19th of February, 2008

I can tell from the recent sales decline that we are certainly well into February. A recent calculation shows that sales from the past ten days were only 30% of the sales between the 21st to 31st of January.

There is nothing unusual here mind you when this is just an expected feature of February sales. After all it is true to say that in December people spend money buying gifts for others, then in January it is time to reward oneself for being a good hard working generous person during December where now is the time to treat yourself to something expensive including all the extras. This well explains common January sales in order to tempt people into spoiling themselves at a discount price not quite as good as what it appears.

Moving on to February then now is the month to get serious. You first treated others, then treated yourself, where now is the month to refocus on making money instead of spending it. Hard work awaits, your credit card balance looks ugly and needs resolving, required purchases require second and third consideration usually concluded as "better not", and even the extra weight you put on during the past two months is overdue a diet.

All true enough as you should be aware. In my business this all goes to explain the sales rise from late November through December and the peak in January that makes me so happy. So the February crash of just 30% the late January sales is not at all unexpected. The good news at least is that this act of tightning your belt is short lived and just requires people to figure out their recovery plans. Once done they often see that things are not as bad as expected allowing the resumption of normal sales that cover the rest of the year up to late November.

Moving on into stock matters then my Universal Travel Adapters arrived from Hong Kong over two packages on Saturday and Monday. These travel adapters are such a good idea and design that not only did I conclude that I would have to stock these after seeing them in the EasyJet gift magazine on my way back from Majorca but that I have already sold two of these adapters to my own family within hours of their arrival which is a sign of their general popularity. You can soon see these yourself when I soon put them on-line but as my price will be nearly half of EasyJet's price then you should know you have a bargain.

As to my Card's page then completing this page is still moving slowly. One reason being is that I aim to soon adjust my third generation card prices so that as many as possible I offer for below 20 each. Such demanding prices naturally requires a lot of research and luck. My Titanium 2 card prices should soon fall if my current plan works out. Also from now on I will sell these expensive cards in just singular and 5+ prices when well no one ever buys that many.

Well as everything else has been mostly uneventful then I can only hope that my customers soon start buying again to avoid my February figures looking so bad. More news when something happens but for now keep an eye on the Power Supplies page for my latest addition.

11th of February, 2008

The appearance of the Knot cards on my new ultra pretty Cards page means that not only has my Cards page received its latest addition but also that last week these brand new and unused cards arrived in stock. So now I only have to include the former Titanium 2 and Opos cards before completing the addition of the Cerebro and Dragon Loader cards.

More importantly I have now updated my automatic Order Forms to remove all the former PCB cards and to sort out all the new cards and prices. I have yet to add the Dragon Loader card through when I will have to get some more cards in stock. You could say that after I sold the first batch, even before adding them to this site, that I have yet to get around to bothering to restock. Well I am not selling them anywhere...

Since the smartcards come first on my Order Form listing then this proved a large change that affected everything else. What this means is that although I have carefully checked to make sure that all Order Form aspects work correctly but please let me know if you spot something that should not be.

The other charge today is that I have now updated the USD and EUR rates to the latest market values. A good time to buy from UK traders it seems mostly for Euro zone customers but those in North America now get a better deal as the days go by.

Last of all I can now confirm that last week arrived more DUALCA CAMs and FUN6 cards to restock on these. More interestingly is that within days should arrive my new Universal Travel Adapters where with these you can plug any device into any socket covering just about the entire World. These come with surge protection built in as well when some countries don't have stable power supplies.

All this comes together to say that I am slowly stocking new and better hardware that should prove quite popular. More news when they turn up.

3rd of February, 2008

It appears that after many days of searching I have finally found somewhere where I can obtain more Ultimate Dual CA CAMs in order to complete this restocking. Should all go well then these Irdeto + Conax official CAMs should be dispatched Monday to be here a few days later.

In all I am thankful to be able to find a source for these CAMs, even if I once again have to plunder the German satellite reception market, when I had feared for a while that I may have had to change this popular CAM sale to supporting the much more expensive PowerCAM Pro instead.

Along with awaiting delivery of these Knot cards, and some FUN6 cards to boost my low stock, then this sale once confirmed will make for the third pending delivery.

I can also say that my testing of these Diablo Wireless CAMs and TwinBase unit is almost complete where the final difficult step is to know what condition access systems this hardware supports. I can already class the UK Videoguard system under "not supported" on that one, still leaving the Dragon CAM as the best non-Digibox Videoguard system, but many other CAS are supported.

One thing that has been clear from this testing is that your average Common Interface (CI) slot just was not designed for these wireless CAMs. My first testing of this hardware could not proceed when my PC's PCI Satellite card could not power this CAM. Fortunately my Fortec Star Passion receiver can power this CAM fine but the catch is that it now cannot power two CAMs. Sure this HDTV supporting receiver comes with two CI slots but if when using this Diablo Wireless CAM I also insert another CAM in the second slot, like with my Matrix Reborn CAM, then both CAMs then power fail. In other words this Diablo Wireless CAM is like an electronic parasite sucking extra power normally aimed at the second CI slot. This method works just fine to get this wireless CAM working perfectly but the added problems are that you then cannot use the second slot and receivers with only one CAM slot can well lack the extra power for this CAM to use.

The end conclusion just has to be that this is a very nice wireless system to be able to share your subscription cards around your home but the manufacturer of this CAM really does need to reduce the power demand of these CAMs. Having an option to vary the strength of the wireless output is one option when wireless CAMs nearer to the TwinBase unit would need less power. For now this power hungry hardware can be planned for to have it working first time out of the box.

The above user information is not something that any other supplier would tell you under the truth harms sales concept. Take a look around. It is also true to say that results would vary greatly between receivers but for now I would not recommend this hardware for use with single CI slot receivers.

As to the included Twin Base unit then that one works just great. Although this device can be powered by a 12v 500mA PSU the better power option is to just plug it into a USB port when then your PC can provide information and some extra control.

Next up I will test the Matrix Revolutions CAM. That one I already know is very much like the Reborn CAM version but with UCAS instead of ZCAS.