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23rd of April 2002

If you care to take a look at my Cards page, then you will see that there has been quite a lot of changes.

First of all I am pleased to say that after waiting for over a year for the PIC16F628 + 24LC64 wafer card to be produced, then today is the historic day where the EMERALD card has now arrived.

And by reading the description on my cards page, then you will soon understand why this card is such an important one. That is of course because the days of the Gold card being the most popular card around are now numbered, when sure it will take a long time before the Emerald card becomes more popular, but today is the first day leading to that ultimate conclusion.

So I am sure that it won't take long before sales of Emerald cards starts to heat up, when I already have the lowest price around without exception.

The only thing about these Emerald cards is that as this is the very first batch, then so was the external card design quickly done. And so it will only be with the second batch will the Metallic Green colour be used along with a full colour picture, which is very soon to become the standard picture to indicate that this card uses a 24x64 EEPROM.

Well as the card's colouring is not that important, then I am sure people will want these ones for my stated reasons.

Also since I am starting to scan my wafer cards so that you can see exactly what they look like, then so can you see this quick Emerald design colouring for yourself. And if you prefer knowing what the Emerald card will kind of look like on the second batch (in months from now), then on-line you can see a scan of the Silver card that will be in stock within days.

As this Silver card uses a Metallic Silver colour and a very nice picture of some seashells, which then indicates what the next batch of Emerald cards will look like. Even if when I have sold this batch of Silver cards the seashells will be replaced with the space picture that will tell everyone that this card will have a 24x64 EEPROM.

So one day in months from now the current Emerald, Silver and Purple cards will all have that same space picture, with Metallic Green, Silver and Purple on the other side. As that then provides an organized system for once I support cards with say 24x256 EEPROMs, when then you will have the same colours on one side and a different space picture (for the 24x256 EEPROM) on the other.

Cards with 24x128 EEPROMs are not worth support, when the 24x256 based cards offers more capacity for your money. However cards with 24x512 and 24x1024 are also possible. And if they come about mostly depends on if people have a need for such a high storage capacity.

Moving on to little capacity cards with no external EEPROM, then my large batch of WHITE cards arrived today.

When a started to sell these PIC16F84 cards a few weeks ago I had a small batch available, where I estimated that this small batch would last until the big batch arrived.

Unfortunately that plan did not work out.

To begin with the demand for this card due to the extremely low price was a lot higher than expected, which meant that this small batch did not last nearly as long as I had expected.

The second problem is that this supplier with far too many of these cards available sent this dispatch off using the wrong postal option, which meant a couple of weeks after this dispatch it was returned to him. And so it was that the end of last week he dispatched this order a second time using a suitable postal option, which is why it finally turned up today.

Well as I now know that demand for these nice high quality cards is going to be a lot higher than I first estimated, then so I am soon to order a whole lot more off of him. And this time I am reasonably sure that my current stock will last until this even larger batch arrives.

The final thing is that I have looked at all my card prices and in many cases have made them even better value. And so that means that my new card prices are once again just about the best value card prices that you can find around, which is good news for all my customers.

Well I have still to add these three new video convertors to the Video / Audio page, but then I have been busy with cards recently. And since I see that I forgot to add the PAL2NTSC model to my Order Forms, then so I have now done so.

An item no doubt of interest to my customers in North America that one, but then no one really buys my items until I write a long essay for each one. Well I will soon give these a complete test, where once my description is on-line, then I am sure that sales of these will start.

Anyway, if you have not seen my Cards page yet and the important Emerald card description, then what are you waiting for?

15th of April 2002

In case you have not noticed, then despite the lack of a more frequent news update, then I have still been busy during this time.

Starting with the bad news first, then SILVER cards have just gone Out of Stock. More will be here soon enough, when this order has already been agreed and payment is on the way.

The other bad news is that the TOS2 digital opitical cables are also Out of Stock, but in this case those won't be back in stock. When as mentioned previously I am slowly moving all these TOS cables to a new type, which will provide better value cables. And as the 2 meter one of this new type is on back order with my own supplier, then having sold all the previous ones means that I have no 2 meter cables here.

Moving on to the common news, then this site is once again updated with the very latest Euro and US Dollar currency rates, which will last for one week before I update them again.

Now on with the good news. When first of all my next batch of ELVIS arrived many days ago, which as expected was before the last batch ran out. And so that means that my statement below the ELVIS price still remains accurate, when I have loads of them here.

The best news so far is that on my three Order Forms you will find right down the bottom of the item list the new item codes of SCM2PAL and PAL2SCM, where the first one is a Secam to PAL video converter (transcoder) and second one as you would expect is a PAL to Secam video converter.

