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30th of January 2003

I have some good news concerning my expected delivery of FUN2, FUN4, FUN5, FUN6 and ATMEGA cards, when this delivery will be with me on Monday. As my supplier dispatched this order this morning by UPS's standard delivery service, which I guess means that he received this transfer yesterday.

And there I was expecting this transfer to take several days with delivery next weekend, but it seems that my bank CitiBank are extra quick with their SWIFT transfers. As I authorised this transfer yesterday and I guess it appeared in my supplier's account this morning, which makes for the fastest SWIFT transfer that I have ever done.

CitiBank did charge me £30 for the honour of using this service, which is £5 more than what my other bank (Lloyds-TSB) charges. Still I think that this extra amount was worth it seeing that like four days has just been cut off from the transfer time, but having to issue the transfer by phone was quite a hassle.

So I will have to see about modifying my cards page to include four new wafer card types, where I will have to see if I can dig out a diagram for the ATMega card. As being able to upload a new Cards page (and Order Forms) allowing sale of these cards straight away will be useful, but I will have a good look around to ensure that I offer my customers the very best prices on these card types first.

And so from Monday afternoon Cardman will return to being one of the most popular card suppliers around again, when most people seem to consider the price before all else. Then I guess I will look forwards to questions of what one of these four types of FunCards my customers should buy, which of course all depends on what card type the firmware requires.

Some good new anyway, when now Cardman will be selling 21 different types of cards.

29th of January 2003

Today I finally got around to issuing that bank transfer for all those new card types. This I was planning on doing back in the middle of December, but as the later days of December and all of January are very busy times, then so have I just got around to it.

That means that if things progress at a rapid pace, then by the end of next week I would be stocking the FunCard 4 (AT90S8515A + 24LC256), FunCard 5 (AT90S8515A + 24LC512) and the ATMega card (ATMega163 + 24LC256). I am also getting some more FunCard 2 (that I currently call PURPLE), but I will only sell those when all my current supply of PURPLE cards are gone.

Also if you think that the 512 kilo-bit EEPROM on the FunCard 5 is huge, then if things go as I would expect, then I should be getting some of the new FunCard 6 as well. That one has the 24LC1024 EEPROM, which at 1024 kilo-bits (or 128 Kilo Bytes) is now sixteen times larger than the EEPROM on my PURPLE card.

This purchase if all goes to plan should put me back on top in terms of wafer card supply, when my prices are sure to be very competitive. Last time I was shipping vast volumes of cards was back in October of 2001 (no doubt one reason was I was raided in November), but of course these days the demand has decreased and the prices are now more competitive.

That is why it is that instead of stocking vast volumes of each card type, then now it will be stocking them in smaller amounts. This will allow my stock to expire faster and the restocking will keep me up on the latest prices, where if any trade supplier want to buy more than what I have in stock, then so would I just get those from the manufacturer.

This is certainly a better option than like with still having a few thousand SILVER cards left in stock, where I could well eventually have to sell those at a loss.

Anyway, with the end of next week, or more likely the following week, then I should have a whole load of new card types in stock. And as I paid for all these cards with a SWIFT transfer from my Euro bank account, then that is where most of my Euros received the last half of last year have ended up.

Makes me wonder if I should quote these prices with the Euro as the primary currency, when after all buying them in the Euro and fixing the price in Sterling would cause my Euro sale price to go all over the place. And as that could be less than what I paid for them in extreme cases, then maybe I should add a new site function for these cards and to quote the Euro price first.

I will have to think about it, when as my accounts are in Sterling, then that further complicates matters. After all at the end of the day I pay my taxes in Sterling even if buying and selling of these cards can be done solely in the Euro. What this means is that even if I make the Euro the primary currency for these cards, then if the value of the Euro goes crazy, then my account taxes would still say that I sold them for less than what I purchased them for.

One of the crazy things about taxes when dealing in other currencies, but then again currency rate changes are unlikely to be that bad and kind of balance out in the end anyway. Well I will have to figure out what best to do about this problem, when I cannot say that I yet see the best solution. The last time I did this I fixed the price in Sterling, when I purchased my USB2SER adapters in Euros from an import from Ireland.

