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30th of August 2001

Unfortunately neither my expected ELVIS batch or my GOLD2 cards have arrived in my expected delivery time.

Last week my ELVIS manufacturer said that my order could only be dispatched from the Monday now gone, which is why I quoted an expected delivery date of between Tuesday and Thursday. However this week that very same Monday then turned into the day when my first ELVIS units were starting to be made.

So now the expected delivery date then turned into today as the very earliest, but of course that did not happen. I am certainly hoping that this order arrives tomorrow, when customers could then have their orders on Saturday.

After this time then the next delivery could be on Monday, which causes a problem when I am away in the afternoon meaning that the next earliest time I could dispatch delayed orders would be on Tuesday. This is why I am certainly hoping for delivery tomorrow, when if not then delivery would have just gone back a week on my recent estimate.

And not at all pleased I would be either, when this is now the longest dispatch time ever from this manufacturer.

I am starting to believe that my dispatch time is somehow linked to when my usual contact returns from his holiday, which as it happens should have been today. If this is the case then it would have been nice to mention this fact before he went on holiday, but I cannot yet say if this is so.

Anyway unless something goes up in smoke then I certainly would not expect delivery any later then Tuesday, when they would then have a whole weekend to ensure dispatch to me on Monday.

As to GOLD2 cards, then their lack of arrival on the optimum day is not unexpected, when Monday was a public holiday in the UK. However I am currently wondering as they received my cheque payment on Saturday, then why did they only bank it today.

Allowing for the date of receipt, their normal supply time, and the public holiday, then my GOLD2 cards should be here tomorrow. However if you then work from the delayed cashing of my cheque, then the expected delivery date at the latest would be Tuesday or even Wednesday next week.

Still at least this restocking will soon be over for another month or two, when usually you would not notice my restocking. Such as with my new MPACK3 batch arriving yesterday, when my current stock was getting low.

Next up on my new item list will be PIC16F877 + 24LC64 wafer cards, which are more commonly known as the SilverCard. And I should be buying those in about one to two weeks from now, when buying these expensive cards in bulk won't be cheap.

Finally today I updated my currency converter, as I do now and again. From this update I see that the value of the Euro has fallen (again), and that Turkish Lira has now exceeded two million to the pound. This means that if you have 50p, then you can be a Turkish millionaire.

Maybe it is time they started printing a new currency, but as Turkey has high inflation and they have to print new higher value notes quite often, then even starting again at low values won't help them for long.

26th of August 2001

As my latest ELVIS batch will be here within the next few days (Tuesday hopefully), then this weekend I updated my ELVIS instructions to include all the new card types and the latest features. These new instructions will then come with this latest batch, and older customers will soon be able to download these new instructions as well.

While I was about it I also updated my on-site ELVIS description, when this manufacturer keeps adding new features. Not to mention that some cards that exist today did not exist when I first wrote that section.

Naturally I was just about the first supplier around to offer PIC16F628 + 24LC65 cards, when not that long ago firmware to use with them was most difficult to find in the public domain.

That I guess helped such firmware to emerge, which could also explain this new PIC16F876 (and PIC16F877) + 24x65 type.

I do not consider that new type a long term prospect once my P62865 card appears as a wafer. As quite simply the 40-pin PIC16F876 type is an overkill for this application, and an expensive one at that. So paying for lots of unused space would never help to make lower cost cards, when this device will never be cheap anytime soon.

The PIC16F628 is already known to be a lower cost (and better) device then the aging PIC16F84, which when the 24x65 would cost more than the 24x16 would balance costs out.

So at the end of the day as customers would go for the cheaper fully functional option, then what place would this new expensive wafer have when PIC16F628 based wafers could eventually be traded at Gold wafer prices.

Still as the PIC16F876 / PIC16F877 is certainly an interesting overkill, not to forget that the PIC16F628 has not yet made wafer, then even I could support this type until the card I consider will replace the Gold type is reborn as a wafer.

Anyway hopefully ELVIS will be here on Tuesday, but I would guess at Thursday at the very latest.

