and other months blessed, where December being the month that nothing went right makes me brand it a cursed month. By contrast then November went quite well and where early January seems to be rapidly improving.

The other aspect that has come to light in recent days is that this U.A.E supplier is not actually dispatching my orders to my address at all. I place an order and they end up with their person in London then wanting me to arrange collection, which is what is happening with this FUN4 card order. Since I found this extremely naughty of this U.A.E wholesaler, where they seem to want to minimise their costs, then so have I now insisted that they deliver my orders to my front door.

What is really happening here is that they are shipping all of their customer's orders into the UK in one huge combined package, where once in the UK they then split these up. This supplier obviously had the thought that since Maidstone is only 30 miles away from London that I would be happy to drop into London to pick them up, thereby saving them the delivery cost. Beyond already paying them twice as much for delivery over my Singapore supplier then I obviously do not approve of their plan of making me foot the transport cost as well!

That makes a supplier first when no other supplier has shipped my orders elsewhere before. The most annoying aspect is that they never once mentioned their delivery system to me. I only discovered this recently when I contacted their person in London to find out from him where my FUN6 cards were, where I then blew a fuse yesterday when he mentioned that they had not yet arrived with him.

If you think this is a strange system then why they do this is to avoid their customers having to pay import tax. They have their own UK company to pay the import tax and to every three months claim it back. Since customers have paid for these goods in the U.A.E then their UK branch is like selling these cards to them a second time at zero value. I don't think that this third person supply should cause me unusual tax problems but I will soon check to be sure.

So that is the deal with this supplier where from now on these packages should arrive at my front door following their quick stop in London. You can also begin to see that the tracking number they did gave me was for their combined shipment, which they neglected to mention was not actually going to me. You can also now see that this misplaced package is not just for my ordered FUN6 cards, when this package would have contained thousands of other cards as well. I am therefore not the only supplier to have been affected by this misplaced package, but I could well be the only one that hopes that DHL does not find it.

So at this time I would be highly surprised if FUN2 and FUN4 cards do not both arrive on Monday. DHL is this afternoon clearing my FUN2 cards through Customs, where also this morning this U.A.E wholesaler instructed their local worker to dispatch these FUN4 cards to me. They could be here tomorrow, but DHL dispatch is likely to equal Monday delivery. I will soon hassle them for a tracking number to know the delivery date for sure, but in any case they will be here very soon.

The only other thing to mention is that getting all Xmas and following e-mail answered is going to take somewhat longer than I had expected. Not only has there been a lot more e-mail received since my e-mail system reopened on the 3rd, but these past few days I have been doing serious battle with my suppliers to get these cards here. Since I must have sent over 10 fax letters to my U.A.E supplier recently then this has obviously taken up a lot of my time. So while a lot more e-mail will be answered both today and this weekend, but only all outstanding e-mail will be answered by early next week. I can wish that my customers would read this News page for expected dispatch information, but then they also like to ask directly.

This weekend is now the point when all these FUN2 and FUN4 orders get prepared for dispatch, which is another time consuming task, where these orders will only need the cards added once they arrive. Monday that certainly should be, but delivery beyond Tuesday would be machine gun rampage on a certain supplier time. Well I told him to get these cards here by Monday or these orders will be canceled, where he seems to be doing that on one of these two orders. I will be more flexible on the FUN6 cards, when I only needed one of these two orders anyway, where seeing if DHL has lost this package or not is a good point to receive or switch cards on that order.

So I now only have to keep a watch to make sure everyone does their job, but it would now take quite a disaster to not get all these FUN2 and FUN4 orders dispatched on Monday.

Well it is no longer December now is it? I can already see my luck change due to good progress these last few days. No more faulty cards, no more production failures, no more suppliers saying that they can provide cards and then fail to do so, no more silly suppliers wanting to ban me for fair criticism, no more incorrectly sent cards, no more misplaced packages causing delays, and no more upset customers due to all these issues. Well you can read my December history for yourself where you can make up your own mind if December was one of my cursed months or not. I think so myself when so many problems in a long stream cannot be natural.

Some further good news is that while writing this latest news section my FUN2 card order from Singapore now cleared Customs at 19:09. So this package is now certainly on the way for a Monday delivery, where soon enough it will be departing for DHL in Maidstone.

Well I had better go answer more e-mail when not every customer can estimate for themselves when their order should be completed by reading this very News page.

4th of January, 2007

Well there is some good news here today. That batch of FUN2 cards from Singapore have now been dispatched to me where DHL picked them up at 11:48 Singapore time. This package only left Singapore though at 21:13, where this 9 hour delay was unhelpful, but then that cannot be helped.

So if all goes as planned these cards should arrive at London Heathrow around Midnight to 2am our time. And if DHL manages to get these cards with DHL Maidstone before the morning dispatches depart then they could well be here around tomorrow lunchtime. If not then DHL Maidstone should certainly get them tomorrow where with only a little luck I can see about collection.

