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26th of February 2002

I can confirm that ELVIS has now entered the building once again. This means that the few delayed orders will most likely depart today, but it does take No1 twice as long to dispatch orders without computer support.

Well as there is plenty of ELVIS programmers in stock, then this latest batch should now last a month or two.

While I have lots of other news that I would desire to tell you now, but as I am currently much too busy, then that news will have to wait until next time.

18th of February 2002

Well it seems that my bad luck continues, when today I did my usual £1000 maximum limit withdrawal from my NoChex account and I was totally shocked to see a £10 transaction charge being displayed instead of the usual 99p.

Their system must have screwed up I thought, which made me go back and try a £500 withdrawal instead. And as this time it wanted £5, then it was obvious to see that it now wanted 1% and not the usual 99p.

Hold on I was then thinking, when as this £1000 transfer only costs them like 50p in a standard debit card payment gateway transfer change, then having a £9.50 profit (instead of the usual 49p) on this one transfer was a long way off the top of the extreme payment charges scale.

Then only seconds later I added up a rough estimate of what they must now be making from all customers and came up with the total of greed.

Now it was not many months ago that each two weeks I could withdraw my entire account balance and pay a perfectly reasonable 99p charge, but back in about October the problems started when a £1000 daily withdrawal limit was imposed.

I was not too pleased at the time I can say, when the payment gateway system they use would have no such limit, which to me spelled out that they imposed this limit in order to increase profit.

As that limit was lower than every transfer though this second account without exception, then I protected that the limit was unreasonable and therefore in breach of their terms and conditions. Naturally I suspected that this was not a security measure, but they never do respond to such points.

Since then the amount I pay, what with having a business account that the transfer goes to as well, was then increased from about £1.69 to about £10 each couple of weeks. And despite a few problems since it has been that way until now.

Well I have sent them an e-mail asking how they can justify a £10 charge on a debit card refund charge no less, but I would give it poor odds for getting a reply to that one. As I asked them to justify this charge, but how can they justify the unjustifiable.

Anyway I am annoyed, when quite simply they should not be charging a percentage on a debit card transfer, when that system because obsolete long ago in favour of a fixed 50p to £1 charge. And as PayHound, PayPal, MinutePay and C2IT all charge zero for such a transfer, then why is NoChex now £10 more.

Not that long ago NoChex was claiming that the 99p charge was to ensure a sound financial future, which seems to be the case when not long ago they was claiming how successful they now were. However as such a charge spells signs of financial problems, then clearly these two indicators do not much.

Well it seems that I will now have to update my NoChex information to reflect this change, but as mentioned above why now use NoChex when PayHound and others are cheaper. As this is most expensive for myself, when you would only see the new charge when you hit the £100 mark, then I will certainly be pointing out the advantage of the PayHound system.

Only problem with that is that PayHound stinks of "commercial" a lot more than what NoChex did, even if NoChex could well be where PayHound hopes to be when they have the same customer base.

And the main problem with PayHound is that they are as slow as hell, which is why I have so far waited 12 days for a debit from my PayHound account to appear in my Bank account, with no sign of it yet seen I should point out.

With the appearance of the NoChex system I thought "good here is a useful fast service with a reasonable charge", but as today I now pay 4000% of what I did in charges, then I have now lost my faith in their service.

Currently the slow PayHound system is the best option, MinutePay cannot handle my Euros, PayPal cannot link to such a US based US$ account, but maybe C2IT could be possible.

Well I will have to see about paying more of my own suppliers though the NoChex system, when the person who now withdraws it loses 1% of the total value. Sure not much for a supplier, but it all adds up, and on a debit card transfer it should not be there in the first place.

17th of February 2002

If you read the news from just two days ago, then you will see that I was expecting problems. So having both my sites suffer problems yesterday and not being available to most site visitors was not that unexpected.

To begin with then my site is hosted by CWI, who early yesterday morning my time was subject to a 30 Mb / second DOS attack. This they managed to filter out from all carriers except for UUNet, even if that sounds more to me like they was attacked only via UUNet, which they could do little about until their engineers came in the next morning.

Anyway, if your own ISP uses UUNet as well (as mine does), then my site would be reporting access denied problem, when all connections to this network section was being blocked.

Now my site was having problems of its own at that very same time, when it seems that my hosting provider of GhoulNet was suffering from DNS failure across their entire network. So while that would have taken down many sites besides mine with DNS lookup failures, this was not helpful to have both my sites appear to go down at the same time.

As both did fail yesterday morning and then come back in the afternoon, which is not at all helpful when the "other" site is supported to be available if the "first" site goes down.

