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30th of August 2003

Today while writing the new EvoCash information section I stumbled across the MoneyBookers service, which first interested me due to their low cost on-line payment system and international support. To begin with I started to examine this system with the idea of supporting it on the Sterling version of my Order Form, but I soon discovered that they also support account balances in other currencies including the Euro.

Euro support combined with international support for many Euro-Zone countries proved very interesting, when I have been looking for an on-line payment system for the Euro for about two years now. And as previous Euro supported services, like the French MinutePay service, failed due to their limitations long ago, then I was not in much hope of getting this one working.

However, since they support UK Bank Accounts and Debit Cards, then soon enough I was able to link in my Euro account with Citibank in London. That in itself is a miracle, when the likes of the PayPal service likes to assume that all accounts in the UK must be Sterling based and therefore forces you to transfer money in Sterling,

One reason why, when my US Dollar PayPal balance is high enough, then I will open a bank account in the US to store it all in.

So with the MoneyBookers service I now have a Euro based account, it is linked to my Euro account by both Direct Debit and Delta Card. And right at this time I am soon to transfer 10 whole Euros to this on-line account to give it a test run. As if 10 Euros end up in this account as expected, and I am able to debit this 10 Euros back to my bank account subject to only a €1.80 fixed fee, then this is indeed the service that I have been seeking for two whole years.

That would mean that finally my HTML and JavaScript based Euro Order Form could soon change into a HTML, JavaScript and PHP3 Order Form, which is of course required not for the on-line payment link, but in order to e-mail me these Order Forms.

Currently this all seems possible, but what does worry me is that they want me to transfer this 10 EUR to their own GBP account in the UK. No problem for me, when my bank does such transfers for free, but putting EUR in a GBP account is subject to a currency transfer. And as Lloyds-TSB, as I well know, likes to charge whenever it can, then either they have a miracle account, this inter-UK Euro transfer is unplanned for, they have a really good and unknown business plan, this is a company run by soon to be bankrupt idiots, or I am going to get screwed by a forced EUR to GBP to EUR transfer on the withdrawal.

Oh well I will find out in less than a week, when these two transfers have been processed.

As mentioned their fees are cheap though, no matter your choice of account currency, when paying money into your new MoneyBookers account by Cheque or Bank Wire Transfer is free. Also moving E-Gold funds to this account is supposed to be free, even though I have yet to find the option to do this.

Then on the debits they charge you a fixed €1.80 fee to transfer the money to your bank account, but there is also the option of them issuing you a cheque at the cost of €3.50. They are also happy to charge you 1% of the total, to a maximum of €0.50, on the between MoneyBookers account transfers. This minor fee sounds a lot better than the 2% they would charge me to use their payment gateway along with instant payment processing, but we will have to wait and see.

Anyway, their high 5 to 8% charge for handling Credit Card payments seems a non-starter in any case. Too bad that they do not provide a simpler between accounts payment system, when it is just silly to charge for doing something automatically that can be done manually for a lot less.

Well although they may not be perfect, but this still appears like a very good system for those people who do not mind the extra time and effort involved in having to send them payment to fund their account. And as this service is already starting to get popular in the Euro supporting countries, then it seems like a good first on-line payment system for my Euro based Order Form.

And I was just thinking a few days ago about writing to the EU HQ and complaining about the lack of on-line payments services for the Euro. I am still not fully sure how this service can avoid these economic borders usually imposed by the banking systems (Citibank provides me with both Sterling and US Dollar cheques, but denies providing me with Euro cheques), but it seems to have sprung out of the E-Gold service.

15th of August 2003

It seems that my site, that is hosted in New York state, has been affected by this power cut affecting NE USA and SE Canada, when I noticed that this site went down yesterday and so far it is not yet back up. The DNS look-up fails and my trace route on the IP address does 35 hops (about 12 is normal) before it gives up as unreachable.

Well although my hosting provider should have UPS backup, but these things cannot last for hours. And even if they had their own electric generator this won't help at all if the whole local region has gone down.

Anyway, for today, and maybe longer, my UK based site continues on its own. Hopefully, this won't continue for long, but at least my sites are completely independent, except for PayHound payments that is, which thankfully are received under the domain.

Also, installing my new pool is taking longer than expected, due to the hard ground this time of year, but I am fully sure that this task will be completed by the end of today. Although I am sure that it will take a day or two before the water is warm enough to be able to be used.

