19th of January, 2006

I can say that as stage one of my business recovery is now almost at an end, then so have I been moving on to another stage two recovery event. This to be more exact is to issue strongly worded complaints against all of the organizations that due to failure of their own service to act in an acceptable way caused damage to my company.

And since I am going through these one at a time, then up this week comes a 10 page long complaint to the Maidstone Magistrates Court who authorised this false raid against my company back in 2001.

Should you ask what their failures are then I can say that their unacceptable actions comes in with a count of two. This is quite good seeing that this is the lowest score out of all of the services involved.

Their first and main unacceptable action was to specify that my computer systems could be seized without also specifying that I should receive a copy of my own HDDs within an acceptable amount of time. And since I run an Internet based company, where I try to keep my business completely computerised, then so can you see how depriving me of all the information that my business needed to operate can cause such damage like the 88.64% drop in gross income.

And their second fault was to allow FACT to assist in this investigation. The flaw in this logic is that it is FACT who did their best to destroy my company through any possible method.

Through these two failures of the court system then so did they authorise FACT to attack my company. And by the failure of the Maidstone Fraud Squad then so was this whole case now placed in FACT's control. This then goes to explain how come it was FACT who then, by their own free choice, held on to all my business information for 7 extremely long months.

You can conclude from this that FACT abused the court's provided trust to act in the interest of justice. As had the court system clearly specified that my HDDs should be cloned, and a copy provided to me within an acceptable amount of time, then so would this have deprived FACT of this means to try and destroy my company.

My first exploration into issuing a complaint against the very court system is not going too well so far, when to begin with I simply asked them for contact information for the Justice of the Peace who signed this Search Warrant. Their reply was as I quote "It is not possible to write to the Justice of the Peace as this was a judicial matter."

I had a feeling that this may be the case, when if this person does not put their own name on to the form, then this provides good evidence that they do not desire further contact. Still, since they must have a complaints department, then so will I soon discover just what this is.

This is not to say that trying to blind themselves from their errors is such a good thing. In any case they will hear my complaint even if it requires my personal visit and some very strong words. I should mention that this follows my new policy to moan like hell to anyone and everyone, when that is the only method to get results.

Once the court system has their complaint, then I will move on to the complaint of the Maidstone Fraud Squad, who has a slightly larger error count. This includes doing a terrible and false investigation. Not pointing out my other raid options. Not providing me with a copy of the list of items that they seized. Not returning some of the items that were seized. And the most fatal one of putting FACT in control of this investigation.

You could say that the Maidstone Fraud Squad quickly gave up and just left it to FACT to complete their own investigation.

In this case my complaint should be a lot easier to do. And since these people removed my Irdeto CI All-CAM, followed by not returning it to me, then so will I now bill them for this missing item. If further legal action is taken against the Police remains to be seen and will depend on the advice of my solicitor.

Apart from that then I have been putting together more evidence that will instantly discredit FACT's already failed "ITV Digital Fraud" claim. And from what I have already seen, then they would be dreaming if they can think that they can attack my company to such an extent and to get away with it. I have hardly been through my entire logs yet either, only just covering a couple of months, but already the evidence is damning.

You can start to understand why FACT eventually dropped their case and begged me not to take counter legal action against them.

The thing that I will be working hard on for the next week though is to get my latest Income Tax and VAT return forms completed and dispatched.

Also since my accounts are now in working order once more, overlooking the fixed 1% error margin, then so can I now start to see how much money the Inland Revenue has overcharged me and how much they will soon be paying me back. That answer is about 8000 with another 2000 in the balance.

Not to mention that I will sure as hell sue the Inland Revenue following my suing of FACT. As when you are down it is certainly not helpful to have these damned government services violate their own rules and regulations to kick the crap out of you as you try to regain your financial balance.

In any case my stage two recovery events are starting to warm up. Stage one should be fully complete sometime next month, with my website restructuring sometime following that. And I am sure that even stage two will be completed in only a few months once I start to put a lot more work into it.

And with only a little luck then that human scum organization called FACT will be sued before this year comes to an end. This means that things will start to get interesting as this year progresses.

Sales are starting to go well this month so far, where of course any new order has been dispatched very quickly. However, this is nothing compared to what I can do when I get fully back on the ball. As I mentioned at the end of December my business gross income has been known to expand by 10 to 15 times each 12 months.

This year I intend to set a new gross income expansion record. As anything below a 20 times increase I would consider "disappointing", where I will set a target for either October or November. And sure enough 12 months following that I would expect at least another 10 to 15 times increase.

That after all is how my business normally works. These past four years can be considered a unfortunate glitch.