Well moving on to taxes, then I now recall why I hate the Income Tax return form so much, when it wants me now to divide my company expenses into 14 different sections, which is many hundreds of calculations and the sorting of a large amount of data (from three separate accounts). So I would be lucky to even get one more tax return form done this month instead of the hoped for three of them.

I have the feeling that I should just smudge the values a little, when as long as it end up with correct total at the end, then who really cases if the money was spent on advertising or legal expenses for example. Well those two I should get correct being only a few of those data items in question, but in order to give them the tax forms when they want them, then the quick and imprecise option seems the best one.

I believe my point is that as my accounts already tell me how much tax I need to pay, then why should I spend most of a week to add box 1 to box 2 and so on just to be told that very same figure?

Well anyway if I recall correctly then I have done two VAT returns and two PAYE returns so far, but it is these other two VAT returns and the week long two Income Tax returns that are being a problem. For the VAT returns then I think that I will just use the 99.5% correct totals that I already have, when I am sure that I will have a vast amount of free time to work on making these totals 99.9% correct and adjusted on the following VAT return in April.

And I almost forgot the return of the two EC Sales Lists that go with these, where as No3 never quite got the hang of VAT free supply to countries that normally pay VAT, which results in me paying VAT when I should not, then it comes down to being unknown. The problem here is that if I return these two lists late in order to see what sales of this type there really were, then so will these totals not match those same boxes on these quickly done VAT returns.

Do the VAT returns, leave the EC Sales Lists until later, then just send them a letter to fix those boxes on the VAT returns seems like the best solution.

Well it is official "I hate tax return forms", where it seems that out of the six to go, then they can have three soon, three later and some corrections following that lot.

I will get there in the end I guess, but as any late fines I will just charge to FACT in the end, then one day soon they will pay for it. The first Income Tax return is currently top of the pile, when from the 1st of next month they will be officially fining me £60 per day (or £21,360 per year if I were insane enough to leave it that long), which is why they will soon have this return even if I have to write "here are the totals, now figure it out yourself" on it.

As I told them I have been sorting out the VAT ones first, which is why C&E have three out five now and the other two very soon (one accurate, one nearly so), but of course the Inland Revenue does not care that I have been working on behalf of Customs & Excise instead.

Personally I do not know what they are fussed about, when I have already paid what they are due, where all in good time they will have to correct totals. Making me rush after all is not helpful, when now the details will be not as accurate as what they should be.

Well time to get on with it I guess, when tax forms don't fake themselves you know (and I have to sign these things...). So get these ones done and the data that I do not currently have available can go on the following form instead.

And the one thing both these government organizations overlook (or even ignore) is that my business comes before any tax form, which for example is why I got those cards ordered today. What I mean by this is that my business needs to be kept running at ideally optimum speed, when this avoid financial losses and actually being able to pay taxes if need be.

All this hassle of course is courtesy of one organization called FACT, when they well knew what they were doing when they refused to allow me access to my own business accounts for seven months. That mess they created will have taken another nine months following to have sorted out, when it seems that this long running problem will now be put to an end next month. Well that should have been this month, but then No3 has been away for almost two weeks now, where of course I have to do her important work.

A good time I guess to remember that all things come to an end, including problems and even one day evil FACT's smug grin.

27th of January 2003

I have just updated the currency rates again, which I tend to do every week. I see that the Euro is even stronger than last week at 1.509 EUR to 1 GBP, but the US Dollar is doing extremely badly at 1.6329 USD to 1 GBP.

No doubt that is due to global investors switching their investments from USD to EUR, where in fact it seems that it won't be long before the Euro has changed by a large 0.1 from what it was only a few weeks ago.

As those people e-mailing No3 will realise, then she was not here all of last week. Seems that she has been ill during this time, but as this problem has kind of ballooned since last week, then I will mention more here when I know how much disruption this is going to cause.

That I should know on Thursday, when her illness is now over and she is just being a pain.

