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28th February 2001

As today is Wednesday, then I can confirm that the replacement for the missing third ELVIS batch arrived today. This means that as none of batch 3A has yet been sold, when batch 4 has not even sold out yet, then my new ELVIS stock will allow fast completion of ELVIS orders for a long time.

This is good news when almost all new orders received recently have been leaving the following day, even if they pay by cheque. However I am sure that quite a few orders will soon have same day dispatch, as this just depends on how busy I am.

This mean that once new GOLD card stock arrives then I do not foresee any stock problems for March at all, when already I have been increasing stock levels to avoid longer than usual restocking times.

Since March just happens to start tomorrow, then look out for March's Special Offers here within hours. And since there is currently no order that can be dispatched, except those orders arriving today (and a few special ones), then this makes a good time for price changes.

And so I will have a good review of all my prices to see what I can make even better value, which I know will at least include two changes already, but I will see what else I can afford.

This will also mean that orders arriving from tomorrow will be issued with credit notes if they happen use the old prices. For as I say each month then February's orders belong to February and March's orders belong to March.

I guess near the end of each month it is better to wait until the following month before ordering, but that as always is in the hands of my customers.

Anyway from tomorrow there is no better time to place an order, when I have loads of what you desire in stock, which would often leave within hours of your order arriving.

Also while I am about it then I will see if I can get one or two of those thing on my long list of things to do done, which I guess will start with my details of my Ultimate Special Offer. This as I have to update that page anyway could well be there now.

Before I finish then there is one other subject to discuss, which happens to be "popularity".

As many of my customers know I try very hard to provide the best items, prices, and most of all service possible As just by looking around my site you will notice that it is of high quality, and far removed from other sites listing items with very little detail.

Due to my normally great service I happen to come highly recommended by most of my customers, which when supporting a new highly popular item like ELVIS means that sudden popularity increases can occur.

As I mentioned a few days ago this popularity has caused my business to increase to 49 times the start size in September, which happens to be a damned lot.

And in cases like last month then a sudden 329% popularity increase happens to be tons of extra work to handle.

By comparison I just had to laugh at one billboard I saw concerning one company claiming a 140% increase in 4 years, when my business often exceeds that value every single month.

Now before moving on to the down side of popularity then I want you to think about what a 329% increase means, which is of course over three times the work, which could take three times as long. Not to mention having to provide three times more stock, which would cost three times as much. This of course results in popularity problems, when I often get concerned when my business more than doubles the previous month.

And so some extra popularity is a good thing, while too much too fast can then only lead to problems.

That fact unfortunately is what some people fail to understand. As providing the best service possible, can means that this good service can get stretched three times more thinly at these problem points.

One of the first things to go is speed, when like last month I was selling ELVIS programmers faster than I could buy them. This should not really been a problem when the only delay was cashing cheques fast enough, but of course the lost third batch went and added a three week extra delay.

Now one other fact some people fail to understand is that if an item is going to take more than two weeks to arrive, then I would mark this "Out of Stock" and thereby stop selling it. And of course my ELVIS supply last month did not exceed this, when of course had I known it was to have got itself lost then "Out of Stock" would have appeared.

So as I do not know the future then that is the only flaw in my plan, when by the time I know they had done the impossible and lost my order (stolen?) then the fourth batch was already due to arrive well within those allowed two weeks.

Sometimes I hear the comment that I should not sell items unless in stock, but unfortunately in a business infected in popularity then sales just cannot work that way.

As without stock there will always be the popularity, which means that if I marked ELVIS "Out of Stock" for ten days and state the date of arrival, then at the end of those ten days I can promise you that 9.5 days worth of customers would then order.

And so had I the desire to not handle the popularity aspect, then that is a good way to sell my entire stock in the single day.

This would make a much worse method when ten days worth of orders in the single day can take up to ten days to dispatch. Not to mention that some customers would get quite upset when an item marked back in stock one day is sold out the next, when their order then fails to get one and gets rejected.

However the worst part of this method is that then turning those cheques into the required payment for more would then take a lot longer, which in the end would create a repeated stock cycle getting worse and worse every time.

And that is why whenever I take any action I have to consider how this would handle the ever increasing popularity.

That is why at problem times like that from last month, when ordering items that I am restocking on, then I can only promise that you will certainly get the item, but when is only as fast as I am able to.

In reality instead of denying people to buy items, when most people are happy to wait the required time knowing that they certainly would get their order, what I am actually doing is saying "you decide".

And so the three choice are... order and wait, wait until a time like now when "in stock", or just go elsewhere.

Therefore all should be simple enough, when people can make and live by their own choices. Also like my offer of a refund following the missing third batch, then I certainly give people the chance to change their mind if things are not going as planned.

That means that the few people following this problem and blaming me for the delay, are actually blaming me for their own choice. As of course when ordering items not in stock, then this should have allowance for the world not being a perfect place and that the unexpected can happen.

Certainly I do not expect people to be happy with the delay that lost third batch caused, but the way I see it, which seems fair enough to me, is that well "s**t happens" and they did choose to order and wait in the first place.

And so you can blame this delivery company for losing the third batch of ELVIS programmers (anyone want their number?), but I can only see it as misplaced when a few people try to blame me for their own choice. When of course as my news page shows I kept my only promises by supplying these ordered items as fast as I was physically able to.

Unfortunately, although I am sure that most of my customers can fully understand this explanation, then I am sure that no matter how many times I say "sorry" for this unexpected delay then some people can never accept the fact that Cardman is really a nice supplier after all.

That failure to please some people I would put under that you cannot please everyone all the time. And that some people you could never please no matter how hard you try.

Also as I have more customers then people would ever know, then although this may seem like a lot of people moaning. It is in fact less than a dozen customers in total, and could be compared to the few faulty ELVIS programmers.

What I mean is that again if you browse the boards you hear quite a few people mentioning faulty ELVIS programmers, which I should say is mostly due to postal damage. However the fact is that only 2.4% of ELVIS programmers arrive damaged, then this apparent large number of postings, which at least one person thought was a faulty batch, was actually only a low percentage just blown up due to two facts.

The first fact is due to the vast numbers of customers I deal with (thereby making it look more), and the second is that people often only post when they have something to complain about. As it takes an extremely happy customer to go around saying how great Cardman is, when this is more a personal thing which gets passed on by one customer to another.

Anyway the final proof of what my customers think of my service is the numbers of received orders, which as my business record shows constant massive growth year after year then my popularity (without any advertising) proves that I must be doing very well.

No one is perfect, but with all known problems I always try to find better solutions. Which is why most new ELVIS programmers won't come with the component responsible for most postal damage.

Also soon I will turn more email over to No2's control, which will result in faster replies.