14th of August 2003

As you can now see on the Sterling version of my Order Form I have now added a completely new on-line payment option. This is the FastPay service that is operated by the Natwest bank, but you certainly do not need to be a Natwest customer to use it.

This new payment system seems great and in many areas even better than NoChex. For example FastPay supports obtaining payment from Debit and Credit cards as well as a Direct Debit from your Bank Account, where NoChex only supports Debit cards and Direct Debits seems like a work in progress.

Best of all is that FastPay charge nothing at all for loading money into your account or debiting money from it, where NoChex on the other hand likes to charge just 99 pence. However, the way that FastPay does make money for themselves is to charge you 20 pence every time that you send money to another FastPay user.

In other words NoChex is only cheaper than FastPay if you already receive money from other NoChex users.

The worst point about FastPay is that they do not yet have a shopping basket payment gateway interface, which means that you have to follow my step-by-step instructions into order to send all my required details and correct payment. For that reason NoChex is a much easier system for you to use, but at least FastPay seems to have some plans in that direction. If they actually will remains to be seen, but their service would be very much more popular if they did.

Then again maybe these Credit Card companies insist on such services (like FastPay and PayHound) having no payment gateway interface, when being able to send me Credit Card payments for next to nothing well screws up the standard Merchant Account system of charging businesses or their customers like 3.5%. After all these same card companies well goes to explain why all these services only support UK cards, even if these services desire international support.

The final thing about this NoChex and FastPay comparison is that FastPay has a £500 account limit (yet only allowing you £250 debits), where NoChex of course has a £90 limit on standard accounts (my NoChex accounts seem unlimited). Although NoChex of course allows up to £300 payments using their account bypass option by debiting your Debit Card directly.

And so apart from the one weak area, then the FastPay service seems like an excellent way to pay me for your order. It also would be cheaper for me than with NoChex's 1% withdrawal fee, even if I would have to empty my £500 limited account more often.

The FastPay service in general seems a little strange to begin with, but I am sure that my customers will soon get the hang of it.

As to PayHound, then as I sent them an e-mail finding out more about their service on Saturday, where now it is Thursday with no reply yet received, then it very much appears like their service is still not doing too well. Since I have only been holding on to this PayHound service for the rare Credit Card funded payment, then I will have to give it serious consideration if now would be a good time to remove this payment option (at least for now).

So if their service has not improved in the areas that count, when they care to reveal this information that is, then if FastPay works out as expected, then there will be no more PayHound option on my Order Form.

Even if that happens I will still keep an eye out for any serious improvements, when even NoChex went from a poor service into their current good service not that long ago. Although before that poor service they had a great service, when to begin with they had no real transfer or account limits, where even my very large debits only cost 99p instead of the current 1%.

The penultimate thing I have to mention is that yesterday I uploaded my new Welcome page, which now has all my on-line payment options clearly displayed. I just hope that no one pays me using those buttons, when all on-line payments need to have an Order Number attached.

And finally I am taking a two day break from answering e-mail at the moment (yesterday and today), when I have my new 10 foot swimming pool to install, where later today I am soon to level the ground before installing it correctly on the second attempt. Order dispatches will not be affected by this chore, when any received will certainly still depart as fast as is possible. Like with all the orders dispatched yesterday.

These delayed e-mail will be answered between Friday and Saturday, where at least now when it gets too hot I can just nip out back and go sailing on my pool. :-)

Anyway, to end this off, then as the FastPay service gets my four out of five star rating, then any serious UK card or account holding customer is recommended to check out this new payment option. It may even become more popular than NoChex after all, but they seem to have their one weak area to fix before that becomes certain.

12th of August 2003

Now although I do not usually mention general satellite reception market information here, but as this touches on a subject that I have been monitoring for over a year now, then apart from my own interest I am sure that my site visitors will find it interesting.

As from what I have been hearing, then Dream Multimedia (the makers of the Magic Module CI CAM) have been back to court in Germany once more. And this time they have been completely banned from making their CAMs, which no doubt follows the line of keep making these CAMs and we will put you in prison.

The first time that DMM were in court, was due to the fact that this Magic CAM was infringing one of SCM's patents. And as SCM won this case, then so were DMM banned from making CAMs, where I also believe that all Magic CAM sales in Germany was banned.

This caused delays in CAM supply by about three months, while DMM sorted themselves out. What DMM did to get around this ruling was to have their CAMs made outside of Europe by a third party, where DMM just put their own seal of approval (the hologram) on this new CAM and no doubt took a share of the profits.

