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4th of January, 2005

As you my have guessed my business is now once again OPEN for yet another year. All the orders received during this break will be dispatched between today and tomorrow.

I noticed that my domain went down at least twice, for a short time, during this holiday. Since that was just before I went away for 5 days on the 26th, then so may it have gone up and down even more times. This should highlight how unstable this hosting has been during the later half if last year. Thankfully, my domain seems mostly problem free.

Hopefully, this new year will bring new stable hosting for this domain. Should it still remain unstable, then I will move it to another hosting provider, when it next comes up for renewal in June.

In a minute I will update the currency rates once more, then see about updating some of the other pages.

Due to this unexpected five days away I did not have time to complete the adding of those new items that I desired. Since this month will involve a great deal of tax work, then so may those items only be added in February.

I have noticed that I have been selling many more Conax CAMs recently, where I should really go and find out just why this is. Just one of those short lived demand surges no doubt, but it is an interesting development.

Anyway, should you be in need of something, then now is a good time to order as any.