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17th of February 2003

Due to market changes I have just lowered the price of my Magic Module CI CAM down to the lowest price that I have so far seen in the UK. Since this resulted in a £16 drop on the full MAGICKIT, then so do my customers now have a good bargain on this item.

As to further market changes, then we will have to wait and see, when prices can go both up and down. Still, you can rest assured that as I aim to have the lowest price in the UK if not further, then I doubt that you need to look further.

Also yesterday I updated the main EUR and USD currency rates once again, where not that unexpectedly the Euro has now fallen below 1.5 EUR (1.4969 to be exact) to 1 GBP. And as I remember not that long when this currency was over 1.6 EUR to 1 GBP, then this sharp value increase since this new year has been an amazing change.

As the rate of the US Dollar has also fallen to 1.6155 USD to 1 GBP, then it seems that the value of GBP has fallen this time. This slight recovery of the USD is pleasing, but of course the USD rate is still doing badly.

Anyway, we will have to see how more extreme this currencies can get when I next update the rates around this coming Sunday.

The last site change is that yesterday I also modified the Sterling and Euro versions of my Order Form to the new format, which means that now all five copies of this Order Form are in sync. There are of course five copies and not just three due to the fact that the Sterling and US Dollar versions are aimed to make use of the addressing for both my sites, where this change was done long ago to allow the Order Form on one site to still work if the other site suffers total failure.

Soon I will have six Order Forms to deal with, when I turn the Euro version from a HTML to a PHP3 file as well. This won't be done for a few days at least, when I have my magazine adverts and returns to sort out today and tomorrow.

My full page advert to go in the Better Satellite magazine is now complete and since this is my best one yet, then it is certainly worth checking out this new magazine, which should be in the shops in about a months time. My half-page advert for the What Satellite magazine I have yet to complete, where as this one needs to be ready by tomorrow, then so is there no time to delay.

Still since I have already done the full page advert, then so is copying over the new data quick enough to do. However, since I did give the full page advert a total going over and large remake, then I do want to spend the time making this half page one as best I can as well.

After that I also have returns testing to do, where since the loss of No3 this is the one area that has really suffered. The reason for this is of course that processing each return can take like an hour or even longer each time to test, where it is hard to find the time at the moment.

Anyway, since I have lots of things to do, then I had better get busy.

15th of February 2003

If you look closely at the US Dollar version of my Order Forms, then you will notice a few important changes.

The most obvious and important of these changes is the inclusion of two new on-line payment options, where customers interested in paying in US Dollars can now pay me on-line through these two new E-Gold and EvoCash systems. As the E-Gold service can work just as well for Euro payments (as well as many other currencies), then when I get the time I will add this same option to that Euro Order Form as well.

I have yet to add the required details concerning what these two new buttons are all about, but as least this new USD based on-line payment system works and there are plenty of details on the sites in question.

The most important factor I guess is how much extra it costs to use these services above the usual order total.

Dealing with the more expensive E-Gold service first, then after looking around it appears that it will cost 3% of the total transferred in order to pay the companies involved to do this. Still that is not bad seeing that sending a SWIFT transfer instead would take longer and cost a lot more.

Also this E-Gold service unlike my existing NoChex and PayHound services charge per transacting between account holders as well, but from what I understand this 50 cents charge is hardly going to break the bank.

The best thing that I like about this system is that it will cost me nothing at all to get the money back out, which I had to look at a few times before I believed it.

As you will find out paying me in virtual gold is a bit strange, but as this is linked to many different currencies at the true exchange rate, then this provides the much desired option of no extra costs in transfers between currencies. For example if one customer sent me 100 USD and another customer sent me 100 EUR, then so could I debit the whole lot cost free to my GBP bank account at the true currency rates.

Also what with all the companies about transferring real money to e-gold and back again, then just about anyone in the entire world can use this service.

Now the EvoCash service is a lot more USD based, when one of their Evos has the exact same value as one USD. And out of these two services it is this EvoCash that has the slightly higher between account holder transfer costs, when no matter the size of the transfer it will cost exactly 1 Evo / USD.

However, despite this extra 50 cents this service will be of great interest to my customers, when you can convert your money to Evos with no extra cost. Well that is as long as you use one of their free options, which will be easy for some people and hard for others.

From what I can see it will cost me 2% to get this money back out, which is in my region of acceptable. However, I see that EvoCash have an option to convert Evos to E-Gold, where if this is done for free or at least less than 2%, then so could I withdraw it cheaper as E-Gold.

