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23rd December 2000

As now is the evening of the 23rd of December then that means that my business is now CLOSED for a 10 day Christmas Holiday until the 3rd of January 2001.

What this means to my service over this time is as follows...

All e-mail currently received will be answered very soon, but no more e-mail will be answered before January the 3rd. Do not send any e-mail during this time as it won't be answered.

I am also using this time to see how many people do not follow my e-mail rules, as if that is considered too high then all my e-mail addresses will be changed before January. As after all why mention about a Christmas holiday here when people are too lazy to read and understand just what a "holiday" means.

As to orders, then all those currently received, including those received just today will be dispatched when possible. However any orders received between now and the 3rd of January will not be dispatched until I return.

All other customer communication including personal visits will cease until the 3rd of January. As it is either this small holiday to recover from the events over this past year, or to become an insane axe murderer (I will have to remember to keep an axe by my front door). ;-]

Any customer with a problem using my hardware is recommended to read the instructions again, but if still no luck then just put it to one side until the 3rd of January.

Anyway now that you have read this message then my final comment this year must be my best wishes to all my friends and customers for this Christmas and New Year.

22nd December 2000

I can say that my latest batch of ELVIS finally arrived today at about 12 noon.

As this was the last postal day with any chance of delivery before Christmas then about half of the outstanding ELVIS orders (the oldest) was dispatched before the day was over.

The remaining ELVIS orders will be dispatched tomorrow and the last will be dispatched on Wednesday the 27th.

That means that although a few orders will arrive tomorrow, most will arrive between Christmas and the New Year. And no doubt a few could even arrive early next year.

Anyway ELVIS is now back in stock, but at the rate these things sell then these won't last for long.

Also today I had two more claims for my £15 credit vouchers, this time for Switzerland and Bosnia & Herzegovina. And should you wish to know the details then just see my Special Offers page.

20th December 2000

There are three things to mention today so far, with the first of these being the latest news on my latest restocking of ELVIS. As after a little extra delay than usual then I now know that these programmers are now on their way to me.

Hopefully they will arrive before Christmas thereby allowing me to dispatch all outstanding orders for this programmer, but we will have to wait and see.

Also from processing all orders received yesterday I have now seen that I have received the first order from Latvia since September, which you can read about this latest £15 voucher given away on my Special Offers page.

There is also one for Macedonia, which makes the first ever order from this country. As this was an order done by email and bank transfer then I have backdated it to when the payment was received.

Two more £15 credit vouchers given away with another couple of hundred possible.

19th December 2000

Today I finally received my new programmer, which is the CLaNZeR's Build5 model. And you can rest assured that my price for this programmer will be the cheapest that you will find anywhere.

I won't put this new item on this site until January; as before I start to sell them I first have to find out all that they can do and then write instructions to explain this to everyone else. However from my first look then they certainly appears very interesting, when I would compare it to a cross between the Keymaster/Millenium and my ELVIS.

I have supported this item as it is a popular and well functional model. And not to mention that CLaNZeR released the design and software for model some time ago, which means that anyone who does not seek making lots of money from selling it can then make their own.

This I had made in partnership with another supplier at a factory, which changes things around a bit when now you are just about the source of them.

Anyway as many people now own this model already (just not from me), then I am sure it will prove popular when I put it on here.

Also in January I will be adding another two items to this site. And one day soon my three new card types would arrive, which should be the last of the satellite type.

And as from tomorrow it will be no going back on finally adding credit/debit card processing and on-line ordering. Ordering using your credit/debit card will be accepted using post and fax to begin with. And once that has been tested then I will go and add one of these shopping baskets for on-line order processing.

I do not wish to rush into this area (well I have taken 3 years so far!) as it is one of those commercial systems that I hate. And I am sure that most of my customers won't know that I will receive your payment no sooner then 28 to 35 days after your order has been dispatched.

And so as this will be the slowest and most expensive payment method that I will soon offer then it would be foolish to rush into it.

Anyway when these things happen then on this page you will find the when and where.

18th December 2000

Well Christmas is now just one week away and already there are several problems due to this.

The first problem is delivery times, as I have seen that even UK first class postage can now take up to 3 working days to deliver. This is due to some postal strikes, major work on the railroad who have the Royal Mail as their largest customer, and of course many extra letters due to these Christmas Cards.