Anyway that explains my view on the subject, which hopefully would be understood by all, and that I would never have to mention again.

Also if you want to know how popular I am, then any board which I have appeared does not last long before it to becomes over popular and often shuts down for a while. This I believe would make such site owners later regret asking me to join, but next time I would at least give them a warning when their bandwidth would go through the roof.

Still with either good to bad comments my name can be found mentioned on all four corners of the satellite part of the Internet.

My life is all about popularity, which as you can see has both good and bad aspects. However as I am popular for what I do, then I would prefer these rare problem times to having to become an average supplier.

26th February 2001

As expected my new stock of BABY and SMART2 arrived today as expected, but I was starting to doubt these would turn up when they had not arrived by 15:00 when I left to do my banking. However as they arrived ten minutes after I had left, then most awaiting orders had already departed by the time I returned.

Today being banking day meant that I had little time to do anything else, when sorting out all that needs to be done takes up most of my day even before I leave to visit my bank. And as with almost all banking days those orders arriving today will now leave tomorrow.

Also today my GOLD card stock became low, which as I have a few days more before new stock arrives from one of two suppers then I mentioned this short term problem on my cards page. And I do not expect these to take very long to arrive.

Not long ago my three new card types arrived, which was after waiting three months for them. Well I did mention that there was no rush supplying these, but at least obtaining further stock would be a lot faster.

I will put those on my cards page when I find the time, but first I have to add the details of my Ultimate Offer. That I should do tomorrow, when my last task today will be sorting out today's orders.

Also as it still seems impossible to find out even basic details (like price) about some franking machines, then it seems that I have to pick one of the two franking machines that I saw to begin with. And considering the poor service in this market, then I Cardman could make a killing selling franking machines had I wished.

Well as I am only into satellite related equipment, then I will leave that to someone else.

Anyway as only one of my requests for further information was answered, then that also looks like the franking machine to get. Still even then I won't know what it can really do until it arrives.

Also as I have not forgot about adding credit / debit card payment support to this site, then now that I have spare time to proceed further with this plan then hopefully on the third attempt I can get it sorted out.

After two attempts to find out what this problem item was I still have had no explanation. This I guess means that their reason for denying me a merchant account was not valid to begin with.

Some people have said that I should use one of those services for manual entry, but that is not at all helpful when I already have a much better fully integrated on-line system bought and paid for.

Unfortunately this service only provided half of what I paid for, which means that although I have the system to process orders there is currently no merchant account to put your payment in.

I hope you can begin to see why I hate this commercial payment system so much, when they are happy to sell you half a service, don't enquire why you have not switched it on in two months, don't answer your questions, expensive, slow, and what I hate most is that you need a different bank account for any and every possible reason.

Anyway I may do some site changes to make it look more ultra clean, but of course denying me this account for selling the same items as over half of other satellite equipment suppliers do is just failure to understand the satellite market in the UK.

So time soon for Plan B, which is find someone else to provide a merchant account.

I may try with my own bank after looking around, but now it seems that they have had the stunningly bad idea to charge me for seeing my own bank manager. And it is not like I have ever seen the same bank manager twice in a row, when oddly this time my bank manager has now changed into a woman. Well I suppose I cannot complain about that, when this could be my most sexy bank manager yet. ;-]

Still as I consider that I already pay them enough, then this new charge almost seems like prostitution. However true it is when they now want me to pay a fixed amount monthly to have the right to see my own bank manager.

And it was not like they even tried to be helpful today, when I tried to sort out an invalid transaction on my business account. Anyway I will get my revenge next time I am sent a questionnaire asking me what I think of my banking service.

If it does come to asking my bank manager, then if they deny me a second time (ok the first was understandable) without a very good reason, then it would be time to find myself a more understanding bank manager.

However soon I will try looking into all possibilities, which will be led by the desire to avoid having payments stuck in a merchant account for 5 weeks.

Anyway after all this pain and suffering you would love my on-line payment system, even if my dealing with the people behind this system often seems like a nightmare.

25th February 2001

Today being a Sunday makes it a good day to reflect on the past, which means that I hope at least some of you remember when months ago I said that ELVIS would one day be the most highly recommended programmer around.

And after reflection then today is a good day as any to say that ELVIS is certainly now the most highly recommended programmer around, as ask any public place and guess what.

Now before you start going and thinking different, then for a lot time very few people had actually this foreign-made model. As no matter how good an item is you have to have the right backing. And that is where I came in.

As when I decide to support such a model then first I look around and see what impresses the experts, which then goes and makes me try one for myself.

And I can say that from first use my previous popular models were never used again, but to obtain my support it had to pass my value for money and damage proof test. This the yet unnamed ELVIS certainly did, even if my testing knocked out a small section of the card reader.

And so ELVIS got my support, which meant on the 21st of September ELVIS arrived and was soon put on sale.

Now back then I knew how good this programmer was compared to other models, which then give me the hard job to convince everyone else of this. As if Cardman writes so much praise about an item, then it is certainly true that this praise is well deserved.

And not many programmers get my recommendation for newbie use, even if I soon learned that extra instructions were needed. This was not so much for how to use ELVIS, but more around the newbie area of what this is all about in the first place.

Following that is where you came in. As my whole business knows word of month is a very powerful thing, when my business popularity keeps growing in large bounds. Sometimes this growth can be painful when like last month a sudden 329% growth in a single month was more than any business could easily handle.

Anyway, although I Cardman was the seed, this item could not have become popular had not one customer passed my recommendation on to another. As this is certainly a great item, which people besides Cardman and a few others now know.

Long ago I knew that this day would one day come, when all the pieces are now in place is say that ELVIS in now the most popular programmer around. Maybe not yet the most used, but well you cannot have everything so soon.

That I long ago predicted, when this is not the first time that I have brought forth a highly popular item, which makes me wonder if you own one of those as well.

Also I have noticed that a couple of other suppliers now support this model, which is to be expected when ELVIS is what everyone now wants. However as this programmer was never called ELVIS before I got it, which is technically my ordering code, then of course they are borrowing my name because unlike the real name of multi-programmer this is what everyone now calls it.

That of course proves that I was the source of this popularity.

And although having other suppliers leech of my hard work, making that name what everyone now speaks (well there is a reason why I use theme names, which started with BABY), I have decided that I would allow this loan as long as these suppliers don't start trying to annoy me.

However this does not mean that I would allow them to use other ordering codes, or at least without asking me first. As give them too much leash and next they would be borrowing my instructions, which I would very much object to having spent ages writing them.

Anyway my reflection today shows that something I said months ago has now proved correct, but you should remember that had I not supported this model then none of this would have happened. Which apart from moving this model to where it should be, then this one case proves that I only support great items which are good value for money.