One interesting aspect is that as these funds are stored off-shore, then if I just left these funds in these accounts, then so would I not have to pay tax on them. Still, as you cannot spend money if you do not have it, then since you have to pay tax on it at some point, then best to deal with it like normal I think. Still it would be an interesting tax situation if I paid some suppliers from tax exempt funds, but as I currently know nothing about it, then maybe I will look into it.

Anyway, if you have the desire to pay me in US Dollars on-line and have your order dispatched the same day, then so can you now do so. Too bad that the high USD currency rate will lower such interest, but at least when I have done a few more changes I will implement the Euro version of this E-Gold payment system.

As I like just finished this addition not that long ago, then I can only hope that it all works as it should. Well it works for me at least, but as it is based around code already created, then so would I not expect anything serious.

I really will have to sort out this forms submission section though, when submitting all the fields for both payment gateway systems to both payment gateways works (it discards the unwanted fields), but it cannot be healthy. As this patch to get it working is not good code either, then I will have to get a handle on selecting between what one of the two forms should be submitted.

Personally I blame No2 for this, when it was his good idea when the NoChex system was first supported to submit the form to itself. As a result this seems to cause a couple of odd quirks, not to mention that the file size of these Order Forms is over 60k. I suspect it would have been better to submit the order form to a new file, when then I could have simply had two separate files for these new on-line payment services.

Well since adding a simple IF statement to select between what one of the two forms to submit has not been working as it should, then that explains why I have had to merge these forms together. Maybe I should get No2 to fix it, where if he cannot get it to work as it should, then maybe breaking these forms into smaller files would be the best option.

Anyway, if I start adding more on-line payment systems to these two PHP3 based Order Forms, then I have a feeling that one too many will break them. Well as mentioned it works, where as you should not notice any problems, then so should my slightly dodgy programming code not be of concern.

Since I have not yet mentioned the other two changes to this Order Form, then the first one of those is that I simply reduced the vertical spacing. This is to allow more of the order form to print on the single page, when I have noticed for a while now that the printing starts to use a second page.

I have been thinking to reduce the number of ordering lines, when I cannot say that anyone has yet used all 12 of them. As I only went with 12 in the first place due to the fact that this is what fitted on an A4 sized print out, then these on-line ordering options taking up extra space means that maybe I should reduce the number to 10 lines.

As that is quite a serious change to complete, then I will play the game of cram as much as possible on to a single A4 page for a while more.

The final change is one that I have been meaning to do for a while, when not everyone deletes my comments like "Enter you name here...". And so on this Order Form at least selecting any of this default text will cause the text to be removed, which then will motivate customers to enter the information more correctly.

These last two changes I will have to add to the GBP and EUR version of these Order Forms, but there is no rush to do that, when I can see how my customers get along with this form first.

Anyway, to sum up this News section, then the US Dollar Order Form has been changed from a HTML file to a PHP3 file. And the reason why this change was done was so that I could add these new on-line payment options for the E-Gold and EvoCash services.

Since I have been looking for good on-line payment services for the USD and EUR currencies for a long time, then that is why after first hearing about these services did I spend quite some time finding out about them and finally implementing them.

As both these on-line payment services support a payment gateway option, then that is something that PayHound should learn from, when that is the only one of these four payment options that forces their customers to manually send payments.

Well as PayHound is not doing at all well these days, then if it was not for their totally free service I would give up supporting them. Still, as NoChex not that long ago used to be quite poor and has recently greatly improved (soon to include a payment option for people who have not even got a NoChex account), then there is hope for PayHound yet, where their mentioned future support of international cards sounds very interesting.

Still let not forget that the French MinutePay went down that option previously, where that company is now out of business.

Anyway, since you can see this new US Dollar Order Form for yourself, then you are welcome to play with it all you want. And don't forget to take a look at these two new payment gateway screens, where you can even check out these whole services if you want.

10th of February 2003

Good news, when my SPLOCK5 cables ordered back in December finally arrived today.

And in case you are wondering what colour they are, after the latest batch of related SPLOCK cables turned out to be Black, then the answer to this blue / black question is Black. So the SPLOCK cables (now that all the last of the blue ones have gone) are Black, the SPLOCK3 cables are Blue, and the SPLOCK5 (now that they are here) are also Black.