Well as I have said before that if you consider the odds of both my sites working fine for months and then both going down at the same time (for very different reasons), then the odds of that is like a million to one.

Funny then that this is now the third time when both my sites have worked fine for months and then become unavailable on that very same day.

For I would expect that if you think about this long enough, then you will see that life is not quite a random as you would expect. For did I not say that what should be very rare event has now happened three times, but also just two days ago that I was expecting problems.

And that is why I have always said that my life runs in periods of good and bad times to various degrees, when this I find usually last between 2 to 6 weeks before swapping over.

Well I would consider having a third site to now protect again the now frequent event of both my site becoming unavailable during same time period. However I already know that is pointless, for when I am in one of these "bad sections", then even having twenty sites would not help, when I am totally sure that all twenty would go down for all very different reasons.

Also who would willingly host a third site, when they now know that if one sites goes down, then their own network is seconds away from going up in flames as well.

I can only guess that yesterday (being a special day in other ways, see the Ultimate Special Offer) was the peak point in this current "bad section". And so I would expect things to now get better, but as I am still in a more negative time then naturally not that good.

So that is why I can now report today that I have now fixed my primary e-mail address, when I was able to read and purge my mail spool under Telnet. And so this e-mail access is now working again, when I suspect one large e-mail for breaking it in the first place.

Well next time that happens I will remember how to fix it, when that will save having to close usage of that e-mail account. Also I have noticed that mail forwarding also works to get new e-mail to this problem address forwarded to a problem free address, but naturally that does not help those already stuck in the mail spool file.

Anyway, since I purged all e-mail from my mail spool file, then this restart allowed it to work again.

One thing I am soon going to do is to shrink these large sized item photos a bit, when say I don't believe that the remote control photos need to be that large.

The reason for this is that my site only has 1/20th the storage capacity of my site, which means that these photos need to be smaller when like 97% of the available space has already been used.

Well I am desiring to move my domain away from GhoulNet, when basically their space is too small and their extra features are a bit lacking. Only problem is that when I first got this site then I opted for a combined hosting and domain name package, which means that according to the domain name registration that GhoulNet control the domain name.

Anyway, it seems that I could well be able to shift this domain name (with a fee no doubt) to a new hosting provider, but it that will release GhoulNet's control of this domain I don't know.

In the end it is either a case of do it the easy way or do it the hard way, when since I pay for the domain name registration (via GhoulNet) then if I don't pay it then they certainly won't. In which case the domain name subscription would eventually expire, which would allow me to re-register it and take full control.

Only problem is that it may not expire when you expect it to, but also you have to be quick to register it before anyone else does. Well I doubt that anyone would want a Cardman in the UK domain, but you can never tell.

I see that and are already registered to people in the US, but while is "coming soon" that we will have to see. As to, then that does not have any signs of being used quite yet.

Well at least the second time around when I purchased from the previous owner, then I certainly found the best hosting provider in the US to link this domain to. Well I did tick just about every option in this hosting search, when I then just picked the best value, recommended, and got some decent network connections.

As CWI Hosting certainly do have a you can do everything you could possibly want hosting service, with a large capacity to match, but while this hosting is like 20 times better than the hosting, the only problem is that it is also quite a lot more expensive.

Since that is not a problem for me, then I will see if I can find a matching UK based hosting provider. When although shrinking down these photos a bit is not really a problem; I am finding this hosting a lot more limited as each new feature is added.

Also as my domain name is due for renewal in March 2003, then I may soon see about extending this registration to the maximum of 10 years. Well I won't be going anywhere any time soon, but I will also have to see about updating the first line of the registrant info. Only problem with that is it can only unusually be updated during a domain name sale, which means that updating that one line could be quite costly.

Well at least both my sites are now fully working again after all these recent problems.

15th of February 2002

Yesterday I sent to my second bank the latest batch of Euros for payment into my Euro account, which included only the second Euro cheque so far. This one came from Ireland, but while Euro cheques are not too popular the Euro cash certainly is.

Now although I am a little doubtful about packing Citibank's prepaid first class envelopes full of Euro cash and sending this by an unrecorded method, but as it has worked well enough so far, then I guess I will keep doing it that way until they lose one.

Well as I am trying to keep these Euros from losing value, then even the minimal £0.90 record cost would cause a small value drop. Maybe this is a bit crazy, when one lost package would result in a huge loss, but as even Inland Record only covers up to £27 compensation, then that is not much help either. And using Special Delivery would only cost 4 times more each time, which quickly rules that out.

So the only real alternative to the current method is to keep the money here, but as it is better in my Euro bank account, then that is why I send it to them. The one other possibility is to say save up several months worth at a time, when I can then send them a much larger amount, which would then reduce the loss due to the expensive insured postage.