Also this weekend I got in that top up GOLD batch I mentioned, which apparently have now gone up to level 03. This means apart from some minor changes (Gold shade and text) they should be just as good when I begin selling them in a month from now.

This large GOLD2 batch should be here on about Wednesday or Thursday this week. No doubt this will make a lot of traders happy, when I could provide quite large quantities on next day delivery.

As No2 will be back at work on Tuesday, then everything should be back to same day dispatch before this weekend.

24th of August 2001

Currently I am playing the unusual game of see how fast I can spend a value greater then most people earn in a year, which is naturally because buying lots of ELVIS and GOLD2 will hardly be cheap.

Included in this few day financial sporting event is some more GOLD cards, when it is a good idea to get them when available even if my current stock will last another month. As my liquid assets is currently going into nose dive, then hopefully the next Cardman story I see won't be "bank manager dies of shock". ;-]

Anyway all this means that over the next few days I will be getting in lots of my most popular stock. Just a shame that ELVIS is taking longer this time due to several problems including my supplier's holiday and a small production problem, but these without doubt will be here on Tuesday or at most one or two days later.

As I have just "blown" my business funds, then only as of early next month will I be supporting some new items. These will be mostly DiSEqC related, but you will have to wait and see what these exactly are.

Also some of my visitors using a later version of MIE may notice a small colourful change today, when by looking at my web site link in your favorites menu or address bar you could notice a small person with a big yellow head. If such MIE users do not currently see this, then bookmarking my site again should then show it.

I decided to add this icon when this much undervalued MIE feature allows the average web site to stand out from the crowd. When not even one other of the most common satellite sites around makes use of this easy addition.

Why I decided on this exact icon was because this site is after all about "Cardman". So a figure representing myself was an idea, but as you cannot do much in 144 pixels, then this explains the small body size.

Also a larger head was required to provide character, when even a smiling face touches on basic human desires. As I am certain that more people will visit my site because of the smiling face, then had the face not been smiling.

And to answer the obvious question of if I consider that I have a big yellow head, then the answer is most certainly "no". So to explain this difference then I may as well name that icon "Little Cardman".

As MIE is not that clever then changing pages on my site loses "Little Cardman", when for some silly reason it forgets that you are on the same site and directory. I will have to do some testing to see if I can force MIE to always load "Little Cardman" on each new page, when having to bookmark every page to do this is currently unhelpful.

Anyway as really cool stuff happens here most days, then from now on you can come to the site of the little guy with the big yellow head.

23rd of August 2001

As some of you have already noticed then I adjusted my Gold card prices last night, which was due to the fact that today as I expected the last of the first GOLD2 batch was sold.

One customer I noticed was unhappy with my GOLD2 card price increase and even included a big unhappy face, which was unhelpful when I warned about a price increase even before I got in this first batch.

Also as I looked at other suppliers prices before determining my pricing scale, then these are without doubt still be best value Gold Wafer cards around when the lowest single rival card price was 50p more at £4 each. Not to mention that the "average" Gold card price these days is more around £6 each.

So the fact is that I could have set my new GOLD2 at £3.95 each and still have had the lowest price anywhere. However as I could achieve my ideal price for this quantity, then to ask more would have been greedy.

Anyway as I now have bulk prices available for this type, then you would have to buy a pack of 50 cards to have then at my old £3 price. Or if you are up to it then 5000 GOLD2 cards is just £2.40 each, which would cost a UK customer only £14199.87 if they happened to find another 4999 friends.

Naturally such volumes are for the trade customers, which there has certainly been a lot more of recently due to a large increase in EU customers supplying their VAT Registration Number.

After checking my GOLD and GOLD2 sales recently, then the GOLD2 sales are currently in the lead. However this is no bad reflection on the not far behind GOLD type, when many trade customers have been pushing up the sales by buying GOLD2 cards in volume.

Since last night I decided to lower my single GOLD card price to £5.50 each (and bulk prices even lower), then the game of which is the best value card in my customer's eyes is far from over yet.

Unfortunately as the last of the first GOLD2 batch departed with the postman a few minutes ago, then I will be out of stock of this type until early next week. This is not such a bad thing when due to trade interest in this type I will be buying the largest batch of wafer cards that I have ever bought in a single purchase.