On to queues and such issues, then I am sure that orders received this new week will be in and out very fast. Which is normal for my business when I don't suffer one of those painful growing episodes.

Well as my business has grown by 4917% since when my business reopened in September (yes 49 times larger, which beats every other company I know), then popularity is both a good and bad thing. It is just a shame that a lot of people do not see times like now, when popularity growth is a lot less extreme, and orders can be completed very quickly.

I am doing some changes as you can see to speed up things even more, but if I will still allow people to buy items which should be back in stock in under two weeks (my cut off point before marking items Out of Stock) remains to be seen.

As normally this should move smoothly enough, which my frequent customers know involves a wait and then the items arrive. However this lost third batch creating a three week extra delay shows that problems can occur in what seems like a simple plan.

For now as my current system seems to get the most amount of people these items the fastest way possible (which is important for a popular business), then I believe the best change would be to better mark what people should do and expect when ordering the latest item suffering over popularity.

This would involve clearly marking that ordering an item would be put in a queue, where the dispatch time is not guaranteed. And that people not wishing a delay then should not order this item.

That would be mostly for those people who have the odd idea that they have a valid reason to complain. As of course if this item is not in stock and delivery time is not guaranteed, then who is to blame if they ignore my good advice. When of course anyone not wishing a delay should go elsewhere, or wait until a time like now before ordering.

And in the rare case of things taking longer than estimated, then orders going over the date of estimated dispatch plus one week could then obtain a refund without charge. Which is just for those that could not wait longer.

Actually when the third batch was known to be missing I offered on this very news page people the chance to obtain a full refund or wait for the forth batch to arrive. And my proof that customers understood and accepted this unexpected delay, was that out of countless number of customers only 3 people then did ask for my optional full refund.

Sure no one likes delays when I could well be more p****d off than anyone about this extra delay this missing third batch caused, but well that currently seems the best system to handle an ever increasing demand. That is unless you know better, as I always welcome ideas on how to improve my service.

I will now go and catch up on some email, but I am working on improving that system as well.

24th February 2001

Currently I am clearing up following the dispatch of the last bulk orders two days ago. As even just sticking the dispatch labels on order forms and marking them as completed on my database can take hours or days.

Anyway as expected new orders arriving have been leaving very fast. For example today just about all of today's (and yesterday's) orders were dispatched, which is not bad for a Saturday when often processing orders can take hours and the Post Office closes at 12:30.

This shows that when I do not have problems external to my company then completion of orders is usually very fast, which for today's orders could not have been any faster.

Those customers should get their orders on Tuesday (normal for a Saturday dispatch), but for those customers paying by cheque then they will get their order many, many days before I get their payment.

That brings me to a point why I can process cheque orders in such a fast way. As unlike my old COD system which was abused by customers and thus discontinued, this delayed payment method has never suffered a real problem and for the sake of my future customers I intend to see that it never does.

And so as I have been much too busy to cash any cheques since the 9th of February, then heaven help any people who have stopped their cheque payment without telling me about it. As just about every single person now has their orders, then they will certainly pay for what they ordered and received.

Now as mentioned this possibility has never occurred before, but a few recent cases of known cancellations causes this doubt.

As these three people in total wished to cancel their order after it had been dispatched.

The first person had his order dispatched one day before he wished to cancel. And as I do not yet have his payment then it is fortunate that he said he would send payment again, when he stopped his first cheque payment.

Now the second case is the odd one out. As he wished to cancel the day before his order was dispatched, but as he asked at 10pm and his order was made ready for dispatch that same evening, then his order had already left by the time No2 resumed his work the following day.

And although customers should provide a bit more advanced warning, I can say that in this case I would be a bit more understanding. Still as he said on his cancellation request that he would send payment again if it had already been dispatched then lets see what he decides to do. Anyway it as at least nice to see a polite refund request.

The third case is another person wishing to cancel the day after their order was dispatched (well I guess my large dispatches are too much for the sorting office to handle in one day), but this time as I have his cash payment then asking for a refund would produce no results until I get my goods back.

And I can say that I am perfectly happy in such a case to charge such an impatient person (well people were clearly warned about delays) my standard charge for the postage cost plus a 20% restocking charge on the item total. The postage is of course handled separately, as for example sending items by DHL can mean that the used postage is worth more than the items.

Now it certainly makes a rare case having to do that, but my terms and conditions have always been available on request. Not that more than a handful of people have ever asked.

Also that reminds me to soon put this information on-line, which although it is mostly for the credit card companies to see if a chargeback is valid, this would also fully discount the invalid claims that I often see.

Anyway although I am sure mostly all recent cheques will clear fine, but if any do not then these people will certainly pay for what they ordered and received. Hopefully there won't be any cases, but any people who have then reading this has but a few days before I find out in order to make a correction.

As mentioned that is unlikely, but if you know how my old COD system was abused, then I am certainly not willing to allow anyone to harm this service. Which is willingly provided and there to benefit more than half of my customers (like those received and dispatched today).

Now moving on to other things, then as my supplier with a new baby of his own has confirmed dispatch of my own babies (BABY) and the SMART2, then this small queue over the last few days could depart on Monday. And therefore there is now no need to mark this delay on these items, when new orders are unlikely to be delayed.

I am also pleased to say that my replacement batch for this missing third ELVIS batch will be here on Tuesday or Wednesday, but it was not very pleasing that this correction will now arrive over a month after the third batch should have been here.

That is therefore fortunate for my customers that I got in this massive forth batch. As I am sure that not many people would be pleased if they had to wait as long as I have had to. That I guess is the story of my life, but at least I had the patience to wait for this natural replacement process to complete.

Anyway once what I will now call batch 3B arrives then I will have so many ELVIS in stock that it would take me a very long time before I had to restock on them. Well that depends on customer demand, but this January's five times demand increase has once again proved to be due to the December holiday break.

And so as new orders have now settled down to normal expansion rates, then now is certainly a good time to order. As of course these delay problems only occurred due to this massive demand increase, and losing this third batch just went and turned small delays into longer ones.

Also I have been wondering recently how it is that two customers can wait exactly the same time for their order completion, but one says that my service was the "best ever seen" and the other says that it was the "worst ever seen".

My only conclusion is that this is not a reflection of my service, but instead a reflection of these customers. As of course those that do not follow my advice will only get themselves upset.

Anyway as in the next couple of days there will be no possible delay for new orders, then even the worst of my customers would have a very hard job to find something to moan about. However people moaning about my normal dispatch time would not be a first, which naturally is just plain silly.