In the end there is really no totally safe way to send cash through the post, when I do not believe that Special Delivery covers cash anyway, but until there is a better solution, then that is what I have to do. And at least I am not dumb enough to send the coins as well, when in many cases you can simply pick up such a package and think "that contains money" and so it does.

Well if I did send coins then two pieces of cardboard with the coins secured firmly in the middle is the starting point. When this cardboard should then be near the size of the postal pouch, which would stop the coins sliding about. And finally the ideal external packaging is a padded mailing bag, which offers further protection and removes the coin feel.

As I have seen exactly that a few times, then I know that you cannot tell that this heavier package contains cash.

Anyway, the reason I am mentioning Euros today is that I am starting to see why Euro cheques are a lot less popular than Euro cash. As it so happens that today, which is just over two weeks after I paid it in, that this first Euro cheque (from Italy) has been returned unpaid.

Now the simple reason that the issuing bank refused to pay it, was because that the "date" was missing. And that I find incredibly fussy, when I have dealt with Sterling cheques with a lot worse errors.

While simply missing off the decimal value is common, which I usually fill in myself. Then I have successful cashed Sterling cheques that have been missing dates, signatures, and even where they have just signed the cheque for me to fill in the correct value myself, using an very different big black marker pen.

In fact I would say that it is highly possible that you could send me a totally blank cheque, where I could fill in all but the signature and still have it cash fine. Naturally I would not desire to pre-dispatch an order and risk it, but this goes to show how flexible banks are with Sterling cheques.

And that is why I say that just missing off the date is a lame reason for not paying this Euro cheque, when next they will be saying that the person writing the cheque used the wrong ink colour. Or maybe it is the case that "you wrote a cheque out to a person in another country, which means that we don't like you any more".

At the current time I cannot yet spot where this date is supposed to go anyway (I will soon see what is Italian for "date"), but at the end of the day as this Euro cheque has been refused then this customer will be needing to send me a new Euro cheque.

So I am starting to see the problem with these Euro cheques, when you need a degree in cheque writing in order to have your attempt pass the strict rules required by the paying bank.

Well my first bank is not at all perfect either, when recently it has taken real effort to spend my money as I please.

Now in the past on rare occasions my available balance (the amount you can spend) has dropped to the near impossible value of zero, which is certainly removing thousands from the true value. And while that problem only ever lasts a single day, before the correct value is restored, this fault has caused rejection of a couple of minor payments.

Recently things have got a lot worse, when my Debit card for this account for the past few weeks has at every attempt been "refused", which is strange where say reverse transfers from say NoChex using these card details still works fine.

Naturally, each time I checked my frequently updated available balance and everything is perfectly fine there.

Now as I happens I have two Debit cards for this one business account, which at the time puzzled me when I am still wondering why my bank feels that one person needs two Debit cards for their account, when I have certainly never asked for a second card.

Well in this case that second card has proved useful, when I just switched to using this second Debit card. And naturally when you think two Debit cards and one account, where one works and one does not, then that clearly spells out banking fault.

As it happens since yesterday this second Debit card is starting to be a problem as well, when the theory goes that you can spend using your Debit card any amount up to your available account balance.

And so why it is then that a debit for about one third of my available balance was refused several times, which was payment for more GOLD cards. When checking my on-line available balance showed no problem, but in the end only 25% of my available balance could be retrieved from this account.

So as no more more could come out, the remaining payment for this order had to be taken from my Citibank Sterling account instead.

Well I am certainly going to soon write a long letter to my business bank manager (whoever that is these days), when at this time I am collecting yet more proof of refused transfers. As I am currently left wondering what I am paying them about £100 in bank charges each month for, when my account is just not working as it should be.

Sometimes I wonder, when it seems a lot more difficult then it should be to move money in to and out of bank accounts these days, but don't even get my started on Merchant accounts, or more correctly Internet Merchant accounts, when it seems that humble business bank account won't do for storing credit / debit card transfers.

Anyway, if you wish to be with the bank that says "no, not even with your own money" then that would be Lloyds-TSB. I would say just wait until I get the service questionnaire form again, but it seems that they have not been sending it to me for a while.

The only other problem today is that my main e-mail address stopped working late last night, when it currently comes up with the error "cannot copy mail spool file, quota exceeded". Although I am left wondering "what quota?", in the rare cases in the past I have simply deleted the e-mail address and started it again from new.

However as that is my master e-mail address, then deleting it is a very bad idea, when this would result in the deletion of all e-mail addresses and my entire web site.