As this caused me quite some headaches back last year, then I soon regretted telling SCM at that time that if DMM were infringing their patent, as they claimed, then so should they take DMM to court. That they soon after did...

Anyway, this second court ruling I guess now stops them using their get-around option, which is why Dream Multimedia currently seems very sure that they won't be making these CAMs again. In fact according to them they are off to establish their own porn station, where they plan to develop their own conditional access system to use on it.

That is the very reason why many suppliers (like Mark Hemming of SatStore) have now ran out of Magic CAMs, when DMM certainly won't be supplying any. And so within a few weeks or months from now the only Magic CAMs around will be the clones.

This also creates a bit of a problem concerning the Pentacrypt firmware, when many of us for a long time have suspected that Ushtar (the author) was much closer to DMM than what was claimed. After all if he was really independent, then there would have been no need for the v1.04 only firmware (v1.10) or the bootloader killing time-bomb (v1.10 and v1.11).

And so this court ruling could well mean is that the days of the Pentacrypt firmware is now no more, when from now on the Magic CAM will have its current features (and very advanced ones at that) and never obtain anything new. Well that is unless someone either takes over making their firmware or makes new firmware for the Magic CAM.

The best option for Magic CAM users is to go down the route of the Matrix CAM, when of course the Matrix CAM was designed to be a clone of the Magic CAM and was the main target of the Pentacrypt v1.11 time-bomb. As these days the Matrix CAM has spun off into making their own firmware, which goes by the name of Matrix Reload. And already the MR1.01 and MR1.02 firmware is to be had.

However, us Magic CAM users cannot use this firmware as easy as flashing it in, when this firmware also includes protection. As it seems that some of DMM's bad ideas have been rubbing off, but at least this Matrix Reload firmware does not stoop to illegal bootloader destruction. Instead this firmware will work for a short time and then simply stop.

And so for Magic CAMs to make use of this new firmware all that is needed is to change the Checksum value (CPLD) on the Xilinx XC9536XL, where for the Magic CAM this is normally set to BC85, but for the Matrix Reload firmware to work 100% this needs to be changed to D006.

I can already hear cries of "oh no not another hardware upgrade", but I am pleased to say that from very recently this does not need to be the case at all. As very recently a new device has come out, which is called the CAS Interface.

What this CAS Interface does is to be able to a quickly and easily flash in a new bootloader on all Magic CAMs and their clones. This certainly would have been useful back in April following all this time-bomb bootloader killing firmware, but only now in August has it been released. And as this device is fairly low cost, then I am already looking to supply these to my customers.

Apart from restoring the bootloader, then changing the CPLD value on the Xilinx is one of the things that this interface can do. And so as easily as anything can these CAMs be made ready for this MR1.02 firmware, which is a service that I may offer myself.

The interesting thing about this MR1.02 firmware is that it is already technically better than the Pentacrypt firmware, where it can handle all systems either through a card or internally with no card needed. That second option produces very fast decryption, which is why this firmware does better.

Anyway, my point is that even without Magic CAM support in the future, then thanks to all the CAMs that cloned the Magic CAM, then so can the Magic CAM make use of their firmware.

I am not fully sure what I am going to do about CAMs yet, but I would say that the Magic CAM will soon be no more. And since there are many good CAM options about these days, then it is a little hard to decide. Supporting the lower cost Matrix CAM is certainly one good choice, but there are many other options.

At the end of the day, then as DMM was certainly a profit-centric company, then in a way we could well be better off without them.

9th of August 2003

All work on my Order Forms at the moment, when after adding PayPal to my US Dollar Order Form recently, then I have now converted the Sterling Order Form to the new format. Take a look for yourself, where the usual text is now gone, the buttons have moved, where a Details link now pops up a new window providing lots of important information about the chosen on-line payment service.

This is now much better than it used to be, when the information on the main Order Form is now compact, where a lot more important information is now right on hand before that Pay by... button is clicked.

I still have to get the PayHound section from after that button is clicked fully complete, when I am awaiting an e-mail reply from PayHound before I am fully aware of how their new updated system works. Also, as you no doubt can see, I have the US Dollar Order Form to now convert to this same format, where creating those new Detail pages certainly takes a long time.

Anyway, more work to do today on these Order Forms, but I will leave any new News until tomorrow.

Earlier News...

As you can see I have now added the PayPal option to the US Dollar version of my Order Form, which makes using this popular on-line payment method now fully operational. I just have to now write some details for it, update the other on-line payment system details at the same time, then it will be complete.