So I will now go sort out these last bits and pieces, which will hopefully get outstanding orders down to one. And I say "one" as one certain customer wanted something that I have not supplied for months, and when told this item was no longer available then he said that he would look around my site and change his order. And despite a couple of reminders he seems unwilling to claim his new goods or payment.

Kind of strange, but most outstanding orders will soon be those awaiting customers to correct their orders. As I now have far less orders here then dispatched two days ago.

Also that reminds me that although that last lot was only one days work, that 106 did not include those sent standard postage and other orders collected. And although I am not about to count them all, that one days work really totaled at about 120 orders.

And that is certainly a lot, even if other days resulted in more order dispatches. However as I remember that TNT (the courier company) once told an old firm that I once worked for that their 100 odd Christmas order dispatch was the most they ever received locally at one time, then my 120 must be a lot by anyone standards.

Well I would like to see you lot carry that lot to the Post Office, what with all those heavy MPACK3s. Still that day did take two people, two trips, in order to shift them all by hand.

Anyway back to work, but I may see what the snow (aka fairy dust) has been doing in the last hour first.

22nd February 2001

I can now confirm that the very last 103 orders from the bulk delayed group left today then this means that the only orders that I have here are the orders received today, yesterday, and a few from the day before.

As those will be leaving tomorrow then from now on my normal dispatch time for new orders will be resumed. And as ELVIS is still in stock then new ELVIS orders could even now have same day dispatch.

There is however one problem delaying some orders, when my order restocking on my BABY and SMART2 programmers is now overdue, which means that while I have been busy dispatching vast amounts of orders my stock sold out.

Now the problem here is that my supplier has just had a baby of his own (with his wife's help), and although he said that he would soon dispatch my order I do not believe it would be correct to pressure him if not.

So I will wait a few day to see what turns up on that one.

Anyway as new orders have already been leaving today then those customers paying by cheque will have their goods about a week before I receive their payment, which is "normal" for my business when not overloaded.

Also I have some "problem" orders that will be dispatched when the problem has been corrected, which is usually payment. However when this last 103 have been marked off then I will soon see what is left over.

And for those that don't know then these 103 orders filled up two large postal sacks, which is more post than all over customers to my local post office did today combined (just to give you an idea of the numbers that I deal with). Fortunately for my local post master I did all postage myself, which left him having to just stamp the dispatch receipts.

I have not yet got myself a franking machine however, as all but one of my requests for further information was ignored. Anyway when I do get to find out the missing features and prices then I will get one.

Today I have been doing other things to improve the speed of my dispatch department, which can be summed up with the arrival of my new forth printer that I have here. As this is a fast lazer printer then this speed and quality has already proved useful.

For those that remember my old sales flyer, which I used to do up until May last year, then this is now back providing very brief details of all my items. Well except for my top two selling items, which happen to take up one of the two side.

That is the opposite of this site, when you have to squeeze details for all these items on to one side of A4 paper.

I did print out a few of these flyers before my new lazer printer arrived, but as my old inkjet was not up to the job of meeting this high volume output then I only did a few. However being able to print out hundreds of high quality copies with very little work (other then turning them over to print the other side of course) now makes these once again possible.

The most useful aspect is that I can now print out customer address labels straight from my database, which just sticking them on orders will then help to speed up the dispatch process by no longer having to write addresses by hand.

Anyway this new printer is a very nice one, which will certainly help to speed up printing. Just a shame that unlike my inkjet it does not do colour, but then I consider colour lazers a waste of money.

Maybe one day I will figure out how to take all my database data to print out invoices as standard as well, but such a highly complex task makes me have to currently type them by hand. Which is one very good reason to currently only provide them on request, or for those people already known to be VAT registered.

As I still have yet more news from the past week then next up is another claim for one of my £15 credit vouchers. And this time my new country is Lebanon, which you can read about on my Special Offers page.

I can also report that my Ultimate Special Offer has now been completed, which I hopefully can provide full details of before this weekend is over. And so quite a few people will soon be ultra happy, but hopefully the shock won't be too extreme.

Since today I have more work then what is possible to complete in one day, then I had better finish here and go and do the rest of it. And so the rest of quite a lot of news will just have to wait until another day.

Anyway I am looking forwards to next week when these last few orders will soon be no more as well.

14th February 2001

After spending eight and a half hours just marking off completed orders in my database then I can report that over 60% of orders have now been dispatched. And although more are currently all ready for dispatch, things will slow down slightly for the next couple of days, which means that the last orders should be departing on Monday.

Currently the majority of orders have been completed up to the 25th of January, but there are a mere 8 outstanding orders before this date, which are still here somewhere. That of course is excluding known problem orders, where the customer could not count and then they are quite slow to make a correction.

Also for a while I forgot about the SEASON2 orders, but those I can confirm will all leave tomorrow.

As my local Post Office is now getting very upset having to deal with all these orders, then I have decided to buy my own post office. Well not quite, but a franking machine would certainly speed up the final dispatch of orders.

I have been wanting one for a long time, but my previous two requests to the Royal Mail were ignored. Anyway as it was time that I sorted this out then I have been looking around instead of waiting for others.

And well if I thought finding details about digital receivers ranked as poor, then I can say that finding details about franking machines counts as very bad. As I visited dozens of sites selling them, but only three prices were to be seen anywhere.

Also while I wonder why these things cost three times what they should, some of these professional business sites were quite poorly made, when they cannot even get their page links correct!.

Still as I only need a franking machine then who cares about sites.

I will spend the next few days awaiting my "request for further information" requests to be answered, followed by spending whatever it takes to get a suitable model.

The only other thing to mention is that new orders are getting quite delayed as expected due to these dispatches, but these no doubt will all be leaving on Tuesday.

13th February 2001

As I have been working recently from the time I get up to the time I go back to bed, then I thought that a quick update on the dispatch of ELVIS orders would be an idea.

However I cannot be too long doing this, when the soldering iron is 'on' and poses a possible danger.

Anyway at this very minute I can confirm that 40% of all outstanding orders have been dispatched, and as another 10% is currently ready for dispatch, then just one day after this forth ELVIS batch arrived then we are already over half way.

This in all means that we are on course to have all orders dispatched by this weekend, but if that proves correct remains to be seen.

I will be working extremely hard to make this so. And as I can dispatch orders twice as fast as No1 having two years of previous experience doing it solo, then unless any problem arise then this should prove correct.

And so it could well be that next week all new ELVIS orders could be dispatched within my normal dispatch times, which even the worse of my customers would have a hard job finding something to moan about.

The SEASON2 is now back on sale, which you can see on my Logger / Emulator page.

12th February 2001

The day that I have been awaiting for so long has finally arrived. As early this morning my forth ELVIS batch was delivered by this fast and expensive delivery company, which means that it is now taking up most of my living room.