Some other good news is that my Singapore supplier took my advance to not have DHL return this incorrectly sent order of FUN4 cards quite yet, when after all I may be needing them soon. So this is the real reason for this clearance delay when DHL is waiting to be told what to do with this package.

That answer they will know tomorrow at around Noon. This being due to the fact that I have just sent this U.A.E supplier a final demand saying that either their order had better be already on their way to me or at Noon U.A.E time this order will be automatically cancelled.

This U.A.E wholesaler mentioned when I ordered that these cards could be supplied immediately, but as can now be seen this does not appear to be the case. He has replied today to one of my three faxes, but the information provided was very unclear, which may just be a stalling technique.

So if this U.A.E supplier does not very soon confirm dispatch then tomorrow I will tell my Singapore supplier that I will take his FUN4 cards instead. He would then tell DHL to go for delivery, where these FUN4 cards could well be here Monday.

As to those FUN6 cards at London Gatwick then my research into the cause of the delay here has highlighted that this situation is a lot more complex than what it appears. I will mention the full story here once I know this myself, when at this time I am awaiting replies from both this U.A.E supplier and their person in London.

Due to this situation then that is why I am now very insistent on getting this FUN4 card supply sorted out, when either of these two supplies could complete all outstanding FUN4 orders with plenty of cards to spare. Now that everyone is back to work then the only real delays here will be what my suppliers cause, where such delays will not be tolerated as my recent actions highlight.

On to other news then my Echostar AD3000IP VA multi-satellite receiver blew up just before Xmas, or more correctly it goes into boot recycling and gets very hot. Following a final test this receiver will need to be sent off for repair, which would make for a second time for this one.

My brother gave me his Sky+ Digibox today, an Amstrad DRX180 model, when on the 10th he leaves to go live and work in the United States. This Digibox is no good for moving an actuator of course, but useful once I complete my Multiswitch upgrade. I had planned to get this Multiswitch install done before Xmas, but then sorting out certain problems took up all of my time.

Most interesting is that his Sky Subscription is still working. That won't last many weeks now that it has been cancelled, but I will switch it over to my account once it expires. My current account will then be cancelled where this card can be just be used as an FTV one.

This Sky+ Digibox can replace my older Digibox in the living room, where this older Digibox can be moved to the main bedroom. It is a good job that I currently have a Sky+ Quad LNB on my dish, when I can soon have a third coaxial cable run to feed the second LNB input on this Sky+ Digibox. Later on it would require two inputs from my multiswitch but that won't be a problem.

In any case I will wire up this receiver this evening and see what it can do. I will try this subscription card in my other Digibox first, when I will confirm if these cards are locked to the receivers or not.

So the news of the day is that FUN2 cards are already on the way, FUN4 cards will be here not long following, when I will know by Noon tomorrow who will be supplying them. I will also soon confirm what is happening with my FUN6 card order.

3rd of January, 2007

Well once again my business is now fully operational following the Xmas and New Year holiday.

The first thing to mention is that on the 31st I added Bulgaria and Romania into the list of EU countries. All site information has been updated including; sales information, order forms, and even my Global Domination plan special offer. So in all the citizens of these two countries now have the honour of paying the local 17.5% VAT.

The second thing to mention is that the automatic switch between the Xmas and the New Year themes happened 6 hours later than expected on the cardman.co.uk domain. It should have happened at midnight GMT on the 30th/31st, but due to the hosting server's clock being set incorrectly to GMT -6 then that explains why the switch happened at 6am GMT.

After I had wrote a small PHP program to confirm this time inaccuracy then so did I soon get on to my hosting provider to point out that servers located in London should be using GMT. They have today set the correct time on this server but this New Year theme on this site was running 6 hours behind. That happened to be even 1 hour behind the GMT -5 (EST) time as correctly set on the server hosting the my cardman.com domain located in New York.

The next thing to mention is that on the 29th this same London based hosting provider completely broke my site during what seemed to be an operating system upgrade. How they achieved this amazing feat was by no long marking .php3 files to be pre-processed through the PHP system. This led to secondary failures in the Javascript code that as a result took out aspects like my Order Forms, Language Translation, EUR and USD currency display, and even the Xmas theme. This problem only lasted a few hours until I pointed it out and they reattached .php3 files to the PHP system.

Now that the minor news is out of the way then I have now reopened the e-mail system, where all outstanding e-mail should be answered between now and the 5th. Between the 24th and earlier today I had only been dealing with vital e-mail, but if you have anything to say then now is a good time as any.

