27th of February, 2006

Well things have been going well these past couple of weeks.

To begin with then the Matrix Reborn CAM is now on my CAMs page and available to buy. Since I always fully check out the operation of all my items before I offer them for sale, then I can say that testing this one took up a few days. This began when I had to assemble available public information to try and assemble a list of features. That went well enough but then the "how to" aspect was a little more tricky when my own wholesaler provided these CAMs blank.

Anyway, once I had borrowed one of my CAS2 interfaces to flash one of these CAMs, then I went to my Echostar AD3000IP VA receiver to give it a test. That did not go too well to begin with simply due to bad luck. As out of all the services I tested this on I picked two that had no known current key. This is despite a downloaded key sheet indicating they did, which I later found out was incorrect.

So after trying it with services that I now knew was possible then soon did the first Viaccess service decode. The channel switching I noticed was extremely fast and where at this point I updated some of my service listings. After trying out Viaccess then I moved on to Nagravision and sure enough that worked great first time. In fact it worked better than expected when I have always found Nagravision, what with it's boxkey and all, somewhat of a pain.

This is all well and nice but my own supplier mentioned that this CAM can get D+. And since out of all the services in Europe this Spanish service ranks in my top two favourite services, then so was I rather eager to see D+ once again. The only problem was that despite a lot of searching this official CAM firmware did not seem to be able to decode D+.

That was when I decided to swap from the official firmware to the unofficial Neo firmware. Here I soon discovered my reason why I could not decode D+ when the official firmware does not currently support it while the unofficial Neo firmware does. And so you could say that I am now more than happy to at last open up the entire D+ service once again.

I am assuming that this one is being decoded through Nagravision 2, when this is a little unclear due to this internal decryption, where of course the other option is Mediaguard 2. I suspect that I will eventually have to write a "how to reflash your CAM guide", but this is not currently too important when people can always ask if they get stuck. Anyway, since I have confirmed that this new item is kind of "awesome" then so is it now available for you to buy.

Moving on into other news then I see that Bird Flu will soon be in this county after being found not too far away from here in France. I guess we will have to see how minor or serious this one becomes. The reason I mention this is due to current stories going around of people giving up their pet birds due to this fear of bird flu.

More directly I am quite a parrot person myself without yet ever having owned one. So it gets my interest when people turn their pet parrots into the RSPCA along with messages like "Please take care of Barney. We have a small child and do not wish to risk getting bird flu".

The two problems with this idea is that no pet bird will catch bird flu unless some infected bird lands right next to it. So in the case of a parrot in your house, then getting close to any other bird at all is quite unlikely. The other and main issue here that concerned me is that parrots will bond with their owners if no other parrot is around. So to suddenly abandon your parrot can in parrot terms be compared to being cast out of your family home.

Seeing that parrots can live for up to 50 years, and sometimes longer, then they obviously need a stable home with someone who is not insane about bird flu. Cough, cough, I wish I had a parrot and all that.

In case you wish to know what my favourite parrot is then check out this Hyacinth Macaw...

Anyone wanting to buy me one of those quite expensive parrots would be my friend of life. :-]

Well at least I can dream about one day owning a parrot like that. So the best I can do at this time is my statue of a parrot that my mother once got for me as some feeble substitute for the real thing.

Recovering from my day dream then I am pleased to say that my photo image alignment problem is now solved. This is mostly thanks to Viken Karaquesian who correctly pointed out both the problem and the ideal solution. In all it seems that the CSS web authorising expert who showed me how to use CSS in the first place made a little mistake when building the sidebar. As due to the last sidebar division setting the pointer place for photo image alignment then that is why it went out.

In any case that problem is now fixed. This means that I can now move on to converting the rest of the site, where as it happens I have already done the Payment Success page.

My hosting provide for the cardman.com (and cardman.org) domain has been causing problems again. The same problem with these automatic order forms not turning up due to a fault in the hosting. This problem is now resolved once again, following the longest battle yet in getting them to fix it, which mean that it is fingers crossed that no more order forms will be lost. Even though I will have to contact yet one more customer and ask them what their payment was for.

Up next I have to complete my taxes. So the next week or two will be split between tax work and updating the rest of this web site to the new CSS stylesheet design.

In any case these great Matrix Reborn CAMs are now here at a fraction of the cost of other CAM types. And as I have since confirmed then it is indeed the best CAM type that I have ever used. A perfect replacement for the old and now discontinued Magic CAM in other words.

10th of February, 2006

I am pleased to say that next week I will make my first popular new item purchase in quite some time. This item I can say will be the Matrix Reborn CAM that I will certainly supply at the best market price. So I am sure to sell more than a few of these CAMs when I should always be able to match or exceed other supplier prices. Not to forget my always available lowest possible postal prices.