And as trade interest in still in the early days then even this will be nothing compared to what I will be dealing with in the near future.

Also earlier today an attractive female turned up at my door, which was a rare sight when even though I have very many female customers none have desired a personal visit to my knowledge so far. And while in the back of my mind was the hope that the first thing she would say was "I love you, take me away on a long holiday" her request to buy GOLD cards made me nearly as happy.

However that was short lived when it emerged that her husband had sent her to pick them up, which makes me wonder if all my female customers are just a front for the male "satellite stuff" usage behind them.

Naturally this is not so, when I certainly do have female Net friends (and customers) who have certainly proved beyond doubt that satellite reception is far from a boys only toy, when they can even teach these boys a few tricks myself included.

Still I await the day when I get to meet one of these females at my door, and who knows their way around the satellite area. And naturally I would not be a single male if I did not have a few extra (never will be mentioned) hopes. ;-]

Also since No2 is currently in a wet muddy field some place, then him going to his annual rock concert is causing me more then a few problems. The biggest which today is that it is his computer that receives the NoChex orders. As I spent about 30 minutes trying to print out these customer's orders.

This is due to the fact that you need a password to access the server and the printer, which means that if you do not log into Win98 correctly (it was his computer) then it likes not printing files. And even when you do get it correct then it still spools but not prints, which meant that the problem was only corrected when I retyped the printer address on the server.

Until he gets back I will simply download these orders to my computer instead, which can cause a problem if the payment follows a couple of days after the order.

22nd of August 2001

I have now solved the problem as to why my site could not server pre-process the .PHP file containing my automatic Order Form.

Despite trying many different methods to get this to work it would not, but then I had the good idea to rename the file to a .PHP3 type, when even my hosting provider uses this near type on their site.

And after changing one small section of code that this server could not handle, then this form was confirmed to work perfectly on my UK based site. Also as I need to keep my two sites mirrored to avoid mistakes, then fortunately my "can do everything" site can handle .PHP3 files as well.

The good news from this is that my European customers on my site will find my Order Form a damned lot faster than having to exchange data back and forth between my site in Texas.

Also today I checked on my monthly bandwidth limit for both my sites, which reminded me that there won't be any bandwidth problems when has a 5Gb limit, while has a 10Gb limit.

So that previously mentioned 133.43 Mb usage on my site certainly won't pose a problem, when even my maximum web space is over twice that.

And so this was a suitable reminder that the only way I would use up that bandwidth would be to offer an expensive item for nothing, or to do some interesting video streaming. This in all means that even this 1.5 Mb Sunday news paper scan would be no problem, when it would need to be downloaded about 227 times a day before it became a bandwidth problem.

As I have now heard from my ELVIS manufacturer then I now know that my next batch won't be here until at least Tuesday. As my usual contact is away on holiday (without telling me first) and his partner has mentioned a minor problem with their surface mounting machine.

Also last week I did not mention the main reason why that was a bad day. As it was that Citibank has gone and opened me two accounts that I have no use for, when they ignored the fact that I naturally need these accounts in the name "Cardman", which you all know me as.

So today I am sending them a letter reminding them of this previously mentioned vital requirement, when naturally every payment received would come in the name "Cardman". So it is of no use at all having two accounts that I have no use for.

Also it was nearly funny how they called my account opening cheque "third person", when it was addressed to "Cardman" from "Cardman" and to be put in my requested account called "Cardman".

As I mean as that is yours truely (as you all know) then there is no third person to it, even if they did not correctly complete my account opening request.

Hopefully this letter will sort this problem out, when it would screw up my Euro currency plans if not. When I was hoping to accept the Euro at no cost above the Sterling value, when Citibank offers no charge Euro accounts.

Anyway even if I am smelling the start of one of those bad months when nothing can go right, currently I am just putting this down to a bad day last week.

21st of August 2001

I have just improved the Page One and Page Four scans on my very new In the News page.

Although the Page Four image just had some empty border space removed in order to reduce the file size, the Page One image needed lots more work when the original photocopy I was sent showed a very crooked scan.