3rd of January, 2006

Well I hope that my customers had a good Xmas and New Year.

To begin with then since this is now the start of January, then so do we enter the month that I like to call the month when people go and buy something for themselves. And for both my own and many other companies then this is the one month usually subject to a much higher volume of sales.

To explain why the January sales happen then for the previous month you have been rushing around buying gifts for other people right? And I am also sure that this holiday period has been rather hectic with rushing about all over the place and doing things for other people.

So it is correct to say that you should now reward yourself for all your hard work. And since I am sure that your friends and family did not get you everything that you desired, then so now is the time to buy a few of those items that you really want. And no matter if you have to push up your debts a little in the process, then since you are such a wonderful person, then so should you treat yourself to a few items that make you happy.

And so there is why a January sales rush happens just about all over these western markets. Naturally I can only hope that my own business can provide your needs. If that is the case then at least I can provide both good prices and a fast dispatch, when it is true to say that all the orders I have received over the past few days will all be dispatched today.

The only unfortunate thing is that I was far too busy last month to complete all the business work that I had planned, but well I did say to begin with that January was only the start of my estimate. And since January is also a busy time, what with the sales increase, and both VAT and Income Tax returns to complete, then so do I expect that everything should now be complete by March.

The best news at least is that due to the large restructuring and expansion of my Stock Control earlier last year, combined with all the data entry and sorting out estimation errors in the more recent months, then for the first time since FACT destroyed my stock control and a whole load more back in November of 2001, then so is my stock control now working again.

As a result I can now better control stock levels, a correct estimate of how much stock I should purchase, individual item prices to prevents items selling at a too low or too high price, to see who best I should purchase my items from, and this all leads into the other extended aspect of future forecasting analysis.

In other words this is the one key aspect in order to correctly control my company. And the lack of such information during the past few years have lead to more than a few costly mistakes. I still have a couple of issues to sort out here, like in getting known missing invoices from suppliers, when that simple thing is like in getting blood from a stone, but I should have all that worked out over the next few weeks.

The other important change is that I have now switched back to live order processing, when for the time during this repair work it has always been on delayed batch processing. This was simply because this delayed batch processing was a faster method to use, when this latest sales information was not needed anyway, when there was no stock control or sales analysis.

It is taking a little work to recall that new orders have to be processed through my accounts, when I have not done that for the previous three years, but I am quickly getting the hang of it. And of course this now allows me to see at what stage an order dispatch should be, when I can of course now check my matching accounts stock level.

Hell, maybe I can even get my address label printing back in action, when that proved a useful feature in the past to speed up the dispatch of orders. Still, since there is not yet that number of orders to justify this feature, then so will I have to wait until there is such a volume. And as I said before it could well be 2009 before my company regains it's rightful place as a dominent goods supplier within this market.

So this point in time is exactly when I regain the full control of my company, by once again having at my fingertips all the information that I need for all my business planning and other information retrieval aspects. And since before this raid came about my gross income used to expand by 10 times, or more, over each 12 months, then so can I now work to do that again.

The last thing to say that since 2005 was the one year where my company achieved a point of stabilization and a little growth, then so is this year the one where large scale expansion will happen. Naturally this will take time to achieve, when only money, subject to the wise investment of my accounts estimates and personal research, can be turned into even more money. And naturally since all this profit will be reinvested into my business to support new items, and to boost stock levels for popular items, then so there is the main method that fuels my companies record breaking growth and expansion.

Alas it was my great success between 1998 and 2001 that lead FACT to launch an invalid attack on my business, but at least they should finally meet justice when I come to sue them, ideally before this year ends. Still, if not this year then it would certainly happen next year, when which year simply depends on my available time to assemble their damages bill.

Not to mention to well arm myself and my legal team against FACT's further abuse of the law. In any case, since they certainly cannot get away with launching an invalid and very damaging attack on a company, then the time when they pay up for what they did grows shorter as each day goes by.

Since I have already kicked their butt once already then soon enough I will make it twice. The only real question is if they will pay up during the initial negotiations, or if they wish me to take them to court first. In any case sued they soon will be, where their damages bill is certainly no small sum either.

Also since I am now starting to enter stage two of my business recovery, then soon enough I will issue strongly worded complaints to all the other organizations involved. That I guess won't take too long and where it will be interesting to hear what they reply. And of course I will have my solicitor explore what legal options are available to counter attack any organization also launching an invalid attack on my business during this time, when that only went to greatly slow down my business recovery.

To sum all this up then so begins the era when Cardman "whips arse" and starts to get back into the game. I would consider that excellent news myself, but then FACT won't be too happy.