So I may have to get my hosting provider to sort this one out, which could mean that my e-mail address will be unusable for several days. And that is why it is a good idea to use my trade address instead for now, even if this is bound to screw up some contact.

Well I will now put mention on my e-mail page, which if people follow my e-mail rules will then see.

And as GOLD cards have been out of stock since last week, then I can say that more will arrive at 12:30 today, which will mean that most delayed orders should leave today.

Normally restocking of these should be quite quick when my supplier lives near me, but as it happens this time he did not have the type I wanted. And as he then said that he would have the type I need early this week, then I thought ok a small delay, but I can wait a few days.

The problem then is that the middle of this week when I asked where they were, where he then said that in a round about way he could not get them. Sure he had gold cards, but the problem is that for my GOLD type I only stock the highest quality card that I can find.

Now although the last GOLD type are what I call the "emergency batch" (received the day after this raid) had an extremely low failure rate, they on the other hand did not look all that good. And so as I feel that looks are also an important aspect, even if it does not affect the technical results, then I did not desire that type again.

So this time this new GOLD card looks very good, is very well built by having a good wafer and excellent pad, and naturally has a low failure rate. And so all that I would expect from my high quality GOLD type.

The only compromise is that this new card will be using the PIC16F84A and not the usual PIC16F84, which is not really a problem when this faster microcontroller can still use all the modern PIC16F84 firmware no problem.

In the end I have come to the conclusion that no High Quality PIC16F84 + 24LC16B Gold wafer card exists any more, when all these manufacturers have fallen into the lower priced and lower quality card trap. Even this PIC16F84A type was quite a rare find, when most PIC16F84A cards end up worse off.

That is naturally because the PIC16F84 is a higher priced microcontroller (even if the PIC16F84A is the new more advanced version), which means that as PIC16F84A cards can be made at a lower price, then the bulk of the manufactured price war is with the PIC16F84A type.

Anyway, the only future for the GOLD type after this batch, when I expect these to eventually get lower priced and lower quality as well, is to have this desired card made to my exact specification.

That would mean no more GOLD as such, when a card designed and built to always be High Quality should have a new name and colour. Although the old Galaxy type is a promising start due to their higher quality history, that has not always been the case. So no doubt this new card will be totally new.

So that is the only real future for the High Quality PIC16F84 + 24LC16B, when this could be the last batch the of higher quality "gold" type ever. And so that is why I am currently taking steps to see who can build me such a card, when if I do not take action then it will go the way of the dodo.

Well since this new GOLD type, which will be here within the hour, is the highest quality PIC16F84A card that I have ever seen, then I am sure that you would be equally pleased with it.

13th of February 2002

I have now updated the Euro currency rate again, which if you believe that I am supposed to update it on a Wednesday (instead of really Monday), then I have been doing it on time every week. Still as Monday is often a very busy day, then maybe a Wednesday update would be better.

Last time I updated the Euro rate I had to laugh, when the rate had only changed by 0.001 Euro Cents over the previous week. Still at least this week that change is a lot more noticeable, but that also means that due to this value drop that my small Euro collection is now worth less.

I would say that the Euro drop is all in the minds of these financial people, but then what with the economy problems in countries like Germany and Ireland for opposite reasons, then it could be possible that they have a point.

Well I will be laughing when the Euro rate shoots up and the money in my Euro account is worth a lot more, but then it may require a devaluation of Sterling to achieve that same result. Anyway since my Euros will always be kept as Euros, then the value change will always be zero.

Recently I have been extra busy, when today I have now dispatched to the publishers of the What Satellite TV magazine my half page advert, which if all goes as planned will appear in the April issue. And so from near the end of March you and thousands of other people will be able to see what I have been doing for the last few days for yourself.

I believe this latest anti-FACT measure is along way from my zero advertising of the past, but in the end it will be interesting to see how this advertising affects sales. Still I would expect to see a return, when in fact a surge seems more likely. This is because in April a whole load of people will become aware of my service for the first time, when naturally they would have friends.

Anyway, why not go and buy yourself a copy, but since my In The News page could do with enlarging, then I could well put a copy on there as well.

Well in the end it was interesting to see if I could fit everything I sell on half a page. And that I did except for the MACROXP, when I could not find the space to included that it was an additional pack to connect the MACROX between two scart sockets.

I am pleased with this creation anyway, when unlike some sections in this magazine at least it does not use the wrong foreground colour on the wrong background colour. And although I have removed the space between the item lines as much as possible, this I believe should look great if they print it as well as I would expect.

And of course my advert includes some item photos, which was the second reason that I purchased my Black Window 3D scanner. These are of course of three of my programmers, my four current wafer cards, and my Stealth 2.4 Ghz Video Sender System, even if that one will soon change to the very similar DigiSender model.