So I had to trim the sides of this page down to make it straight enough to produce a straight image once I scanned it. And as I could remove a lot more of the border this time, then the new scan is now 63Kb smaller then the last one.

Also I decide to add a couple of extra comments to that section in order to make my response even more clear.

One person I know said that I should report this to the press complaints commission, but I cannot agree with that idea when at least this reporter did not have the bad idea by saying that these legal items was in fact illegal.

Anyway that article was really a whole load of nothing, when everyone around these parts including ITV Digital already well knows what the score is. However I still see that it was a bad idea to mention this illegal possibility to the general public, when quite simply now some of them will go to do it.

While I now wonder if this Sunday just gone another news paper used a story like "Cardman declared King of World", I really expect that I won't have to update that page again for a long time yet.

I am still in the process of restocking on ELVIS, which I am sure won't take much longer. However it appears that this manufacturer is away currently, when since Thursday I have sent him one e-mail and two faxes with no reply yet.

Maybe he is just busy getting all these ELVIS built, but until I hear from him then my order won't be taking the one day trip to get here.

Also as my first GOLD2 stock has now mostly all been sold, then this is now your very last chance to get them at this fixed price. For when I get the next much larger batch in, then the low quantity price will go up, while the high quantity price will go down.

As you can guess this type certainly seems to have passed my initial quality test, when as of today the GOLD2 has a very low 0.2% failure rating. I expect this will double to 0.4% in the end, but as this is well below my 1% limit, then it has easily passed.

So when the next much larger batch arrives early next week, then both private and trade customers won't find a better price anywhere. And I fully expect that I will soon become the top Gold card wholesaler around, when no one will ever be able to beat my prices.

Naturally the GOLD type is a higher quality card then the new GOLD2, but which card is the better value will be a long running debate for a very long time yet, when even the GOLD will soon be getting even cheaper.

Anyway tomorrow I will see if I can contact this manufacturer once again.

17th of August 2001

If you happen to look at the at the menu on the left then you will see that I have a new page called "In the News", which I will leave it to that page to explain what it is about.

Naturally if you had asked me just yesterday if I would have had a new page on-line today then the answer would have been "no". However as I made the top story in a Sunday News Paper this Sunday just gone, then this is some news reporting of my own when my customers would have a desire to know.

I just hope that this 1.5 Mb of scanned pages won't be causing a bandwidth problem when these are currently stored on my site, but if so then I will soon move these to a free server area.

Also checking on my current monthly bandwidth then I have to ask who the joker is who has been over active on my site, when the used bandwidth as of today stands at 133.43 Mb.

As my used monthly bandwidth has never been anywhere near this high, then it would take a damned lot of work for someone to download that quantity using my not very large text pages and photos.

Anyway if the used bandwidth exceeds 200 Mb this month then maybe even this site could become unavailable for a short time. So I will keep a close eye on it, and could move those scanned pages to elsewhere very soon.

And I will soon go over my server logs to see where this bandwidth has all gone to.

Yesterday was not at all a good day, when it was the first day in about 3 weeks when not every order could be dispatched on the day of receipt. This was because the very last ELVIS in stock departed yesterday, which means that I have now mentioned this fact on my programmers page.

As this was a bit unexpected the checking my sales has shown that when I mentioned on this news page that my stock was low over a week ago, then sales only went and more than doubled the average amount.

Anyway as my ELVIS supplier cannot yet provide a fixed delivery date, then I thought that it was best to mention this fact, even if I doubt that it will take more than a few more days before new stock arrives.

Well time to go write a letter to a certain Sunday News Paper, explaining why I don't like them advertising my items being used for a certain illegal purpose.

14th of August 2001

All orders for over two weeks now have been dispatched on the day of receipt, which means that the outstanding order total at the end of each day during all this time has been zero.

Naturally that excludes the orders marked "P" (problem) and "T" (transfer), where the correct end payment is being awaited before the order can be dispatched.

So things are going very well at the moment, when the NoChex payment option can reduce the customer receipt time to less than 24 hours from when the customer placed the order.