Anyway, since she is currently not here, then I will be answering her e-mail this week as well. This is going to screw up my tax battle plan, but as I still have important taxes to do, then so do I hope to get two VAT Returns and one Income Tax return completed and sent off before this weekend.

My second Income Tax return now appears impossible to complete in this allowed time, which means another £100 fine to look forwards to. Still, as I should have three VAT Returns, two PAYE Returns and one Income Tax Return done this month, then so having just one arrive late in early February is not bad going considering the current No3 situation.

Due to my very hard work over the next few days, then any e-mail sent to myself won't be answered until February is here. For this reason then any *important* e-mail should be sent to No3, when those ones I will answer to keep things moving.

Naturally, there are no problems with order dispatches due to this, when that of course is handled by No1.

Anyway, since my SPLOCK5 cables still have not arrived yet, then this lack of news means that it is time to go sort out my first of two Income Tax returns. And I sure hope that won't take long, when within just three days time I will have to send off two VAT Returns as well.

Welcome to Cardman's tax form overload nightmare. Week number four: "Welcome to Hell".

15th of January 2003

There is not too much to say today, except I guess that I became an Uncle at around 01:00 GMT this morning, when my brother's partner give birth to a curly black haired baby girl. I did think that it was going to be a boy myself, but the scans were right after all.

Apart from that the currency rates were updated yesterday, which makes my prices accurate once again for another week. I see that the Euro is making a strong recovery, when it is now 1.5175 EUR to 1 GBP. Good news to me, when now my Euro collection is actually worth something, or more correctly not falling in value all the time.

As to the US Dollar, then things are not looking at all good for this currency, which is why it is now at 1.6003 USD to 1 GBP.

This rate is about the worst that I have seen it since the U.S and Iraq had that conflict over Kuwait. Since this new U.S versus Iraq problem is no doubt a factor, then I can see the value of the US Dollar falling either further before it starts to recover. And so although there is like no better time to buy your US Dollar, then I expect for maximum value the key time to buy is just before the U.S starts to drop the bombs.

I think that one could go to exceed 1.65 USD to 1 GBP, but of course this is not good news for either the U.S or UK economies. As for example customers would be less willing to pay me in USD now that they have to pay a fair amount more.

That did not stop one order that I got in from Beirut in the Lebanon today though with some USD cash enclosed, but it is true to say that I am getting in a lot more EUR at this time than I am with the USD. I guess maybe investors see that the EUR is a safer currency, which is why the value of the Euro has increased and the value of the US Dollar fallen.

Well I guess this situation is like a storm in a tea cup, when if say the USD was 100 to 1 GBP, then it would be time to panic.

The stock situation is looking good, where everything is here in suitable quantities. That is except for my new stock item of the SPLOCK5, where these cables were ordered from my supplier back in December, where after being marked "to follow" on the first delivery, then these have not turned up yet.

So the only outstanding order that I do have here is the only one that ordered these SPLOCK5 cables, where of course that order will leave whenever these new cables arrive.

The final thing left to say I guess is that every other order besides that one is leaving on the day of receipt. And so if you want to order something, then I am sure that you will receive it as fast as the postal system can manage.

9th of January 2003

I am pleased to say that my new stock of the SVID3 and PA turned up today, which means that the couple of delayed orders will now leave today. Also I ordered more of my PV2 cables, when that stock was starting to get low as well.

So in all my restocking following this Christmas holiday is now complete, when other items like the MS250 arrived a couple of days ago.

As to my on-going battle with the government forms, then I am just finishing up on the PAYE ones. Since it is No3's pay day again tomorrow, then I have a very strong feeling that she will arrive here nice and early.

8th of January 2003

Well I have certainly been selling a lot more of my SEASON2 device lately, where as there is always a reason for these things, then so it did not take me very long at all in order to find out what it was.

What is going on is that during this Christmas and New Year holiday the Conax system made its grand public appearance on the Usenet (and Web), where it is true to say that these formally secure Conax algorithms now appear within a season program. That explains my unusual increase in sales of my SEASON2 device, when now everyone wants to prove that Conax is now on the public piracy list and maybe even to see how Conax works.