Hopefully, restocking on this SPLOCK5 cable will be a lot faster from now on, when I did not order that many in this first batch. Well, if you fancy a 5 meter long (black) scart lead supporting the positive locking feature (and gold plating), then now is a good time to buy one.

In the next couple of days I will see about getting in more FUN4 cards, when as mentioned in my last news section this first batch is going fast. I expect that I will get in some more FUN6 cards at the same time, when I only got a few of those in the first place due to an overpayment.

Since I have counted my Euro funds now, then I see that I can afford my desired quantity of FUN4 cards, but at the same time I cannot afford my desired quantity of FUN6 cards. So it is either get all of the FUN4 cards and a few more of the FUN6, get less of the FUN4 and more of the FUN6, or wait until all the FUN6 cards have gone in about 3 weeks time.

I have yet to decide what one of those three options I will choose, when it is mostly a price issue, but whatever way more payments in the Euro at this time would be helpful. Just remember that if you send a Euro Cheque, then to fill in the details correctly, when one Euro Cheque received today was not signed and had the wrong year put on it (2002 instead of 2003).

As I already know these international banks like to be extra fussy with Euro Cheques, then that is why either of these two reasons would result in having this Cheque rejected. Due to the inclusion of a mention on my Order Forms, then at least now such Cheques are made payable to the correct name, where just filling out the Cheque as one should is the more minor yet equally fatal problem.

Euro Cash on the other hand is no problem, where the third of these three options is a transfer (usually SWIFT) to my Euro bank account.

Since I updated the currency rates again yesterday (this time all 21 of them), then I see that the Euro has increased in value again. This time it is at 1.5083 EUR to 1 GBP, which could well be the the best value that the Euro has been for a very long time.

I will be looking forwards to seeing if the Euro is going to fall below the 1.5 rate, when it is not far off now. Anyway, this favourable currency rate is another reason why I would expect extra Euro payments, even if technically I receive less Euros. Another reason for people spending their Euros with me is that the UK has a 17.5% VAT rate, which is 2.5% less than the EU average of 20%, which means that my goods are already 2.5% cheaper than buying the items locally.

So due to the fact that I can accept the Euro at the true exchange rate, the Euro rate is currently good (quick spend it before it becomes worthless!), the UK's VAT rate is good, I have low item prices and low postal rates, then why not send me your Euros and help refill my bank account?

I guess that I know the answer to that question, when many people like to buy their items in their own country or even more locally. That is an idea that I do not like, when doing so removes fair competition and makes you pay a higher price (for maybe even worse items / service). I guess that is one good thing about the U.S.A, when although they are quite bad at not buying items from suppliers outside their country, then they do not have concerns about shipping between states.

And since all these Euro countries are part of the European Union, then one can only hope that us citizens of the EU will quickly have no concerns over inter-EU supply.

As a supplier I quickly learned that supply from all over the world is not a problem, where after all these new wafer cards (that I pay in Euros) come from Germany, where before that this supplier no doubt has a factory in like China or Taiwan.

The point here is that had I not purchased these cards from Germany (and before that the U.S, China and Taiwan), then so could I not now offer you the best wafer card prices around. And this super fast shipping from my own supplier proves that problems when ordering between countries is little more then a myth.

I have also learned that if you want the best items around, then in other countries you will have to go to find them. Like in the case of my ELVIS programmer, when long ago when I first stocked this model my supplier's site was only in Swedish (due to being in Sweden), where I had to spend a couple hours figuring out what his site was saying before I could place my first order.

Naturally, this manufacturer now has a large English language section as well, which is mostly due to my hard work in making this model popular to us English speaking people, where he then found the need. And of course my own site supports an on-line language translation section to help out non-English speaking customers, when I talk way too much to be able to afford proper translation.

Anyway, I rest my case concerning EU (and further) supply, where since I want all your Euros to refill my soon to be emptied bank account, then I do not want to hear any excuses beyond finding a lower price elsewhere. As unlikely as that is, of course.

So go on and send me your Euros, when you know that you really want to. :-]

8th of February 2003

It is good to see that my lowering of my card prices and the stocking of new wafer card types is having the expected effect on sales. For example I have only been selling these new card types for five days now and already I have sold half of my FUN4 card stock.

Time to get my latest batch of Euros in the bank it seems, when I could be out of FUN4 cards by next weekend. Still, as I know that making a Euro currency SWIFT transfer is very quick, then I could place an order on Tuesday, have them dispatched on Wednesday and have them here either Thursday or Friday.