The next thing to report is that DHL has to my surprise not yet delivered any of these packages. I mean that these FUN6 and FUN4 cards arrived in the UK on the 24th and 26th, where they have gone mostly nowhere since. I have already contacted DHL about these two packages pointing out to shift their lazy butt and to get these boxes delivered. I mean for a high priority courier service then how sucky is it to not even have these delivered by the 3rd?

This is just a case of DHL being incredibly slow getting back to work following the Xmas and New Year holiday where for reasons known only to them they have wasted these first two days of back to work. So all I can say is that these cards will arrive as soon as DHL get off their lazy butts to deliver them! This obviously should be very soon, but my mind reading ability is unable to say exactly when. I will also keep moaning at them until they deliver, and maybe somewhat beyond, when paying them a small fortune for priority delivery now seems like a joke.

Also my own suppliers seem to have gone oddly silent these past few days for reasons only known to them. My U.A.E supplier has failed to respond to my last two faxes to him concerning this FUN4 order dispatch. Instead of being annoyed at their so called "immediate" availability of FUN4 cards not being so immediate I am more prone to cancel and take these incorrectly sent FUN4 cards from my Singapore supplier instead.

I am also doubting if I will use this U.A.E supplier much again, where he has provided much incorrect information, the majority of my contact has not been responded to, and in all supply from him is both a problem and slower than expected. Being the cause of most of my own supply problems is cause enough to phaze out this wholesaler.

My Singapore supplier has also missed one contact reply concerning that expected FUN2 card dispatch. No doubt this seemingly Christian based person in Singapore has just been occupied with New Year, but I have now just sent him a reminder about these cards. The last thing I heard was that this factory was going to send out these FUN2 cards to him on the 30th, which is a good indication that this dispatch to me should have happened by now. No doubt just some minor New Year delays, where these cards should be here soon enough.

Well since my company is now fully open once again then I will now go kick some butt in an attempt to get all these people doing what they should be doing.

Extra News...

My supplier in Singapore has recently replied to my reminder e-mail. It seems that both the New Year holiday and the earthquake in Taiwan have been causing some delays here. So you can now add "Act of God" into the reasons concerning why FUN2 card supply has been quite a problem to date. I would not add it into the list of five major causes though, due to it only being a few days delay, but we can only hope that God does not attempt to do better to make for reason number six!

The FUN2 news anyway is that my Singapore supplier will receive these cards by FedEx tomorrow morning. Since Singapore is around +7 to +9 hours ahead of the UK then that tomorrow morning is now just hours away. Then once these cards have been inspected to confirm that they really are FUN2 cards then so tomorrow will they depart by DHL. This supplier also mentioned that it was DHL's first day back at work today in Singapore when a holiday that is usually on the 31st was moved to the 2nd.

When those cards will be here I am not totally sure about when there are too many factors involved. If it happens like last time though then a direct flight into London Heathrow will mean that DHL in Maidstone will have this package with them tomorrow afternoon, where also like last time delivery would be scheduled for the following day. So my best guess is that these cards would be here on Friday, but then maybe DHL delays could occur due to DHL playing holiday catch-up.

As I mentioned with my last package from Singapore then that one arrived at about 1:30pm and was scheduled to be delivered the following day at about 3:30pm. So to speed up receiving this package then it is possible to visit my local DHL hub to pick it up, but this is a gamble when any delays can make that not viable. I think it is best to only run that plan if these cards arrive at DHL in Maidstone on Friday afternoon to avoid a Monday delivery, but that still depends on there being enough time to sort collection out with DHL. Or maybe it would be better to just tell them to stick it in a taxi.

Well time will tell on that one but in any case this huge volume of FUN2 cards will be here very soon. I would expect no more supply delays, like in the case more incorrect cards, when once is a honest mistake but twice counts as incompetence. I have also never had DHL lose a package yet, where hopefully they never will.

This supplier also now seems intent to have DHL recall this incorrectly sent FUN4 package. Fair enough when I have not paid him for them yet, even if I may do so soon if this U.A.E supplier messes up. Well even if they do go back, which DHL has not confirmed to this supplier yet, then I can always get them back here two working days later if needed.

One other recent development is that someone today has been sending me blank faxes. I was wondering for a minute if my fax machine had run out of ink, but after testing to find out, it is true to say that they sent me two completely blank pages beyond the one fax header line. Some silly person put the paper in up-side-down no doubt, but I will soon fax them back to find out what is going on here.

I did wonder for a minute if it was my U.A.E wholesaler sending me a reply, but after checking the fax header line then the source is clearly a UK one, so no luck there yet. I will fax them back in a minute, but I doubt that it is anything important. I will also fax my U.A.E supplier again first when I will certainly require confirmation from them when these promised Open Platform FUN4 cards will be dispatched.

So current signs appear to indicate that this New Year has been causing some delays but people are slowly getting back into the action. Not that unexpected I guess but then it is not that helpful either.