Also I have seen that my new Special Delivery postal option is proving popular, but I am not sure why when most orders arrive the next day anyway. And they do come fully insured.

Maybe I should have offered this postal option earlier, when increasing my postal cost could entitle me to free postal collection.

Tomorrow I will be begin restocking on ELVIS, which won't take many days before my next large batch is here.

As to my Gold cards then there has been 2 faulty GOLD cards found so far, after selling about half my current stock. And the new GOLD2 type is also doing well when no faulty card has yet been seen, but it is unlikely to beat the low failure rate of the GOLD type.

So even with these two faulty GOLD cards this still ranks as the lowest failure rate that I have ever seen.

Also today I put a mention about viruses on my E-Mail page. As since No2 is currently being e-mailed a virus every 10 minutes, then you know that a high rate of my customer's computer systems are very much infected.

Well as there are no other problems, then I will soon see if my current ELVIS stock can last the few days before my 8th ELVIS batch this year arrives.

And for the experts on my news page history, then sure four of those eight batches was just for January. This is because I deal in much larger batches these days, when this latest one will be 5 to 6 times larger then the first batch of January.

Anyway when there is more news then I will be back.

8th of August 2001

All orders received today were dispatched today as well, except for an unusually high number of orders where these customers messed up calculating the correct payment.

This oddly included a second customer mistake using my automatic order form in a row, when this customer ignored the "See Postal Options Below" advice resulting in no return of the delivery cost, sub total, vat total, or the final order total.

This is of course fully natural, when until you tell the order form the delivery region, then it cannot tell you the postal cost.

Unfortunately this customer did not read the reason why the order total was not being returned, which made him try to fill in the order total himself. This is not usually allowed when any attempt to enter your own totals will be erased, but this customer highlighted a bug in MIE when selecting the print menu causes MIE not to run the OnChange code.

Naturally this customer made the second mistake in a row, when he ignored the reason for the postal cost and VAT boxes, by just copying over the same item line total before printing.

This in all means that is one order that is going nowhere fast, when I can naturally spot such a mistake a mile away.

One other manually calculated order made the common mistake of overlooking the warning about VAT payment shown twice on every item page. Not to mention many other mentions in the ordering advice sections. This non payment of VAT would greatly upset Customs & Excise, which is why VAT payment is not optional.

That not uncommon mistake is one reason why I made my automatic order from, which so far has been working very well, even if yesterday one UK customer did believe VAT payment was optional and turned it off.

Well that recent problem order left today with a different number of wafer cards and a credit note for the small price difference, which naturally was agreed with this customer.

As I expected I sold the first of my GOLD2 cards today with the mail order group. And it was good to see customers buying them in quantity, when I would lose all profit on this item due to bank charges if someone bought a single GOLD2 card and paid by cheque.

That is why the single card price will increase slightly once this first small batch has been sold, but naturally larger volumes will no doubt cost even less.

Speaking about banks then I am currently trying to get hold of accounts with Citibank, when unlike my local bank they do not charge you for every reason you can think of. As just having a sizable balance with them is good enough, which could certainly save me a whole load of banking costs.

It is their Euro account that has my greatest interest, when such a no charges account could mean that I could accept the Euro at the standard currency transfer rate. This would be less than other currency handling costs, when I could naturally spend this currency with suitable suppliers.

So accepting the Euro no differently to accepting the Pound could prove interesting to my European customers, when I could display Euro prices on all my items as well.

Naturally as the Euro has fallen 40% in value so far then I do not plan to have it sitting about in an account for long. And so a good time to start seeing which suppliers also accept the Euro. And maybe when the Pound is Euro linked as well, then I can really do useful things with it.

Also as my ELVIS stock is starting to run low (higher demand than expected recently) then a good time as any to start the restocking process. By current estimates new stock should arrive before this current stock runs out, but as sudden demand increases has surprised me in the past then you never know.

Anyway as there should only be a couple of days delay if demand does increase, then this restocking event should go smoothly enough.

As these large ELVIS batches are hardly cheap, then currently I am pulling together all my divided funds. This should include this money customers have been transferring to my NoChex account recently, even if I have to transfer it to a second NoChex account before it can be shipped down the correct debit card to my main business account.