That is if everything goes to plan of course, but if not then they would just be here the start of the following week.

Well I had a feeling that the FUN4 type would be selling faster than the rest (the other types are selling at about quarter to half this rate), which is proof enough that I will need to stock larger quantities. After all I normally plan to have my stock last for two months, where having this current FUN4 card stock last for two weeks is only quarter of the desired time.

Dealing with increased popularity, then I feel that obtaining five times the current volume is needed. I just hope that my Euro funds can handle it, when of course I receive most payment in Sterling. Well if not, then I will just have to restock on a lower quantity and obtain more next time.

That could be a problem in the long term though, when it is best to avoid the GBP to EUR conversion. Sure it will only costs like 3.75% more, but that is still a hell of a lot of money for the volume that I deal with. To deal with this problem, then I feel that I need to attract the interest of more customers who pay in the Euro.

Anyway, since that is not your problem, then I will go count my Euros and see what I can afford.

6th of February 2003

I am pleased to say that all the stock that I hoped would turn up today did so.

First of all was the ELVIS programmers that would have been here a week ago had it not been for a fax problem, but anyway this means that the few delayed orders will be leaving today.

As I have been restocking on some other items that were low on stock, then I see that I have some changes to report.

First of all is that when the last couple of blue TOS1 cables are sold, then so will I be swapping to the new silver type. This then will have then completed this swap to the strangely better quality and lower cost cable.

Next up is that once all the SAMM4 satellite meters have all been sold, then so will I be swapping to the new SAMM5 type. Unfortunately, I could well have to increase my price for this meter, when there was no real choice beyond buying the new SAMM5 meter at the higher price. Apart from the colour change, then as the new meter seems little different from the old one, then the SAMM4 at the lower price does seem the better purchase.

The penultimate thing to report is that I got in more PG753 satellite finding kits, then there is completely no change here.

And the very final item of the SPLOCK cable is changing colour, where apart from changing from blue to black, then it is exactly the same. I can only hope that the SPLOCK5 turns up sometime soon, where what colour that one will be remains to be seen.

Well that is it, which means that I now have all the items that I sell (excluding the SPLOCK5 of course) in stock, where this will cover many future orders.

The items that I will need to restock on next are the LAPLINK cable and EMERALD cards, where although my current stock should last at least a month, then these ones are still starting to get low. Looks like I will have to restock on the MAGICKIT some time next month as well, but that is hardly a problem there days.

Anyway, if you fancy buying something, then you can rest assured that I have suitable stock available.

4th of February 2003

I have now added the new section for the ATMEGA card to my Cards page, which will now allow those people who do not know this card to find out what it is about.

The photo for that card is not as good as the other ones in this new batch, when the picture I obtained for this card was too small. So although the smaller version looks fine, then the big version is blurred due to having to expand the original image by about 250%. I should really get my scanner fixed, but then I already have too much work to do.

Another thing is should do is to time how long these new card types take to program, where for example the ATMega163 takes twice as long as the AT90S8515A to program. However, programming that huge 24LC1024 EEPROM on the FUN6 card sure takes a long time, when my programming test must have gone over 10 minutes.

Still that is what happens when you put a huge capacity on an 8 MHz microcontroller, when the 20 MHz PIC16F877 of the SILVER card is a lot faster to program for its relative size. In that respect it is kind of a shame that the FunCard types have proved more popular, when the SILVER card is technically the better card in many respects.

Also, as I have just swapped all the mentions of "Purple" on my Card page for "FUN2", then did I remember that my Programmers page would need an update as well. And so my section on my ELVIS model has just had its second major change since I started supplying this model, when I saw that a whole new load of cards had sprung up since I last updated that section.

I guess that is one good thing about this model, when every type of new card that has come out in this card craze (we only needed one card to replace the Gold card, where now we have ten of them...) has been supported. Then again, as I said that would happen, then here is that proof of that claim.

Apart from adding like a dozen new card types, then I had to mentioned the additional software now available, when this tends to be important. Also, since I noticed that section was English faulty, then so did I debug my former use of the English language.

Anyway, ELVIS is still the king, where the king live on with new software.

One thing I have to mention is that as my supplier of this model could not dispatch my new order today (DHL said "no, too late"), then the dispatch tomorrow will result in delivery on Thursday or Friday now.