This event I kind of knew would happen months ago, when as I see the background developments, then so was the slow Conax track to full public piracy obvious when I have seen many other systems take this same slow trek before. This began on Christmas Day of 1999, when Mediaguard I (aka Seca) first became public, which has proved a popular system for the pirates ever since, but of course that one is now on the way out.

That also in part explains this release, when Conax has kind of been in the background for a lot longer, but due to all the new systems appearing last year, then in this game of Pirates versus Service Providers, then so have the Pirates just scored another goal.

If you see back to my News page on the 3rd of December, then you will see that I said "Well my fellow supplier friend said that the FunCard4 will soon become very popular, where some interesting market developments means that he will soon be right about that. Wait and see, when Cardman knows things before they happen".

So Conax is what I knew and of course this first public release is just the start of things, when sure enough other Conax applications will soon follow.

The status of this whole "game" (be it a very expensive one) is that Mediaguard I and Viaccess I are on their way out due to services changing to the new Mediaguard II and Viaccess II systems. Not that there is still quite some life in these old dogs yet, but their life is certainly finite. Irdeto I is currently in some kind of odd status, when the switch from Irdeto I to Irdeto II often requires replacing the CAM as well, which is why for example when the Netherland's Canal Digitaal service changes from Mediaguard I to Mediaguard II next month, then so will they discontinue their old Irdeto I service.

On to the German Betacrypt conditional system, then since this is a variant of Irdeto I, then so a bit later this year will they switch to the new Betacrypt II system.

For these reasons you can see why some people have been going about saying that it is all doom and gloom for the pirates these days, but of course for a long time now the pirates have also had Nagravision, which is currently their most popular piracy option. Then of course now there is the new Conax system, which I am sure will please the pirates for some time to come.

The service providers solution to this piracy problem can only be solved by one method, which is additional funding and research in making their cards secure. After all piracy will continue to exist down to the last insure system, which makes it doubtful that this problem will ever be solved.

Well since it is my hobby to keep up with the security changes within these conditional access system, not to mention big market news like this one, then so have I already gave what is public a test spin to see what this section of my customers is up to these days. Most interesting when I of course am also interested in the technical aspect, where maybe all these boring card users will for once learn something about how these systems work.

Anyway, since my report is once again complete for another year, avoiding detailed piracy information for obvious reasons of course (don't bother asking), then I will wait and see what gift santa brings the pirates next Christmas.

Also my No3 did not turn up yesterday, but she did at least arrive today.

7th of January 2003

More of my MS250 satellite meters turned up today as expected, where I have now filled up the section for them and have yet to find where to put the rest of them.

A nice meter this one is as well, when is has greater accuracy then with just finding satellites. So for those people who seek more out of their signal meter, like one of my very recent customers, then this meter is very pleasing.

Seems that No3 has been lacking a desire to come in this morning, when she phoned at 08:30 in order to say that the roads were too icy and she would be in later. Odd that no one else seems to have problems with the local council's early morning gritting of the roads, but since there was not that much snow last night, then just about all of it has now vanished.

Anyway, she phoned again at 11:30 to say that she is now on her way, where we will now see if she turns up. I guess this counts as more holiday time off, where since I doubt she wishes to make up the lost three hours, then at the end of the day it is the employee's responsibility to turn up on time. Ice or no ice.

In fact I recall when many years ago I used to go to ITech (youth training) and one of my fellow learner each morning caught a bus to their location that meant that he arrived late. Since this organization sort of employed people to learn (paid by the government), then he was given three written warnings about this late arrival and then fired.

Naturally, I am a bit more flexible than that, but No3 has to work 35 hours a week for me, where any less than that can only be counted as either sick time or holiday time.

Seems that she is wanting two weeks off in August I recall, but at this rate No3 will have used up all her holiday allowance long before then. And when that is all gone, then there will be no option but to complete those 35 hours as agreed. Well there is another option, but that route is not a desirable one.

Apart from placing an order today for more of my PA, then it seems that I will need more of my SVID3 as well. This is due to one customer wanting ten of them, which was more than what my low stock had.