However it now won't take long to dispose of these boxes when all outstanding ELVIS orders will now be dispatched as fast as is possible. Naturally the oldest orders will be leaving first, but as dispatch is now within my hands then my business should resume to normal dispatch times later next week.

I have waited too long for that day, but at least it is now in sight.

And the good news is that I currently have spare ELVIS in stock, even if new orders would have to wait until next week to be dispatched.

The first group of these ELVIS orders have already gone, and once I have sorted out returned ELVIS replacements and a few other items, then I will be spending lots of time helping No1 dispatch these orders.

Anyway very good news today, when people waiting their order have now only a few days more to wait.

Also I hear that the SEASON2 arrived today as well, but to be honest I have yet to find the box which contains these. Only a minor problem when I just have to move the ELVIS boxes around until I find the one that looks different.

When I find them I will put these back on sale on my Logger / Emulator page.

Earlier News...

Well it has finally been done. As my new and large Video / Audio page is now uploaded and just happens to be offering six new items, with three of these being sizable.

And if you have been wondering where my Scart cables went to after they suddenly vanished from my Other Items page one day, then you can now find them at the bottom of my new Video / Audio page.

Anyway as I am certain that my new Video / Audio button is on the left, then go take a look at my new items. Which no doubt will be followed by spending the next 10 minutes reading what took me days to compile. As I just have to provide as much detail as possible when I offer a new item.

Just think that I have more text for any one of those first three items then other "commercial" suppliers have for their whole pages, if not their whole site.

Makes me almost wish that I was selling receivers. As I being little more then a fellow user of all these devices makes me really hate having to visit twenty-odd "commercial" sites just to find out what the hell one of these more complex devices can really do.

Anyway now you know why adding new items to this site is one of the most time consuming things that I do. As every single word, photo, and graphic, on this site, was the product of yours-truly. Which in the end makes me think that I am a bit overdue a site award.

One other point worth mentioning is that support for all these new items proves what it says on my Welcome page, in that all profit from my business is reinvested into it to support new items.

Quite a few people have yet to understand that fact, and some even accuse me of making lots of profit from my business. This I can of course prove as false from both these new items, and that I have paid no Income Tax two times out of the last three years.

Unfortunately one day I will have to move to a new address to be able to store all current and future items, but I guess that could be done without too much trouble if done slowly.

Following on from this chain of thought then I have always wondered what a business like Hisat does with their profit. What I mean is that in three years I have turned £100, one card programmer, and a few blank card into what you see today.

Quite an increase is it not, but as just about all profit is reinvested into my business, then the bigger it gets then the faster it grows.

On the other hand it seems to me that Hisat is still the same size as it was all those yeas ago. Sure they have all different items these days, but it still makes you wonder what happens to the profit they make.

Anyway at my current rate they are looking smaller and smaller all the time, which then makes me wonder about just how long it will take before I offer more items. Ok a long way to go yet, but these days it looks more and more possible.

Now if when viewing other pages you don't see the new Video / Audio button then hit reload, as all pages are certainly uploaded. And if that does not work then try clearing your cache.

As six more items are now up for sales, then I will look forwards to selling the first of these. And of course if you have any questions then go ask No2, who would then no doubt go and ask myself for the answer.

And maybe I will soon add my new LNB page as well, but I do not yet feel the rush for that one.

11th February 2001

I have now completed my changes to my Programmers page including writing new descriptions for my SMART1 and SMART2 programmers. Also as whenever I add a new programmer this makes an historic event, then my now discontinued PICPROG description has been replaced by the new ALIEN programmer description.

You can now see those changes for yourself, but I decided to leave the ELVIS update until later. As this model has had quite a few additions since I last wrote that section, then I thought it best to find out what they all were before adjusting the description.

My new Video/Audio page is now very close to being completed, which if everything goes as planned then this should be uploaded within a few hours. It is just a shame that I overlooked taking a photo of one of the smaller items to appear on that page, which makes me hope that the next sunny day is not too far away.

Today I also did one important text to picture structure change over most of the site, which basically means that the text around a picture will now fit a lot better if you use other than the recommended 800x600 viewing mode.

I have to be a little careful with short descriptions next to images. As if that is too short while the page width is too large then it will start to swallow more of the page then it should. For this reason I added some extra text in problem areas, which should hopefully ensure that this minor problem is not ever seen.

You can try to break it if you want, but using tiny text sizes won't count if you wish to report a problem.

Over this weekend then many of the delayed ELVIS orders have been getting ready for dispatch, which when this forth batch arrives will enable many more to be dispatched to start with. As just having to add the soon to arrive programmer to each order, will mean that most orders could even be dispatched before this new week ends.

That remains to be seen, but I certainly have been making countless numbers of my P8416 cards over the last few days. I doubt if anyone on this planet can actually enjoy soldering, but until I find someone willing to do this (for payment) then I currently spend hour after hour in a lead filled smog.

Not quite nearly that that bad, but soldering can never count as enjoyable.

Anyway get ready for the last new items to appear for a while, when I now invest in higher stock levels to help avoid delays with my own suppliers. As it is always the case that my suppliers can sometimes keep me waiting far longer then any of my own customers have to wait.

Well that is all new items except for my new BUILD5 programmer, but if I ever find the time to write detailed instructions for that one remains to be seen. As I could even make this site ten times better than it currently is, but finding time to do these things is forever the problem.

9th February 2001

Today just happened to be the first real sunny day seen for ages, which made this an event not to be missed to finally take some photos of all my new items to soon appear on this site. This list is now ten items long, which started with my UK2EU converter plug, and will end with the BUILD5 programmer (once I have found the time to write the instructions).

As my photography has now improved greatly since the time I first got my professional camera (and then spent the next five hours trying to figure out how to open it to load the film), then I soon had my latest film developed and I now have all the images that I require in order to add these new items to this site.

To begin with then I just had to add the image of my UK2EU converter plug, which you can now see on my Power Supplies page. This device even with no image has been selling will enough in order to make me realise that my first batch would not last long after just two days of selling them, which means that I have already obtained a second batch of these in order to last a while.

I have now added a second new item, this time being the ZONE3 universal remote, as now for sale on my Remote Controls page.

And while I was working on that page I lowered my ZONE6 price by another £2, which results in a price now over £10 + VAT lower than that offered by Hisat. This I guess means that you could now buy my ZONE6 and ZONE3 for a combined price less than their one price, that is if you need two remote controls.

And if you just have to know the reason why I take such a low price and make it even lower, then I was bored and it was something at the time to do.