I am considering if I should add PayPal as an on-line payment option for my Sterling Order Form as well, when my PayPal account can hold balances in several different currencies at once. However, I will only do this if I can withdraw these funds in Sterling and it does not mess up my US Dollar handling system at all.

After all when I checked how much PayPal charges to transfer funds between currencies, then my test returned about 2% of the total. And just today I updated my main currencies once again to prove that I do this for zero percent.

I can technically accept funds in the Euro as well, but I have already seen that PayPal refuses to allow me to link to a Euro bank account. The only way around that, as mentioned before, is to buy some other person's PayPal account already set up for the Euro.

NoChex is also starting to annoy me these days, when they have now switched to forcing people to withdraw their funds using the Direct Debit system instead of though the usual Debit Card. The Debit Card method was good, when all my accounts had cards, where since it is done as a "refund", then so do my banks charge me nothing.

The reason why this change is worrying me is that just today I withdraw another £1000 (£900 transferred, with £10 as NoChex's 1% charge) from my NoChex account using this new method, where sure enough £990 will turn up in my main business account. However, should this transfer not be done as a refund, then so will my bank only be too happy to charge me for the transfer.

That is not the worst of the problems though, when my second NoChex account usually exports the funds to my Citibank Sterling account. And I have already seen that NoChex does not provide all the Bank Account detail fields to allow me to connect to my Bank Account at Citibank.

So I am starting to feel that to get my money out charge free (except for NoChex's 1%), then I will have to link in my private bank account, which in normal cases would only be connected to my third NoChex account.

Interestingly enough NoChex claims that this switch is done to speed up this withdrawal process, which therefore makes it odd that this transfer I have just done will take one day longer than with my usual Debit Card refunds. You can only wonder if the banks have got annoyed with these free transfers to business accounts and now wants to charge.

Anyway, I will be sure to ask NoChex how I can still withdraw funds to my Citibank account, where they now seem to have killed it.

I am also currently thinking about getting rid of the text next to my payment buttons on my Order Forms, which will allow me to support more payment options while still keeping this area compact. However, I still want to point out things like that NoChex allows for immediate payment for customers with a UK Debit Card, where I am not yet sure how best to do this. As I would ideally like it on the main Order Form, but these details seem better suited to fit into the pages where the Make Payment button is to be found.

Well I will play about with it and see how best I can reveal all the information that I require, where hopefully I can them put all these on-line payment buttons on the one line.

Today I will be looking into other on-line payment services, where first of all I have one new Sterling option to check out, which interested me due to the fact that they can also handle Credit Cards. Too bad that on-line payment options for the Euro are lacking, but that of course is all the banking system's fault. After all they like to keep the borders between countries, and charge for such international transfers, where these days they should (but not yet) be covering the whole of the EU.

Well I will have a browse around for any on-line Euro payment systems, just in case, but any that I do find are bound to be country limited.

8th of August 2003

Well I have some good news concerning my Order Forms, when I have finally fixed the long standing, minor, yet limiting problem in that each Order Form only had one Make Payment button.

This is a problem in that all order payment detail fields had to be submitted to both payment services, which means them receiving a lot of data that they do not need, even if this extra data is easy for them to ignore. And the real problem in this is that I cannot add a third payment option, when all this data would overflow the available space.

Now this problem came about shortly after I began to support on-line payments through the NoChex service, when my then No2 worker (who no longer works for me) saw that it was possible to link this payment service into my Order Form. And so I turned this whole project over to him to do, where my former HTML order form soon changed into the current PHP3 order form.

Later on when I supported the on-line PayHound system I added this new on-line payment option myself, where this problem really came about due to my lack of understanding of the PHP language. As I tried everything in my known HTML and JavaScript languages to get this Make Payment button to split, but it would not go. I also tried with the PHP3 language, but my lack of understanding combined with having to work with three computer languages at once proved too much.

So in the end I just botched it together in a system that technically worked just fine.

However, now since I have recently had the desire to get this problem sorted out once and for all, then I decided to decode this PHP language. My previous attempts at using PHP conditions was correct, but I was messing up due to the fact that you can no longer call HTML commands in a PHP section. So previously when adding a PHP condition it was throwing up an error causing me to believe that the PHP condition was to blame.

This time since I was focusing on getting the PHP code sorted out I came to the conclusion that the PHP condition was correct, but then I was left with the puzzle of how on earth to submit a FORM under PHP, when that seems technically not possible.