Had this customer wanted the SVID5 or SVID10 instead, then no problem supplying those, but wanting the SVID3 means a couple of days delay while I get more of them in. Never mind I guess, but I will have a quick look around in a minute and see if any other item is running low.

I doubt it, when these customers just like picking the one that is! :-]

Well I may as well finish by providing the answers to my little quiz from yesterday...

1. The Bangles.
Who of course played such songs as Manic Monday, Walk Like An Egyptian and Eternal Flame. However, since I have not yet heard any of their new songs, then I will check on the Net for further details.

2. Holly Marie Combs.
Who left me very impressed after the 4x03 "Hell Hath No Fury" episode, where in the view of most fans of this show she has been doing a good job making it as good as it is since.

3. Charmed.
That is what show that she is in, when after first seeing this show on TV3 Norway, when unwillingly I soon became hooked on it. And if you want to find out what I like about it, then this series is on Channel 5 each Saturday at 18:55 and then on Living at 21:00 and 22:00 each Saturday followed by 14:00, 15:00 and 20:00 on Sunday. Naturally these stations are part of the UK's Sky Digital service, but of course most other countries will show this series as well.

4. My ELVIS programmer.
Where one lost delivery during this busy month caused no end of problems, but of course ELVIS is still popular today.

5. The Federation Against Copyright Theft.
Who in November 2001 launched a false legal challenge on my business, where almost seven months later they gave up having proved nothing (or that their claim was false) and where later this year they will finally pay for the damage that they did.

Well how many did you get right? And now you can see what I most like and hate.

6th of January 2003

As I had hoped I checked through order forms up to the end of August over the weekend, which means that now the data is correct enough, then so will my second and third overdue VAT returns leave today.

To send in the fourth and final overdue VAT return I would have to check all the remaining order forms up to the end of December, when of course this fourth return covers the July to September months. And we know by now that some September orders for Magic CAMs after a long delay left in December, which for my business is very unusual and unwelcome.

Then following that fourth overdue return, then I can quickly following send in my first on-time VAT return. That one is due by the 31st of this month, which will make this first on-time return since July to September one was paid in October of 2001.

Also in my last news section I did not mention all the government forms that I have to fill in and send off this month, where the complete list is 4 VAT returns, 4 EC Sales lists, 2 Income Tax returns and now 2 PAYE payments.

The VAT returns should be no problem now that my accounts are up-to-date, where since the EC Sales Lists are linked to these, then a few days of hard work should have those 8 forms sorted out. After all 4 of those are now done, with the other four to soon follow.

Before that occurs, then up next will be sorting out this PAYE thing, when of course my No3 employee will desire to be paid at the end of this week. That should not take very long, even if all the days she takes off either sick or as holiday starts to make things complex.

Well that needs to be sorted out soon enough, as mentioned, where following this I will then go and sort out my Income Tax return that now is almost a year overdue. This tax nightmare should take several days to complete, where at least somewhere on my returned hard drive is my additional accounts used for this purpose.

Since my work on this year's Income Tax return stands at zero (excluding my updated accounts of course), then this one I will leave until last, when I can already foresee that my time spent on this one will exceed one week. So before that one is done, then it makes a good time to complete and send off the final two VAT Returns.

However, before any more of this 12 form tax nightmare is done, then the completion of these first four forms means that it is time to answer my own e-mail once again. Naturally, I have tons of other work to do during all this time, but if things start to get delayed, then I can get very quite (hard at work on taxes) during the last week of this month.

Moving on to stock matters, then since I have only three PA (3-way Phono Adapters) in stock and as of today I have already sold 10 of those, then it makes I good time to restock in them. That will take a couple of days, but there should be no problems doing so.

The main problem here is finding something else to buy along side these phono adapters, when say even 100 of these PA won't make much of an order on their own. So I will see what else I need from this supplier and get those at the same time.

Also that reminds me that my accounts is now very close to be able to warn me about low stock once again, but since it needs to be made accurate first, then a stock take in no doubt early February will have that aspect of my accounts working again.