My wafer cards were a little hard to scan and get the right results under a high intensity light, but as I have now mastered my scanner, then I see that after a preview scan there is a scan graph option. And this very useful option allow you to define a scanning range, which although the technical aspect is a little unknown, this certainly allows you to adjust the scan in order to get the best results.

You can see this for yourself in my LAPLINK photo, when this latest item scan is quite an improvement over the previous first scans of the other items on that page. So I could well rescan these other items, which would help to show the true colour, when those ones were scanned at a quite dark setting.

Well as these people will be wanting my second much smaller advert today as well, then I will now go and get something to eat and then go and see to it.

5th of February 2002

Well the last 24 hours have gone quite well, when I have heard from both PayPal and these Customs and Excise VAT people.

To begin with however to show you how much faster I can have new items on-line, then today I got in my new Laplink computer cables. And after completing all the other things that had to be done today, then I had this new cable scanned and a description wrote in just over an hour.

Well that sure beats my old method of waiting what could be weeks for a suitable day, spending half a day taking several photos of each new items, taking a further half day to have them developed, and finally another half day to scan the photos and have them uploaded.

Anyway, this was another item that one customer wanted, when I can naturally provide excellent prices of many items that I do not yet stock. And like I often do I think that this item could well be of interest to other customers, which means that I then buy many more than the required one.

So that first Laplink cable has already left in the post, but if you fancy one as well, then on my Cables page you can find them.

Due to the increasing sizes of both the Cables and Cards page, then I am thinking about splitting both these pages in two or maybe more.

The Cables page I can split into computer and video / audio pages, but maybe it is better to have a cables index, where you can then just call up the section on say Digital Coaxial Cables. However I am not sure about this yet, when I would prefer a more graphical index.

Now the Cards page is even more complex, when the natural way to split this page in two is to separate the wafer and PCB cards. However as I much prefer to keep say the compatible GOLD and P8416 cards joined, then maybe a card index is the ideal solution here.

And so selecting say PIC16F84 + 24LC16B could be the best way to group the four card types that are using these chips and design.

The required reason of why I need to split this Cards page down is due to my anti-FACT policy, when my number of supported wafer cards is soon to double again. As not long ago I just had the GOLD and GOLD2 cards, but due to FACT I decided to support the SILVER and PURPLE types.

So between now and April I will support four new wafer card types, but while you will have to wait and see what these are; I will say that the first of these that should be here the start of next month, will be my long awaited PIC16F628 + 24LC64 wafer card.

Now due to the fact that I have been supporting the PCB version in Green for many months now, then I have been meaning the call this wafer card GREEN for a long time. However I have seen that another wafer card also wants to claim this name, which means that either I will have to point out that my card has been in Green for countless months now, or it will have to be given a new name.

The easiest name I guess is EMERALD, when these prototype cards are already coloured Green, but as mentioned I will have to give this some thought. Well if someone want to stick a higher capacity EEPROM on the SILVER card, then the logical name would have been the Mega Silver card.

Well maybe I should just slap these people around a bit and point out that the most logical step would be to have kept one half of the card in Silver (to point out that it is PIC16F877 based), but to change the colour of the other half of the card.

And while using a second colour is possible, the easiest way to avoid future card confusion is to stick a picture on it, when a simple colour is boring when these factories can put whatever you want on them.

So as these wafer card factories in Taiwan, China, the US, and even here in the UK are producing lots of new types in the hope that people want them, then someone really needs to standardize this card identification colouring system.

Therefore as someone needs to actually go do this, then I will try to work out a logical card colouring system, then try to agree this with the top card suppliers around. And once that has been done, then all these wafer card factories will have no choice, but to provide these cards in the colour system that card wholesalers want.

The point of this is like with the PIC16F877 based GREEN example, when if you simply go and change the colour when you change the EEPROM type, then in no time at all you will run out of new colours.

One other problem is that when you specify a colour like Purple, then each factory produces a different colour of this, when I have seen PURPLE card colouring from a near shade of Red to the colour of bright Pink. And Pink is not at all helpful, when that indicates a different card type.

This is one reason why you should avoid different shades of Green, when with the case of light and dark Green, then there will always be factories who produce the wrong shade.

So if the current system continues the way it is currently going, then we are going to end up with colour chaos, when already we have two very different wafer card types to be made in Green. And the end problem with this is that newbie card users will be confused as hell as to their card type.

And so having one colour for the PIC type and another for the EEPROM type would be extremely helpful, when the current system of PIC16F84 = GOLD, PIC16F628 = GREEN, PIC16F877 = SILVER, AT90S8515A = PURPLE has been working fine up until a different Silver type wanted to also claim Green.