Tomorrow I have to place an order with another supplier for stock that I am getting low on, where I sure hope that these turn up in far less time than with these SPLOCK5 cables. After all I ordered those ones back in mid-December, when now it is February. Maybe I will remind them about this outstanding order, when I do have one customer waiting.

One other thing is that I am in the mood to buy something new. What I mean is that supporting all these new card types is pleasing, where as a result I am in the mood to buy something else. Just what I have yet to decide, when it could be a new programmer, a new CAM, official subscription cards or something else, but whatever I do get I want it to be great, popular and good value.

I will have to think about it, but if you desire something that I do not yet supply, then you can always ask.

Well as I have already done a lot of work today, then I feel that is now enough until tomorrow.

Earlier News...

Well after looking into where my next ELVIS order has got to, then I soon located the problem. As it seems that when I sent off my fax order at the end of last month, then something happened (like my supplier did not have their fax machine on) and like 10 retry attempts over the next couple of hours all failed.

So I only discovered this problem when I checked the fax log today, when this failure record was buried under a pile of unwanted spam faxes.

Anyway, since I sent off this order again today, which has certainly been received, then so will my next ELVIS batch be here either tomorrow or on Thursday.

Moving on to my new card types, then I see that they are already proving popular, when within the first 24 hours I have already sold FUN2, FUN4 and ATMEGA cards. And I know that this of course is only the start of a load of sales due to my new lowest prices around policy, when things are soon going to get busy.

Since I have dug up the technical specification for these ATMEGA cards, then I will soon see about adding this one to my Card page. I will certainly have to go program one first, but trying to obtain a wiring diagram for this card type has not been fruitful so far.

I will also soon have to find out how this self-programming feature of these ATMEGA cards work, when it claims that you don't need a card programmer. Obviously the truth in this matter is that you can make use of a programmer like my SMART2 instead of say my powerful ELVIS model. Still as that is all I know about that self-programming feature at the moment, then I will have to do some testing.

Also while I am on the subject, then if you want to use my ELVIS programmer to program all these new card types, then I would recommend downloading the latest version of the MP Utility software (by TJ). This you can do by clicking here, where this software certainly supports all my wafer card types.

So if you are currently using only the supplied MP6 to MP8 Beta software, then that is a vital download. Reminds me that I should really get my partly made Software page completed some time soon, when there are certainly other programs that you could use.

Anyway, while you go have fun with my wafer cards, then I will go do some work.

3rd of February 2003

I always hate it when the 1st of the month falls on the weekend, which it seems to have done a lot recently. Where in such cases I usually then only update my site to this new month on Monday, like I have now done so today.

The most important news today, I believe, is that as I went though many other suppliers sites checking their prices recently, then so with my prices changes now available on-line are my prices for many items the best around.

Most importantly is my changes to my Cards page, when my prices for all my wafer cards now meet and often exceeds all rival prices from other UK suppliers. And as you can see my pricing structure has changed, when my prices for thousands of cards have gone and more focus is now on lower quantities.

Dealing with each wafer card at a time, then the WHITE cards needed no real change, when they were already in the new format. Prices of my GOLD2 cards have now decreased down to as low as £1.80 each, where my current stock is nearly all sold (that cost me more than this £1.80 price) and I will soon get in better value cards.

My GOLD cards are now in the 1+, 10+, 50+ and 100+ price format, but since these are cards designed for quality instead of the lowest price, then they have remained about the same price.

The EMERALD card I have had to discount for the 10+ price in order to match rival suppliers. And as I just sold another 100 of these card type to one customer in Spain, then so is it a good time to restock on this type and to then offer the 50+ and 100+ prices. Still, as I have some of these cards left in stock, then there is no major rush to do so.

Now, in the case of my SILVER cards, then I honestly thought that this month I would have to sell them at a loss. However, after looking into current market prices and sorting out my accounts to know how much I paid for them, then even with my new lower prices I will still just about make a profit. This is mostly due to the fact that this type was the last card type that I purchased (restocking on) by many thousands of cards. And so when I got these back in May the manufacturer's price had already fallen by a large amount due to market decline.

Moving on to my PURPLE wafer card, then due to my new card types in this Atmel section, then so have a just changed the Ordering Code of this card to FUN2. Further more this card I am without doubt selling at a large loss, when the truth is that when I last stocked on this card type back in December of 2001, then these cards cost me £6.31 each to buy.