The other item that is now all sold is my ProMax MS250 satellite meter, where as new stock is due to arrive either today or tomorrow, then so will this create no order dispatch delays.

I had to change supplier this time, when my original supplier now charges more for them than what I do for them. Only a brief look around showed that I could get a fair price by importing them from the U.S, but as it turns out the official UK wholesaler of this item approached myself concerning these meters.

So since they would have received my order at the end of last week, then so should I have more than a few of these meters in stock very soon.

The other problem is my SPLOCK5 cables, when one of my customers now wants them before they have arrived. These items that was marked as "to follow" by my own supplier should be here soon enough, but then again who knows.

I expect that all these cables and adapters sales recently is due to posting my second only Usenet advert on this subject, when I previously noticed that my only previous posed advert on this subject quickly went to the No1 place in my adverts read on Google.

No doubt that is due to the fact that I have posted lots more of my satellite related adverts, which means that there is more than one example of my other adverts to split the viewing hits between. Well I don't know about that, when I did see that my new advert quickly go into second place, with a lot more cables and adapters sold recently.

Well if I get time, then I have all my recently posted adverts to repost, but I have other adverts like my Special Offers one and my Magic Module CI CAM one yet to do. After all my Usenet advert postings are often rare events, where I was not in the mood to post adverts when this Magic CAM supply problem occurred back in September.

The good news at least is that I have lots of these Magic CAMs (and Interfaces) in stock, where maybe posting an advert on that subject will sell a few more of those as well.

One thing I have been wondering recently is if frequent readers of this News page would get some quiz questions correct concerning myself and things I have mentioned on this News page in the past.

Well lets give it a try...

1. What is my all time favourite pop group?
When I mentioned this in relation to the fact that my all time favourite band had just regrouped at the time. Also my bedroom wall has lots of posters on this subject, where I also have lots of their singles, albums and tons of other "junk".

2. Who is my all time favourite actress?
You may get this from this News page, but you will be without doubt if you read some of my non-business postings on the Usenet. After all no other actor or actress has impressed me as much by their acting talent.

3. What is my all time favourite TV show?
As I recall warning my site visitors to watch my all time favourite episode at the time. And the big clue here is that the main reason why I watch this show is that it contains my all time favourite actress (above), not that it is a bad show without her of course. I also have lots of their "junk" as well, like with props as displayed within these episodes.

4. What did I sell far too many of in January of 2001?
Hey, go look in my old news section and you will find out within seconds. :-]

5. Which organization do I hate the most?
LOL. If you don't get this one at least, then you don't know me at all!

Well that was something I was just wondering, but you can have the answers in the next News section. And if you think that you know all these answers, then why not e-mail me your answers.

Anyway, since I have a vast amount of work to do in "tax month", which is really "super tax month", then I better stop wasting time and go slave for our almighty government.

Extra News...

Seems that my upload of this page got delayed a few hours by the delivery of my latest batch of support items, which was mostly made up of 60 boxes of mailing bags and a couple of extra boxes of items.

Now, since 50 of those boxes contained 100 mailing bags each and the other 10 boxes 50 mailing bags each, then that means that I have just taken delivery of 5500 bubble lined mailing bags of all different sizes. These should last me at least a few days I think. ;-]

Actually I just started using a new supply company, where since they seem to want to greatly have my trade with them, then they offered those boxes of mailing bags at a very low price. And so I thought since they are so cheap, then why not stock up on enough to last a long time.

Also you just have to love these trade companies desiring your trade business, where they like to give you lots of free gifts. That is why I already have the complete executive luggage collection, where now they seem intent on giving away electronic gizmos.

I believe this one beats the rest of them though, when to get me to buy something from them in the first place they offered me a free TV.

That is right a complete TV with AM and FM radio built in as well is now sitting on my living room floor. Not a bad model either, when it is small of size and light weight, which makes it very easy to carry around. Since it is most useful to have TV in your car, then that it why it can use its supplied adapter to run off your car battery through your car's cigarette lighter if desired.

Then like I have been doing it can run off mains power, but it also supports ten C sized batteries if you wish your TV to be even more portable. Also if you fit it with rechargeable C sized batteries, then so can this TV handle recharging them for you.