Now as I believe that wafer card manufacturers and suppliers would see the logic in using new colours (or better yet a photo) for the EEPROM type, then simply by looking at the card colour, then you would be able to tell exactly what card type it is.

I believe that the best idea is to have a coloured band say 1cm thick on one or both sides on the opposite end to the pad, where this colour indicates the EEPROM type. As say 24LC64 can always be a Red band no matter what Microcontroller it is attached to, then that in one fair swoop would solve the problem.

So with this PIC16F877 based Green card, then it could still be in silver, but with a different coloured band to indicate the higher capacity EEPROM. As that would avoid the complexity of a photo, but also keep from over using the primary card colours, while keeping similar card types in the same primary colour.

Since many new wafer types will soon be available, then it is best to get this colour problem sorted out before it is much too late. Well I will be starting on contacting card wholesalers and making an agreement within hours, which means that hopefully one day soon card colours will start to change.

Well I do not see this a matter for the ISO and similar organizations, but we all need standards instead of follow the leader and hope for no conflict.

Anyway, my current offering of four wafer card types will double to eight over the next couple of months.

Now as to PayPal, then it is not good news when they won't provide a link to a US based US$ Citibank bank account, when they lack the required fields in order to input all the required details. I am going to point out that if they did add one extra field, then they would not exclude hundreds of thousands of Citibank customers.

Since I expect that this could exclude customers of many other US banks as well, then while I doubt that I will see any change, then I can only hope that they see the point of this.

Then again as Citibank provides a rival service to PayPal, the maybe this is all done on purpose. Anyway it is not too hopeful of myself offering direct US$ support just yet.

Finally for the C&E VAT people, then they are more flexible then what I had believed, when they will simply send me a VAT account statement in about a weeks time. That will then allow me to make a crude estimate and send them a payment.

So as now agreed my VAT return for the quarter just gone will be sent to them once I have my accounts back and this final figure is known. That could take another 13 months by the looks of things, but the bad news is that I will have to rebuild my accounts starting from the quarter that began when January did.

I still cannot believe that FACT refuse to share my own accounts with me, but that is of course because they seek to damage my business instead of seek justice. Now while I expect that death threats of countless dead would soon have them share my accounts, that is of course not a legal way to go about getting them.

Instead I do have two more legal methods to put similar pressure on them, where I will implement the first soon and the other later.

Well in the end if they had really wanted to crack down on this ITV problem, then it would have been a whole lot easier to just ask. When I know that many card suppliers including myself are sick of having to deal with such lamers.

So like with one person's signed letter of committing illegal acts received just yesterday, then I do have vastly more information into this problem then what they will ever know about. And that is why I say that it would be a lot better had they chose to cooperate to solve this problem, then to try and pointlessly attack legal card suppliers.

Now while I am aware of people knowingly defrauding ITV Digital in a major way, this letter received just yesterday was from one of those that I call the confused bunch.

What I mean is that as they are dumb enough to send me a signed confession of their illegal activities, then clearly they have not given much thought as to the legal and moral aspect. And so instead of handing such signed proof over to the morons at FACT, my method is to give them some strong legal and moral advice.

So if these dumb people have a touch of intelligence within them, then my advise would scare them into doing the right thing. However those that cannot learn I say then get all that they deserve, which means that it is just a bad idea to send me signed confessions of committing illegal acts in the first place.

Well from my site information it is very clear where I stand, but as I have always said with p****y of a service that you can subscribe to, then it is always a case of pay now or pay later. And that "pay later" aspect can be a choice between receiving this £5000 fine, bad karma, or just plain burning in Hell.

People should clearly know what theft is, which means that you should always pay for what is offered to you.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother when I still receive letters like that from yesterday, but I have always believed that people will follow a morally correct path if shown some moral leadership. Anyway I am not sure why I care, when maybe these dumb people are just lemmings to their own illegal ends.

Well I have two ITV Digital subscriptions here, not that I watch them much, but as I could certainly p****e them had I wished, then you should ask yourself why I don't. A simple answer that is to, but that answer also explains why no such ITV Digital keys should be put in the hands of the irresponsible and dumb.

Too bad that some site owners can forget the moral differences between such information, but then due to the changes in May 2000, then many of the people with greater moral sense left that field, which left greater room for the morally confused.

So as I said when these damned keys first became public, then anyone with any moral sense should not support them, when there is no moral reason to make them public. Instead as I learned back then, then immoral people do not listen to such moral advise.

I guess I can hope that at least some do, but after this FACT problem, then I do not see why I should help them out or do their job.