As I am now selling this high quality card to you for between £3.00 and £4.50 each, then so am I about to make a large loss on each and every card sold. Well to be able to offer the best price around, then so do you need to "cut your own throat" once in a while. Still, my price is now better than giving them away for free last month, but the truth is that as I only have less than a box left, then so when these are all gone, then I will be able to sell the new and lower cost FUN2 cards.

So you could say that I am clearing out stock of this high quality PURPLE type, which is certainly to your advantage. In fact my order that has now arrived contained the new FUN2 cards, which will be available for sale once all the Purple ones have gone.

Now, moving on to the new FUN4, FUN5 and FUN6 cards, then so are all these cards details now on-line. As you will see I now have the best damned prices around, where if you want the best prices on these card types, then you need not look any further.

I was thinking today that I would have to tell you that these cards would be in later this week, when the UPS on-line tracking system indicates that they have not even been collected from this manufacturer yet. Strange then is it not that to my surprise this package turned up today, which proved my comments on the 30th of January correct, even if the on-line tracking system and no dispatch confirmation from my manufacturer made me believe that delivery would not be today.

Anyway, since I issued this SWIFT transfer on Wednesday, where this manufacturer dispatched them on Thursday, then this Monday delivery most count as the fastest such inter-EU restocking that I have ever done. In fact, as I sent off an order for more ELVIS a few days before this one, then I will have to see where that order has got to, when I have not received it yet.

The only new card that is not currently displayed on my Card page is the new ATMEGA card, when I have yet to obtain a wiring diagram and to give one a test. As I can hardly write a description about a card that I have never used after all, which is why that description will come later. Still, for those people who know their ATMega163 + 24LC256 cards, then see my Order Forms for the purchase price. And best damned price around as well don't forget.

Anyway, what this is all about is that Cardman is now getting back to the front of this wafer card supply game, when due to the problems last year I did not even have the information available to check and compare prices. Now that my accounts are back in action do I now know that my new card prices are the best that I have seen from all UK suppliers, where I am sure that I kick the butt of European card suppliers as well.

And you can certainly look around for yourself to confirm this fact if you desire.

Speaking of prices, then I of course just updated the two main currency rates again. I see that the Euro has lost value slightly (yet still the best value seen for a long time) and the US Dollar is about the same terrible value that it was last week.

That no doubt explains why I have been receiving lots of Euro currency recently (and no US Dollars!), even from customers in the UK. I guess that all these customers are all thinking "quick lets get rid of these Euros while it is still worth something", when you get about 8 Euro Cents more per £1 than what you would have just over a month ago.

Certainly a good time to spend your Euros none the less, even with this latest minor price increase, but if the Euro value gets better of worse after this remains to be seen. In my view I am hoping that it gets better or stays about this level, when that is the type of thing we need to get the money flowing and to end this recession.

After all the reason why I am getting a lot more Euros in recently is due to the currency rate, when it has not been at this good value for around a year now or even longer. And since I now pay for my wafer cards in Euros, then it will be good to receive this currency and avoid the expensive GBP to EUR transfer. So I have a nice wad of Euro cash here already, but of course I accept Euro Cheques as well with no dispatch delay cashing them.

Speaking more on the recession, then the sales boost in January is a good time to kick start things for the better. Still, it will only be in March once this sales fever has died down will I then see if we are in growth or decline. My expected large increase in wafer card sales could affect things somewhat, but the market analysts predict growth and I am hoping that is true.

So spend your Euros or whatever else you have, when this recession needs to killed and with Cardman you can rest assured that you now have the best value.

I have to now go figure out this ATMEGA card, chase up my ELVIS order, restock on a couple of other items, get in one special request item, sort out my taxes, write a couple of letters, sort out some returns and then to officially fire No3.

Well I will tell you more about that last one later when I have the time, but as No3 now does not feel like doing the accounts work (or even come into work) that she agreed to do under a 12 month employment contract, then she is in breach of contract and now fired. So time to go find someone who is not a pain in the rear end I guess, but one job up very soon is pointing out what e-mail addresses to use.

Just avoid the Cardman and Trade ones and you will do fine, when I am covering the rest with various importance and speed. Kind of screws up most of the other stuff listed above, but as I now have the big site update done, then I will see about handling them.

Anyway, you go look at my wafer card prices and compare them to other suppliers, when then you will see who has the best prices around. Also since I have looked closely at these new Atmel based cards, then so is the build quality very nice I can say.