Turning is very basic and manually done with no station storage, where there is also no other inputs beyond an external aerial socket. Well you can contact it to a video recorder at least, but there is certainly no option of connecting up Scart, S-Video or even composite input.

Naturally it has volume control and a headphone socket as well, along with brightness and contrast control, but this is the first TV that I have seen for a couple of decades that has a vertical hold adjustment.

The worst point about this TV is that it is only a black and white model, but for a small and lightweight TV for say taking on a camping trip to avoid missing your favourite programme, then I guess that this small TV is ideal. Just drop it in your bag and off you go after all, when I am sure this power adapter weighs more than this TV does.

Well I will have some fun with it before putting it away and feed in this new digital FreeView service by its only input, but since I have lots of TVs here already including my 61" monster, then I will save this latest executive toy for when I am not here.

Still I have always found it amusing what items these companies gave away for free in order to get your trade business. The truth is that I would order anyway, when I need the stuff and just take these kind of items because they are giving it away.

Anyway, I now have enough mailing bags to last for a long time, but the faster I use them up dispatching orders the better I guess.

3rd of January 2003

Since it is now the morning of the 3rd of January in the new year of 2003, then so as promised on the 20th of last month we are now all back to work following this Christmas and New Year holiday.

Well to sum up my own holiday, then I am left wondering where all these days got to. What I mean is that I am feeling in need of more rest and relaxation, but since it is now work, work and more work, then so will it remain that way until my next Christmas holiday. Oh well as least I caught a few days of rest during these few days off, but of course several days were used to catch up on other work.

Since it is a Friday, then so after one day of work it will be a couple of days off again. Just as well I guess, but I am sure that I am going to get some real work done this weekend.

This is of course due to following this holiday period I have always so far been in the mood to put in some serious work, but unlike with an important site update last year, this time I am bound to get most of my tax issues sorted out once and for all.

Naturally, the long history of this goes back to November 2001, when FACT did their best to create chaos with my business. These problems have taken very many months to sort out, where this month should put an end to these problems once and for all.

Then I of course move into the third stage, where in this stage I calculate the highly accurate damage value that FACT did to my business. Then in the fourth and hopefully last stage I then take FACT to court if need be in order to recover the value that I would have had if my business had not been raided.

Well the point is that if FACT goes about raiding businesses, which in my case was for a very false quoted reason (the real reason I am sure is to cause damage, when of course ITV Digital was one of their members), then so one day will they have to answer for that.

So, they damaged my business and they will soon pay for it, which is something that one day later this year will be proved. After all I am good at my predictions, where like I said they would lose their own legal challenge against me, then so will they soon pay for this damage that they caused.

This should be a happy enough time for me, when since I do not like this group of people at all, then so will I take pleasure in causing them some problems for once.

Also I have had some good news from Customs and Excise as well, when following my letter to them highlighting my now 99.5% accurate and now available totals pointing out that they currently owe me VAT money (unlike they claim), then so in their new letter they have finally accepted the fact that my three outstanding returns will all be with them before this month ends.

Well I told them months ago that this would be the case, when of course processing vast amounts of customer order forms cannot be done any faster than what my company can handle it. And of course apart from employing No3 to replace No2, then a large part of her early job was to enter all these order forms into my sales database.

Since she finishes that task later today, then so after I have checked her work to ensure accuracy, then so can these three returns be sent off.

I would have sent off the second and third VAT returns (from the initial four) at the end of last month, but since the days up to Christmas are very busy ones then so have those been delayed until this weekend.

This month I happen to call "Tax Month" and with good reason, when apart from the three outstanding VAT returns, then up later this month do I have another VAT return due (this time sent in on-time I am sure!), but apart from that I have two Income Tax returns to do. This, naturally, is due to the fact that even though I have already paid their 2000-2001 estimate they would desire my tax return for this year. So this means two Income Tax returns need to be done.