The manufacturer of this model has told me that no other supplier buys more of them then I do. And as this last ELVIS batch did not last that long, then my batch size needs increasing again.

This makes a good time to update my ELVIS instructions again to ship with this new batch. And before I forget thanks to my customers for making me the number one ELVIS supplier around.

One other things I have been thinking of recently is to add a software page to my sites, when this would allow my customers to obtain the latest software and instructions. Such as I doubt many of my customers have the ELVIS Control Center, which certainly makes switching to the Phoenix / Smartmouse mode a whole lot easier under Windows.

As my site can do everything that I could possible throw at it, then this domain server naturally comes with a public FTP area. No doubt I will just use HTTP link access, but FTP provides a second option.

Maybe then some of my 20Mb bandwidth will be used up, when these minor text and picture pages produces a totally feeble bandwidth demand.

Still even software download won't help much when I really need video streaming to make a serious dent. However then I am left wondering what on earth I would broadcast from my server.

Anyway my host server for my domain is certainly a nice one. It costs a bit more than usual, but you name anything and odds are that this site could do it.

That is why my automatic order form is located solely on this domain in case you were wondering, when my first test of this PHP file on my domain failed to be server pre-processed. I will have to look into this, when the domain is the type of place where you have to put it in the right directory.

Anyway I have talked on long enough, even if I really wanted to tell you why yesterday's 17:30 postal collection this day occurred at 19:15 (after having to call the Royal Mail twice). As the Royal Mail local sorting works until 22:00, then I guess yesterday's orders still arrived today on time.

7th of August 2001

Today I received back the first suspected faulty High Quality GOLD card, but after testing this card was confirmed as working perfectly. As a result the failure rate on this wafer type is currently zero, which as I have sold many over the past 2 and a half weeks then this currently is the lowest failure rate that I have ever seen.

Although it is unlikely to sell the remaining stock without seeing a single faulty card, this is the expected low failure rate I suspected when I first saw this type. So what with the rare chip addressing problem in the previous batch, then I have no doubt that there is no better Gold Wafer card to be found anywhere.

I sold the first of my GOLD2 cards today to a customer knocking on my door, but as I started selling these late yesterday, then it will be tomorrow or Thursday before these are ordered by mail order.

While my normal customers will be very interested in this type it should well be my new Usenet advert which obtains the interest of trade customers. And as I am sure that I will soon have the lowest trade price around, then it will be these trade customers who will buy this type in vast quantities.

That is the reason why I am stocking this second type, when other suppliers would desire the lowest cost Gold card with a low failure rate.

It will be another week or two before that exact failure rate is known, which must be no more than 1% to get my full support. And considering that cheap Gold cards before last May had an average 7% failure rating then I am being extra demanding on this low cost type.

Naturally that is due to the same desire why I am currently stocking the most High Quality GOLD card that I could find. For as I have seen almost every Gold card ever made, then I know that if you put price first then you end up with real crap cards.

And at the end of the day I am sure that my customers appreciate my being tough on manufacturers. As quite simply if they cannot meet my minimum requirements then there are other manufacturers who will.

That is why even though I expect this GOLD2 type to pass, there is a couple of recommended minor improvements. For as I told this manufacturer it is always worth a small extra cost to me in order improve on the weaker areas.

Anyway as there has been no faulty GOLD or GOLD2 cards yet seen, then I for one am extra pleased.

As today the very first UK customer changed my Pay VAT? option to "No 0%", thereby making his order total invalid, then today I have implemented the cautions on my Order Form.

So if any UK or EU customer tries to avoid VAT payment, then it will provide a caution message to warn the user that their option could be invalid. Also the same applies to customers in the Channel Islands or the World Zone 1 or 2 regions, where there is no known reason why any such customer should pay UK VAT.

Although that was the first ever major mistake using my Order Form, these cautions should mean that only a total plonker should now make that same mistake again. As to ignore a caution message saying what they just did was wrong would be very silly.

Anyway as all today's orders will leave today except the obvious exception, then I am currently on a roll for super fast order dispatches. 