There won't be much profit on this item though, not to mention PayPal taking their large cut as usual, but since I need to replace my old Magic CAM anyway, then this one item will provide a modest first start in my large scale business regrowth. And of course each one I do sell helps to make my business that little bit stronger.

I did consider getting in the Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions CAMs as well, but since the Matrix Reborn CAM does all that these two CAMs can do, and more, then I see little need in supporting yesterday's technology when this Reborn CAM will cost only a little more anyway. Not to forget that I can get a better price by not splitting up my available funding.

Still, I may obtain a little stock of these two later on, when if someone wants them then that is another sale. I will have a good look into their demand first when I would not like to stock a useless item.

Moving on to other news then my Stage One recovery process will end within the next 14 days, where I will then firmly be into Stage Two and be busy kicking multiple butts. Since my life has been all pain and suffering since November 2001, then it cannot please me more to start causing all these organizations who falsely attacked me during this time some large headaches as well.

And as the future history will one day show then I should obtain victory in all cases. The evidence is quite damning I can say.

I am pleased to also say that since I started to return to public interaction that my company's sales have increased. I did have to mostly give up this main method of potential customer interaction back in 2002, when this 7 month long backlog of accounts work meant that I had to rely solely on expensive commercial advertising, where when that was also terminated in May of 2004 to save costs then that was both markets now lost.

Since I have barely scratched the skin of this method, just doing a review at this time, then maybe by next month I can fully return and be well known on most satellite reception forums. And sure enough my close interaction with my customer base, or friends as I prefer to call them, will provide a good base to achieve my planned 20 times gross income expansion within the next 12 months.

Working by the same method that I used between 1998 and 2001 will be very pleasing when then I will be fully back on the ball.

The only unfortunate thing that has cropped up recently is that not long following my public return I heard that one of my long term and best Internet friends had died. That would be Werner G. Seitz who died in his sleep at the age of 65. Like most things I lost contact with him due to the large pressure I was under in 2003, but I can say that he will certainly be sadly missed here.

I also recently got back in contact with my own solicitor. During the 7 months that my stuff was borrowed I had the one goal of simply getting my own accounts back. Once I had them back there was of course a massive recovery job to restore this large volume of information, where my own solicitor was the first thing I lost contact with simply due to being much too busy.

I should also add that I love the fact that both my stock control and my live order processing is now working once more. As if any customer has an order query then I can look it right up. And best of all is that I can instantly check my stock levels to ensure that there is enough stock available and to ensure that I can restock on the right items at the right time.

Maybe in the future I can also add instant dispatch recording and to enter the recorded item tracking numbers. That was one of the many things I planned to add in 2002, ideally using a plug in bar-code reader, but then that plan got delayed somewhat. As until then my accounts will use the delayed batch method of dispatch recording, which pending a query means checking the dispatch books.

Very soon as well I will really have to complete this web site CSS stylesheet upgrade, when other matters have been more important up until now. And during this time I will also adjust all my item prices, when currently I am using my now restored stock control pages to note down the market prices as a pre-required event before this can happen.

The only other thing to mention is that during the next year I will be ceasing sales of some of my items. This is because some items like the Magic CAM are naturally now obsolete, which explains my plan to soon replace them with the very latest compatible items. However, some other items I will simply terminate to concentrate my available funding on supporting the latest and most popular items. You could say that it is better to fund the popular future than the less popular past.

As you can see my master plan is now good to achieve this planned 20 times record expansion increase. And before the end if this year I hope to be able to restore my commercial advertising as well. I will start with a small advert before working on larger adverts, but with both markets restored my sales will then be maximised.

Maybe it is even possible to restore my company to where it was just before this false raid happened before my previous 2009 estimate. We will have to see when that would take both time and money. Time will be somewhat restricted due to my suing of two or three organizations and where money can best be explained through the phrase "Money creates money and debt creates debt". So sales also help to create more sales.

And once I have left a bloodbath of these stupid organizations who think that they can falsely attack me and to get away with it, then there will be no better message to warn others off doing that again. Not that they can mind you, when no organization on this planet can now either see, or maintain control of, any of my business information ever again.

Military class encryption and remote data backups were in place long ago. Not that I have anything to hide mind you, when my company always follows the law, but as I learned the hard way it is not the best idea to provide one's full cooperation to people who's sole purpose is to put you out of business through any way possible.

Anyway, you give me one year and I will provide something not far off of a miracle. Kind of like I did in 2001 before FACT whacked me real hard, but this time I intend to do much better.