The answer was to use the ECHO command, which has the effect of writing HTML code through PHP. As my first test was producing results for my adjusted form, even if these were undesirable ones, then I knew that I was on the right track. And to make it work correctly, then all I have to do was to convert the variable calling into HTML format instead of PHP format.

So to sum this all up; then previously this form was using PHP under HTML, which prevented conditional form calling. Where now this form is using HTML under PHP, which as is now clear does. And that is why these two NoChex and PayHound payment options now have their own Make Payment button.

This did not prove too helpful on this Sterling Order Form, when the PayHound option has no payment gateway anyway. Still it does now allow for easy expansion and update, where I also checked over NoChex's payment gateway syntax to make sure that everything was correct. Due to PayHound's change I still have to update those details, even though I am still not sure if I can recommend using this problematic payment service yet.

The big reason for all this change is due to the US Dollar Order Form, where I already have the EvoCash and E-Gold options with PayPal still to add. This Order Form I still have to easily convert to this new format, where EvoCash needs an update and PayPal will certainly be a new on-line payment option once complete.

Anyway, this is certainly all good news, where I can soon look into what other on-line payment options can be added. Still, if you have any problems using my new Sterling Order Form, then just let me know, even if my new code is fully correct.

6th of August 2003

Since my two new LNBs arrived today, then so can you now find them on-line, or more correctly one and a half of them. This means that the new Invacom 0.3dB Universal LNB is now fully on-line, but the twin output model is only currently found on the Order Forms (in case you want to buy it).

That complete description will be also put on-line either later today or sometime late tomorrow. Not that you really need a description at this point mind you, when this twin version is not unlike what you would get if you wielded two of these new 0.3dB single Universal LNBs together. Well you know what I mean, two independant ouputs, for two coaxial cables, linking up two receivers.

What is more important is the photo of this one, when my customers never seem to really want to buy items until they see a photo of it first. Well that is coming as soon as I clean up the scan, crop and scale it, then stick it on the soon to be wrote description.

Or then again it could already be on-line right now, when I am not going to update my News page just to point out the obvious.

In all I am quite pleased with these new LNBs, even if I point out that they are not the best value for your money, when not only are they the latest advanced hardware, but it is without question that I have the best 0.3dB LNB prices around.

Just take a browse throught the What Satellite magazine if you don't yet believe me, when the highest prices for these two LNBs are £69 and £89. And the lowest for the single is £29, where the twin is about £49 I recall. So as you can soon see my prices are even lower than the lowest prices offered by other suppliers.

So much so in fact I would not be surprised if other suppliers start contacting me and asking me to increase my prices, where that would not be the first time for my profit centric rivals. Ah well as my business is not based on making maximum profit, then I just apply my fixed profit margin. And if that just happens to fall below the current market prices, then that is just too bad, when my price certainly won't increase.

My point in all this is that if you desire a 0.3dB LNB, then you need look no further, when I have already confirmed to a high degree that my prices are the lowest. And if sales go as well as I would expect, then I could well soon also stock the C120 versions and the Quad output one.

Having the C120 versions would be nice, when all the real satellite experts would use this type, then stick in a polarizer no doubt. In fact I would be interested in using the 0.3dB C120 Twin version myself, when I have felt the need for a long time to wire a second receiver into my big dish.

Anyway, as you can tell, I am happy to stock these great new LNBs, when I already know that they will prove quite popular. One reason for this is because they are very well designed, where you would really need to look at one to see what I mean.

Also today I got in a lot more FUN2 cards, when my stock has been running low for a while. Then I also got in some more Magic CAMs, but only a smaller quantity this time to top up and sort out my stock.

I have three more items to restock on, where two of these at least can be done quickly. Still, since I have just blown my funds once again, including with a recemt VAT payment, then it will take a few days to recycle all the current cheques and on-line transfers.

Well if you have not seen my new 0.3dB LNBs yet, then you should certainly take a look. As prices these days have now entered the reasonable area, which may, not unlike myself, leave you tempted to buy. And I have the best prices around lets not forget...

2nd of August 2003

Well I have now updated this site to a new month, which of course means a new special offer. Also I have just updated all the currency rates, which includes the main three and all the ones on the foreign currency page.

Things have not been going too well last month, which is mostly due to the fact that my No3A worker for one reason or another has not been doing her weekend accounts work for all of last month except for the last Saturday of last month. This posed a problem when last month was tax month in terms of VAT payment, where so the last few days of last month were very busy in terms of getting my accounts sorted out and the correct VAT total paid.