Well as you can see since it is exactly three months down the line from when this FACT problem began, then I am still just as peed off, when it is very clear as to my views on the subject.

Anyway, as my News page always seems to end up with those morons, then I had best end now before I write another record sized news page. Well as I have explained above they are dumb, not interested in justice, or seek to tackle this problem the best way possible, but that is FACT for you.

Finally before I forget, then as I have swapped my monitors over, then now I am no longer using the monitor with just the Green and Blue aspects. That means that as I can see all Red shades of colour again, then I have now fixed the Cables button.

As beforehand since I could not tell what colour in my paint package was Red, then I loaded in a previously selected button, sampled the red colour, closed the file, opened up the selected Cables file, then floodfilled in this Red colour.

Now since Red used to appear a Black, then to me this button appeared fine. However unknown to me then, when I had closed the file my colour sample was lost, which means that I floodfilled in Black.

So instead of the required black text on a red background, this button was a solid block of black. Since I did later notice this problem on No2's computer, then I did ask him to fix it. However as he never did, then that is why just today I finally corrected it when I can now see red again.

My 19" monitor is a little large for my server desk, but since one computer has to play server, then it is either swap over the monitors of buy a third computer. Well as I have to bill FACT for two new computers already, then in this case I chose the cheaper option for them.

Since important information keeps coming back to me then I have just updated the Euro rate (late) again, but I have also decided to drop my BUILD5 price from the usual £39 to the new price of £35.

The last thing I recall is that there is a bit of price competition between manufacturers of SILVER and PURPLE cards (and possibly others) at the moment, which means that over the next few months the price of these cards from all suppliers will drop quite a lot.

And you heard that here first, when given time then it will certainly occur.

4th of February 2002

From the latest version of my Programmers page you can see that I have changed my mind over adding the BUILD5 model, even if this took most of the day to add, what with the photo and making sure that this new text is perfect.

I guess it was fortunate that I still remembered the theme of this section from the last time that I wrote it, but of course that new page was stolen from me before I could upload it. As naturally at that time I was awaiting for the new printer cables to arrive, which they did shortly after.

Anyway, as I know that you have all been waiting for high quality scans of my programmers, then now you can see them on my Programmers page. Also I have updated a lot of the text and finally removed mention of the discontinued SMART1 model.

Well in just two days time these morons at FACT would have had my stuff for the unbelievably long time of three whole months. This by my count is 45 times longer than what it would take myself to do this same task, but then these people are not interested in justice.

The third time has now passed when they have claimed that this computer search is either over or it will soon be, but even though they have previously mentioned that my items would be returned as a matter of urgency, this claim was proved invalid weeks ago.

As previously mentioned denying me access to my own computer information is also unbelievable, when this again is a clear attempt to harm my business and not to seek justice. And as I have not heard from the tax people yet, then I guess that they are wondering what to do.

So I feel that it is time to increase my hostility level towards them, when I will show to all the true nature of these people and put pressure on them from all sides.

For as I know simply sitting here waiting for them complete what they promise will be unhelpful, when these people are a bunch of liers, which means that I would only get my items back in another 13 months time.

Well as thinking about them only makes me enraged, then I will stop talking about them and go see what I can do.

I will continue on with my item scans and then see if I can improve the cable ones further. As since my scanner has bits on the inside of the glass, then I have to edit out these extra marks later. I will somehow have to see if it is possible to clean on the inside without breaking the warranty, but it would have been nice had they gave it a good clean before building it.

Currently I am also rebuilding my advertising form, when that is one of countless items that I am lacking the source file to. As then I will be able to include many new items and also adjust for price changes.

Rebuilding all these files takes a very long time, when I only had a more crude invoice rebuilt just last month. And then I still lack a Proforma Invoice, Complements Slip, Item Instruction Pages, and about two dozen letter formats for use with my customers and suppliers.

Well all those files I built up over the years, but due to this FACT scum, then I now have to rebuild them again. However rebuilding my accounts / customer / stock database is an impossible task, when for a start some of that information was recorded directly to my computer and that means that it does not exist elsewhere.

Also the last time I rebuilt my database new, then my business was closed for three month. And so that is something that I would not even consider doing again, but this also means that the tax people cannot be paid when that payment is totally unknown and cannot even be estimated.

I have certainly pointed out to them who is to blame for this, which is why these tax people could currently be so silent. For if I had a copy of my own accounts information, then after a couple of weeks entering all these new orders, then at last I could know the tax figure.

Still over time the error factor increases, when mistakes can be made recording all the required information on the order forms themselves, which is mostly received date, payment type, and exact payment amount.