Next I hope to finally add a section on my Programmers page for ALIEN, which will include why this programmer is just damned weird looking. Also as my SMART1 and SMART2 descriptions are now like two years old, then I have had a desire for ages to rewrite these sections to allow people to better understand these models.

And well as ELVIS just keeps getting better then already that quite new section is out-of-date concerning all the new features, such as support for Atmel cards, and the advantages of the latest 1.4 firmware.

Following that large page change I could well even get my new Video / Audio page completed and uploaded during this weekend. It is a shame that one of the new cables has not yet arrived, but that is hardly a reason to stop from adding three new expensive devices, including my second most personally loved item on this site (after ELVIS).

My new LNB page I may either add now or wait until I have a couple more items to add to it.

Anyway these could well be the last new items seen for a while, when I now seek to use this new item fund to help boost the stock level of my existing items.

As to my forth ELVIS batch, then these as far as I know have not yet been dispatched to me (unless my supplier tells me on Monday, like he did last time). However as this is just awaiting banking approval then they should be gone on Monday at the latest to arrive on Tuesday.

So while we all wait for this forth batch to arrive then check out my new items when I add them.

8th February 2001

Well at least things are starting to look up now, when P8416 cards are no longer a problem, and my forth ELVIS batch could even be here tomorrow.

The PIC16F84 and 24LC16B chips arrived today, I did hope yesterday, but today was close enough. This means that I can now make enough of these cards for all orders, but I will soon be getting more PCBs to ensure no more supply problem for a long time yet.

Also today I finally got in some white coloured GOLD cards, which I waited one month and five days to arrive. A long wait is never pleasing, but at least I have been stocking cards from other suppliers while I waited.

Before this month is over I will move fully to the white coloured type, which would then allow me to offer lower prices. I did ask people's thoughts on this, but as there were none then I guess colour makes little difference.

As to my forth ELVIS batch then I am now just awaiting to hear that they have been dispatched to me. This time as I need them quickly then postage will cost me six times that of the normal postage cost. And as the delivery time is one or two days, then they could be here tomorrow, but I yet have no idea if they do Saturday delivery in case they do not arrive tomorrow.

Anyway it will be good to see some ELVIS arrive, when I still have no idea where the 16 day overdue third batch currently is. And as the second ELVIS batch arrived on the 19th of January (sold by the 15th), then this delivery company losing the most expensive order that I have ever made (now besides the forth batch) during a very high demand point was at best unhelpful.

So I will be looking forwards to the safe arrival of the forth batch, when as stock is high then tons of orders will be departing without delay. However as I will have 23 working days worth of orders to dispatch then this high amount should take between one to two weeks of very hard work.

And I should point out that non-ELVIS orders receive after my forth batch has arrived, would then be quite delayed when of course all these ELVIS orders then have the older order priority.

Hopefully during this time the third ELVIS batch will be sorted out, or no doubt the replacement to this third batch. As once both batches have arrived then I would have tons of ELVIS spare and ready for dispatch.

This third batch was insured by my supplier, which means that if it is lost then either his local postal system or this UK delivery company who lost it will then have one massive bill to pay.

I have no idea how long that would take, but if my forth batch starts to run low then I would have to insist that my supplier sends a replacement. Anyway by the looks of it then in under two weeks my normal dispatch times should be resumed, and until I suffer another supply problem then all should be well.

And maybe when I have sorted all this out then I can finally add all these awaiting items to my site. Also if you look closely then I have added brief details of my ALIEN programmer to my Programmers page. This was because the last of the PICPROG not yet sold totals one, which makes a good idea to stop selling them and show this great replacement.

Hopefully I will get the PICPROG2 in stock some time soon, which will be just like ALIEN, but these ones will use the standard instead of surface mounted components.

Also before I finish then I should comment about the public handling of this missing third batch. As of course there have been many customers awaiting their ELVIS programmer in this third batch, and only a couple of days ago did I discover that there was a serious problem with the idea of them arriving here.

Now to start with then I cannot be more sorry about this unexpected delay, but as this was a problem external to my company and not within my direct control then this should be "understandable" to my customers.

What I mean is that on my ordering page it says that "unless any delays occur outside my control". And as people did order items clearly mentioned as not in stock, then when doing that then they should be able to accept that well "s**t happens" and things can go wrong.

And so although I am perfectly happy due to this delay to issue refunds for those that cannot wait, I do not then believe it is fair to blame me for something not directly within my control. Which is a problem what this news page clearly shows that I have been doing my best to sort out.

Anyway as I am sure that 99% of my customers do see this as "understandable", but also "annoying" that I would also agree with. Then hopefully they can now await their order to be completed by this forth batch.

Sure there will be the 1% of my customers who will only seek to annoy, and cannot even ask for a refund without threats and name calling. And then just 10% of those (making my famed problem 0.1%) then not being able to be enlightened by logic and reasoning.

Well I don't think that I would stoop to their level even if I always take action which is "fair", which means that I do not have to be "nice".

Anyway just remember that the reason why ELVIS is so damned popular is that it is a great highly recommended programmer, which in the end means that it will be well worth the wait.

Since I now have lots of P8416 cards, then today has gone out the very last possible to currently dispatch of the first and second batch orders. I did assume that all the first batch had already gone, but when marking off all these orders on my database, then I noticed a few left.

Some of those were found to be in the box, which I did assume only contained second batch orders. And as that counts an internal company mistake then that gets my special "sorry, my fault". However the rest of those orders were problem ones (incorrect payment, etc), which were mostly later corrected and put in with the second batch to be dispatched, but then a few of those orders remained.

Also there are three orders which I do not yet know where they are, but no doubt I just over looked them while checking for others, or maybe No2 has then, or they have gone out but not yet marked off.

I will find those three soon enough, but as soon as one old customer order collects theirs today, then that means that the only ELVIS programmers that I have here, is the one that I use, and the broken ones awaiting return to the manufacturer. Not a single one here spare to be dispatched, but that is soon to change.

Also after that first and second batch mix-up (No1 can never just keep to one pile) then I have been keeping third and fourth batch orders in their separate sections. Kind of pointless keeping those in two sections now that the forth batch has to cover both batch orders, but I am keeping close watch this time to ensure that orders first received are those to go out first.

That is except for these ELVIS in need of replacement, which was a bit higher this time and so the remaining few will be dispatched as soon as the forth batch arrives.

Well as I said just before the third batch was supposed to arrive then it will be good to get all these orders finally gone, which at least now they will be really gone when I have paid loads of money to have this forth batch arrive very safely soon.

I suppose my "curse" can cause the plane to fall out the sky, or the ship to sink, but as I prefer to stick to odds instead of voodoo, then having no order get lost on their way to be before makes the odds using a much better delivery company of a safe and fast delivery then being extremely high.