Unfortunately, on that Saturday, when there was lots of work to do and little time to do it, she only did half a days work, with less than half the required work done at the end of it. Fortunately, she did come back on the Tuesday to finish the input of all the order forms, but checking of the data still was not done.

And so I had to spend a few days myself going through all these order forms and correcting the odd mistake. However, the main reason for this check was that none of the orders in this quarter were marked as EC Sales (No VAT is paid due to a VAT registration number). And as this disagreed with my own memory of sales in this quarter, then so did these incorrectly entered order forms need to be found and corrected.

That soon was done, when those order forms were found to an acceptable if not totally sure degree, but during this check some interesting data problems were noted.

The first of these was that for every order without exception going to the Republic of Ireland she had marked under the UK. That is obviously incorrect, when I am quite sure that Ireland has not been controlled by the UK for a long time now. These were easy enough to correct, when she usually wrote "Ireland" in the address line, where extra help was that Ireland does not have Postal Codes.

She had also forget my mention about not storing the Channel Islands under the UK, when I store these under the individual island names. Apart from helping me to keep track of the number of orders going each island, then the big reason for this is that customers in the Channel Islands do not pay VAT.

So what happens when she puts UK in the country field is that my accounts highlight that VAT needs to be paid on all orders going to the UK. Attempting to then put "no" in the VAT? field then comes up with a lovely red fatal data error. And so what she did after putting UK in the country field was to enter "yes" in the VAT? field thus causing me to incorrectly pay VAT on these orders.

And so by correcting these mistakes I saved a couple of hundred pounds in VAT payment. Also as she did enter one large order incorrectly in the wrong quarter, by being a few days out, then in my last VAT payment I did pay about £300 more than what I should have.

Also I see that she has yet to master refund and return orders, which is something I will have to point out on her next visit.

Apart from a couple of times entering the wrong order total, then those were all the more serious mistakes. All the rest were more minor things like storing orders under the wrong date (like the mentioned big one), missing out entering some items, then the issue with the MAGICKIT.

I don't know what it is, but there was great confusion between the MAGIC, MMPI and MAGICKIT. As a lot of the time I had to mark off the missing MMPI from the MAGICKIT order, then some MAGIC orders were incorrectly marked with the MMPI, where last of all a couple of MMPI orders were instead marked as MAGIC.

Well as that was the first time that I had a good look at her work, then in all it was quite good considering. Just forgetting a couple of things, a few careless mistakes, then I have never had an employee yet who could master EC Sales.

The problem with EC Sales and adjusting for no VAT payment I guess is due to that these orders being rare considering the vast bulk of normal orders. And so by the time they come around they had already forgot to look for these orders, then of course totally ignoring the fact that no VAT was paid.

Anyway, since I have not had a good look through the data for the past couple of quarters yet, then soon I will do so. Hopefully, there are no more overlooked EC Sales to be corrected, even if I browse the data myself each quarter, when the VAT people won't appreciate being informed late.

One problem that has come out of this accounts work is the delay in my restocking of a few items. As I have a few expensive items to get, then this purchase is going to wipe out my available funds, which is of course money that cannot be spent until the VAT total is roughly known.

Since that is now complete and posted, then the new stock will be here on Tuesday, where in all only a couple of orders have been held up.

Also I am looking to stock a new couple of LNBs, which you should see for yourself shortly after Tuesday. Also I already have one new cable to add to this site, but first I will have to rediscover the type and length.

The final big change is that I am getting rid of my CAM repair and upgrade service, when the factory doing this upgrade is taking far too long. Since I make very little profit from these orders, where I was mostly offering it to help people out, then this has proven far too much of a headache to make it worth my time and effort.

And so my solution to people asking where their overdue order is, and of course much worse, is to no longer offer the service that is causing all this hassle. That is not to say that I still cannot have people's CAMs upgraded or repaired, but this will be limited to my own CAM customers and the desperate few.

Strangely enough the two oldest batches of CAMs being upgraded were returned to me today, which means those CAMs will be leaving me on Monday on their way to these customers. This means that I have just the last few CAMs to sort out before there will hopefully be no more.

Instead I will now be working on things that benefit my business, like these new items arriving on Tuesday.

Well I expect that there will be more news on Tuesday, or shortly after, where all the hassle of last month is now just about over.