With Income Tax it is mostly the case that I have far to many other problems to deal with already, when sorting out one of their returns usually takes me a whole week to do. So the VAT area has come first, due to the fact that they owe me money on my over payments, then so following this comes the Income Tax.

Due to the time it takes to process one of these returns, then I am doubtful that they will receive the latest 2001-2002 return before the due date of the 31st of January. After all unlike with 2000-2001 return I have not even began to make a start on this one, when in normal years I have the extra required information already available.

Well I will soon see what happens in this case, when maybe I will have it in on-time, but then maybe I will not. Oh well having this one in slightly late will only result in another £100 late payment fine that FACT will end up paying in any case.

After all part of their damages bill will already include two of those and the extra interest that they have now charged me. Although I am not sure why I am paying these late payment fines, when I have a very good excuse as to why I have not sent in my VAT returns.

That is of course due to the fact that one cannot pay ones taxes if one does not have ones own accounts. Where as the reason for this now solved lack of accounts problem is that it was ordered by the Mid Kent Magistrates Court (a part of "the state") on this Search Warrant (back from November 2001), then they have some cheek for another part of "the state" (the Income Tax department) to charge me fines for a problem that they themselves (the state) caused.

Doing so puts me in the frame of mind that maybe I should take the Maidstone Fraud Squad (the Police) to court as well (another part of the state), when maybe the state has some answering to do in this matter, even if FACT caused most of this problem by denying me access to my own accounts for very many months.

Or maybe taking legal action against the Judge who signed this Search Warrant or more likely the Magistrates Court is also possible, even if that would result in less chance of victory. Well unless the Income Tax department annoys me any more, then my counter legal action will be focused only at FACT, when after all they are the main reason (on ITV Digital's request) that this all came about.

You can rest assured that my annoyance at them is no less than what it was following this false raid, where my true thoughts about them are far too rude to ever mention here. Maybe I should add "mental suffering" on to this damages bill, when thanks to them mostly all of last year and the last two months of the previous year were a living nightmare for me.

Maybe that is why I did not enjoy my holiday this year as much as I did in previous years, when having these tax people hound you for these returns is quite stressful. As I mean I tell them when they will have their returns sent in by, where no amount of demanding letters by them is going to change that fact.

Oh well I believe the main point here is that all those problems is what sums of the year of 2002 for me, where this new year of 2003 is the year that these problems are no more and I get to enjoy finally making FACT suffer somewhat. In fact that is the only reason why I was thankful for ITV Digital going bust, when now the "dog" (FACT) will get to pay for biting me at the request of their "master" (ITV Digital).

In truth the other large companies who use and support FACT will end up paying, but this will sure make them think twice about ever trying to raid me again. In fact even if I do not expect to ever be raided again I would almost enjoy it if they did, when after all I have now read up on the laws concerning these subjects, which means that I would be quite a problem for them if they ever tried it again.

For example I now know that on my request the Police have to prove their legal right in preforming a raid. Also unlike what I knew the first time around I have the legal right to travel with my seized equipment and to help them sort through it pointing out the items that they do not need to keep.

Also, since I now take strong steps in ensuring that following any future raid they would have zero business data from my computer systems to look at, then I would find any future raid almost humorous.

Still I know by now that any future raid would still cause many problems, when after all they would still take months to search my computer systems, even if at the end of it they would have no access to anything of interest.

I guess you can tell how annoyed I am at FACT due to how much I write about them, which is why I better end this now, when morning has just turned into afternoon and I have two sites to open.

Well I only hope that this New Year will be a good for you as I am hoping that it will for me. Only the recession to now deal with, where I hope that the higher expenditure in this month of January will turn things around for the rest of the year as well.

The final thing I will mention is that I said long ago that I was selling cards long before ITV Digital existed, where I would still be selling them long after they are no more. Seems that I was correct about that one as well, which is one more thing that puts this crazy notion that I sold them for ITV Digital use to shame.

After all I read up on my laws, where today is the case of another day that I sell cards to all those people who use them for the legal and morally sound reasons that they use them for. That is why I sell cards and why I welcome people to buy my cards to do so.

All another day in the life of a smart card supplier, which seems to be what this news page is all about.