Also when I get around to it I will add the new PAL2NTSC model on there as well, when my Order Forms are always the first section of my sites to have these new items added. So there is already my good value LNBs on there, but as mentioned this PAL to NTSC video converter will be for sale on there as well.

Then as soon as I have found out all there is to know about these three new models, then so I will add complete descriptions to my Video / Audio page.

The last thing I can think of is that my new PIC16F628 + 24LC64 based EMERALD (lime green) cards will be here when the SILVER cards are, where as these will have the best price that you can find then anywhere, then so the days of the common Gold type are numbered.

Well there was some bad news this time, but then that happens now and again. However, when these new cards turn up, then it should be smooth sailing into problem free supply once again.

Anyway keep a close eye on the Video / Audio page, when no doubt I will soon add these three new models one by one.

3rd of April 2002

Well the fact that the first of this month (and several days before this) was the public holiday for Easter, then this holiday was not helpful in updating my site to a new month. And since I was busy yesterday catching up on all the orders received during these four days of no postal collection, then that is why I have only updated my site to this new month today.

Hopefully not many other months end on a public holiday, when it is bad enough in December what with Christmas. As due to all the problems that holiday causes, then that is why I often run two special offers for twice as long.

So I can only hope that no second end of month holiday gets established. Still at least the holiday of Easter is known to move about each year, when it is based of the variable aspect of the previous full moon.

Anyway you can see my new Special Offer where it is every month on my Special Offers page, which is simply because that was one item I finally managed to add to this site before I took time off for this holiday.

The other addition to my Special Offers page is that Malaysia has now been invaded by my troops, which makes this yet one more country in my mega-lo-manic global domination plan.

On my Cards page you will see that my WHITE cards are now back in stock after an extremely long time of being out of stock, which is very pleasing when I can now offer my customers an unbeatable price on this PIC16F84 only card type.

You can also see that my PIC16F628 + 24LC64 "Green" wafer card will very soon be in stock, which is pleasing to see when I have been wanting this wafer card type for over a year. Unfortunately due to technical problems the production of this card has taken a long time, which has allowed the PIC16F877 + 24LC128 card to appear.

The problem with this is that this card is also known as Green, which is very much a problem when my Green type has been in Green since last year. And unfortunately what with thousands of wafer cards produced before this other Green card was released, then it is too late to use a different colour.

Well as my PIC16F628 + 24LC64 PCB cards have been in Green since the middle of last year, not to mention my advertising of this Green fact, then I guess it would have been wise had this other supplier looked around before naming his cards.

Anyway when I support a PIC16F877 + 24LC128 (or 24LC256) type, then that is most certainly still a Silver type. When a change in just the EEPROM capacity does not deserve a whole new colour, which would put those two types under the SILVER128 and SILVER256 ordering codes.

That is a more logical system, when the EEPROM type is usually unimportant to card programming.

The most important site change is that I now accept the US Dollar currency at the true exchange rate, which explains why it has now been removed from my currency converter and instead added to every item price.

I decided to just use the $ symbol in the end, when the fact that this is US Dollars and not Canadian, Australian or all these other Dollar currencies is clearly mentioned at the top of my Ordering Details page. And so there should be no real confusion on this point, but best of all is that this third direct price display will attract many new customers.

Currently it is one of those times when I am going to spend a vast amount of money restocking on some expensive items and then buying many other new items. So in just a few days time my bank manager won't like me any more, when my account balance will have plummeted from its current healthy balance.

That is if they allow me to spend it of course, when it would not be the first time that my bank has not allow my own suppliers to debit anywhere close to my available account balance.

Well anyway since my ELVIS supply is starting to run a little low, then that restocking order as now been sent. And as that should arrive long before my current stock runs out, then there is no real need to mention this change on my Programmers page.

Also today I am ordering four new important items to go on my Video / Audio page, where three of these should be added soon enough and the fourth one at a later date.

Following this is just the wafer cards, where my GOLD2 type is soon to be reordered from the factory. And the final thing is then deciding what new card types to support, where the GREEN type is certain.

That also reminds me that I have several new items in already and needing to be added to this site. Nothing new there when you have not seen any of my LNBs yet for quite a long time, even if you can buy then on my Order Form.

The final thing is that I am slowly moving to a new better value type of digital optical cables just like my current TOS-Link ones, which means that to faster clear current stock then the TOS1 cable is not £1 cheaper. Due to moving three models to a new type (over four models) then this change over will be a little tricky, but in the end I will be able to provide better value digital optical cables.

Well as it is a new month and a lot has changed, then that a look around.