Moving on then it is good to see that my Euro payment system is proving popular, but Euro cash is proving to be the most popular method at this time. When since I offered this direct exchange rate, then I have only received the one Euro cheque.

That I find a little strange, when naturally paying by cheque does not slow down your order dispatch. Still today I have received mention of a transfer direct to my Euro account, but as Citibank uses a two level account number system, then we will have to see if it turns up.

Also that reminds me that I did look into a US$ Citibank account and linked to the PayPal system, but the problem here is that for a US$ account physically located in New York (and virtually located here), then Citibank in this case uses a three level account system.

So the current problem is that as PayPal only allows you to enter one account number and lacks an "other payment details" field, then the payment can only go to Citibank's master US$ account (as with all customers US$ payments) without being able to tell them as to what customer they should then credit this transfer to.

Therefore I asked PayPal how I can link their PayPal service to a US$ account in New York, when the bank entry details are not compatible. Unfortunately I am still awaiting a reply on that, which means that I could well never get one.

The other problem is that I could not do a withdrawal using a Delta card linked directly to a US$ account, when PayPal only allows International customers to do account withdrawals via a wired transfer. Oddly that seems to apply to US based bank accounts as well, but in this case I am not even sure if this Delta card would be identified as a US card or a UK card.

Considering that these details should mention my address in the UK, then I would go with UK card even if the money does end up in New York.

And so unless I can link PayPal to a US$ Citibank account, then being able to offer a direct exchange rate is just not possible. As the other choice is to withdraw to a Sterling account, with much of the currency value being lost in the process.

So if I can link to a Citibank US$ account then it is possible, but if I cannot achieve this link then it is not possible. As naturally I would not wish to limit US$ direct support to cash only, when US checks are still questionable.

The other problem is that these odd people in the US have made a law saying that the goods supplier has to pay the transfer changes on Credit Card transfers from the customer. As with the exception of Cheques (my fault for having a business account) then I believe that the customer should pay for the payment method that they use.

As if I had to pay transfer costs on other payment methods, then quite simply options like direct transfers to my accounts would not be possible. And worst of all then International Money Orders would be gone, and Foreign currencies as well when that includes a handling fee and inflated currency rate.

So like with PayHound then if you use Credit Cards, then you should pay the fee when doing so. With Debit Card transfers is sometimes free and payment in cash always is, when I see that as the best option instead of having to increase prices to cover this change at the expense of the people using other payment options.

Now the problem with PayPal is that they do not allow suppliers to add on a "service charge" before the debit is done, which then leaves no option to make the customer pay for the payment method used. True I could add on a service change to all US$ payment methods, but that defeats the point of having direct US$ prices in the first place.

Also as I am not fully sure yet that their transfer change is limited to just credit card transfers, then the only other option is the more basic accounts, where in this case payment by credit card is then not allowed.

However then you would lose the best features including a direct payment gateway service. And so even if I can link PayPal to a Citibank US$ account, then there is the problem is how to change customers if they use the expensive credit card option without breaking PayPal's term and conditions.

Well I will soon do a Usenet search and see if I can find a Citibank and PayPal match, when every Citibank customer without exception would have this same PayPal problem. I am wondering if this EU system of standardized account numbers would solve this problem, but then Citibank could still want a three level account system.

Still as I have the same problem of linking the French MinutePay service to my Euro account, then this is certainly not a new problem.

Anyway I will go do more research and see what I can find out.

1st of February 2002

Well it is now February, which means that just gone midnight this morning my December / January Special Offers were replaced with my February Special Offer.

That of course means that as it it now February, then no more orders can now take advantage of my Special Offer that ended yesterday. From my previous news statement it was made clear how you can still have take advantage of those Special Offers right up to the last minute.

Since that last minute has now gone; for those people interested, then my MACROX device is the subject of this months Special Offer. This makes it fortunate that I got in a whole load of them just a short time ago.

Anyway, what happens every month, except for the December / January switch, then one Special Offer has now replaced another in a continuous monthly cycle.

As a new month is also a good time to review my prices, then many customers will be pleased to know that all my GOLD card prices are now lower. Also the GOLD2 card prices are also now much lower for trade quantities.

The biggest change here is the introduction of the 250 and 500 card price band, which is around the most popular range for trade customers. I also removed the 2500 and 5000 card price band, when no one has yet bought that many.

In all for trade customers this means that at best you only need to buy just 10% of the previous card quantity in order to obtain the same card price. However as the single GOLD card has dropped by £0.50 to the new price of £5, then all customers can now benefit from this.

Anyway, as my changes to this new month are now complete, then take a look around, while I go do some more scanning and other work.