And finally before I forget then the SEASON2 will soon be back in stock within days, which will then complete those few orders of those customers who chose to ignore my good advice. Not the best idea when seeing more SEASON2 was never certain, but their gamble or just bad idea paid off this time.

7th February 2001

Yesterday I spent a lot of time trying to find out where my third ELVIS batch has got to, and most of all finding out what has happened to it since it arrived in the UK.

And the answer to that was when it arrived in the UK it was sent by mistake to East London, where the mistake was noticed and it was sent on to Coventry for dispatch to my local depot in Gillingham.

Now the problem is that this delivery company has a dispatch receipt showing that it left Coventry, but then they have no details at all showing them that it arrived in Gillingham or anywhere else.

You could say that they have lost it, but as my third ELVIS batch is as big as a fridge then that would be quite hard to do. And as these two packages have my address clearly on them, then as they are much larger then the average shipment, then even misplacing them would be quite difficult.

However this delivery company seems to have done just that, but only God would know how. As what I mean is that they are hardly going to "drop" my third ELVIS batch somewhere, or have it vanish out of sight.

The most worrying aspect of this is that even with the wrong postal code on them, this correction should still have meant that delivery of this order should have been on the 25th. And so both misplaced and failed to arrive as expected adds up to one serious problem.

The best news from this is that they have no details that they have been delivered anywhere, which means that my third ELVIS batch is stuck in their system.

I believe my best option is to no longer expect this order to arrive, and put this "lost" order back in the hands of my supplier, who would slightly p****d off if he has to replace it. That does not mean however that I won't be phoning my local depot each day, and their head office every few days.

And so as the third batch has vanished into thin air, then completion of third batch orders will now be done by the fourth batch.

This at least won't be a problem when the fourth batch has now been ordered, and most likely to arrive the start of next week. However as this won't be going through this problem delivery company then it could be here before this week ends.

And this forth batch is 700% the size of the last December batch, which is 152% the size of this ill-fated third batch.

So although losing such a massive quantity of ELVIS programmers is damned annoying; I can say that at least that when this fourth batch arrives then it will be problem solved. As of course this fourth batch even covering the whole of the third batch, should still allow another week or two of ELVIS sales.

Not quite perfect when stock will not last as long as I would have hoped, but at least given what could be one to two weeks to get all orders dispatched then all would indeed be gone.

And by the way how many people do not yet believe that I am "cursed", when you consider all my problems over the last week of January. This includes dealing with all my taxes, spraining my ankle, how my email system fail on my most busy day of the year, and now having this third ELVIS batch vanish.

For other news then as my stocks of BABY and SMART2 are getting low, then these have been reordered today. And should there be no unusual delays then current stock should last until the next batch arrive.

And with only a little luck today should make the day when P8416 cards cease to be a problem. As I got my DIL sockets yesterday, and today I should get more PIC16F84 chips with companion 24LC16B EEPROMs.

I have to keep a watch on these PCBs and GOLD card levels, but at least stock levels are soon to look a whole lot better.

6th February 2001

Well after trying my best yesterday to do whatever it takes to get this third ELVIS batch delivered to me yesterday, then it is sad to say that my attempts have failed.

To begin with yesterday I first contacted my local depot to see if they had these two parcels yet, which if delivery was for yesterday then taking further steps would not have been required.

Yesterday was also the day when this delivery company has had these two parcels in their procession for two weeks, which meant that I was surprised once again how my local depot had not seen them yet.

As I mean any delivery company taking two weeks just to move a package between two UK destinations is little more than a sick joke of one, but wait more on how stupid they is soon to follow.

Since my local depot did not have it then I proceeded to call their main national number. This was of course so that I could find out where it currently was located, and then have it sent direct to me by Taxi.

As I was very serious about getting it yesterday then even having these sent by Taxi right across this country I would have done. And I even allocated up to £500 to pay for any extreme measures to get it here.

The only possible problem to mess up my perfect plan was the one they came up with. As unfortunately since I last heard that it got shipped to Coventry (in order to get sent to my local depot), then now they could not even tell me where my two parcels were.

This person I spoke to spent several minutes trying to find out where they were, but that information was not available.

He did believe without any supporting facts that they were being returned to the manufacturer, but he did say that there was no dispatch receipt to show this export.

I did ask why on earth they were being sent back, to which he replied that parcels are returned if they are not claimed after two weeks.

This I found most strange when only after one week did I first contact them, to which they promised that my parcels would be sent to me. And that they were already off to Coventry for this to happen.

Sounds like another case to me of this joke of a delivery company failing to notice my valid address in big black letters. As I mean even if they sent these parcels to the wrong depot to begin with then a correction would have seen delivery just two days later.

Anyway, after this first call he said that he would do some phoning around to find my parcels, and then call me back in just 10 minutes.

Fair enough I thought, but then 10 minutes passed, 20 minutes, 30 minutes.

Ok I then thought, as I can wait when maybe he was just having problems finding them. However after waiting patiently for two hours I decided that his 10 minutes was taking too long.

As I then had to deal with other matters I got No2 to contact them this second time. To which it was just like with the first time, with my parcels not located, and they would find them and phone back later in the day.

However No2 like I did the first time pointed out very clearly to them that once they have found my parcels then they were to send them by Taxi direct to me (and generous me would pay the cost).

Since the day has now passed with no phone calls back, then my parcels have now upgraded their status level from "sent to the wrong location" to "missing".

I would not class them as "lost" yet, when other attributes of these packages include large and heavy. And so it would take quite a determined person to actually physically lose them. So their current status more falls around this delivery company not being able to find their own behind using both hands.

Also since on two attempts they have not called back, then I begin to suspect that there is more to this then first appears.

What I mean is that since I know the workings of a commercial company, then it could well be that this could be company policy. As when the package is not on the system, then tell the customer that you will phone them back and then drop the matter.

Anyway as today makes the day when I move up a level, then if they cannot find my packages today, then they will certainly hear how stupid they are. I often try to avoid such rude words, but if this achieves better results then it is worth it.

Also as I am a fast learner then obtaining the name of this person I next speak to (hopefully this illusive manager) and refusing to allow them to call me back will mean that I cannot be ignored.

Hopefully I will therefore have better luck today. And I will have to remember to find out where the hell it went to after Coventry.

Only tomorrow will start to consider it "lost", which then places the matter back in the hands of the manufacturer and his local delivery company. As "lost" would mean that this manufacturer owes me a replacement order, but that could take a week or more to sort out.

I suppose the best news currently is that tomorrow I will be ordering the forth ELVIS batch, which due to its size could if required cover all third batch orders and even those received for many more days yet. Hopefully this third batch can be sorted out still, when delivery long ago would have solved all my own supply delays.