Hopefully my customers therefore realise that even if I dispatch within 24 hours it could be a week round trip just to the UK. And post from outside the UK can currently take a week to get here.

All UK Business and even further would currently have this same problem, which means that it will be good when Christmas is over.

Next problem was restocking on my Gold wafer, as although I now have some here these ones are coloured white. Not a major problem when the only difference is this colour.

I usually avoid this type, as it only confuses the Newbies when I am asked now and again why they cannot program the EEPROM on my real WHITE cards. That is of course because it has no EEPROM being only a PIC16F84 card, as clearly shown on my cards page.

That is the result from June when the traditional Gold wafer was then sometimes produced in white, which then led to some people thinking that every white coloured card was the same.

Anyway due to Christmas soon approaching then obtaining Gold coloured Gold cards on short notice was not possible, which is why I accepted the White coloured Gold card to ensure the completion of orders before Christmas.

So this means no need to worry if your Gold card turns up as white, as it is still technically the same card. And these ones will have the mark MM12 on them, which means that they are PIC16F84 + 24LC16B wafer cards.

I think that I will call these ones the Christmas Gold cards, as they just got covered in snow. ;-]

The last problem is that ELVIS has not yet arrived as first predicted, which hopefully is not due to the manufacturer taking the month of December off.

Anyway today I will tell them to hurry up, and if they cannot complete all my order then send what they can. As I will try very hard to have all my own orders dispatched before Christmas, but that currently is out of my hands.

12th December 2000

Now today makes the first ever day in which I received two orders in one day where both qualify for one of my £15 Credit Vouchers. And this time the two countries are Pakistan and Oman.

You can see my Special Offers page if you wish to see the full details.

9th December 2000

Today I sold the last one of my latest batch of ELVIS programmers.

This was much sooner then first expected, as when I first received these programmers I expected them to last into January. However as my sales have tripled this month then these programmers have been sold three times faster.

That means instead of lasting into January they actually lasted just 12 days.

And due to the time it takes to recycle your payments, and the delivery time, then ELVIS will only be back in stock in about a week from now.

This should not pose a problem, as all orders received between today and when I next have them should be completed with many days to spare before Christmas.

Now that hopeful ELVIS customers have been informed then it is up to you if you wish to order now or later, but what with Christmas soon approaching then leaving ordering too long could be further delayed by this annual holiday.

7th December 2000

Well what with increased number of orders recently two of my items have now been Sold Out as from today, which are my WHITE cards and the MODIFIED logger/emulator.

The MODIFIED has been marked as Discontinued, and the WHITE as Out of Stock. I will look around for more WHITE type, but even if I do find more there is likely to be a sizable price increase.

As I have not yet finished processing all of today's orders, then some orders may need to be returned or a credit note issued, but if possible I will try to contact the unfortunate owners first, that is if there are any.

Anyway no more orders for these two items will now be accepted.

More News...

While processing more orders (no more WHITE or MODIFIED orders *yet* found) I have come across the first new order from one of my existing customers in the Czech Republic.

You can see my Special Offers page for the details, but I will keep working and see what else I can find.

6th December 2000

Yesterday's claim for my Italian £15 credit voucher currently appears to be the first of several, as here today we now have the first ever order from Jordan.

You can see my Special Offers page for the details, but watch this News page, as soon there could be three other claims.

5th December 2000

Bad news for Italy it seems, as one Italian citizen has now claimed my £15 credit voucher for that country. And as they took advantage of two of my offers then I guess I would have to wait for further Italian orders before I started making a profit.

This makes the third £15 credit voucher claim, which now total at £45 given away.

Anyway you can now see my Special Offers page to see details of this Italian claim.

1st December 2000

Welcome to tomorrow, as I mentioned yesterday.

As you will now see my new special offers are now on this site, which you can see by visiting my Special Offers page.

Due to seasonal delays with the postal service later this month I decided to run both my December and January offers together to cover both months.

And considering all my current offers available then I hate to think the saving if someone chose to take advantage of all of them, but go ahead and try to bankrupt me if you wish.

As today is December then already three of my orders have taken advantage of my December offers, even though two of them do not yet know this. :-]

Well time to start thinking about my next offers for February.