6th of August 2001

As I returned back from my weekend break in the New Forest yesterday afternoon, then today as promised I am now selling my GOLD2 cards for the first time.

These will be sold at the very low price of just £3 each for a short time, which considering the low quantity is the lowest price that I have seen anywhere for a single Gold card. Not too far in the future I will change the pricing so that buying a small quantity will cost more, while those customers buying in large volumes are unlikely to find a cheaper price anywhere.

This in all means that I now have the High Quality GOLD card and the Low Cost GOLD2 cards in stock. Which of the two is the best value is hard to say, but for now I would gave that to the GOLD2 card due to this extra low cost.

Due to this latest addition I have had to change my automatic Order Form again, which allowed me to correct a couple of small errors at the same time.

While working on this I decided to add a new Fast postal option as well, which for UK customers means that next day Special Delivery is now available, while all foreign customers now have the SwiftAir option.

Special Delivery I normally do not use when most orders arrive the next day anyway, but those customers requiring a delivery guaranteed by 12 Noon the following day now have that choice.

The SwiftAir postal option allows faster dispatch from the UK, which means that orders can arrive sooner depending on the destination country.

Neither of these two options means faster dispatch from myself, when all orders are in a first arrived first dispatched system. And considering that all orders have left on the same day for over a week, then it is now impossible to go any faster.

Anyway, as the GOLD2 is now here then you now have no reason to look anywhere else for Gold Wafer cards. I have the Lowest Cost, Best Value and Highest Quality Gold Cards.

3rd of August 2001

Well today was a good day for cards when first of all I received a sample of a PIC16F877 + 24LC64 wafer card. And as it looked very good, then if I can figure out how to through-PIC program the EEPROM, then I could well support this type.

Not long after my GOLD2 cards arrived, which was a working day sooner than expected, but as I will be away this weekend then the people wishing the lowest cost Gold card around will have to wait until Monday.

Anyway, as today's orders will leave today, then there will be no break between my next postal collection on Monday.

Well see you again Monday when my GOLD2 cards will be first sold and not a day before.

2nd of August 2001

Today and yesterday was perfect as expected, when all orders received up to 16:30 GMT was dispatched the same day.

One thing I have always found odd is the unusual times of my site visitors. For example some NoChex transfers today occurred at 04:38, 05:27, and finally a more normal 09:47.

Most strange is that I have a lot more site visitors each Tuesday, which can often be double the average day. Then most people visit my site at 02:00 followed by 09:00, with a higher number of visitors between these times.

Why I have no idea, which makes my site stats unhelpful.

What this is all about is to monitor the change in visitor numbers due to my adverts on the Usenet, when by watching this closely I can try spot when visitor numbers reach a danger level. Naturally this is to avoid over popularity, but not a bandwidth issue when visitors to my site are hardly trying to use up my 10Gb bandwidth.

Anyway as everything is currently working perfectly, then around Monday I should have my super low price GOLD2 cards in stock as well.

1st of August 2001

Yesterday I had a problem, when this day was normally the day of the month when I remove mention of the ending month's special offer.

This is usually done when it is then near impossible to have your order with me within the closing hours of the month, when naturally even the Royal Mail tend to do next day delivery at best.

However this new NoChex payment option has now put on hold this monthly event, when at least one customer has proved that it is possible to send me a complete order after the normal close of the final business day.

The main problem here is that while NoChex is still a new payment option most customers are still sending me orders through the post, which means that later today I could have to cross off last month's special offer on many orders.

As it will be 60 days before I have to make this go now or delay choice again, then I will see what the payment is like then to avoid modification to the most amount of orders.

Anyway as today is a new month then it is time to see my Special Offers page again, but for those seeking extra value then you will be pleased to know that all of 11 items are today cheaper then they were yesterday.

And I guess what with my highly accurate low cost postal rates as well, then I certainly must have a good value service.

One other thing is that No2 has added field testing to the NoChex section of the order form, which means that if you forget to enter your name and address then it will soon tell you about it.

Finally as yesterday made another day when all received orders that day were dispatched in the afternoon, then no doubt all orders received today will depart just as fast.