Oddly that third ELVIS batch makes the most expensive order that I have yet placed with a supplier. This I say is odd, when the previous record size order also encountered problems.

Hopefully this is not the start of a trend, when last time I had to take legal action again one supplier. As no goods or refund (or answers to my email) in two to three months caused me to unleash my Attorney on him. Well I did get my payment back, but as I decided not to move to the litigation stage then I lost my £400 legal costs, which this bad supplier refused to pay.

Anyway this forth batch will be delivered by a much better, faster, and expensive delivery company. Also it was a shame that I was going to get this third batch delivered by another company, as the problem one was slow last time, but the manufacturer had already dispatched this third batch before I could mention it.

Just another part of my curse, which can be summed up by Murphy's Law. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

On other matters, then due to help by one person then I found a second wholesaler for my missing P8416 component. This is certainly good news, when I hope that they arrive today. I have to get some more PIC16F84 chips next in this endless cycle, but as this supplier wishes me to call him then hopefully this is not more bad news.

Currently I seem to be buying out entire wholesalers, which I did not believe was possible when they deal with hundreds of trade customers.

Anyway if I get my sockets and PICs soon then I will have all I need to make more cards then I need. However that does remind me that after PICs comes PCBs in my need next list.

And so begins another day when Cardman does battle with his suppliers, which hopefully will soon end in the death of a three-headed dragon.

4th February 2001

As my third ELVIS batch did not arrive on Friday as I had hoped, then I have gave up waiting for this delivery company to deliver this almost two week overdue order.

Yesterday I tried to contact them to get it delivered by Taxi (at my expense), even if it has to travel right across this country. However I have seen that not only do they stop Saturday deliveries.

What I mean is that contacting my local depot to see if they had it yet caused their phone to ring for 10 minutes without answer. I then phoned the national line, but the best I could get was that it was delivered to the wrong depot (which I knew on the 31st) and they could not even tell me where it currently was.

I will contact them again tomorrow and this time speak to the dispatch manager, but if it is not already due to arrive on Monday then it will be Taxi time.

And so if it does to arrive Monday then one dispatch manager will be dead by my hands. Well that is really just a descriptive emotional state, but he would certainly get to hear a few words that he would have never heard before.

My manufacturer has said sorry for this problem, as it was he who put the wrong post code in the first place. And I thought that I would pass that on, even if I still blame this delivery company for being hopeless at handling a not too uncommon mistake.

I will be ordering ELVIS batch number four (for this year) on Wednesday, but I do not know for sure yet just how much bigger then the titanic sized third batch it will be.

At the current rate batch four could arrive before batch three, but if that does happen then someone ending up dead takes one large step closer to moving outside my imagination.

I would bet on delivery tomorrow, as doing whatever it takes must have some results.

One site change I have decided on is to put a warning next to the current problem P8416 and ELVIS items, pointing them to this page. As that will then leave no new customer reason to complain, when it clearly now says that dispatch times are not guaranteed.

I try my best to get these items and to provide regular news updates, but any dates are only estimates. Also when problems occur like with this third batch then there is not much that I can really do.

And so to make it clear once and for all. Everyone will always get their ELVIS order, but those that cannot wait the required time had better not order. As from now on there is no excuse at all to complain about delays.

I would have thought that was already clearly mentioned on this page for over a month, but this change will now include people who do not read my news page before ordering (is that possible?).

Also in case you were wondering about these Gross Weight lines that are appearing on items, then this is because I am considering ways to make my postal costs more accurate. Exactly how I have not yet decided, but people with smaller orders will benefit with lower postal charges.

Best ideas for new methods is to allow people to add up the total weight themselves and then refer to a table. The other method would be a JavaScript postal calculator, where you select the items, quantity, and location. As then this calculator would provide both the correct postal cost and order total.

I suppose that I could make one big converter to merge in foreign payments as well, but any customer comment is always welcome.

So roll on Monday, day of the third ELVIS batch delivery. And lets see what excuse the moaning 0.1% of my customers can come up with next.

2nd February 2001

Starting with the most important news first then I have now fixed my email system, even if it will now take a couple of days to sort out the mess. And those details can of course be seen on my email page.

As I did not receive my third ELVIS batch or DIL sockets yesterday, then once again I have wiped out all local shops of their DIL socket stock.

This will help to now completed most of the remaining second batch orders, as well as all the last few "to follow" orders from the first batch.

I am not sure where I can get more sockets from, when I have already bought out the leading UK wholesaler. I suppose that now that I have wiped out the UK then I can always try other countries.

Anyway, what with the last of the orders going out today, then there won't be much else to do until this third ELVIS batch finally arrives after taking a tour of the country.

Hopefully these problems will soon be over. As being cursed causes lots of extra work having to sort out all these problems.

What I mean is just think that had my third ELVIS batch arrived last Wednesday (the 24th), as well as my DIL sockets not taking a record time to arrive, then by now every single order would have been completed.

Instead every day that passes just makes things worse, but at least these are all short term problems. As I am sure that this time next week things will be a lot better, or at least I certainly hope they will.

Also as January's news was kind of massive (127Kb) then I have now moved it very early to it's own old news page. This will make download time a lot faster, but don't overlook that January's news is still quite recent.

Well time to go make some more cards I guess.

1st February 2001

After checking my email system then I have seen that it is broke so much that not even I can fix it. And so I have contacted my provider who oddly managed to break it in the first place, and then only did a half job about fixing it.

Hopefully I will have it fixed before the day is over, but even when the email is fixed I have seen that there are a few other site aspects that need putting back the way they were.

Nothing too important except for the email of course.

Some days I believe that I am truely cursed. Or more correctly since this third ELVIS batch problem started a week ago then my cursed times often last from a few days up to slightly over a month.

Welcome to the cursed world of Cardman, my most busy week of the year and currently I would not be surprised if everything I touched burst into flames.

As to the latest of my third ELVIS batch then that shipment is now over in Coventry, which just happens to be even further away. However as it is going there to be rerouted to the correct destination, then that is one step closer to delivery.

I don't yet believe they understand how annoying this is for me. As yes they know I want my shipment, but any more delays and I could start hunting down their employees to run over with my car. ;-[

Just one more part of my curse when this ELVIS batch was to clear the backlog, but due to this delay it will now take much longer to dispatch them all. And as this third batch could be all pre-sold by today then I will have to wait until my fourth batch arrives before this delay is finally over.

This fourth batch will be even larger then this titanic third one, and which I will be ordering next week.

Well before my curse causes my computer to explode (again) then I may as well upload these new pages and get back to work. And in case you have not yet noticed my new Special Offers are you know where.