21st of December, 2007

As previously announced my Cardman company is now CLOSED for the annual Xmas and New Year holiday until resumption of work begins on January the 5th.

While orders will still be accepted during this holiday please note that no order will be dispatched until Monday the 7th of January. Also the e-mail contact system is now closed meaning that there will be no contact received back from my company until business resumption on January the 5th.

I am at least pleased to say that there is no remaining order here when at 17:30 left the very last orders, including those all received today before 16:00, including; Zeta Blue CAM orders, a MACRO+ order and a large 200 SILVER card trade order. Nothing else left to dispatch in 2007... So roll on 2008.

The final thing to say to all my site visiors is... Have a Happy Xmas and an enjoyable New Year.

8th of December, 2007

Since we are now well into December then this makes a good time to mention my company's normal Xmas and New Year holiday that this year will run from December the 22nd to January the 4th.

What this means is that if you desire an order dispatched before this holiday then you must place this order before 4pm on Friday the 21st of December when any order received after this time will then only be dispatched on Monday the 7th of January. The 5th and 6th I plan to use to unpack everything put away before the holiday and to prepare for my business resuming normal operation the following day.

Should UK customers desire to receive their order before this holiday then the last recommended dispatch day would be the 20th to provide high odds of an early receipt. And should you happen to be a last minute shopper then by using the Special Delivery method found under the priority delivery option on my order forms then so can you have your order dispatched right up to the 21st with good odds of delivery on the 22nd or 24th.

The last recommended day for European shoppers, who can currently benefit from the strong Euro currency rate, would be the 19th, but the earlier you order the better. And in the worst case you can still receive your order between Xmas and New Year.

As to stock supply issues then there really are none. The only thing I can see is that both my Zeta Blue CI CAM and SCART leads stock are running low but as I am soon to restock anyway then so should even these not cause a problem.

In all I am thankful that this year there is no run on a hard to obtain item. You may recall the market supply problems last year with Funcards. I certainly managed a lot better than with most suppliers but being stuck between a huge market supply problem, including some faulty smartcard batches, and customers that have no patience and who can get quite upset is not something I desire to ever go through again.

Funcards this year is not a problem when back in January I got in enough of these cards to last a long time. No other problems expected either but the first I know about such a rush is an unusually high number of orders for the same item. And sure enough when my stock quickly expires I find out that the resupply lines seemingly still operational have all gummed up into a major nothingness. Well as mentioned there is nothing like that going on this year which thankfully means that I do not have to interrupt my Xmas holiday like I did last year. So two solid weeks to do all the things I desire both at home and out and about.

Beyond the usual currency rate changes, which have been quite dramatic these past few weeks, and the usual small site and price changes, then it has mostly been a case of business like usual. New orders received, new orders dispatched, and the only orders outstanding being those received over the past few hours that will certainly depart on Monday.

You may also care to note a small extra celebration is due next February and March which is when my business you see here will achieve 10 years of trading. My first smartcard was sold in February 1998 and in March of 1998 is when my business officially started. So two dates not to be overlooked.

One more news update is soon due and then it is holiday time. I hope that makes you happy as it does with me.